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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mercurial Money Magic

Money Magic: Mastering Prosperity in its True ElementMoney Magic: Mastering Prosperity in its True Element by Frater U.D.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Most of us when we did a magical working for money often worked with Jupiter or with Venus principals. After all money is associated normally with the element of Earth. Jobs, material goods, cattle and plenty of food. Hey that is all earthy. Money is of a different nature. Material goods tend to be more permanent money is very transitory. It moves around a lot and never really stays in one place. Money likes to be spent not saved up in one place to collect moths. So author Frater UD takes on a new approach of invoking the deity Mercury. Mercury is a communication god, he is the messenger of the gods. He is always moving around. Mercury is also the patron of thieves and merchants. Money is now seen as an air element. A different approach. One that works according to Frater UD who has tried and tested it for the last 15 years and found success.

Money as an air element is not so revolutionary. A French set of Tarot cards had pentagrams as an air element. Now when it comes to money magic there just ain't a whole lot out there. Most of it is trying to chat with your guardian angel and reach some subjective experimental level. Money magic is success magic it deals with either making it or not making it. Magic like the Judeo Christian community has an attitude that money is evil or those that have it are. This attitude has got to change. Money is energy.

Frater Ud's first recommendation is an invocation of Mercury. An invocation is when you call the deity into yourself and allow for a possession. The author advises proper preparation. Bathing and being clean. Having your you personal invocation prewritten . You start off with the lesser banishing pentagram ritual. then the invocation. Good idea to have on hand eight orange candles, tin and copal for incense. Once the deity is within you then you can charge a talisman.

The next magical ACTION is a sigil making. To make a sigil you write out your phrase of intent and then cross out every repeating letter.Take the remaining letters. Raise the energy direct it and then you destroy the sigil an forget about. The author also tells you how to charge 4 good luck charms using all your senses and then getting them out their to push forward the flow of energy. There are some exercises to break certain inhibition regarding money.One exercise involves standing in a crowded place and handing out money and another involves asking for money. I do not know about the asking for money part it seems rather risque.

There are planetary pathworkings involving Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. Finally the author finishes off a discussion about Casino where he aptly compares them to temple to Fortuna. He believe in keeping the money moving as money likes to move not stagnate. Be teh kind of person that money likes to be around.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Book of the Stregheria

The Book of the Holy StregaThe Book of the Holy Strega by Raven Grimassi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unknown to many outside of Italy and the Pagan world there was a female holy person in the 14th century named Aradia. In reading her biography one will find her to be like a female counter part to Jesus, or even a Mother Theresa. In the 14th century she wandered the Italian Countryside helping the poor, and healing the sick. Aradia was often persecuted herself by the Catholic clergy. She and her followers were hounded and torn. The Savior herself was imprisoned many times before she fled the country to Serbia or Albania. This is the story of the real Aradia.

There is also a mythological Aradia who was born from the union of the Goddess Diana and her brother Lucifero. Diana, the Italian Lunar Goddess, brought Aradia down to earth to help save the poor. They were enslaved by the rich land owners and often very cruelly treated. Aradia was sent to earth to teach them the ways of herbs, magic and how to poison their oppressor. Italian witch lore is markedly different from Graeco_Roman Mytholgy.

The Author, Raven Grimassi, wrote this book some thirty years. This book is a total overhaul of the original. Raven is a priest in several Wiccan traditions as well as having a family tradition of witchcraft that goes back some five or six generations. His critics have accused him of making the story of Aradia up. He has also been accused of making an Italian form of Wicca. He spent the chapter of his book refuting this and explaining his position. I say no need his book convinced me of he is sincerity and scholarship. In the late 1800's it was American folklorist Charles Leland Godfrey who brought Aradia to world attention. He too was accused of making it up or his information source was accused of making it up to bilk him for money. Of course a careful review of the story will tell you that his informants were speaking the truth as they knew it.

