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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Realm of the Dragon Royalty

Realm of the Ring Lords: The Myth and Magic of the Grail QuestRealm of the Ring Lords: The Myth and Magic of the Grail Quest by Laurence Gardner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read into this book hoping to delve further into the mytho's of JRR Tolkien's Legenderium. The book sort of did that and yet it also opened up several other doorways for further exploration. The book also covered some ground with the grail mythos. If you are looking for something entirely new on Tolkien you will find yourself surprised with some new revelations. The Grail mysteries go further back as well, they go back all the way to the Middle East.

The book covers a lot of territory. First let us address the Ringlords. All the way back in Sumeria carrying a ring or a torque was a sign of sovereignty. Some symbols of sovereignty included the snake and the dragon, both of which were called serpents. The snake represented wisdom in ancient times and the circle represented wholeness. The Sumerian Gods had a council of 9 deities with Anu being the most senior. Each of them had a ring, totally nine rings with one to rule them all. Anu held the master ring.One ring to rule them all. Sound familiar? Let us look at Odin who ruled from Asgard. He controlled 9 realms and he also had a magic ring. There was also a sword stuck in tree for a hero to pull out, the Norse had a strong influence on the King Arthur story. Actually Odin got his ring from Andvari, a dwarf, in time he lost it and a fish swallowed it. Later on it was found by Sigurd the son of an ousted sovereign. He battle a dragon called fafnir to redeem treasure. One of the things he takes is a ring, a magic ring. He ends up giving it to a Valkyrie that he awakens.But the ring is cursed and in time he forget his vow to the Valkyrie and marries a princess. Later through treachery Sigurd is slain and the Valkyrie joins him on the funeral pyre. The princess gets the ring but end up drowning herself with it in her possession. The ring returns to it's source. For Tolkien fan's this will definitely ring a bell.

Magic swords seems to carry the day as King Arthur has Exacalibur. There was a magic sword in Lord of the Rings but it must be put back together. Now the grail also figures well in the Aurthur mythos. We have heard it before in Dan Brown's book. It refers to the womb of Mary Magdalene, Jesus's wife. She gave birth to her child in France. This book continues with that theory and goes back even further. Apparently sovereignty was determined by the mother. The children from their womb was holy. Mary or the Sumerian Mary referred to these ladies and their was a priesthood of ladies who were connected to the water. Hence the legends of nymphs and mermaid or merry maids. Priestess line and princess line. Brothers made sure in Ancient Egypt to marry their sisters or half sisters to keep the bloodline going. Who were these women descended from why of course Tiamat the dragon queen ruler of the depth. Goddesses like Kalimath and Lilith came after her. These people were part of a royal family that had thrones in France,Ireland, Sumeria, Egypt and ancient Israel. They were called the Dragon Kings and according to this book they were anointed with the fat of Komodo dragons.

This family of enlightened monarchy would eventually fall. The Roman Empire never liked them much as they stood in the way of their world domination. The Catholic Church their successor retained this hatred. To get rid of the Dragon Kings the Catholic Church manipulated things behind the scenes and came up with a brilliant forgery called "The Donation of Constantine" Where in the Church was given powers to anoint leader. It was a fake and was used to knock down sovereignty of the Dragon kings. In this book you will learn about the Stewarts of Scotland,Merovingians of Southern France, the line of David and how the Church manipulated things to get them out of power.

Where did these dragon kings come from? Sumerian sources say from the North or from the Heaven. Could be aliens or a more advanced civilization. Scientist always knew the Sumerians came from somewhere else and moved into what we call today Iraq. It seems readily apparent that they came from somewhere in Central Europe near Transylvania. They wore armor that looked like Dragon scale. From them came the Kassites,Fir Bolgs and the Tuatha D dannan.Sumerians style writing that predates Sumeria by thousands of years was found their. Mummies were found in Central Europe that resembled those of Ancient Egypt. Some were also found in Monglolia and the bodies well preserved looked Central European. The people who came out of Transylvania were called the Yallanu or Woodland Lords. Their influence would stretch across the known world.

