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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Well of Light

RJ Stewart is one of those rare gifted individuals who brings forth the light of wisdom to mankind. " The Well of Light" is one such book. It's main focus is faery healing and it is a healing on a grand scale, healing a wounded world. This world is wounded thanks to commercialism, over production and pollution. This book does not spout the usual environmental jargon or even herald the greatness of taking on ecological projects.

The secret to healing this wounded world lies in contacting the faerie folk and working with them to heal the planet. RJ Stewart reminds to always beware the faeries are not our help mates or assistants. They are our partners, equal partners. Since they dwell on a different dimension somewhere beneath the Earth's surface there are things that they are able to do and things that we are able to do. We need to combine abilities and work together. To help us in this quest is a third partner, an animal. Animals contain a variety of abilities. The animal is our equal partner. Among the author's several warnings, there is one that speaks of animals. Do not expect your animal ally to be a tiger, wolf, lion or some other majestic animal. Your animal chooses you and it could even be a snail or a pill bug and what is wrong with an insect.

At the start of the book the author gives guidelines on how to use the book and he also gives several definition. Our faeries and animal allies have already been explained. But there is more. Transhumans like Thomas Rhymer, an actual person, act as go betweens and guides for mortals like us who want to traverse the realm of the fae. There are also elemental which is fire, water. air and land. They are not to be confused with nature spirits or faeries. Humans have all four elements in them as do faeries. Nature Spirits are different entities all together and sometimes they are confined to a certain area for example a tree spirit or a spirit of the valley The big shot though are the Titans, the Titan are the ones who cause all the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other disasters. This happens when mankind is out of sinc with the environment.

Anyone wishing to work with faeries would be well advised to read up on RJ Stewart. Not only does he use high quality scholarship in his teachings but he is a Scotsman who knows the European tradition of the Faeries and he does an excellent job drawing from that. He also uses information that he has learned from inner contacts ie Faeries. The Meditations are simple and easy to do, you can start using them as soon as you read them.

The book is about healing. For faerie healers, who by the way are different from any other healers, there are 7 different ways to heal. Some healers use stones, others use water. Then there are those who use allies,plants, living creatures, their hands and signatures. Signatures are powerful patterns.

It may be a short book but I learned lots. By the way there is a special symbology behind the two roses on the books conver. I will let you read it to find out. I did not even realize how much I learned until I finished. This one gets 5 broomsticks out of 5.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Faerie Song pt 2: A modern Faerie Tale

Carter Hall Main the Present

Things changed a lot since Tim hurled a rock into his father’s head and fled into the deep green forest with a new found friend. The different season’s remained the same, there were still your cold winters with feet of snow and there were still your hot summers. The log cabin’s of Tim’s era were long gone. In there place one would find two story houses that were painted with a wider variety of colors. Some houses were blue, some were grey and some were even brown. Most though were painted white with several coats of paint. The farmsteads were replaced with well manicured lawns and multicolored flower beds. The horse and carriage were replaced with big iron chariots that had no need of a horse. The real big ones were called Hummers. Carter Hall had plenty of iron chariots one for each member of the family. Tim returned some what before the price of gas sky rocketed. Smaller cars took the place of the oversized cumbersome Hummer, a behemoth that Tim would never learn to like.
Tim at first was amazed, he liked the idea of the balconies. Several houses had them, some even had two. People lounging on the second story of their castle like houses it totally amazed Tim, what truly amazed him was that some houses had two. Tim would gaze in wonder and sometimes even wander into backyards looking at the different balconies. To a small town like Carter Hall this was very strange behavior. People wondered about the strange orphan who one day just showed up. Neighborhood teen agers avoided Tim. If it seems a contradiction people thought well of the teacher, Mr. Doran who was kind enough to take in the strange orphan boy wandering the street..
The forest of Carter Hall remained untouched, it was exactly the same as when Tim fled into it and found himself in another world. The day he fled with the little boy Patrick into the forest was a day that etched permanently in the history of Carter Hall. The Old Cabin was still there albeit the cabin was falling apart and overgrown with weeds. When Tim returned he had a sense of longing. Patrick , his Faery Friend had shape shifted into the form of an adult man, patted his shoulder in order to comfort him.
“ Not yet my friend” Patrick said softly in a reassuring tone. “The time will come” Tim knew better than to second guess his by now long time friend.
Over the many years that the cabin had remained derelict it had at times become an object of attention. “ That cabin is so ugly why not fix it up or tear it down?’ many people would say. Many town’s people believed that cabin was haunted. “It’s a strange place “someone would say. “ There is legend that a boy ran into the woods and his ghost comes back”
Contractors and developers tried to work on the property. Usually someone from out of town would purchase the property thinking they could build a house and fix up the lot and then they could live there or sell it off later. It never happened. Tim was thankful, he always knew that Patrick his short stout faery friend would keep him safe. Legend has it that when the construction crew came they would move their big machinery like tractors, steamrollers and all their other supplies. The construction crew would leave everything at the sight over night. Come the next morning everything was gone with out a trace. Even the workshed and portable offices were missing. People were dumb founded and perplexed and it happened on several occasions.
From a certain hiding place Patrick would look at the confused and dumb founded expression on the faces of the worker. No they would not get a hold of Tim Lane’s farmstead no siree he thought to himself.
Sometimes Patrick would let himself be seen. There were reports of a little boy with blond hair and big blue eyes running around. If anyone tried to catch him they would be amazed at his rapid disappearance. Many people thought they saw a ghost.. Some people truly believed that the place was really haunted.

September 13, 2010

Gardenia arrived for her first time at Carter Hall High School. She was one of those girls with down to earth look that made her one of the most beautiful girls to look at while at the same time making her look so ordinary that you could imagine someone or perhaps several people over looking her. Her hair was long and thin and was colored a deep chestnut brown. Her skin had a natural tan to it that would make someone think she spent lots of time at the beach. Gardenia was not the type of girl who dressed up or kept pace with the fashion trends. He favorite pants of which she had several pair of, were good old fashioned Levi blue jeans. No fancy blouses for this girl it was usually a t-shirt topped with a collared shirt of sorts. To see her beauty one had to stare past the Tom Boyish look.

New people stood out in Carter Hall. It was impossible for someone new to remain invisible. Gardenia was definitely noticed, especially by the other girl who’s reaction though harsh may have been either disgust or envy. Two in particular took an immediate disliking to the plain appearing Gardenia. Candace a blond haired hazel eyed girl was the leader of the cheer leading team. Her parents were well to do and her style of acting and dressing made sure that everyone else at school knew it. Mishaela her best friend was second in command on the cheerleading squad. A young girl with smooth textured abony skin and milky white teeth and flashed every time she smiled. Her hair went below her shoulders in ringlet that dangled daintily of her shoulders.

As Gardenia passed by the two Candace fixed her a wicked stare much like a lion would glare at the prey it was about to devour. Gardenia’s mind was else where and so she walked right passed them with out the slightest bit of concern. She held her notebook close to her chest and scurried to class. Being ignored was something Candace and Mishaela did not like.

Perhaps most people in the big city would have over looked a girl like Gardenia, she seemed to catch on rather well with the boys of Carter Hall High. Elroy and Matt were both stars on the local football team. Naturals for Candace and Mishaela. These boys took notice. Carter Hall was one of those small towns where everyone knows everyone.

Small towns like Carter Hall had only one elementery school, one junior high school and one high school. All the schools were named Carter Hall. Like Carter Hall Elementery easy pattern to remember. In the typical small town there was one big market in the center and two gas stations. There was a spare 7/11 or liquor store everything locally owned as big companies like Ralph’s or Von’s tended not to open branches in the smaller towns like Carter Hall. Everything was locally owned and operated.

In such small towns everyone grew up together and families had been friends for sometimes generation. To say that everyone knew everyone was an understatement. Everyone knew everyone’s life story. Young people would dreams of moving to bigger cities when they got older.
“Heck it’s a dream of mine Elroy” Matt one time said over drink he purchased from the local market. He kept the drink wrapped in a brown bad. “ I am going to play football for some big university get a job and never come back” Matt would then stop talking rub his acne marked forehead and continue his dreaming. Elroy took big gulps of his drink and dreamed right along with Matt.
For the first few days no one made an effort to befriend Gardenia that is just not the way things worked in small towns. No one ever bothered with a new comer sure they had questions.
“ Who is that new girl?” Asked Candace with a derisive sneer.
“Sheesh Candy” Mishaela replied addressing her friend by the much used nickname “ I do not know but anyone coming out here in the Middle of nowhere must have issues cause there is nothing out here.”
“ Tell that to my dad” Candy parried back sarcastically.
“That girl think she something” Mishaela snickered to her friend Candy
“She dresses like a boy” huffed Candy while she scanned Gardenia up and down. “Hello Fashion school” Candy stopped her tirade and piked a finger in her throat as gesture that Gardenia made her sick enough to vomit.
“Well Candy girl” Mishaela gave a quick glance back at Gaardenia who was by now down the hall and then she turned back to her friend “ I would not give Ms. Plain Jane a second thought cause she ain’t got nothing on us” Mishaela collected the books from her locker gave her friend a wink and went off on her way to class.