Raven Grimassi launches into a detailed history of witchcraft in general and how the church has maligned it's practice by aligning it with Satan worship. The Devil is a Christian concept and there have been witches around since ancient time that preceded the birth and rise of Christianity. It was through the efforts of the Church inquisitors that things got twisted up. Witches of old used to call upon the the powers of the night, the stars and various goddesses. The one most frequently called upon was "Diana" other Goddesses who were called upon were Hekate and Prosperina. It should be noted that the Italian inquisition was not out to kill witches rather it wanted them to repent. Only if they were part of an organized group would they be burned at the stake.

The name Aradia is thought to be a transmutation of the name Herodias , who was the woman who wanted John the Baptist beheaded. How an Italian Goddess could send a savior with such a name is mysterious. Certain authors believe that ARadia is a corruption of the name Her Diana. The rights of Diana included skyclad gathering under a full moon with dancing eating and drinking. Everyone was equal. The Walnut tree was central and there are woodcuts showing the witches plucking the walnuts. Walnuts are a fruit of Jupiter. It is also said that Walnut trees will not allow anything else to grow near them. People threw stones at Walnut trees an beat them with sticks. this could be used to help fertility There are legends surrounding this concept.

Diana is called Queen of the Fairies and Queen of the Witches. It is thought that when people die they become fairies. Fairies often times take up habitation in trees and sometime souls are born into the world from trees. Diana was believed to have triple forms. Her first form is Diana of course but her second form is that of Hekate and thirdly either Prosperina or Luna. With the introduction of Artemis from Greece it has been thought that Diana was the Roman form of that Lunar Goddess. While both are Lunar Goddess there are several key differences. The most notable is that Artemis was never considered a Goddess of Witchcraft. Diana was! Artemis was a virgin goddess who never took a lover. Diana consorted with other males. Diana took on attributes of Artemis when her statue was brought from Greece to Lake Nemi in Italy. There seems to have been separate worship of Diana in Italy and Greece.

Raven Grimassi thank you for making this book available on Kindle. Information like this needs to be made more accessible. THe book is well researched and there is a sizeable bibliography for further research if you want to probe even further. The footnotes offered rich explanation of concepts and there are books mentioned there for even further research

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Revelation of the Magi

Revelation of the Magi: The Lost Tale of the Wise Men's Journey to BethlehemRevelation of the Magi: The Lost Tale of the Wise Men's Journey to Bethlehem by Brent Landau

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When it comes to the stoy of the three magi who travelled to Bethlehem to witness the birth of Jesus not too much is mentioned in the Bible. THis text part of a larger group of working copied by a Syriac monk in Southern Anatolia m,ade it's way to Egypt and then finally there was a copy in the Vatican. Not too much was said about thjis manuscript that was first authored in what is believed to be fthe second century.

The Magic are descended from Seth, Adams third son. They come from the land of Shir which is at the farthest point in the east. There are three of them and they meditate on GOD in silence without saying any word. They were given a book by Seth in which Adam taught that because of his sin he was driven away from Eden and the bright star that shone above the tree of life stopped shining. Adam seem to place a lot of teh blame on Eve for his mistake of eating from the forbidden tree. In any case Seth was taught that when the star returned back to the sky the savior would have arrived. As they meditate in the cave of treasure located on the mount of victory they see the star. It shines brighter than the sun and the moon. It smooths their way to Bethlehem gettig rid of all teh obstacle, but the star is visible only to them. Upon making their way to Behtlehem they address the annointed one and give him gifts of Frankinsence, myrhh and gold. Jesus addresses them and they speak to Joseph. Mary accused them of absconding with the baby but theey reply that Jesus is everywhere. They travel back to their land and amidst celebration. People eat their food and behold Jesus. During this first part of the story Jesus's name is never menmtioned. He is referred to ass the star. Every religion and revelation is depicted or believed as to having come from Jesus himself , the only difference being in degrees of clarity.

The last part seems to have been tacked on and there is a difference in text. THomas mentions Jeus like 20 times and he gives them all a formal conversion and tells them to missionize. The original meaning of the text was that Jesus would missionize in spiritual form.

