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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Prophetic Vision of Merlin by R.J Stewart

Embedded with the History of Kings written by Geoffrey Monmouth is a work of prophecy called the prophecy of Merlin. No one can ascertain whether it came directly from Merlin or was a legend that build up over the years. Author R.J Stewart analyzes the prophecy and looks at it as not only a prophecy but also as a guided meditation then can help the learner attain spiritual enlightenment.

Since the 1980's there has been an explosion of interest in King Arthurian themes. Every thing from literature, films etc. But people have never considered looking into the wisdom of Merlin as a source of enlightenment.

Merlin's plan was at first for the individual to attain enlightenment for him or herself then have the enlightenment spread over to the national whole. The final part was the dissolution of Arthur's kingdom. This happens when Merlin is asleep. In reality though it is we who are asleep.

The prophecy of Merlin begins with the Evil King Vortigern who rules over Britain with the help of Anglo Saxon mercenaries. His sorcerers advise him to build a tower on a hill so as to avoid being assassinated. As Vortigern build his tower it alway sinks into the ground. To remedy this Vortigern has to find a boy who has no father and kill him. Once the boy is killed his blood will be sprinkled on the stone. Merlin is found in a town arguing with another boy. When Merlin is brought to Vortigern, Merlin tells him that underneath the foundation there is a pond with two stone. Underneath this pond are two dragons. One is read and one is silver. Red equals the Briton while the silver one is the Anglo Saxon. Once released the two dragons begin fighting. Merlin does predict that eventually the silver dragon will win.

Later on Merlin predicts Vortigerns down fall as Ambrosius and Uther come from Rome to defeat him and drive the Anglo Saxons away. Uther later becomes king and Merlin engineers the birth of Arthur and the rise of Camelot. THe prophecy continues well into the future noting political event that will transpire. In the end the animals rise up and start hunting human and the universal order is turned upside down.
Merlin predicts the end of Druidism and the eventual conquest by the Anglo Saxons.

When the cosmic order goes awry the Goddess Ariadne is locked behind the gates to the other world and hides herself beyond the veil. The guardian stops those not worthy of getting through for beyond the gates is enlightenment and or death. Enlightenment is the death of the false self. Beyond Aridne is the original four elements that formed the universe.

Merlin is one of three types of journiers to the fairy world. He is the type that journeys to the underground and does not come back. Thomas Rhymer stays in faery land for seven years and comes back as a bard. He traveled to another dimension. Another person a reverend came to fairy land and returned being of service to mankind.

I look forward to reading more of RJ Stewart's books. I found the book difficult to follow at time. It seems he has a habit of jumping around or going off on related tangents. RJ Stewart is very knowledgeable and I would like it if he wrote more about different technique in addition to just theory.

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