The Merovingian hold out in Southern France was were the line continued to live as did the ideology. The people their called the Cathars held the feminine divine to the highest belief. In fact the Catholic Church had the Albigensian crusade their and killed off the Cathars. Albi actually refers to elf. These dragon kings were also called the elf kings or the shining ones. Elfs were not tiny people in fairy tales they were real people. Fairy tales were written to both conceal the truth from the uninitiated and spread the truth to those who knew how to read them. The druid were the priests and they represented the wisdom of the snake.

The book is an amazing read. You will learn the back stories to King Aurthur,Robin Hood, Stewarts Scotland, and the Merovingian of Europe . I found it enjoyable. May details were left out as the review was getting long. I would say that good sections of the book can be verified through independent research. Some of if I take with a grain of salt as the sources used may not be all that scholarly. Now the theory that some advanced human society came out of some part of the world and was responsible for all these royal families may sound far fetched, but do the research there are just too many parallels in different societies that are spread apart for their not to be. Do the research.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Legends of the Fire Spirits

Legends of the Fire Spirits: Jinn and Genies from Arabia to ZanzibarLegends of the Fire Spirits: Jinn and Genies from Arabia to Zanzibar by Robert W. Lebling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are only two books written about the Djinn that are widely available for Western audiences . This book and another called “The Vengeful Djinn” . I am going to recommend that you read this book. Robert Lelbling tackles the subject of the Djiin both in-depth and broadly. This book goes into the history of the Djin that predates Islam. The author covers the demons and spirituality of the civilizations that came before The Muslim Arab civilization. Such cultures would include Mesopotamians , Hebrews, Egyptians, Greek and Romans. The book also surveys a wide array of Islamic countries where the Djin have been know to appear.. Every Muslim country in North Africa, Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Jordan Arabia , Yemen, Nigeria and Zanzibar all have Djinn stories.

The origin of the Djin predates Islam and were thought to have been started uder the Sumerians who believed in their share of night Demons. When the Chaldeans from the Arabian peninsula took over they brought with them an even deeper belief of Demons.
The Mesopotamians believed in lilin or night demons that drained the blood of humans and fornicated with them. This is where Lilith arose from. Another demon discussed was Pazuzu the demon of the south west wind. With him came disease and pestilence. The Djin are made of hot wind or smokeless fire. Their bodies are not dense like ours. Angels are made of light while we humans are made of clay.

Demonology went even further with Greeks and Romans who believed that everyone had a daimon that was for good and a daimon that was for bad. In Islam this translated to a Quarin for males and Quarina for females. Quarinas also cause discord between husband and wife and function much like Lilith did. The Romans also believed in Gennii or Genus that was in charge of watching an area. The Djion to watch areas. Some Djin live underground while others hover in the air. Many live in cave, latrines, graveyard and other desolate places.

There are several types of Djinm. Ghouls are flesh eaters and raid grave yards at night. They are also known to marry men. Shaitans are the offspring of Iblis. Ifrits stay with a person like a guardian angel and feed off blood. THE worst Djin are the Marids, who hate humans with a passion.

As noted before the Djin used to have control over the earth until God created man which everyone ws supposed to worship except that Iblis and the Djin would not have it. The Djin were driven from the planet by the angels and only a few remnants of them were left behind. Later on they formed a resistance on an island. Iblis lead them and changed his name to Azazil.

There are some good Djin that try to help people and who believe in Islam. THera re some that are Jews and Christians . In Andalusia they were knows for protecting Sufi saints and giving knowledge to people like Paracelsus and Pope Sylvester.. The book delineates some herbs like Dragon’s Blood and Asfoetida that help keep the Djinn away.
If you are interested in learning about the Djin and from knowledgeable Middle eastern sources then this is your book. No New Age hooey.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Tolkiens travel into Fae: Five fun tales

Tales from the Perilous Realm [with Roverandom]Tales from the Perilous Realm [with Roverandom] by J.R.R. Tolkien
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tolkien is a classic writer but beyond that he is a writer that takes you to different realms. The realm of faerie that is. Five of his classic tales involve traveling into the faerie realm. Roverandom involves a small dog who annoys a wizard who turn him into a toy. From there he is sold to a family and then getting into contact with a sand wizard named Psmathos, who restores him back to life but he is still small. His journey by both bird and whale take to him to the moon and the under sea kingdom. In the undersea kingdom the wizard who changed him over fails miserably at his job. At the end the dog is changed back to who he was. Lesson always be nice to people.