The book made for light reading and I finished it in one morning. It gives the reader a different dimension of Christianity one that is too often over looked and that is the Middle Eastern persective. Enjoy a quick read.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Visions of the Caileach

Visions of the Cailleach: The Myths, Stories and History of the British / Celtic Earth Shaping Crone Goddess of WinterVisions of the Cailleach: The Myths, Stories and History of the British / Celtic Earth Shaping Crone Goddess of Winter by Sorita D'este

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Throughout the British Isles there is a figure or motif that is commonly know as the Cailleach. She is depicted as an old hag , she is referred to many times as the old crone. Her depiction reflects her great age. She is reputed to be well over 2,000 years old. Cailleach is thought to be the old earth mother who gave birth to all life.

Just what are the origins of the Cailleach and where did her worship originate? Author's Sorita d'este and David Rankine explore the roots of this ancient goddess, her many role and what exactly she represented. Her origins are believed to be derived from Iberian Celts who made their way from Spain to Ireland. Various linguistic etymologies speak of a people called the kalliechi or some similiar word in Greek. This linguistic etymology could be referring to a group of people or a cult of priestesses dedicated to the Calliech. These would actually be deer priestesses who decked themselves out in deer skins and deer horns. The deer are sacred to the Caileach. The origins of the Cailleach may extend even further back than Spain. She may have originated from the Maltese Goddess, Sansura. Sansura was the Earth mother who bore all creation yet like the Cailleach she has darker aspects and is connected to winter and the forces that take away life. No one can make this connection for certain.

The exact identity of the Cailleach is open to interpretation as well. Is she just one giant hag or was there a race of hags. Is the term maybe a reference to a group of people or a deer cult comprised of priestesses said to roam about the British Isles. That intetpretation is ultimately left up to you. The authors of this work examine the many stories involving the Cailleach and give an examination of the over all picture. These Caileach or Crones go by a variety of different names which may indicate that there could be more than one Cailleach.

As discussed previously the Cailleach was the earth mother. In the examination of stories and myths surrounding her other associations arise as well. The first association has to do with rocks and the Earth. She is responsible for moving rock and earth which results in creation of islands and other landforms. In several of the stories she carries the rocks in her apron and then drops them because the apron strings are cut or break. In one story a land formation is made from a rock war between two Cailleachs.

The Cailleach in most of the Celtic legends does not appear with other gods to often. She is rather seperate.There is one god that she is depicted with and that is Manan the Celtic sea god. She is martied to him. The Cailleach is a goddess who can predict the weather and control how bodies of water behave. In some of the stories she turns maidens into lakes and streams. She causes storms to trouble those that have angered her. The Cailleach is known to warn sailors of impending danger.

As mentioned earlier there is talk of a deer cult that roamed around Scotland. Several animals were held sacred to the Caileach. The deer being the most prominent. Many legends have here protecting herd of deer from hunter and woe to the one who killec the wrong one. Goats and boars also fall under her protection. Different legends say that Cailleach would wander the countryside with her herds of goats and open up different wells to help water the landscape.

Christian legends also darken her. In several tales she is depictec as evil. In many of these tales she traps human beings and eats them. Only after terrible battle is she finally slain. Her connection with winter gives her many associate her with Frau Hulda, the Nordic winter goddess. Cailleacb can aldo make predictions when she feels up to it.

This little book is fact filled and informative. Easy quick read. I am sure you will enjoy it ss much as I did. This book gets 5 stars out of five.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Complete works of H.P. Lovecraft

The Complete Works of H.P. LovecraftThe Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft by H.P. Lovecraft

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HP Lovecraft is just awesome. He takes you literally to another world and sometimes he will bring you back and at other times he will leave you. Lovecraft's writing go beyond horror. He seem to have intimate knowledge of the occult and witchcraft and he applies that well to his own mythos. After reading this collection I personally believe that Mr. Lovecraft was a prophet of sorts and that he in fact really has traversed to these other worlds. I would also like to thank Cthullhu Chick for putting together this awesome collection. I really got a feel for it and it opened up many avenues. Bravo!