With the guys the conversation took a different turn. “ Any word on the new girl?” Matt asked Elroy while delivering a light playful punch to the arm. Elroy let out a laugh.
“ Extra Extra read all about it the Captain of the football team takes an interest in the new girl.” Elroy joked bobbing his his head of close cropped hair up and down. Elroy had a very deep tan and very deep brown eyes. He was of a wiry build and very swift on the field.. Mathew also had close cropped brown hair but his skin was much lighter, marked with acne he was also of a sturdy build.
“You better watch it next time we are out on the field” Mathew warned playfully.
“First slow poke you gotta catch me” Elroy responded matter of factly. Elroy also gazed upon Gardenia as she waltzed right past him on her way to class.
“You know” Elroy said in a rather serious tone “ She is rather straight forward and confident, I kind of like that in a girl”
“Look who is interested in the new girl” joked Mathew
“She reminds me of my mom and my grandmother” Elroy said in a serious tone. It was a tone that Mathew knew. Joking time was over especially when his mother or grandmother was invoked.
“Well” Mathew said rather seriously “ she would be a hot cheerleader. THe two continued walking down the hallway lost in their conversation oblivious to the world around them. “ Elroy” Mathew said in a tone that meant he was about to ask a question “ who in their right mind would come to Carter Halll?” Mathew paused “ I mean everyone here wants to get away from this place that is if they can.”
“ Dunno” responded Elroy dumbly. “Wackjobs, losers. people wioth nowhere else to go”
“Maybe they have something to hide it ain’t everyday that people come out here.”
“ Maybe her family are forest people” joked Elroy
"Forest people?" asked Mathew
"It's a long story" replied Mathew.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Soul of Fire by Terry Goodkind

Since Kahalan rescued Richard from the Temple of the Wind the Chimes have been sent lose up the world. The Chimes are eating up all the positive magic and killing anyone who gets to close to a body of water or fire. Richard and Kahlan have to end their wedding celebrations early as Zed send Richard back to the Wizards Keep to get his sword and break a magic bottle. Anne the former prelate goes into Jagangs camp to rescue the Sisters of Light or to kill therm. Zed goes to Anderith to fight against the Chimes only to get turned into a Raven.

The Chimes have been let loose on the world before and there was only one Wizard who was able to contain them and that was Joseph Anders. He was the for father of Anderith. Zed does his best to look through the books and find clues as to how to fight the chimes so magic can be saved.

Anderith is at a crossroads.Jagang the emperor from the Old World want to strike and alliance with the city as it is crucial for supplying his troops with food and has Dirtch a system of stone bells that will kill any invader who tries to invade Anderith. Anderith is run by the conniving dishonest Minister of Culture m who inturn is assisted by his highly intelligent aide Dalton Campell.

Richard arrives and of course figure out the clues . Anderith decides to join Jagang but Riachard poisoned their food. Read the novel to find out the rest.

One drawback of this book is the lack of battle scenes. Most people who read the fantasy genre like to read battle scenes. They are scarce. The story also does not follow the typical story line structure.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Faerie Song part 1 by Steve Cranow

ast of Characters
Harold- Father sauntering drunk, Tims father
Katrina- Tims Mother
Tim- the boy who gets lost in faerie world

Faerie Song by Steve Cranow There had been fighting in the log cabin by the edge of the woods. The yelling was loud enough for it to be heard in the neighboring households in the area. Harold, the father, was a sauntering drunk, a drunk who was prone to bouts of yelling and physical violence. Katrina, a woman of Medium build, dark hair and green eyes bore it as best she could. Tim, teenage boy boy took after his mother with raven black hair and his emerald green eyes. It was on a fateful Tuesday with an over cast sky that the Middle aged father came home in a drunken rage. Having quaffed an abundance of ale he was staggering home and bawling profanities. Tim was dressed in his wood brown vest, a vest he wore only when working. To complement his wood brown vest Tim also wore a pair of black work pants which covered dirt from working rather well. His usual chores for the day entailed taking care of the livestock and tending the farming tools so as to make sure they were clean and ready for work. The woods of Carter Hall always held special fascination for the growing Tim. as though something was calling out to him. For a spring it was rather over cast and there had been a light drizzle the night before. The ground was still damp from the early spring rains and to Tim the forest was alive and breathing, looking especially vital. The forest beckoned him to explore. The leaves were colored an extra bright green, the tree bark looked browner than it usually did. The flowers vibrated it seemed and their colors were extra vivid. It was an unusual day as Tim spied what appeared to be a small boy about as tall as his waist. The boy was rather round looking and even from far away Tim could see that his eyes were shining with a bright blue light. He had curly blond hair. Dancing around the one of the forest’s oak trees mad the boy seem rather strange to Tim. From his coral were the horses were penned up Tim stopped his daily chores and gazed at the young boy dancing around the tree. The boys outfit was rather different. Tim wondered if the boy was from around here. His outfit consisted of woolen drawstring pants, brilliant, emerald green shirt that would match nicely with Tim’s eyes. The little boy also wore a purple vest. “Who ever wears purple?” Tim muttered to himself. No sooner had the words escaped Tim’s mouth then the boy stopped his dancing and looked directly at Tim. Tim wondered if the little kid had heard him. The giggling boy broke into a run and Tim gave chase. “Hey wait” yelled Tim as he pursued the fleeing boy. But his entreaties were in vain. For such a rotund little boy he ran very fast. Within a short time Tim was huffing and puffing out of breath while the rotund little boy was far ahead of him. Tim picked up a stone and threw it against the wet forest floor. “Lost Him “ he gritted. The stone hit the ground with a loud splat. The mud got all over his pants. Tim looked down with disgust. Muddy pants would surely get his drunken father angry. With his head hung low Tim returned to finish his chores. Just before leaving the forest Tim received the shock of his life. There was the boy standing in front of him smiling and waving. Tim looked at him curiously “ What is your name?’ he ventured to ask. There was no response, the boy just turned and began running again. “Wait don’t run” Tim yelled as he resumed his pursuit. The boy still proved to fast for Tim. All Tim could do was slap his thigh in frustration and give up this senseless chase. It was back to get back to his chores. The Little boy watch the raven haired Tim head back home with his head hung low. Harold was waiting outside where the horses were corralled. Tim’s father a fat pot bellied middle age drunk with a nasty temper. Harold’s father was made even more repulsive when his belly protruded over his waist line. Despite Harold’s over size belly his pants were falling down. Falling pants was a bad sign that meant there was no belt to hold them up. The belt a worn piece of black leather strip was hanging loosely from his father’s hand. The little boy watched all this from the forest. His face turned to a frown when he realized that the scene he was about to observe would not be pleasant. Something flashed in the little boys head, bright, purple and blue it meant only one thing, cruelty. The little boy lacked the temerity to get closer. He did not smell the wreak of the fat man’s breath laced with foul smelling alcohol fumes. Hugging close to the outer borders so as not to be seen the little boy decide to get a little closer. The curiosity compelled him. “ The hay is all over the place, the horses are dirty darn it there is work that need to be done” bellowed Harold in a bellicose fashion. “All you are doing is playing and avoiding you chores” Tim walked closer to his father with his hands up. The little boy wondered why the young man was waling up to the fat man when he knew he would be cruelly hit and beaten. In a drunken gait the fat man advanced upon his son with his belt dangling erratically at his feet. “ Pa, I was just taking a brake” Tim said. The little boy in the woods could tell by the tone that Tim was pleading not to get beaten. Why not run into the forest the little rotund boy thought to himself. Tim’s fat father fixed him an evil stare with his bloodshot blazed over eyes. “ Work needs to be done” growled the father “ and my lazy good for nothing son decide that he will act like a school boy and play in the woods. “ The father momentarily stopped his growling complaints and just glared at his son. A wave of hate stole over the enraged drunk’s face the belt went flying towards Tim’s face. Tim has rather quick reflexes and he was fast enough to block the belt from whipping him in the face. A sound of thunder rent through the air. “ What, What” sputtered the enraged father. “ What is this? How dare you block me” Harold began swinging his belt around wildly towards Tim’s face. The belt made contact and stung like nothing he had ever felt before. Tim stared wide eyed at his father in shock. His face showed a fearful amazement. He caressed his cheek with his left hand gently rubbing the welted flesh on his cheek. Tim had been whipped by his father before, Harold was a cruel man when he got the drink flowing through his veins, but Tim never had been whipped in the face before. Fear slowly gave way to rage. Time never felt this before when getting beaten by his old man. He would not wait for the worn leather strip to land on his body. Bravely and vigorously he fought back. Before Tim knew it, before he could even stop it his left hand shot out with a will of it’s own. Tim was as surprised as his father was when he heard the cartilage in his father nose crackle as the left fist made contact. Harold lowered his head and sniffed a few time. He felt under his nose with his left hand. There was blood on his hand. Tim, thought Harold to himself, a good for nothing lazy son had given him a bloody nose. Harold face turned the shade of a violent red he charged at Tim like an enraged bull. Harold backed up a few step almost tripping over a stone, he barely stopped himself from falling. Harold the enraged bull was charging at him full ahead. Then it happened again without even thinking Harold picked up the stone and hurled it. The rock bounced off Harold’s forehead with a loud hollow thud. Time was standing still and both Harold’s head and the stone hit the ground at the same time. A crimson pool of blood formed around Harold’s head. Now I’ve done it Harold thought I killed him.. Tim looked around there no witnesses. In a panic he darted out into the forest. “Oh God “ Tim gaped as he ran with tears falling from his eyes “ Why does this have to happen to me?” Deeper and deeper into the forest he ran. His life as he had known it before was over. Just how different it would be Tim had no idea. The boy with brilliant blue eyes observed Tim fleeing into the forest. The boy had a look of sadness and his eyes went dim. Compassion began stirring in his heart for Tim. It was then that he decided he would be Tim’s friend and help him.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Modern Wicca By Michael Howard

Michael Howard is a foremost expert on Witchcraft and Wicca, himself and initiate and practitioner of Gardnerian Wicca has written a book with an insiders look at the craft from it’s inception all the way to it’s evolution of the present day. Mr. Howard has written well over twenty books on Witchcraft and Magick.

