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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Infernal Texts of Nox and Liber Koth

Back in the the late 1980's and early 1990's Stephen Sennitt collected articles from his magazine which was based out in San Francisco. Mr. Sennitt practices something called Chaos magick. It is is relatively new but effective. A working definition will very from practitioner to practitioner.

Nox is the first book and it is a compilation of article many of which are written by different authors. The authors write about a variety of subjects: Satanism, Order of the Werewolf, and Lovecraftian magick. Satanism is described as a rebellion against Christianity. A religion which is thought to have robbed humanity of it's basic nature and turned humans into weak willed being. Satanism strives to restore that. The articles cover some basic principle and rituals one of which is cursing an enemy. The premise of this is to make a wax image of your enemy, break off his/her head and bury them in a mini coffin in the ground. The thing about Satanism that I found most detestable was that they called up Hitler and saluted him. This is a man that has murdered many people of certain ethnic groups. To salute him is an insult to those groups who were effected by his outrage.

Order of the Werewolf shrived for a Satanic revolution back in the 80's. They wanted to establish a new world order. Their way of recruitment was not to solicit people but to air radio broadcasts was death metal music and those who were interested would seek them out. If one wanted their own lodge then it was an individual effort with no help from the central office. After lodge could produce results and accomplishments then they would officially accept you. This order did believe that there were classes of people ie. leaders and followers. They strove to be leaders. They believed in helping the environment, they believed in discipline and personal responsibility. They were dead set against the decadence of American culture, homosexuality and drug use. The music which they played according to the author was meant to stimulate certain parts of the brain which could promote violent behavior.
They were proud of this. The group was tied in with Odinist survivalists and Tom Metzger who was involved with Neo Nazis, something which I find deplorable.

On the Lovecraftian Mythology an author said that there were 9 gates of the Old One through which they could re -enter our world. There are groups out there who are dedicated to opening those gates. One such group tried and the psychological effects were not so good. Most of those gates are located on Earth but there power is diminished. Each society had their day and made contributions but there day is over. Some residual power exists in these gates. A good example of the Gates would be Stonehenge in Britain or Oracle of Delphi in Greece. The next gates are in space and they are sending out signals. there is some debate as to whether these gates are located in space or they are located in our subconscious.

A bit of background is needed on Lovecraftian mythology. According to the myths the Old Ones were fleeing from a group of being we call the Elder Gods. The Old Ones were shape shifters and the Elder Gods came from the Sirius star. The Old Gods touched down briefly on our planet and had an influence on our evolution. This may have been intentional or accidental. The Elder Gods wanted nothing to do with us. Eventually the Old Ones fled our planet and were defeated in battle but they are not dead and the day will come when they wake up again and rise. The Deep ones are thought to be descended from the Old Gods Ones and they live in deep sea or our subconscious. They do maintain some contact with different groups of people as suits there interest. At times they will mate with human.

The author devotes two essays on the subject of Pazuzu. He is a winged wind demon who was made famous by way of the movie "The Exorcist". He is a bringer of plague like malaria that are windborn. He has thee skull of a dog and rotting genitalia. Aleister Crowley came into contact with this demon in Northern Africa. He called this demon Choranzon. Contact with this demon almost drove Mr. Crowley insane. Pazuzu has been likened to Set in the Egyptian mythology.

Liber Koth the next book you'll read sound a lot like a meditation to the places off the Old Ones. Loth is the Tower where you will begin and from the tower you will have a psychic journey to meet the Old Ones. The experiences promise to be harrowing and frightening. You will see desolate landscapes where only the strongest can survive. You might be temporarily destabilized from the experience but in the end you will bee liberated.

Austin Osman Spare is the father of Chaos Magick. According to what this book says the object of Chaos magick is to cleanse your psyche or belief system of those things that are holding you back from achieving what you are most capable of and those things which bar your way from completing the great work of self actualization.

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