Most of H.P. Lovecraft's writing centers around the Cthullu mythos and the Deep Ones. All around the world there are various cults that are dedicated to Cthullhu and the other deep ones. They want to resurrect him so he can take his diabolical control. Cthullhu and Nyalatharotep are from somewhere out in deep space even beyond our dimension. Their leader is the blind idiot god , Azazoth, who is at the center of Chaos. Nyalatharotep is known as the dark pharoah and he is the one who leads most of the witch craft cults. Most of Mr. Lovecraft's stories take place in Arkham a fictional city with a fictional university called Miskatonic. Left behind from the deep ones are such dreaded grimoires as the "Necronomicom" and the "Book of Eibon"

Mr. Lovecraft details his mythical version of history rather well in the story "Mountains of Madness" I will not give you a summary of the story but I will share something rather important. The story contains a time line of different period of aliens colonizing the Earth. The Old Ones came first many millions of years ago. They built cities that could best be described as cyclopean. They had starfish like heads and tentacles for arms. They lives both on land and under the sea. They created life of which humanity is just an offshoot or accident. They created the Shuggoth who are hard to describe but can take on many different shapes. They were made as slave. Later on the Shuggot would rebel but their rebellion would be short lived. Next came the deep ones with Cthullhu at the lead. They drove the old ones into the sea while they took over the land. Eventually flooding would entrap them in their cities and they would be trapped. The Old One would reassert control. Much later the Migo, crablike beings would fly in from the planet Pluto. They have the ability to take human brain, preserve them and keep them conscious and take them to that Planet Pluto. Remanant of each of these aliens still exist and they have hidden follower. In another LoveCraft story the author predicts our end and a species of Beetle will run the planet.

Enjoy the book everyone it is well worth the investment. This book has now prompted me to explore the Cthullhu mythos much further.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cornish Witchcraft

Traditional Witchcraft: A Cornish Book of WaysTraditional Witchcraft: A Cornish Book of Ways by Gemma Gary

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Traditional Witchcraft and Cornish Witch craft are becoming increasingly popular these days. Thank goodness we have writers like Gemma Gary writing books to help guide the interested seeker in learning about these traditions. Cunning craft really is an evolving craft. Witchcraft is one that constantly changes and is able to meet the needs of the modern day. Each cunning person or crafter will practice there craft differently. When examining the craft you will notice regional variations as well. In a nutshell no two practioners practice the craft in the same way. Cunning craft can be learned by the ore traditional avenue of an apprentice teacher , which is most likely the best way . But for the sincere student there are other avenues like books and even the spirits of the land teaching the student.

Cornsih witchcraft differs sharply from Wicca in many ways. For one there is more emphasis on the Bucca or the horned god who has in reality two or three aspects pending on how you look at it. The Bucca Gwiddyn who is called the light Bucca or life bringer is responsible for regeneration and birth. He is active during the spring months, summer months and part of fall up until what we know as Samhain. From Samhain through the winter months the black Bucca or Bucca Dhu is in charge. He is responsible for death, sleep, hibernation and taking away things that are old. He is often compared to or has correspondences with the Devil and Odin and his wild hunt who escort the souls of the dead to the underworld. In the commplete phase there is the complete Bucca who is androgynous with characteristics of both male and female. He encompasses all.

Faeries are considered shades of the dead. There has been a lot of questions about faeries. They can be helpful like the brownie but if disrespected they will leave or play tricks on you. Spriggans guard treasures while knocker protect miners working in the mines.

Cornish magic is about results which is different from modern neo pagan spirituality which focuses on spiritual growth and religious concerns. The Cunning person often dealt with charms for curing or preventing sickness, gaining wealth or crop blessing, cursing and protecting from curses. People would come to the cunning person's cottage in the spring to have charms renewed. Often times the chyarms were sigils, sewn bags and herbs.