Farmer Giles of Ham is about a farmer who chases giant off his property by shooting a giant full of buckshot. The giant flees and farmer Giles is rewarded and treated like a hero. All is well until a dragon comes by. Farmer Giles is afraid. but his sword is magic adn teh dragon is old. Eventually they strike a deal that makes Farmer Giles wealthy and powerful.

Adventures of Tom Bombadil involve a wizard who gets on well with nature spirits , even marrying a water maiden. But he soon disappears after a boat trip. There are adventure with ogres that try to eat Tom but fail. Tom gives him a good swift kick and ends up getting a lame foot. One ogre feeds kids and a maided sees the final elf boat heave off to the elven island.

Smith of Wootton major starts off with a master cook taking sudden leave. His assistant Alf is left behind. Nokes is brought i to replace him. Alf and Nokes put a faery star into the Great Cake. The smith gets it and he ventures into faerie fror 12 years . But after that he must give it up and pass it on to someone new.

Leaf by Nigle is about a failed artist who lives in a Russian like state of being. He ehelps neioghbors out of weekness and never gets his artwork finished.. He is transfereed to country wear he must build up teh country side.

THe book finished off with Tolkiens discusson of faerie. Enchantment subcreations and secondary belief. Worth delving into.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

A Brief Look at the Life of JRR Tolkien

British Legends: J.R.R. TolkienBritish Legends: J.R.R. Tolkien by Charles River Editors
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This little edition gives anyone unfamiliar with JRR Tolkien a good over view of his life. This short little Ebook was purchased for free via Let me tell ya it is worth taking the time. It will give you a start if you want to go beyond just reading the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and the Simarrillion.

John Ronald Reul Tolkien had roots in England in fat that is where his family was from. At the time of his birth on January 3, 1892 his family was living in South Africa. His father had to take advantage of a banking opportunity in that country as none were available in England.

Tolkien had deep roots in England. On his mother’s side were the Suffields who were middle class merchants based in Birmingham.. And owned a shop in the city’s center. Tolkien’s father’s family traced their lineage to Lower Saxony which was located in Lower Saxony, part of today’s Germany. They were Anglo Saxons. Jrr Tolkien’s parents were named Arthur and Mabel. Tolkien spent the first three years of his life South Africa where he spen lots of time in the family garden. There were a few fun incidents like being brought to a servants home and being bit by a tarantula. Tolkien had no hostility to spiders.

At the age of three Mabel Tolkien took the family back to England. Arthur was supposed to join them but he died of pneumatic fever. The family never went back to Bloemfontein. Growing up in Birmingham JRR spent lots of time in the country side. Many elements would find their way into his writing, elements that originated in Birmingham. For example Sam Gamgee, Frodo’s best friend originated from a piece of cotton wool called a Gamgee. His aunt’s farm was Bag End which helped formulate the name Baggins. His mother Mabel taught him French and Latin which instilled at an early age a love of languages. She also instilled in him a love of trees and plants by teaching him botany and landscapes.

Tolkien was rather gifted as a child. He was reading by four and was writing soon after that. Later on JRR’s mother would adopt Catholicism a move which isolated her from her family. This altered their lifestyle. The family would move to Birmingham center so as to be closer to King Edward’s School. In 1904 JRR and his sibling found themselves completely orphaned as their mother died from diabetes. Father Francis was their guardian .

At King Edwards School Tolkien joined the Tea Club and Barrovian Society. It was here that they discussed poetry and drank Tea all afternoon. With Chris Wiseman Tolkien was able to engage in religious debate without any problems. While going to school at King Edward he took a hiking trip From Interlakken to Lauterbrunnen. This provided the inspiration for the Misty Mountains which would be featured in the Hobbit. Tolkien had a love for language he invented some 20 languages for his mythos. He first feel in love with languages when reading Norse Mythology at a young age.