It was in the early 1950’s that Gerald Brossaugh Gardner founded Modern Wicca or Witchcraft. Since it’s inception both the founder and the movement have been subject to controversy. Some would describe Gardner as eccentric, perverted, untruthful and publicity hungry. Others would describe him as quick witted, humorous and very talkative.

Debate goes on to this day as to whether Wicca is Gardners own concoction or whether it is an ancient witch cult that has survive since prehistoric times. Following the theory of Dr. Margaret Murray who proposed that the Witch cult is a remnant of an Ancient Fertility Goddess religious cult that was spread world wide. Many in the academic community have since debunked her theories. Isaac Bonewits has also said that Gardner’s religion is not an ancient one but rather a relgion that was born in the 1950’s yet is still valid. Gavin Bone echoed similar sentiments.

As a child Gardner was rather sickly having been afflicted with asthma. In order to improve his health Gardener’s care taker used to take him to warmer climates. During these travel he was exposed to different pagan historical sights. Such travel would eventually take him to India where he was able to learn about Ancient Indian Religion. The Kris was an Indian Knife it was used to in rituals and sometimes in combat. It was believed that the knife contained a spirit. Gardener ended up living over there for a while. He returned and ended up living in New Forest.

In terms of religious practice and belief Gardner was some what of an eclectic. He was a Mason, belong perhaps rather briefly to Crowley’s OTO organization, was a naturist, belonged to a Druid Order and belong to the Celtic church ( definitely Christian). While living in New Forest he was exposed to a what was lead to believe was a coven. They used to gather in a Rosicrucian theater and the member were also Rosicrucian’s. Gardner was initiated into this order by the High Priestess Dorothy Clutterbuck . Some reports say that someone named Dafo initiated him. After his induction he wrote several fiction book. Most of the rituals came from Mather’s Lesser Key of Solomon. He did not want to reveal too much supposedly.

In the early 1950’s he went public. There are serious speculations that Gardner had Crowley wrote parts of Gardner’s Book of Shadows. Parts were definitely plagiarized. Gardners relation to Crowley was rather ambiguous. Some say that Gardner called Crowley a Charlatan. Other maintain that Crowley though Gardner a little crazy. The two met for a few days and Gardner was supposed to head up Crowley’s OTO chapter in Britain. Gardner never pursued it and he made the claim that his ill health prevented him.
The book point to a common denominator between Crowley’s material and background and that of Gardner’s. Apparently at different times both were affiliated with a coven system run by George Pickingill. It seems as if Pickingill had a coven running in New Forest. . This was reported in Cauldron Magazine by some one named Liddel.

One of the big shots to enter Garder’s circle was Doreen Valiente. She would later rewrite many parts of Gardner’s book of Shadows. Charles Cardell would also become a major player in Wicca. He would start his own movement based primarily on Gardner’s Book of Shadows. His God would be Atho.

After living in New Forest Gardner and his wife moved to Bricketwood. In Bricketwood Wicca and witch craft would be exposed to negative publicity. The Wiccan would try to counteract that and several advised keeping a low profile. Gardner was constantly seeking publicity. Power struggles and publicity stunts would serve to divide the group. During this time period Alex Sanders would get involved. Those that met him at first did not think to highly of him. Alex would make false claims and cal himself the King of Witches. He started his own branch. Doreen Valiente would leave Gardners fold and then join Alex Sanders group. In time she left that and went with Robert Cochrane.

As time goes on and Gardner passes away Wicca evolves, It moves away from Coven based and becomes more festival and book based. The primary authority become authors who publish books. Wiccans can eventually self initiate and become solitary practitioners. Wiccans become feminist and involved with the environments and organizations spring up that unify Wicca with other Pagan movements. These organization help protect Pagan rights. Wicca is now on it’s way to becoming a major world religion.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Talismans and Amulets

wisdom derived from the lectures and works of Donald Michael Kraig. More thorough review of process listed in "Modern Magick" 3 rd edition.

Talismans and Amulets are devices for magick. Magick is the ability to make a change. In the universe there are four forces of change known to scientist and they are Gravity, electromagnetic, weak atomic energy and strong atomic energy. The lat two were not known to scientist a century ago.

If anindividual wants successful magick they are required to have three things.

1) Positive Attitude: You need to know that your magick is good enough and that it will succeed. You need to believe in it. Mental attitude also effects healing a fact recognized by Western Doctors.

2) Energy) You need to know how to work with energy. Energy is raised and controlled by breath work and visualization work.

3) Knowledge) You need to know what to do with your energy.

There are a couple of ways to know if your magick is effective. The first change is Delta T. Delta T is a change in the temperature. Delta C is a change in time. Time goes slower or faster then you expect it to.

Banishing Rituals

THe First Banishing is the Lesser Banishing Pentagram Ritual. Banishing should be done twice a day.

1) Face East and touch your forhead while visualizing your energy touching your forehead. Say atah in a vibrating tone.

2) Bring your finger to your Solar Plexus and say Malkhut in vibrating tone. Picture energy going to the bottom of your body.

3) Touch your right shoulder picture energy leaving out your right shoulder and say vegivurah in vibratory style.

4)Touch your left shoulder same visualiztion and vibrate le olam Amen

The second part involves making the pentagrams. You are still facing east. You start at the left hip. Make a line going above your head and then bring the hand to your right hip. Next bring your right hand to the outside of your left shoulder. Then you bring it to your right side just outside the right shoulder. Finaly you finish where you began. After this you step forward with your left footboth hands held out evenly palms down. You say yud heh Vav Heh. You will turn clock clockwise to your right and repeat the process saying adonai for one side then ehheyeh and then Aglah

Next evoking the arch angels

1) To the East is Rafael hold out hand and vibrate Rafael
BEFORE ME (then vibrate) RAPHAEL (pronounced RAH-PHYE-EHL)

Imagine a scintillating brilliant white Archangel in front of you and facing you. In his/her right hand is a magical Sword held with the point upright. The background is a pale, pure, bright yellow. Cherubs can be imagined near the Archangel. Imagine a gentle, refreshing breeze, cleansing and purifying the air.

2. BEHIND ME (then vibrate) GABRIEL (pronounced GAH-BREE-EHL)
Imagine a scintillating brilliant white Archangel behind you and facing you, holding in their right hand an exquisite silver Chalice. He/she is standing on a Cerulean-blue ocean and dolphins or mermaids are nearby. Imagine feeling the mist and cool spray of the ocean breeze.

3. AT MY RIGHT HAND (then vibrate) MICHAEL (pronounced MEE-CHYE-EHL)

Imagine a scintillating brilliant white Archangel at your right, facing you, and holding in their right hand a transparent scarlet red Wand with a scintillate pure diamond top. Waves of scarlet, red-orange and orange fire in the background. Also, SEKHMET, with a scarlet disk above her head, emerald green Uraeus, scarlet dress from just below breasts, tight-fitting, down to her ankles, is in the flames. She holds, in her left hand, a scarlet-red lotus wand. In her right hand, she holds an emerald-green ankh. Small black salamanders can be seen moving among the flames. Imagine you feel the heat and power emanating from the SOUTH.

4. AT MY LEFT HAND (then vibrate) AURIEL (pronounced AWE-REE-EHL)

Imagine a scintillating brilliant white Archangel at your left, facing you, and holding between their hands a Disk with a scintillating white Pentagram in the center. The ground is russet-brown, the leaves of the trees are olive-green, there are black shadows from the trees in a number of places, and the light is citrine (light yellow-green.) Feel the solidity of the Earth, and imagine the odor of the leaves and muskiness of the ground.

Then Say "For about me flames the Pentagram and within me flames the six point star"

THere is another banishing ritual that one should be aware of this is from Chaos Magick. It is called "The Gnostic Pentagram Ritual"

1. Face any way you please and you can turn anyway you please.

Ritual Procedure
Stand facing any preferred direction.
Inhale fully. Exhale slowly sustaining the sound "I" (a high-pitched ieeeee! sound) while visualizing a radiance of energy in the head area.
Inhale fully. Exhale slowly sustaining the sound "E" (a lower-pitched eeeeh! sound) while visualizing a radiance of enerfy in the throat area.
Inhale fully. Exhale slowly sustaining the sound "A" (a deep aaaah! sound) while visualizing a radiance of energy in the heart and lungs, which spreads to the muscles of the limbs.
As in 2, but the sound "O" (ooooh!) in the belly area.
As in 2, but the sound "U" (a very deep uuuur!) in the genital/anal area.
Repat 6. Then 5, 4, 3, 2, working back toward the head.
Inhale fully. Exhale slowly, forming each of the IEAOU sounds in turn while, with the left arm, drawing in the air a pentagram, which is also visualized strongly.
Make a quarter turn to the left and repeat 8, then continue to turn and draw the remaining pentagrams with mantra and visualization until returning to the starting position.
Repeat steps 2-7 inclusive.

There is a second Chaos Magick Banishing Ritual. It is the banishing ritual of laughter Turn in a circle and laugh.