Being in nature is a big and important part of the craft. Walking though nature and gathering up energy from teh Red Serpent is a big part of the craft. THe best places to gether this energy or sprawl from places like streams, caves, wells and other power places up to and including graveyards.

Teh book is an excellent intro into teh cunning craft. It lists the tools and the furry nights o0r celebrations. While they correspond with Wiccan holidays they have a rather different name. The author gives directrions on dedications to teh Bucca and how to make differnt recipes and listsd the tools. Great book to get started with.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Money Magic

Money MagicMoney Magic by Deborah Price

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The author Deborah Price is a money coach, yet her approach to finances is similiar to that of therapist. She has great insight into the minds of people and how they think. How people think affects their relationship to money. Most of us harbor negative feelings towards money. Many harbor the attitude that money is dirty or that it is the root of all of today's problems. If someone is wealthy they run the risk of being labeled as greedy or dishonest. We all carry around within us some anxiety when it comes to money. Living in constant anxiety of not having enough we try to control or money and get as much of it as we can. Those who are wealthy do not find themselves immune to worries. Many try to protect their money from those who would take it and there is pressure to invest it wisely. Whether we like it or not money is a living force and it is time we woke up to that fact.

How much money we have, material goods we aquire and our job define who we are and our self worth. People wear themselves out trying to obtain material goods they do not and want only because society tells them they want it. It is high to confront this attitude and change it. Our self worth should be measured in terms of gifts and abilities. Many folks assess their worth in terms of assets and saving. The author has a new way that involves internal gifts, accomplishments and actual hour spent achieving goals. Money is not the bottom line.

Our relationship to money is largely determined by our personal history with money and our collective history with money. Our personal history relates more to our upbringing and our parents relationship with money. Whether one likes to realize it or not we inherit our attitudes about money from our parents. There is also a collective history humanity has with money. Around the time of the Greeks a nation.called the Lydians started using something called money which took the place of bartering. The Greeks used it and it extended their influence. The Romans also made use of money. Money became a living force with which wars were fought over. It was these wars that formulated our negative attitude towards money. We have made money a God and we have surrendered all our power to the almighty dollar.

The book gives over 8 archetypes in dealing with money. The ultimate is the money magician. The first archetype is the innocent. The innocent has no knowledge of money and their way of dealing with things is to let other people make theif decisions for them. 2) The victim feels they have been screwed over by the world or someone and they tend to be rather resentful. 3) The martyr feels that they have given of themselves greatly and they want be compensated. 4) The warrior type sets out to conquer money. They tend to be real competitive and view competitors as foes. They also like to handle all the finances. 5) The fool type tends to be rather restless and undisciplined. The fool is very adventurous and confident. The fool lives for the day. 6) The creator artist type tends to be rather detached and not really into material items. They can be loners and enjoy spirituality. 7) The tyrant is very controlling, rigid and manipulative. They use money to control other people. 8) Last there is the magician who is energetic, balanced and darn good with money.

How does one become a magician? The answer is spiritual. One must pray to God and have faith. The magician does their best to follow their destiny. As they say let go and let God.

Over all great book. The author prompts the reader to examine his or her issues and how they pertain to money. The stories in the book serve to illustrate the lessons that the author is trying to teach. The exercises at the end of the chapter help the reader with personal growth. My favorite was the 60 day prosperity plan.
Here is the plan

1) make a gratitude list
2) create a wish list
3) Create a sacred altar that pertains to what you wish to manifest
4) Spend a few minutes before your altar meditating praying,reading your lists and lighting a candle to connect with spirit.

5) Keep track of your negative thoughts. Right them down and then say (This belief does not suit my purposes I will not house this thought in my head any longer.

6) Avoid people with negative money attitudes and behaviors.

7) Keep a 100 dollar bill in your wallets to reinforce prosperous thinking.
8) practice generousity.
9) choose a sacred witness to observe your actions and discuss your progress with.

10) surrender your fears in writing to God.

11) Look in the mirror and remind yourself there is more than what is seen on the surface.

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