Tolkien later went to Oxford and got his doctorate and he went off to war right after ward. Before going he decided to marry Edith, who he met at the orphanage before going off. His experiences impacted him. All along the way he was writing his mythopia which was originally elvish based. The hobbit was meant for his children and whjen it was publish people wanted more Hobbits so he had to retrofit the Hobbits and adopt his mythology. Tolkien lived until 1973 when he died at 81 years of age. He is the father of fantasy.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Middle Eastern Demons...The Djinn

The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of GeniesThe Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I expected a little bit more. The book is good for someone totally brand new to the paranormal and Middle Eastern lore. If you are at the intermediate level you would find this every interesting. I liked and I did learn more as there is not a lot of material available on the Djinn. This book puts it out there, and I learned quite a bit from it. But let us say that I probably could learned as much listening to an Islamic expert on the Djinn in a five minute youtube video. The book does also have a rich bibliography for future reading and research.

The book starts out giving an Islamic history of the Djinnn and their relation to Allah and his angels. Before mankind was about perhaps millions of years before this planet was ruled by the Djinn and Iblis was their ruler. Now the Djinn could live for millions of years they do not have brief life spans like we do. None the less they were organized by clans and they built majectics kingdoms and they had a very grand society. They were also consumed with petty wars and these wars proved to be rather devastating. So Allah decided to make man out of clay. Now Iblis was good with the angels and Allah. Unlike most of the Djinn he chose to follow Allah. When Allah made man out of clay he told everybody to bow to it. Everyone did but Iblis. He was cast out of heaven. Never to return. He became head of all the Djinn once they were banished to another realm. We were given reign over the planet and the Djinn for the most part were banished. Djinn do not like people and that is putting it lightly. They seem to want their planet back.

In the Middle East there are certain caves, lakes and desolate areas that are owned by certain Djinn or that certain Djinn live there. It is not safe for humans to go there. They will be spooked, attacked maybe even possessed. Djinn are very territorial in that respect. Best leave! Djinn vindictive. Since they are made of fire or plasma they can shape shift wuite easily. In the Middle East they can turn into black dogs or snakes. They also take the form of ghosts, deities or angels. They are tricksters. Philip Imbrogno tells of his episode in Oman when he enters a Djinn's cave. In thought that was great. He also mentions that the US army is trying to capture Djin as well. The authors do use stories to illustrate their point. However they tend to leave the cultural context of the discussion and end up talking about hauntings in the American heartland or pull example from native American folk lore. They should have stayed more into the Middle East and pulled their supporting stories from their.

The comparison to faeries and other spirit folk was helpful as it gives the reader a broader frame of reference. We know that these spirit folk can shape shift, play tricks on humans and even mate with human. They have this in common with faerie folk from other traditions. It was good to learn about the Mothman, the Native American shadow people who show up on your wall and scare the lights out of you. But we need Middle Eastern Examples. Of course Middle Eastern folk are fearful of getting the attention of the Djinn. THey will not even mention them.

Once the Djinn were banished King Solomon added further insult to injury by enslaving them and forcing them to help build his empire. he did this by using a ring with God's name on it. He forced the Djinn to build his great temple. After that he locked them up in Brass containers and threw them out to the sea. Djinn that have been imprisoned for so long are quite angry and while yes they will give the releaser three wishes they often work to one's detriment.

Electromagnetic stuff is affecting our world. All this technology is opening portals that enable them to come though . but since their bodies are plasma it can also make them come apart. The book has some good banishing techniques and references to Western Ceremonial Magic when it comes to dealing with spirits. Bismillah stay safe.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Reformed Order of the Golden Dawn

Hippie Commie Beatnik WitchesHippie Commie Beatnik Witches by Aidan A. Kelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I bought this book thinking that it would be a about a revival of the "Golden Dawn", I was wrong it was about the starting of first an informal group of people wanting to learn witchcraft who then evolved into a coven and finally into an order itself. I like the story that Aidan weaved as I learned a lot from it. The only drawback is the seeming disjointedness of the book. Aidan gives his own narrative but then he spliced in interviews, pieces of rituals and then whole rituals. The information itself is all good and well but sometimes not easy to follow. Perhaps what Aidan should do is give us a tight narrative that incorporates the information given from his interviews. Another chapter could be about the rituals that his group did while together and maybe still doing now. People want to know.