Talismans are magical devices that draw things to you like wealth, good luck fortune and health. An Amulet on the other hand repels things like bad luck, evil eyes, poverty and sickness.

The best times for making Talismans is during the waxing moon all the way to the full moon. Start from when the New Moon is barely visible. For amulets the best times is during the waning moon. THis is after the full moon start decreasing all the way until the dark moon.

When making amulets or Talismans one should have a specific goal in mind. Goals need to be very specific and you have to want or need it very badly. Just a note. People do not need money they need the things that money can buy.

Goals should be smart goals. S) Specific or concrete M) Measurable,quantitative and meaningful. A) Attainable R) Realistic T) Time Frame goals should also be ecological and beneficial to everyone else.

A great way to build magickal power is to lower your expectations. Lower expectation means more success, more success increases you magick and your power.

Talisman can are objects that can be either sacred or profane. It can be with or without symbols. It needs to have an end and it needs to be consecrated.

There are five basic types of Talismans/amulets. 1) Prefab or ones that are all ready made. 2) Found, like a stone or a necklace 3) Traditional Structure, this means that it is created on traditional pattern ie using the hebrew letter of the Rosy Cross Malchut for money. 4) Compress alphabet and make a sigil design. Chaos magick sigil take out duplicate letters and vowels. 5) Free Form which is done by allowing spirit to write through you. Austin Osman Spare had a techniqie called free drawing. Do a lazy figure 8 focus on your goal and then let it go.

Before making your talisman/amulet you should do a divination of sorts to see what the results of the action would be? You may or may not want to do it.

Step two design your talsiman. Step three you should purify your talisman/amulet. This purification can be done in a variety of ways. Keep under running water, run it through smoke, pass it through fire or bury it in the ground. step four give your talisman a time limit to achieve the goal. Step five purify yourself. This usually done by taking a shower. Finally you perform the ritual.

Steps tp perfroming the ritual

1. Clean your ritual area. 2. Do your bansihing ritual 3. Project sight, in ceremonial masgick you step forward with your left foot hand are held straight out palms down. You should breath out. Call on power of Deity to charge your amulet or Talisman. THe Wiccan way as taught by Raven Grimassi is during a full moon you form your hands into a triangle and gaze at the moon and keep it in the triangle until you see a hazy double. Take this double and put it on your talisman

There is a chaos magick way. You place the Talisman/Amulet in your left hand keep looking at it and spin around counter clockwise until you falldown or puke.

When your Talisman/Amulet has achieved it's purpose You should banish it again, cleanse it or Destroy it. Once you have charged your Talisman/Amulet. You should Banish the area. keep a record of what you did, Keep your Talisman near you.

Scot Cunningham had a technique of making Guardians out of monster toys. Much like above save you charge it for protection.

When making amulets or talismans Kabbalists used to use Virgin parchment. Todays practitioner can use unrecycled paper.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Complete Magick Curriculum of the Secret Order GBG

The Great Brotherhood of God closed the doors to their order in 1936. They ceased all normal functioning in 1938 just like the founder of the magickal order had commanded. Louis T. Culling was a member of that order and he was commissioned to write this present volume by the Founder Mr. Russell. Louis T. Culling wrote it and published it so people could independently use the program to initiate or begin to start their magical practice. This book is a do it yourself kit and a short cut, straight away to the goal. Their is no external teacher you are your own teacher. But do not be fooled this is no easy road. This curriculum is hard work.

The current edition is a re-release with commentery by Carl Weshke owner of Llewellyn publishing. His offers several good explanations for concepts that need to be clarified and I found his input most helpful in several cases. There were point in the book were I felt the text was repeated word for word in several places. Such redundancy could become very annoying.

Mr. Russel who was a student of Aleister Crowley is the person who wrote the curriculum and started the order. Aleister Crowley believed at the time of writing that humanity was entering in the Aeon of Horus. What is special about this age is that people would not be reliant upon parochial religious authority. Secret orders would no longer be needed and people ,who are stars move independently of their own light and volition." Crowley believed that people were Gods in the making. The goal of this program was to have "knowledge and conversation with Your Holy Guardian Angel"

The program written in the book is not just a series of technique but a curriculum that is meant to be followed as written. It is easy to understand but do not be fooled you have to do the work. For the first two weeks you will keep a dream journal writing down every dream as you remember it. This facilitates conversation between the conscious and subconscious mind. As about two weeks of keeping a dream journal you will keep a magical journal that describes what you want to be. Every day you write down what you want to be. After a given period of time stated in thee book the student will do two things. One is to take a vow to be truthful to ones self and to see event in your life as communication between your Holy Guardian angel and yourself. Be careful though and do not think that everything that happens in your life happens to come from your Holy Guardian Angel. That was easy enough no?

Now comes the hard part, the Three day Retreat. The student secludes him or herself and does a ritual several times during the day and keep a journal of his or her experiences. A shortened version of this retreat happen once a year. The curriculum continues with meditations on Crowley's book of law and find it;s meaning for you. The book deals with raising energy using magical techniques between a magical couple in order to create a magical child . More advanced parts of the curriculum will involve communication with various deities along with a warning that the Deities are not coming from outside of you but rather are rising up from with in. Mr. Weshke include a glossary of terms that is very beneficial in understanding the text if you get confused. In the back there is a a bibliography that allows the student to go further in depth on an y concept that may interest them. This get 4.5 broomsticks out of 5.

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Damn I'm Beautiful

This picture is hot isn't it? LOL I am just having some fun I am not that conceipted.
Or am I

Sunday, November 28, 2010

In Ishmael's House by Martin Gilbert

Sir Martin Gilbert has done it again. He has produced a masterpiece on the Jews from Arab countries. His work is very thorough giving the reader a vivid picture of what it was like for Jews to live under Muslim rule. He cites many sources and has an excellent bibliography in the back for those who wish to delve deeper into the subject.

Jews have been living amongst Arabs in the Arabian peninsula for thousands of years. By and large they were mostly traders. They got on well with their fellow denizens often time forming alliances with various tribes based on self interest. Judaism and Christianity made an impact on life in the Peninsula. There was even a Jewish Kingdom in Arabia headed by Dhu Nawas. His kingdom would later be over run by Byzantine allied Ethiopians. When Muhammad preached his message the Jews did not heed his call they chose to stick to their own religion. This lead to a war where in Jews were driven out of the Arabian Peninsula.

Else where in the Middle East the Islamic Armies often had Jewish allies helping them conquer Byzantine cities. Byzantine Christians discriminated against Jews rather heavily. Jews were rewarded by giving trading rights and rights to resettle in Jerusalem. Since that time Jewish existence has been rather schizophrenic under Muslim rule. On the bright side they were given a right to secure dwelling and even rose to high positions of authority. Something of this nature never really occurred in the Christian Lands. The Jews in Arab Lands never experienced a Holocaust, Inquisition or Russian massacres. On the other side of the coin Jews were never totally equal. They were a Dhimmi or protected person who was tolerated but never seen as an equal. Various Dhimmi laws were put in place to remind the Jew that he was less then his Muslim country man.

Muslim Spain providing the best example. Jews were thoroughly integrated into the country. They were invited in to conduct business and trade. Jews became doctors and philosophers and often reached high positions in the Kings court. Sometimes directly beneath the King himself. Moses Maimonides was the Sultan's official doctor in Egypt. In Iraq the Exilarch was accorded high honors even Muslims bowed to him. Turkey was the hven for Jews fleeing persecution in Christian Spain. Later in History Turkey would show an example of great tolerance to Jews. Jews were given their own court system and could conduct business as they saw fit. For Jews it was heaven.

The Dhimmi laws on the other hand left he Jews degraded. Being forced to wear different clothing, pay special taxes that could often mean poverty and impoverishment for Jews were always present. Granted not all Muslim rulers chose to enforce these laws but they were on the books. The laws were inherited from the Byzantines. Sometimes Jews were limited as to what careers they could pursue. There were rare occasions that Jews faced massacres and forced conversion.s

The last part of Jewish existence in Arab countries ended on a poor note. Many Arabs were hostile to Zionism and the establishment of a Jewish State on previously Muslim land. This did lead to government sponsored discrimination, torture and imprisonment just for being Jewish. The Jews were often attacked by mobss of people which resulted in property destruction, loss of life and rape.

Perhaps one day the Jews and Arabs can exist together in friends as equals. Using the example of Spain and Iraq and Turkey and then improving upon that.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Tree of Enchantment

A spiritual pathway is shown to us by Orion Foxwood a well renowned Faery seer who has drunk from many a well of wisdom. The path to enlightenment lies within, as does your journey through the tree of enchantment. Before you begin your journey you must first have self understanding. You have three different souls and one spirit.Your consciousness is able to move from one to the other, with proper training. The first soul is your surface walker. This is your everyday body that roams the planet earth. Your dream walker is the being that walks beneath in the underworld. It is very emotional and corresponds to water and oceans. Your Star Walker is your higher self the one that roams about in the Astral realms.

Your journey begins with the realization that although you have freewill you are really connected to everything on this planet. The Division of separation is just an illusion. You start with your ancestors. You contact and work with your ancestors by setting up an altar for them and an ancestor pot. You make daily food contribution of the food and drink they enjoyed in this world. Your objective is to reach the River of Blood. It is at the River of blood that you heal your ancestors and get guidance from them. They can also protect. Sometimes there is a melancholy as you feel their sorrow but on the other bank which is the Bank of Truth. You will travel down the River of Blood and contact the Supernal Ancestor of Man. It is both male and female and lives on an island of bones. It has a silver object for you. This reconnects you to mankind.

