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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Temple of the Wind by Terry Goodkind

Richard Rahl has announced that he will stand against Jagang from the Imperial Order. You are either part of Dahara or you are with the Imperial Order. One day to people arrive in town one guy is named Marlin a wizard and another is Sister Amelia. Marlin anounces that he plans to kill Lord Rahl, Cara and Kahlan decide to deal with it. In the mean time the soldiers of Dahara come down with intense Diarreah. Richad goes to the hills to get medicen for the troops in order to stave off the diarreha. While Kara and Kahlan are interviewing Marlin they find out tht is possed by Jagang. After A conrontation that Kills Marlin and injures Cara and Kahaln Marlin gets killed. Cara is seriously injured. Luckily Drefan Rahl shows up and heals her. Nadine an old friend of Richards from the Westlands shows up convicned by Shota the witch that she wil marry Richard is also on hand to help things along.

Jagang has sister Amelia set off a plague that kills children first. Kahlan and Richard are now on a quest that takes them travelling to different places, old texts and prophecies. Zedd and Ann end up as slaves for time but later on are freed. In order to stop the plague Richard must find the Temple of the Wind. A place that was exiled to the underworld by Wizards who felt that magic was corrupting the world and giving wizards too much power. In oreer to find the Temple Richard has to wed Nadine and Kahlan must marry Drefan. Richard finds the Temple but Richard was supposed to marry Kahlan. It turns out that Drefan Rahl is not the healer he was supposed to be. The ending has a happy surprise. Enjoy

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