Aidan Kelly played a part in making a tradition of witchcraft. He has also written several books about the creation of witchcraft and I am glad he let us know that for the most part Wicca and other forms of witchcraft are "creations" of the 20th century yet they are still valid. I like to know the truth and thanks Aidan for telling it so. I got to give him and his group credit as they did the research, the work, and they helped birth a very viable spiritual tradition. This book also gives us insight into the politics of the magical and pagan world which have as of late seem to have merged.

Aidan has come into contact with many heavy weights in the magical pagan world. To mention a few like Starhawk, Victor Andersen,Isaac Bonewitz, and Kerr Cuhulain, just to modestly mention a few. His group started out as a bunch of college students in the San Francisco area studying anthropology during the hippie days. Perfect breeding ground. They were reading heavily into that book "The White Goddess" and other Goddess,Pagan works. As part of a college project they formulated a ritual that seemed to go over rather well. From then on they decided to do it more often. they eventually coalesced into a group and finally into a coven with their own tradition. They had the usual discussion on how often they should meet requirement etc. The most interesting was whether to wear clothes of go sky clad. I myself feel better with clothing. They went skyclad. The coven would eventually come up with their own curriculum and advancement programs. White sashes and red sashes. White beginners and red more advanced.

As enough covens came about they eventually made it into an order the New Reformed Order of the Golden Dawn. Coven would open up and others would close. Eventually they would merge with other groups of Witches to form Covenant of the goddess. They would get together for rituals and for political action. During the group's time they did learn from Victor Andersen of the Feri Tradition. Starhawk also learned from them.

For Aidan he would eventually leave the craft due to alcoholism as there was so much drinking at the rituals and him being an alcoholic. he realized that it was killing him. After a lengthy absence he came back. He also did some traveling back east and worked rituals with Isaac Bonewitz.

Over all great book. Inspired me to what to learn more about Greek Magic and get to the sources as that is where it is at. I definitely will read more of his books as they come out. I wish some of his older works on Llewellyn would be published as well.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Magical Journeys of the Inklings

The Magical World of the InklingsThe Magical World of the Inklings by Gareth Knight
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Back in the earlier day of the 20th century there was a group of scholars sometimes called the "Oxford Christians" or "The Inklings" It was a revolving doorway for many scholars and writer but at the core were four main people. JRR Tolkien, CS, Lewis, Charles Williams and Owen Barfield. The first two I am sure you are well familiar with the last two are not as well known. Actually it was Owen Barfield and Charles Williams who got the whole thing rolling. Tolkien and Lewis rolled in later.

The book gives background on each of these four Inklings and goes into their magical background and attitudes. The main vehicle for exploring these facets of life are the stories and works of literature that they wrote. All four were self admitted Christians. Lewis had an enigmatic relation with the occult. He was both interested in it and at the same time he loathed it. Tolkien held an interest in Norse Mythology and he used to write his own tales using the characters of Norse mythology when he was younger. Charles Williams was an editor and he prefaces and worked with some of CS Lewis's books. Charles Williams wrote several volumes on the occult in both fiction and no fiction. He was also a member of the golden Dawn and was probably the most involved with the occult of all of them. Owen Barfield was a man of profound thought. He did not establish himself until much later in life as writer. He is still alive. For his earlier adult years h had to become a solicitor to make end meet.

CS Lewis is most famous for his Chronicles of Narnia. He was a devout Christian who wanted people to come to the realization of his same Christian truth. He at first did this through direct literary means using fiction and no fiction later on he took a less direct approach. Works of his such as "Pilgims Regress" mark the territory of a pilgrim leaving his homeland and going through various lands that are deeply involved with many sorts of sins. "Screwtape Letters " is another apologetic work. Of course he has many other Christian works. His series of novels starting with "Out of the Silent Planet" tell of professor Ransom and his efforts to save a young servant from an evil Doctor only end up getting him sent to Mars instead. It is in Mars that finds a more perfect society, one that is not corrupted. He learns that each planet has it's own ruler. It is a being of light. Earth's has been corrupted, it must become uncorrupted.There is also a supreme god. In his fight against the corrupted planetary ruler he ends up taking a flight to Venus in the second book "Voyage to Venus" this is an initiatory journey where he goes to the nether reaches of the planet and comes up. Symbolic of dying and resurrecting. Making Ransom of new man. From there he travels back to Earth in "Hideous Strength" where he teams up with Merlin the Magician to fight evil. His work is very neo platonic. The Chronicles of Narnia have many alchemical and magical symbols. Sub creation and power of thought and speech are used by the Lion to create Narnia. There is also the Lion dying and resurrecting for the people of Narnia. Going through the Wardrobe is like going to the land of the fae. Time runs differently out there. While days and years go by out there only minutes pass in our realm. There also concepts dealing with corrupt magicians becoming worshipped like gods, crossing greats seas that represent the subconscious and the Kabbalistic abyss.