Your next destination in the Guardians and this is a horned god who is in charge of nature and maintains the laws. He is also the one who guards the way to the weaver who is in charge of generation, destruction and regeneration. Creation and destruction on our planet through the three threads she weaves. Both of these divine beings are attended by other beings. The guardian is enthroned by representative of thee four elements. The weaver is attended by three women of fate and sometimes washer women. Faery women that cleanse you before meeting the weaver. Meeting the weaver will help break the chains of illusion and fear and show you your true purpose. After meeting these two divine beings you go to the well of the dreamer.

The Well of the Dreamer is surrounded by by thorny rosebush. If your heart is pure and humble then they will open us for you if not they will cut you. The dreamer is the one who dreamt this world into being. We are all part of his dream. The Dreamer is an androgynous being that is asleep. During the age of Aquarius he will open one of his eyes and the world will experience enlightenment. The dreamer who is the creator of this world is a child of the Star Father and the mother Goddess who is identified as the Utterer. The Dreamer is likened to a piece of Star that fell to earth and penetrated it. This is the reason that there is life on the planet Earth.
The of Faeries lies in the underworld. Brigh is their queen. The faeries came down to Earth with the Dreamer. We each have a Faery counterpart whom will experience enlightenment with us.

Next we travel to the Astral realms were we experience contact with the the Star Father and the Utterer. We also meet the Holy Fire or formless fire. This is the life force that permeates us all. This is the master creator. It is a long journey and do not think you will make it in a year. Such a journey may take life times.

Anyone wanting to learn about Faery seership would be well advised to read from this book. The book outlines the path that you will take and it gives you exercises to help you traverse along the path. Mr. Foxwood has studied Traditional Witchcraft and Appalachian magic traditions. This book get 4.5 broomsticks out of 5

Friday, November 12, 2010

Queen of the Great Below

Ereshkigal she is the Goddess of the Underworld, dark and frightening, people often times shun her or refuse to work with her. Not much is known about the is Sumerian Goddess save for a two frightening stories which make her seem menacing and evil.

Gugalanna her first husband perishes fighting against the Sumerian hero Gilgamesh. He died defending Inanna’s honor. Inanna is the sister of Erishkigal. Whenh Inanna goes to visit her sister who is in morning. Namtar , Erishkigal’s vizier, makes Inanna take off an article of clothing before descending each of the seven gates of death. Finally, Inanna stands before her sister naked and in a wrath filled rage is slain by her sister and hung up on a hook like a rotting piece of flesh. The Gods eventually send two a sexual being to rescue her.

The second story involves an invitation to the Heavens. Since she is Queen of the Underworld, the Queen of the Great Below, she is unable to attend the feast. Namtar her servant is sent up to retrieve her food. All the rise except for one Nergal, the Sumerian God of War. Upon hearing this Ereshkigal is enraged. She threatens to let loose the dead. Nergal then sojourns in the Great below for six days. There is passionate love but Nergal leaves before the seventh day. Ereshkigal is enraged once again the boundaries are about to burst. Finally Nergal return and becomes her husbabnd.

Ereshkigal ruler of the Underworld is not the evil Goddess many believe her to be. She is a teacher, a tough teacher. Her method is not of softness but sometimes her ways are harsh. Ereshkigal is the Goddess who tells you to deal with your shit, she is the one who maintains the boundaries. In a word she is the Goddess of No. The Goddess of No is the Goddess who makes you defend your boundaries, a warrior.

Death is transition it is change. Ereshkigal is a Goddess who makes you give up the excess baggage you do not need. She is a Goddess who perfects you by challenging you and giving you challenges.

Janet Munin has compiled a set of writings that will open your eyes about the ways of this Goddess. There as stories of experiences some of them close to tragic as people loose things they no longer need. There are stories about ordeals and pain in order to bring about perfection. Some of the writers have contributed prayers and meditations. This is not a comprehensive book that will tell you how to work with the Goddess it is a book that will open the door. To work with this Goddess you will have to use your intuition, Ereshkigal does not spoon feed.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jews and Arabs: Their Contacts through the ages

Reading todays headlines one constantly see and hears news about Arabs and Jews clashing. It was not always so. While the Jews suffered horribly under Christian Europe being faced with pogroms and massacres they tended to fare better under Islamic rule. Life was better but not perfect.

Since biblical times Jews and Arab have been in constant contact with each other. It is believed that when Abraham and his family left Sumeria in order to immigrate to Canaan certain branches of the family wandered into Northern Arabia. In the bible whyen Northern Israel clashes against the Kingdom of Aramea and Assyria they are joined by certain Arab tribes.

Arab tribes have been emigrating from the Arabia Peninsula and living among the host societies of the Fertile crescent since the beginning . They often melted into the host society. Many have thought that Abraham and his family were an Arab tribe that migrated from the peninsula but their semi nomadic ways and settling down to an agricultural life do not match with the bedouin lifestylwe which was to raise camel and roam where ever the camel would take them. While some scholars may hold that the Israelites were one such tribe to migrate out of the peninsula this author believes that certain sections of Abrahams's family migrated into Northern Arabia which woulld explain many of the cultural affinities.

Judaism developed amidst a sea of firece competition as the nation of ISrael was constantly sandwiched between the Egyptian, Assyrian and Babylonian empires. A good deal of the religion's growth happened living in exile. An important exile was the Roman exile which later sent many Judeans into NOrthern Arabia where they would set up Oases and fertile towns. THis firmly entreched Judaism in Northern Arabia. Muhammad no doubt had to have been influenced by Judaism. Islam is seen by some as a developed Judaism recast. Judaism had the biggest inpact on the developemenmt and birth of Islam.

As Islam grew and the Muslim armies began conquering more and more territiories from the Persians and the Christian Byzantines the religion of Islam and the Jews develo0pped into a very intersting relationship. On the one hand Jews living in Northern ARabia were driven from their town and everything was taken from them. The Jews living in the Byzantine Empire and under the Persians found themselves a new ally in hiopes their brethern would make life easier for them.

When Muslim armies set up a fort pretty soon settlers would follw and set up a town. THe town was based on people setting up businesses which sold good to Muslim soldiers. Most of these settloer were Jews. In fact after a conquest was completed the Jews would often be left behind to help administer and run thing. It was under Islamic rule that the Jews who were primarily an agricultural people became merchants and traders. Arab life seemed favorable toward that. Farmers were often times heavily taxed and subject to raids by bedouin bands. Agriculture became a dying business.

Jizya was a tax levies against Dhimmies or Non muslims. It was usually one gold peice per year. The average family made six gold pieces per year. It was a heavy tax in addition to many other taxes. As a result many Jews would tryu to move around to avoid the tax.

As histopry progressed Arab culture would have an iommense impact on the growth and developement of Jewish religon and. culture. Arabs were not fond of armies and state craft. They were into language poetry and philosophy. Jews were great religious thiners but not that poetic. The ARabs helped them. Modern hebrew was reconstructed on the grammar scheme of arabic. Jews also ndever had dual names like they had in Europe they used just Arabic names. In Europe the Jewish language of Yiddish was peppered with hebrew. In the Arab world they used just Arabic. Commenteries were written in Arabic as well. The reason why Jews did not bother with Two names is because Jews were easily identified by their distinct outfit. In the Islamic world their were many laws on the books that made the status of Jews unequal. The laws were not always applied with full force. Only Yemen were the laws fully enforced. Such laws made Jewish life precarious.

Jews and Arabs have much in common. The author believes they will patch their differences. S.D Goiten is a scholar par excellence who has written a thorough and informative book.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Magical Herbalism by Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham is one of the foremost experts on Wicca and traditional witchcraft. Everything he wrote about he either used and was successful with or he researched very thoroughly.

Magical Herbalism is a book about the magical usage of herbs. The first chapter explains the use of a magic knife your altar and your candles. THe books tells you how to consecrate your knife for magical and sacred use. And when working with herbs for the sake of certain outcomes he tells you which colors to use for candles and for cloth.

The next chapters explain the threory of magic and the powers that exist within us and within the herbs themselves. These power can be harnessed via visualization and incantation in order to help us to improve our lives.

The book has extensive information on how and when to plant your herbs. It is written in an easy to understand manner that even a beginner such as myself can make use of. The book also has recipes for different oils, bath and incenses.

The instruction on making and maintaining your magical garden are thorough and complete. More over they are easy to follow. The chapters on gardening offer great tips on magical pest control and rituals on sanctifying your garden.

If you are a beginner or advanced in herbalism or magic I strongly advise reading this book.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Temple of the Wind by Terry Goodkind

Richard Rahl has announced that he will stand against Jagang from the Imperial Order. You are either part of Dahara or you are with the Imperial Order. One day to people arrive in town one guy is named Marlin a wizard and another is Sister Amelia. Marlin anounces that he plans to kill Lord Rahl, Cara and Kahlan decide to deal with it. In the mean time the soldiers of Dahara come down with intense Diarreah. Richad goes to the hills to get medicen for the troops in order to stave off the diarreha. While Kara and Kahlan are interviewing Marlin they find out tht is possed by Jagang. After A conrontation that Kills Marlin and injures Cara and Kahaln Marlin gets killed. Cara is seriously injured. Luckily Drefan Rahl shows up and heals her. Nadine an old friend of Richards from the Westlands shows up convicned by Shota the witch that she wil marry Richard is also on hand to help things along.

