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Monday, September 6, 2010

Through the Faerie Glass by Kenny Klein

Magickal people like to work with magickal beings. One example of a magickal being would be a fairy. Modern literature often time s portrays these magickal being as childlike, innocent, helpful and playful. The reality, however, is much different. Faeries can be hazardous to your health.

Where do faeries live? Some say they live in an alternate realm or maybe in a natural setting like forests, hills, oceans, ponds and caves. Faeries are not always small sometimes they can be giants or human size. Some faeries will even take on the form of certain animal life and plant life.

The Land of the Fey could be the underworld or maybe a realm between heaven and hell. Some say that the land of the fey is a parallel world to our own. To get their one must cross a body of water or a river of blood. In the land of the fey times runs rather differently. Some of the legends discussed in the book show mortals living in the land of the fey for a about 7 years and when they return home they find out that hundreds of years have passed and all of their family is dead. A most prominent example of this is the story of Rip Van Winkle.

If a mere mortal should visit the land of the fey they should never they should never eat faerie food or drink faerie beverages. To do so would bar you from returning to your world. In some stories it is even forbidden to talk to other faeries in the land off the fey.

Faerie music is very enticing. It is so enticing that when humans hear it they become enchanted. Once enchanted they often forget their everything about their former life. People who have returned from the land of the Fey often are absent minded from still thinking about Faerie Music.

A trip to to Faerie land can produce one of three effects. The first effect is that it kills you. The second is that it can leave you insane. Third you come back normal but you are unable to tell others of your experience.

Related to the three outcomes is the questions why do faeries seek to interact with humans? If humans die in Faerie land there is often a legend that the Faeries have to sacrifice someone to the devil every seven years. So instead of choosing someone from their family they choose a human. Some faeries like Glastigs, vampire faeries, try to kill humans and eat humans. In the songs "Reynardine and Mr Fox a faerie man tries to seduce a mortal woman so he can eat her later on. The merfolk like to seduce sailors and drown them.

Humans and faeries have been coupling for ages. A woman maybe kidnapped by a faerie king and and become enchanted by the music. Niahm took Thomas to the land of the fey for seven years and mated with him. After seven years he was released. He had faerie sight after this and could only speak the truth. Selkies are water faeries who look like seals. Many stories have them taking human form and marrying a mortal. After a certain amount of time they long for their marine environment and so they return leaving their forlorn mortal lover behind.

Christian legend has it that faeries used to bee angels and that when the war broke out between Satan and the God they remained neutral. As a result hell would not take them and they were also rejected by heaven. So they live in limbo and have to give the devil a sacrifice every seven years. Tam Lin was one such human, but fortunately for him he was able to flee.

Faeries are afraid of Iron it makes them weak. If a person wears Iran it will keep the harmful faeries away. Tying a red string around a door knob also keeps faeries away. To keep the faeries happy you can leave them little gifts like shiny marble, rum laced milk and tin foil balls. Faeries like sweets. Kobulds are helpful house faeries.

There is some magick involving the faerie folk.

If you are missing an object. Hold up something small and shiny and offer it to the faery if they return the missing object. Put it in a jar for them to see. Say "If you return my lost object you have this marble"

Dryads are tree spirits and they can be very helpful.

1. Find an oak tree and walk around it three times clockwise. For each revolution you say "weave the enchantment well"

2. stopping say the phrase "Lovely Spirit of the tree grant the wish I ask of thee" think of what you want. hold a coin in your hand if you want money.

3. Leave the faerie a gift like a lock of hair, wet kiss or cloth. Then back away from the tree and leave the circle in tact. Do not look back. Let the Dryad work their magick. Remember that when your wish is granted leave them a gift such as sweets, marbles, hair or cloth.

Contacting the Vila

For this one you will need a horse shoe, hair from a horse's main or tail and some horse dung.

1. Go into the woods
2. Put objects down and dance in a clockwise circle three times.
3. Stand barefoot on the object three times call out Wila

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