JRR Tolkien would create such an in depth world filled with elves, dwarves, wizards, people and hobbits . Tolkien imitated god by engaging in Creation. Illuvatar was the supreme god and the other deities served as angels and were called the Aninur. There music would create the universe and the world.Melkor would try to corrupt things and would flee to Arda (our world) Elves and men would be created to help stop him. many people believe that Tolkien was not just writing stories, he was a linguist who made a world to house the languages that he made. In fact some people feel that he tapped into a primal memory of the world when he wrote his works. Using words is a kabbalistic technique of creation. The word of god created our world. Illuvatar sang and created the world. When some one asked him a question about his world, Tolkien would often say "let me find out and I will get back with you" Did he make this up or did he access another world. He called his world "the faery world literally. He used a technique of allowing the images to come to him "The Hobbit" came about when he was grading papers and the phrase about a hobbit jumped into his mind.

Charles Williams was an occultist. His novels were directly about the occult. To him there was dark magic and white magic. Magic used to serve divine will and dark magic for selfish will. Books like "War in Heaven" and "Shadows of Ecstasy" deal with the occult concepts of power mad magicians using magic for their own ends and ultimately getting burned. He worote poetry that involved the Greek Morpheus and King Arthur's court. I would say that both him and Owen Barfield had a strong influence on both Lewis and Tolkien. Obviously these guys learned form each other but after reading this book one can see the concepts of Charles Williams and Owen Barfield bleeding through. If it had not been for these two men I wonder if the works of Tolkien and Lewis would have packed the same punch.

Owen Barfield I believe is still alive or he was when the book was written. I would say that his works though not as well known seem to be the most scholarly as to what is published. He was strongly influenced by Rudolph Steiner and Coleridge. Barfield believed that humans evolved and that the meaning of language often changed as a result. He also believed that mankind was more seperated from nature now that he has come civilized. To him this was lamentable but he did not advocate going backwards but rather we should validate our past and continue to evolve forward. Barfield also maintained that there are three level of imagination. The first was called fancy imagination and this was just the little thought that flitted into our minds during the day. Primary imagination gave our organization of the world we see. Secondary was more subconsious it was our view of the internal realities. It was from the secondary imagination that mythopia emerged from and it was also changed by mythopia.

In summation this was a magical group. All were influenced by Kabballah, Rosicrucianism, Masonry, Neoplatonism,Norse religion and Christianity. The book has a mediation in Lewis's section and an ritual in Tolkien's section. There was a belief that myths were a vehicle for changing spiritual consciousness and that they conveyed deeper meaning. Magic could be used to merge with the divine, on behalf of the divine or for lower purposes. Words and music could create new world. Magical technique like relaxing the mind and allowing the inspiration to come were employed. The character also used magic like self realization to change themselves and their situation. Alchemical meals were held and the use of staring at pictures or symbols to enter a magical trance were used as well. Hope you enjoy this journey as much as I did.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wiccan spells