Jagang has sister Amelia set off a plague that kills children first. Kahlan and Richard are now on a quest that takes them travelling to different places, old texts and prophecies. Zedd and Ann end up as slaves for time but later on are freed. In order to stop the plague Richard must find the Temple of the Wind. A place that was exiled to the underworld by Wizards who felt that magic was corrupting the world and giving wizards too much power. In oreer to find the Temple Richard has to wed Nadine and Kahlan must marry Drefan. Richard finds the Temple but Richard was supposed to marry Kahlan. It turns out that Drefan Rahl is not the healer he was supposed to be. The ending has a happy surprise. Enjoy

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Sorcerer of Saint Felice by Anne Finnin

Michael is about to be burned at the stake in Orleans, France for the crime of sorcery. As the flames are about to engulf him along comes Abbot Francis Duchain to the rescue. Whispering a prayer to the archangel Gabriel, he proceed to call a halt to the execution. A rain storm conveniently arrives to make matters easier.

After being rescued Michael is taken to the Monastery where for or five other monks of the Benedictine order are housed. The monastery is famous for it's wine. Wine steeped in herbs at the right astrological time. It is a wine that heals every malady. Michael ponders on whether to stay or go. To venture beyond the walls is to risk certain death and capture. His prescence there is an annoyance to the authorities that want Michael dead.

Father Francis and company defend Michael three times. First against a bishop and a fellow named Montain who wanted Michael killed. Next and archbishop comes and scrutinizes the entire place. They find nothing.

While being housed at the Monastery Michael does partake in chores. After scouring the Monasteries library Michael find out that Father Francis is the infamous sorcerer Seratois who supposedly drowned in the river Tiber. Michael decide to learn angelic magic from him.

Eventually the authorities do catch up and the good abbot is about to be burned at the stake. I will leave the ending out of this review go read the book.

Ann Finnin has written a very entertaining book that is readable by children and adults. It is especially enjoyable if you are interested in exploring Angleic magic or have some background in Kabballah or the Clan of Tubal Cain.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Well of Ararat

The story is set in pre world war I Northern Iran. Before the Ottoman Turks came there wre many Assyrian and Armenian villages in Northern Iran. This story took place in one of those Armenian villages. The main character of the story is a young man of say 12 years old. He lives in an extended family headed by his grandmother.

It was a tradition in those days for young able bodied men to travel to Russia in ordeer to make money as merchants. Sassoon's uncle Ardavaz was one of those men who had been away for a dozen or so years. He returns at the beginning of the story laden with gifts. Sasson jumped at his a little bit too greedily. This served to strain relations between the young Sassoon and his uncle. This would set the stage for the whole mood of the story.

When Ardavaz returned to village he set out to get married. THe girl he chose was getting water by a well. Marina, was her name, a very pretty girl who was espied at the story's beginning waiting for alover in the forest. A wandering dervish was also coming through abnd it was from this mystic that the young Sassoon first heard about the second gate of life marriage.

The rest of teh story proceeds with wedding preparations. This means buying the gifts the silks, bride price, henna ceremony and bringing the bride from her aunt's village. Enroute from her aunt's village the bride is almost abducted by the son of a village khan. Fortunately the villages forces defeat the Khabns son and he becomes an invigted guest.

THrough out the story there is constant tension between the uncle and Sasson and the Uncle and Marina. MArina is really a reluctant bride. On the wedding night Sasson sees the bride when no male is supposed to see her. THe uncles beats the day lights out of the young Sasson at least two times during the story for communicating with her.

MArina's lover who she really loved was Avaris, also the uncles best friend and best man at the wedding. When the secret comes out the two of them have it out in a duel where one of them is supposed to die. The ending is a sad surprise.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Prophetic Vision of Merlin by R.J Stewart

Embedded with the History of Kings written by Geoffrey Monmouth is a work of prophecy called the prophecy of Merlin. No one can ascertain whether it came directly from Merlin or was a legend that build up over the years. Author R.J Stewart analyzes the prophecy and looks at it as not only a prophecy but also as a guided meditation then can help the learner attain spiritual enlightenment.

Since the 1980's there has been an explosion of interest in King Arthurian themes. Every thing from literature, films etc. But people have never considered looking into the wisdom of Merlin as a source of enlightenment.

Merlin's plan was at first for the individual to attain enlightenment for him or herself then have the enlightenment spread over to the national whole. The final part was the dissolution of Arthur's kingdom. This happens when Merlin is asleep. In reality though it is we who are asleep.

The prophecy of Merlin begins with the Evil King Vortigern who rules over Britain with the help of Anglo Saxon mercenaries. His sorcerers advise him to build a tower on a hill so as to avoid being assassinated. As Vortigern build his tower it alway sinks into the ground. To remedy this Vortigern has to find a boy who has no father and kill him. Once the boy is killed his blood will be sprinkled on the stone. Merlin is found in a town arguing with another boy. When Merlin is brought to Vortigern, Merlin tells him that underneath the foundation there is a pond with two stone. Underneath this pond are two dragons. One is read and one is silver. Red equals the Briton while the silver one is the Anglo Saxon. Once released the two dragons begin fighting. Merlin does predict that eventually the silver dragon will win.

Later on Merlin predicts Vortigerns down fall as Ambrosius and Uther come from Rome to defeat him and drive the Anglo Saxons away. Uther later becomes king and Merlin engineers the birth of Arthur and the rise of Camelot. THe prophecy continues well into the future noting political event that will transpire. In the end the animals rise up and start hunting human and the universal order is turned upside down.
Merlin predicts the end of Druidism and the eventual conquest by the Anglo Saxons.

When the cosmic order goes awry the Goddess Ariadne is locked behind the gates to the other world and hides herself beyond the veil. The guardian stops those not worthy of getting through for beyond the gates is enlightenment and or death. Enlightenment is the death of the false self. Beyond Aridne is the original four elements that formed the universe.

Merlin is one of three types of journiers to the fairy world. He is the type that journeys to the underground and does not come back. Thomas Rhymer stays in faery land for seven years and comes back as a bard. He traveled to another dimension. Another person a reverend came to fairy land and returned being of service to mankind.

I look forward to reading more of RJ Stewart's books. I found the book difficult to follow at time. It seems he has a habit of jumping around or going off on related tangents. RJ Stewart is very knowledgeable and I would like it if he wrote more about different technique in addition to just theory.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Phoenicians , Lebanon's Epic Heritage. By Sanford Holst

The Phoenician were known mostly for their trading empire in the meditaerranean basin. From theeir humble beginning on the Lebanese coast they started out as settlers eking a living from fishin in the mediterranean. Later on they would use dugout logs to go lout further into the sea and catch more fish. As their boat making ability improved they would sail out further and explore different locations. THese were trading opportunities. They would trade fish in exchabnge for fancy cloths gold and spices. Later on they would nstart trading their cedar logs off to counties like Egypt. In fat it was Phoenician lumber and know how that built the temple to Horus in Egypt. The Phoenicians would several times over create a massive trading empire. How did they do it and what was their secret?

Their first principal was peaceful resolution of differences. For most of their history the Phoenician had no military whatsoever. If there was a problem they always tried to resolve their problem with negotiation. When that failed they would get their citizens and wealth and abandon the city state.

Their second principal was internationl trade. They did business with everybody. Because of them them goods from all over the world were sent all over the world. In fact it was the Phoenicians who introduced the Egyptians to the Maltese stonesmiths who would later on build the pyramids.

The third principal was relgious tolerance. They allowed Gods from other nations to be housed in their territory. Egyptian Goddess Hathor took up residence in a Phoenician tmeple in byblos. The Phoenicains always did their best to blend in with the locals and appear almiost indistinct

THe fourth principal was creating partnerships. If faces with a problem the Phhoenicians would partner up with other peoples facing a similiar problem. A good example of this is when they were threatended by the Egyptians and the Hittites. The Pheoinicians partnered up with the Kaska from Norhtern Turkey and transferred them ship to atack many parts in the Middle East. Including Egyopt and the Hittites.
The village was also a partnershp of everyone when it came to a business venture . Everyone played their part and everyone got paid.

Respect for women was the fifth. Women played a role in leadership and inpreparing the ships for their shipments.
Last they had equality and privacy. They would never share their secrets.

The Phoebnicians set up colonies al over the Aegfean sea and helped for the Minoan society with the Cretans. That later fell due to Volcanic activity and Mycenean aggression. They would recover after the invasion of the sea peoples. Whom they helped by shipping them from Northern Anatolia to the Aegean Islands, Greece, Hittite Empire and Egypt.

The Phoenicians were a rare society who knew how to get along. The book has a good bibliography and it is easy to read. You will learn a lot from reading this book.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Pillars of Tubal Cain by Nigel Jackson

Western esoteric mysticism and/or angel magick comes primarily from the Middle East. Most European ideas were brought over via the old testament. But the Hebrews who wrote the old testament were influenced by a variety of systems. The systems came from Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt, Persia and Arabia. Each of these countries had a system of gods numbering seven, one for each off the known planets including the sun and the moon.

According to biblical legend Lucifer was God's lead angel, who lead a rebellion and was ultimately cast down into the earthly realms along with his cohort of angels. These Angels took on human form and were thus called watchers. Eventually these watchers fell in love with human women and mated with them giving rise to a race of people called the nephilim. These were giant people with magical powers. Eventually the Flood would come and wash them all away.

