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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Complete Magick Curriculum of the Secret Order GBG

The Great Brotherhood of God closed the doors to their order in 1936. They ceased all normal functioning in 1938 just like the founder of the magickal order had commanded. Louis T. Culling was a member of that order and he was commissioned to write this present volume by the Founder Mr. Russell. Louis T. Culling wrote it and published it so people could independently use the program to initiate or begin to start their magical practice. This book is a do it yourself kit and a short cut, straight away to the goal. Their is no external teacher you are your own teacher. But do not be fooled this is no easy road. This curriculum is hard work.

The current edition is a re-release with commentery by Carl Weshke owner of Llewellyn publishing. His offers several good explanations for concepts that need to be clarified and I found his input most helpful in several cases. There were point in the book were I felt the text was repeated word for word in several places. Such redundancy could become very annoying.

Mr. Russel who was a student of Aleister Crowley is the person who wrote the curriculum and started the order. Aleister Crowley believed at the time of writing that humanity was entering in the Aeon of Horus. What is special about this age is that people would not be reliant upon parochial religious authority. Secret orders would no longer be needed and people ,who are stars move independently of their own light and volition." Crowley believed that people were Gods in the making. The goal of this program was to have "knowledge and conversation with Your Holy Guardian Angel"

The program written in the book is not just a series of technique but a curriculum that is meant to be followed as written. It is easy to understand but do not be fooled you have to do the work. For the first two weeks you will keep a dream journal writing down every dream as you remember it. This facilitates conversation between the conscious and subconscious mind. As about two weeks of keeping a dream journal you will keep a magical journal that describes what you want to be. Every day you write down what you want to be. After a given period of time stated in thee book the student will do two things. One is to take a vow to be truthful to ones self and to see event in your life as communication between your Holy Guardian angel and yourself. Be careful though and do not think that everything that happens in your life happens to come from your Holy Guardian Angel. That was easy enough no?

Now comes the hard part, the Three day Retreat. The student secludes him or herself and does a ritual several times during the day and keep a journal of his or her experiences. A shortened version of this retreat happen once a year. The curriculum continues with meditations on Crowley's book of law and find it;s meaning for you. The book deals with raising energy using magical techniques between a magical couple in order to create a magical child . More advanced parts of the curriculum will involve communication with various deities along with a warning that the Deities are not coming from outside of you but rather are rising up from with in. Mr. Weshke include a glossary of terms that is very beneficial in understanding the text if you get confused. In the back there is a a bibliography that allows the student to go further in depth on an y concept that may interest them. This get 4.5 broomsticks out of 5.

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