Wiccan Magick is about enthusiasm, initiative, passion and energy. Air magick involves expression and communication Earth, air, fire, water heart the words of my heart. Protective powers do impart. Tools are only a focus to distract you from your self. With out will and directing energy the tool's energy is dormant. Spells from Scratch 1. Boil down purpose to word or phrase 2. Find ingredients suited to goal (Aggrippas) 3. Consider best timing (Witches almanac) 4. Verbal component or chant. 5. Bless item you will use. 6. Consider action that supports magic 7. Focus will initiate spell and build energy. 8. Guide energy, release it and trust in the goddess. 9.Keep journal Herbal Directions Earth or North: Alfalfa, beets, corn, fern, honeysuckle, magnolia, vervain, turnips and peas. East: Anise, clovers, dandelion, goldenrod, lavender, lily of the valley, majoram mint, parsley,pine South: Basil, bay, cactus, carrot, Chrysanthemum, dill, garlic, holly, juniper, marigold, onion and rosemary West: Aster, black berry, catnip, cucumber, dafodil, gardenia, geranium,lettuce , rose and willow. Spell for empowerment Tools Do during a full moon 2 gold candles Frankincense oil sage Tarot Deck Pen and paper. 1. Light sage 2.Set king and queen of swords in working area 3.write out intent 4. Put paper on altar 5. Put 1 candle west and 1 south 6 visualize intent 7 say the following "Spirit of the West, clarify my love. Spirits of the south empower me. So mote it be" 8. Give thanks and let the candle burn down. Ingredient for love pie 1. 8 medium apples sliced and pared 2. 1/2 teaspoon of ginger 3. 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg 4. 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla 5. 1/4 cup of flower Some saying Body is designed to heal itself garlic and onion are used for strength and protection. great health protector. Most important ingredient for spell is belief. Energy Centers for healing 1.Spinal Base: Immune system, feet, legs and bones 2.Lower Navel: sex organs,large intestines, appendix, hips and bladder 3. solar plexus : Abdomen , stomach , kidney, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, Middle vertebrae, adrenal glands 4. Between Nipple: heart, lung, shoulder, arm, circulation, diaphram, ribs, breast, thymus gland 5. Throat: Trachea, neck, thyroid, parathyroid, mouth, teeth, and gums 6. Middle Forehead: Eyes, ears, nose, throat, brain , nervous system, pineal and pituitary gland. 7. Crown: Skeletal system, skin, muscle Anti head ache Rinse quartz crystal with sea water. Charge in sunlight. 3. Hold it to forehead and imagine and imagine it absorbing the pain. When finished cleanse and charge again. Energy Spell Tools Spell can be done anytime favorite music rose quartz vervain Crank up music go for it, Light vervain and put crystal next to it. Essential Oils for Health Lemon oil: Warts Over indulgence lavender,cedarwood, carrot, fennel, lemon, rosemary. Make a blend put 6-8 drops in bath depression: geranium, lavender, bergamot. Put in Aroma diffuser rosemary alertness and memory sleep: Chamomile, lavender, neroli put on pillow or body. thyme in diffuser against flue. Money attraction oil Tools 1 pint of mineral oil clear quart bottle 7 lodestone 2 pinches of iron fillings ad mineral oil then lodestones and filing. Charge in sunlight.for seven day. Then transfer to dark container. Rub into money for spending. Spell to attract financial opportunity : Do Thursday during New moon Tools 1 gold candle favorite scented oil clear quartz crystal Pen and paper 1. Place candle at Northern end of Alter 2. On your paper write " I embrace all opportunities for expanding my financial base" Place in front of candle and put quart crystal on top. 3. Light candle and visualize new opportunities flowing into your life. 4. read aloud then burn paper. Let candle burn down 5. trash candle remains and thank goddess for what you do have. Five attitudes for financially lean times. 