According to the Yezidis of Northern Iraq Satan who is called Melek Taus was redeemed. Supposedly he cried out tears of repentance and he was the angel in charge of all the other angels. He is worshiped as a peacock. Interesting that the throne in Iran was called the peacock throne.

According to Luciferian witch craft Lucifer the light bringer ascended for the reason of bringing mankind, who at the time were savages, into enlightenment. When Lucifer and his angles descended they taught human kind religion, civilization, magick and metal working. Now remember that Tubal Cain was a metal worker and metal workers had magical abilities. Of course Christianity turned Lucifer into a boogey man called Satan.

There was documents of giant races documented through out thee world in places like Shamabalah, Atlantis, Arabia and even Amorites. They were big and supposedly had magical abilities. Later on they would be wiped out by the flood. Many mythologies talk about a race of giants being wiped out by newer gods or being wiped out by some cataclysm. Check out the titans in Greek mythology and the Jotuns in Norse mythology.

Many symbols have been perverted in Judeo Christian Europe. The snake was typically a symbol of wisdom. Recall that it was the snake who told Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge to help open her eyes so she could grow up. In the bible the snake wass turned into something evil. The Tower of Babylon which Nimrod, another giant, tried to ascend was not a tower to challenge god but rather it was representative of the Watcher trying to reach godliness and redemption. The Tree had a similar meaning and in fact old religions worshipped the tree or by a tree.

Lilith in Babylonian mytholgy used to live in a tree until Inanna told Gilgamesh to cut it down. In this tree there dweelt an owl and a snake. The owl was a symbol of certain Goddesses and wisdom. Lilith later became Adams first wife and she in fact later left him because she would not submit to an inferior position. Lilith would copulate with animals and other entities and would give rise to a race of demons. Lilith was a succubus who seduced men in their sleep. It said that from man's liquids came several races of Demon. Some say that Lilith gave birth to the faery people. Women use her as model for liberation.

Queen Sheba is sometimes equated with Lilith in that some legends portray her as having owl feet or cloven feet. Sheba means seven and corresponds to the seven angels. It is surmised that Queen Sheba and Solomon were occultist and that Solomon who controlled demons to build his empire taught Sheba some of her secrets.

Occult wisdom which originated in the Middle East came to Europe via many directions. One direction was Jews bringing it over when they were enslaved by the Romans.Occult knowledge also came over when the Crusaders and Templar knights returned from fighting in Jerusalem. The founder of the rosy cross order learned Cabbalah in Damscus and the horned god came from the Middle East as well.

The Pillars of Tubal Cain is a book roughly 273 pages in length,but it is packed with information. I strongly advise reading. this stuff is definitely not Wicca

Friday, September 17, 2010

Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind

After escaping from the Palace of the Prophets and sending his father's spirit back to the realm of the Keeper, Richard Cypher is in semi hiding. Seeking shelter in the Aydindril he is set upon immediately by Mriswith, scaly caped creatures that have the ability to become invisible. Only Richard and his friend Gratch can find them. They make easy work of them. That is not the only threat. The Blood of the Fold has entered and they wish to kill anyone who has the gift of magick. Tobias their general believes he is doing the work of the creator. Lunnetta helps him fish out the sorceresses. Lunetta herself has magic and is Tobias's sister. Originally they came to hunt down the Mother Confessor who everyone believes is dead. It seems that the Kahlan is dead and while Richard is roaming through the city he runs afoul with the Blood of the Fold. Beffore getting too deep into trouble Richard is extricated by some D'haran soldiers. Things progress as Richard proves himself in a battle with Mriswith and thee D'harans accept him as their king. He is the Magic against the magic and the Dharan soldiers are the steel against the Steel. All D'harans are bound spiritually to the Lord Rahl.

It is in Aydindril that Richard Rahl boldly states that a new threat is looming on the horizon. THe Imperial order lead by emperor Jang is on the way to conquer the Midlands. The barrier stopping the emperor was taken down. The Keltion were the first to join up with the imperial order. Richard makes a proclamation that since the Mother Confessor was killed everyone must join with D'Hara to fight the new threat. Many are disagreeable and the most disagreeable is Tobias.

In the Palace of the prophets sister Verna has been promoted to prelate. Her job is to ferret out the sisters of the dark who are hidden among them. Not an easy task.She is buried in mountains of paper work and cannot go about her business. Meanwhile 5 or 6 of thee sisters of the dark are slaves to Jagang in a most brutal fashion.

Hagan plans to rule his empire from the Palace of the prophets which has been spelled so he cannot age. Eventually the sisters of the dark do take over the Palace and Kahlan is captured by Tobias and herself is taken to the Palace of the prophets. Richard does come to rescue her with some heavy consequences.
A very exciting story with many sub plots twist and turns. An enjoyable read for those who like the fantasy genre.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Infernal Texts of Nox and Liber Koth

Back in the the late 1980's and early 1990's Stephen Sennitt collected articles from his magazine which was based out in San Francisco. Mr. Sennitt practices something called Chaos magick. It is is relatively new but effective. A working definition will very from practitioner to practitioner.

Nox is the first book and it is a compilation of article many of which are written by different authors. The authors write about a variety of subjects: Satanism, Order of the Werewolf, and Lovecraftian magick. Satanism is described as a rebellion against Christianity. A religion which is thought to have robbed humanity of it's basic nature and turned humans into weak willed being. Satanism strives to restore that. The articles cover some basic principle and rituals one of which is cursing an enemy. The premise of this is to make a wax image of your enemy, break off his/her head and bury them in a mini coffin in the ground. The thing about Satanism that I found most detestable was that they called up Hitler and saluted him. This is a man that has murdered many people of certain ethnic groups. To salute him is an insult to those groups who were effected by his outrage.

Order of the Werewolf shrived for a Satanic revolution back in the 80's. They wanted to establish a new world order. Their way of recruitment was not to solicit people but to air radio broadcasts was death metal music and those who were interested would seek them out. If one wanted their own lodge then it was an individual effort with no help from the central office. After lodge could produce results and accomplishments then they would officially accept you. This order did believe that there were classes of people ie. leaders and followers. They strove to be leaders. They believed in helping the environment, they believed in discipline and personal responsibility. They were dead set against the decadence of American culture, homosexuality and drug use. The music which they played according to the author was meant to stimulate certain parts of the brain which could promote violent behavior.
They were proud of this. The group was tied in with Odinist survivalists and Tom Metzger who was involved with Neo Nazis, something which I find deplorable.

On the Lovecraftian Mythology an author said that there were 9 gates of the Old One through which they could re -enter our world. There are groups out there who are dedicated to opening those gates. One such group tried and the psychological effects were not so good. Most of those gates are located on Earth but there power is diminished. Each society had their day and made contributions but there day is over. Some residual power exists in these gates. A good example of the Gates would be Stonehenge in Britain or Oracle of Delphi in Greece. The next gates are in space and they are sending out signals. there is some debate as to whether these gates are located in space or they are located in our subconscious.

A bit of background is needed on Lovecraftian mythology. According to the myths the Old Ones were fleeing from a group of being we call the Elder Gods. The Old Ones were shape shifters and the Elder Gods came from the Sirius star. The Old Gods touched down briefly on our planet and had an influence on our evolution. This may have been intentional or accidental. The Elder Gods wanted nothing to do with us. Eventually the Old Ones fled our planet and were defeated in battle but they are not dead and the day will come when they wake up again and rise. The Deep ones are thought to be descended from the Old Gods Ones and they live in deep sea or our subconscious. They do maintain some contact with different groups of people as suits there interest. At times they will mate with human.

The author devotes two essays on the subject of Pazuzu. He is a winged wind demon who was made famous by way of the movie "The Exorcist". He is a bringer of plague like malaria that are windborn. He has thee skull of a dog and rotting genitalia. Aleister Crowley came into contact with this demon in Northern Africa. He called this demon Choranzon. Contact with this demon almost drove Mr. Crowley insane. Pazuzu has been likened to Set in the Egyptian mythology.

Liber Koth the next book you'll read sound a lot like a meditation to the places off the Old Ones. Loth is the Tower where you will begin and from the tower you will have a psychic journey to meet the Old Ones. The experiences promise to be harrowing and frightening. You will see desolate landscapes where only the strongest can survive. You might be temporarily destabilized from the experience but in the end you will bee liberated.

Austin Osman Spare is the father of Chaos Magick. According to what this book says the object of Chaos magick is to cleanse your psyche or belief system of those things that are holding you back from achieving what you are most capable of and those things which bar your way from completing the great work of self actualization.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Through the Faerie Glass by Kenny Klein

Magickal people like to work with magickal beings. One example of a magickal being would be a fairy. Modern literature often time s portrays these magickal being as childlike, innocent, helpful and playful. The reality, however, is much different. Faeries can be hazardous to your health.

Where do faeries live? Some say they live in an alternate realm or maybe in a natural setting like forests, hills, oceans, ponds and caves. Faeries are not always small sometimes they can be giants or human size. Some faeries will even take on the form of certain animal life and plant life.

The Land of the Fey could be the underworld or maybe a realm between heaven and hell. Some say that the land of the fey is a parallel world to our own. To get their one must cross a body of water or a river of blood. In the land of the fey times runs rather differently. Some of the legends discussed in the book show mortals living in the land of the fey for a about 7 years and when they return home they find out that hundreds of years have passed and all of their family is dead. A most prominent example of this is the story of Rip Van Winkle.

If a mere mortal should visit the land of the fey they should never they should never eat faerie food or drink faerie beverages. To do so would bar you from returning to your world. In some stories it is even forbidden to talk to other faeries in the land off the fey.

Faerie music is very enticing. It is so enticing that when humans hear it they become enchanted. Once enchanted they often forget their everything about their former life. People who have returned from the land of the Fey often are absent minded from still thinking about Faerie Music.

A trip to to Faerie land can produce one of three effects. The first effect is that it kills you. The second is that it can leave you insane. Third you come back normal but you are unable to tell others of your experience.

Related to the three outcomes is the questions why do faeries seek to interact with humans? If humans die in Faerie land there is often a legend that the Faeries have to sacrifice someone to the devil every seven years. So instead of choosing someone from their family they choose a human. Some faeries like Glastigs, vampire faeries, try to kill humans and eat humans. In the songs "Reynardine and Mr Fox a faerie man tries to seduce a mortal woman so he can eat her later on. The merfolk like to seduce sailors and drown them.

Humans and faeries have been coupling for ages. A woman maybe kidnapped by a faerie king and and become enchanted by the music. Niahm took Thomas to the land of the fey for seven years and mated with him. After seven years he was released. He had faerie sight after this and could only speak the truth. Selkies are water faeries who look like seals. Many stories have them taking human form and marrying a mortal. After a certain amount of time they long for their marine environment and so they return leaving their forlorn mortal lover behind.

Christian legend has it that faeries used to bee angels and that when the war broke out between Satan and the God they remained neutral. As a result hell would not take them and they were also rejected by heaven. So they live in limbo and have to give the devil a sacrifice every seven years. Tam Lin was one such human, but fortunately for him he was able to flee.

Faeries are afraid of Iron it makes them weak. If a person wears Iran it will keep the harmful faeries away. Tying a red string around a door knob also keeps faeries away. To keep the faeries happy you can leave them little gifts like shiny marble, rum laced milk and tin foil balls. Faeries like sweets. Kobulds are helpful house faeries.

There is some magick involving the faerie folk.

If you are missing an object. Hold up something small and shiny and offer it to the faery if they return the missing object. Put it in a jar for them to see. Say "If you return my lost object you have this marble"

Dryads are tree spirits and they can be very helpful.

1. Find an oak tree and walk around it three times clockwise. For each revolution you say "weave the enchantment well"

2. stopping say the phrase "Lovely Spirit of the tree grant the wish I ask of thee" think of what you want. hold a coin in your hand if you want money.

3. Leave the faerie a gift like a lock of hair, wet kiss or cloth. Then back away from the tree and leave the circle in tact. Do not look back. Let the Dryad work their magick. Remember that when your wish is granted leave them a gift such as sweets, marbles, hair or cloth.

Contacting the Vila

For this one you will need a horse shoe, hair from a horse's main or tail and some horse dung.

1. Go into the woods
2. Put objects down and dance in a clockwise circle three times.
3. Stand barefoot on the object three times call out Wila

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Necronomicon by Ed Simon

This is one of those books that is the subject of much discussion. Go to the book reviews of and you will find people that have performed the rituals described in this book and they will claim that they worked. Other people will tell you the book is hoax, a complete work of fiction.

Necronomicon is actually mentioned in several of HP Lovecraft's books with regards to the mythology of Ctulhu. The book is only mentioned and contents are not really spilled out. According to the mythology before man first walked the earth everything was Chaos and the Ancient ones ruled. The Ancient ones were headed by Tiamat, dragon Goddess of Sumeria. Her assistant was Kingu. An epic battle took place in which Enki blessed his son Marduk to go into battle against Tiamat and Kingu. Marduk was successful and he took the blood of Tiamat along with some clay and created the race of man. Who blew into man his breath which gave man life. Tiamat was driven into slumber and the Ancient ones were driven behind the gate ever waiting their return. The Ancient ones hate the race of man. Yet walking on this planet are cults that worship the Ancient ones.

According to the introduction, Abdul Harazed, nicknamed the mad Arab is the person who collected the information and compiled the book. He advises against even reading it, let alone using it. One must be careful when calling on the Elder gods who are now sleeping and in the event of emergency will have to be reminded of their commitment.

The book was published by two other people besides Ed Simon. Supposedly they suffered strange mishaps and one of them was dead yet somehow able to carry on his business. The book is based on Sumerian mythology and from what I have read it is pretty accurate. The introduction is fact filled with information about the American author Lovecraft who went back to living with two aunts. The intro also talks about occultist Aleister Crowley who was not directly exposed to Lovecrafft's work but was interested in Sumerian mythology. Some believe that the two minds connected on some Astral level and their connecting point was Sumeria.

Contained in this book are invocations of the Elder gods. There are also the fifty names of MArduk and formulas for passing through the gates of each of the gods. The demons also have formulas to help summon them. If one wants to do the ritual I advise at least reading it twice because the rituals seem rather complicated. Severaal rituals call for obtaining metals and engraving sigils on them and wrapping them in expensive silk. Like other forms of magick you do have to cast your cirle. You watcher protects you but if the ritual is not done correctly then your watcher can turn on you. This is a great book if you are into Sumerian mythology,ritual magick and/or Lovecraft.

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Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton

If one wishes to practice the craft then it makes sense that one should learn the history of the craft. Wicca was introduced by Gerald Gardener in the mid to late 1950's shortly after Britain repealed their anti-witchcraft laws. Gardener claimed that he became initiated into a coven in North Forrest England. His claims are subject to dispute.

Prior to him introducing Wicca, Gerald Gardner was a member of the Mason and he was a member of Ordo Templis Orientales, Aleister Crowley's organization. Mr. Gardner tried to set up OTO in London but he was not too successful. Many a people familiar with both Crowley's work and Wicca have noticed that Gardner plagiarized Crowley in many an instance and used his words in a construct that Crowley himself would not have used. Doreen Vailente would later on re-write everything.

Despite all this the author Ronald Hutton does make the statement that Wicca, meaning the wiseones, is a viable religion. Hutton is a historian who has written many books on Pagan movement and holidays in Great Britain.

Mr. Hutton goes on to say that "Wicca" is the first all British contribution to religion given to the world. In order to fully get an understanding of Wicca one must get an overall picture of British history and the British mentality. The British fascination with Paganism began with a renewed enthusiasm and admiration for Greco/Roman Culture. These nationalities were thought off as being advanced and were praised for their many contributions to world civilization. The Greeks and the Romans were only thought to be lacking morals and the revelation of Jesus Christ. Later on British literature would foster and cultivate a fascination with nature. The old pagans were thought to have a real closeness with nature.

As history would progress several authors would write paens to Pan and how he would chase wood nymphs in the the forest. The Christian religion was felt to be too rigid at this time. Godfrey Higgins asserted that in ancient History that there was an ancient civilization that extended through out the known world. They were the ones who discovered writing and religion. Helena Blavatsky, s spiritualist, speculated that Atlantis was this society.

In the Ancient world there was a Goddess for every aspect of civilization but not nature, however. The Goddesses had their own identity. Toward the end of the Pagan Period in a work called "Metamorpheisis" by Apuleius it was said that the moon goddess was said to embody all the other Goddesses. In literature and in Archaeology a view was starting to prevail that humanity worshiped a mother goddess. She is represented by the earth and the moon. She ended up embodying all the Goddesses and this is the current view of Pagan Witchcraft.

Like wise with the Greek Gods like Jupiter, Apollo and Neptune all of them fell out of favor. For while Apollo was the favorite but soon he gave way to the horned God Pan. Pan was a favorite of the literary scene up until the 1930's. He represented nature, sexuality and playfulness. He was the exact opposite of Jesus. In the view of Robert Graves the horned God was the consort of of the Goddess and was both the lover and the offspring of the Goddess. Death served as a transition.

Wicca borrowed their ritual structure from the Masons. The first Masonic Lodge was established in the late 1596 in North Scotland. They had initiations, handshakes and passwords. Many of which Wicca would come to borrow. In Medieval times there were guilds who had secret organizations. They too had a lot in common with the Masons but with more of a focus towards their craft or profession.

Masonic craft was oriented towards spiritual perfection. To join a lodge one had to believe in a supreme being. Their ceremonies had 4 cardinal directions and they were connected with mythology. As more archaeological information became available about the Sumerians, Egyptians and Greek that information slowly got added into the Masonic lore.

The Pentagram was one of the Masonic symbols, the masons also ended their ceremonies with "so mote it be" These element should be recognizable to those who practice Wicca. One Masonic type organization was called " The Horseman's Word" This guild of horse whisperers would mock Christ and Christianity and say parts of the Bible backwards.

In a nutshell to cap things off, word has it that Gerald Gardener after returning from India in the 1930 became acquainted with a group of Rosicrucian actors who introduced him to the craft. Dorothy Clutterbuck was the priestess who supposedly initiated Gardner. Later he tried to bring to London with success along with a woman named Dafo. Later on she would leave and Gardner would recruit Doreen Valiente. Valiente upon looking over Gardners book of shadows noticed a lot of phrases taken from Aleister Crowley. Crowley himself was not really interested in Witch Craft which he considered a woman's religion. None the less Crowley did meet with Gardner 3-4 times. Later on Valiente would part with Gardner and join with Robert Cochran. Valiente later left Cochran and wnet on her own. The book discusses the growth of Wicca, Alex Sanders, the impact of American Wicca on the British.

For those who practice Wicca I advise that you read this book. Not only does it tell the history and development of the craft but also what events and trends lead to it's birth. It is very scholarly and thorough.


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