1) Use all resources (I bring in abundance and happiness) 2)Focus on what is working. ( My life is filled with great experiences) 3)Use adversity as an opportunity (I am grateful for what I have) 4) Go with the flow. (I heal daily) ( Love freely)( I forgive and release) 5)Have trust ( I move forward with love and trust) your will is the crux of every visualization, manifestation and spell As an herb Rue strengthens willpower, sage for mental clarity, protection and cleansing of negative energy. Mint speeds up the result of every spell. Tuesday is ruled by Mars which rules sexual energy. Jupiter Thursday's ruler means expansion and luck. ENERGY CENTER AND CORRESPONDING COLORS CHAKRA COLOR FUNCTION LOCATION FIRST RED SURVIVAL GENITALS SECOND ORANGE SEX AND NURTURING LOWER NAVEL THIRD YELLOW EMOTIONS POWER SOLAR PLEXUS 4TH GREEN COMPASSION LOVE MID NIPPLES 5TH BLUE COMMUNICATION THROAT 6TH PURPLE INTUITION, INTELLECT CENTRAL EYES 7TH WHITE SPIRIT, KNOWLEDGE CROWN PRACTICAL SPELL use for selling book Tools pen and paper desire object oil that makes u optimistic red, gold,violet candle done 3 consecutive night starting with full moon 1. Write out intent My book sells quickly, slip under desire object 2. light oil 3. Light red candle and say desire three time let it burn out naturally. repeat using other candle next two night. Leave remains there until spell is complete. Spell to sell a book Tools basil cinnamon 1 yellow taper candle, plus pen to address envelope Write book name plus magical number of book into candle with arrows pointing to it. light candle and then chant this incantation as many times as your lucky number is. My book Planet of the Elves is the one i am sending off I have worked and slaved over it. Please let my talent be enough. Please let the publisher (or agent)) read it and love it. by the power of this candle I have lit so mote it be. SPELL TO ENHANCE MAGNETISM Tools 1 red candle 1 violet candle 1 quartz crystal favorite oil to be done during waxing moon 1. Light burner and infuse scents, inhale deeply and then light red candle and say "The magnetism of this red flame enters me by name (Steve) 2. Light the Violet candle and say "The Protection of this violet flame enters me by name (Steve) so mote it be 3. Let the candle burn out and bury them in yard or flower pot. Spell for a raise Tools 2 gold candles $20 bill sprig of sage pen and paper Do during a Thursday of a waxing moon. 1. Jot down raise number plus phrase or better ie I get a 5,000 raise of better 2. set paper and bill between two gold candle and say aloud "Element of fire, hear my desire, a raise is due to me, 5000$ or better. Make it so to the letter 3. burn the phrase, snuff candle and trash plus sage ashes. SPELL TO SELL A HOUSE Tools 1 gold candle 1 red candle favored oil to be done during a waning moon. 1. Place red candle on left of burner and gold candle on right. Light oil burner first. Then light each candle saying each time as you light "My house sells quickly, for at least (state amount), make it so. HOUSE PROTECTION tOOLS cedar oil animal totem do as needed 1 light burner and pass totem through it say " Protect this home, high t low, fence to fence, door to door, light to dense , roof to floor From the book "memeories, dreams, reflections" by Carl Jung we learn "The key with any power object: It is powerful only because we make it so. It's magick originate within us, with our intent and passion Imbuing object with power 1. Sleep under pillow 2. Hold in hand and let energy suffuse it. 3. Carry with you. 4. For crystal wash with sea or salt water, hold to sunlight and program with verbal intent. Wish spell Tools 1. Power object 2. Paper and pen 3. Gold candle Do anytime 1. Write wish on paper, sign and date. Place under power object 2. Light gold candle and say "My wish goes out free of doubt It travels lit by flame That bears my name Allow candle to burn out an then toss it. to make own spell 1. Harm none 2. belief in action 3. clear intent and goal 4. support with emotion 5. Simple request 6.Have permission when doing spells for other 7 enjoy 8. Prior to spell say protection spell 9. Be persistent and feel free to modify 10 read and expand knowledge. Spell to Fulfill Desires Tools: 1 green scented candle, object representing desire 1. Light Candle and State your intention 2.Focus on desire object-restate intention 3. envision you desire being fulfilled-Trust it will be so 4. Blow out candle. This spell can be repeated as often as needed. Spell to Increase Income Tools green and white candles tarot pack desire object green ink and paper 1. Place candle at opposite end of the altar 2.From Tarot Deck remove suit of pentacles, star card and 9 of cups 3. In front of green candle put 10 of coins, in mid altar place 9 of cups and star card 4. Light candles and say "The money I spend or the money I lend comes back to me in multiples of three" 5. visualize the money amount. Write it down and imagine having the income. repeat the next night but remove the 2 and five of pentacles. Place deck between star and 10 of coins. and 9 of cups. visualize you affirmation. Let the candle burn down and trash the wax. keep altar set up over night.


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