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Thursday, December 31, 2009

"A Trumpet in the Wadi" by Sami Michael

Sami Michael is an Iraqi Jewish author who has experienced the Israeli Arab conflict from several different angles. He relates with both the view points of the Arab and Jewish communities.
The story takes place in Wadi Salib, a slum area located in Haifa. It is inhabited primarily by Israeli Arabs. One particular family living there consists of a grandfather, a Coptic christian who wandered through the Sinai to get to Israel/ Palestine, a mother and two daughters named Mary and Huda. Mary the younger one is a lively young girl who is dating Zuhair, the son of the local crime boss Abu Nakhla. Abu Nakla despite the fact that he sell drugs and prostitutes women is protected by the Israelis. He was an informer during the 1947 war so he get away with murder even if his actions like selling drugs also impact the Jewish population. Zuhair wants to marry , Mary but the family of Mary is not so keen on the idea. Then along comes Alex.
Alex's arrival in the story changes many things. He is a Russian immigrant who studies at Technion university. His Hebrew is rather shoddy and he plays the trumpet at night. Huda who is older and does not have any marriage prospects at the moment will soon become very attached to Alex. Alex rents the room on the roof of the apartment where everybody lives. Abu Nakkla owns the building. Events take on a life of their own and soon enough Alex becomes acquainted and friendly with the rest of the family. As Huda and Alex get closer questions come up because Alex is a Jew and Huda is a Christian Arab. Their love grows stronger and Alex's relation to the family does as well especially after he protects the family from Zuhair when he learn that she would rather marry someone else.
Mary is pregnant with Zuhair's child so she must convince her new found fiance to have relations with her. In the end they get married and Alex's love for Huda remains strong. Yet like all love stories involving Arabs and Jews there is always a tragic ending.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf

I found out about this book from a student of mine at the school where I worked. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this work. This book is an excellent book even for adults even though it is geared towards teenagers just getting into the craft. The book also has a message for parents that asks them to allow their children the space to explore their own spirituality. Wicca teaches the reader many things about how to get into the craft but also several things that go beyond the craft. There is a spell for everything yet eveen for money spells the author says you may cast your spell but you still have to work for the money you wish to receive. The book has love spells but you can never magick someone into doing something against their will without experiencing bad results. If you are being harassed at school by bullies or having difficulties with adults there is a spell for that. Just remember that if you have a problem you must consult with an adult. A spell alone will not do the trick. It good word of advice is that it does take time to realize our goals.

Wicca is based on worship of the Goddess and the God , sometimes called the Lady and the Lord. The Goddess has three forms the virgin,maiden and the crone. The lord comes in as a baby but is also represented by a hunter. When Wiccans do spells they draw their energy from the power cone. The book also teaches about Esabat and Sabbats. Esbats occur monthly and correspond to moon cycles. While Sabbats concur with solstices. THe most famous being Samahain (Halloween) and Beltane. Witches can practice alone or with a coven. Witches that work alone are called Solitary Witches. Most covens go up to thirteen members and then stop. Reading this book the learner will bee able to annoint and sanctify an alter. Sanctify a space and seal a circle. Moon cycles also determine what kind of spell the practitioner will do. New moon to Full moons are for attracting things into your life. From the Full Moon to the waning moon is a time for banishing.

Wicca is about positive energy. It is a violation of the Wicca code to hurt or harm anyone outside of self defense. You shall not take what belongs to another person or deprive them of oppportunity so that you may benefit. They do not believe in darkness or using dark power.

Silver Raven wolf has garnered up quite a bot of controversy. Some off the stuff I read on the internet mostly points to a difference of opinion. Some people say that she has several of her facts wrong. Since I am new to this the only wrong fact I might have seen was when she called the Goddess Diana the daughter of Queen Aradia. Several sources say that it is the other way around that Diana gave birth to Aradia.Over all I thought it was a great book and it had a very positive effect on me. Something which I shall thank the author for.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Magician's Way by William Whitecloud

There are seven rules of Magic for the main character to learn in order to gain control of his life and achieve true happiness. The first secret is that your thoughts and feelings are not real. They are products of your assumptions about yourself and the situation. The second secret is that your focus creates your reality. Focus on the end result of what you want to see happen and let things flow from their. The
third secrets is that everyone has a heart. We all have dreams and aspirations. The fourth secret is that there is always action to take but nothing to do. This means that we must take action towards the realization of our goals. Doing
requires certain preconditions. The sixth secret is that you get your energy from a higher source. In order for this to happen you have to release your self from certain notion in order to locate where your highest good comes from. The fifth secret is structure determines the outcome want to change the outcome then change thee structure. The final secret is that success takes will. An overall good book that takes the main character through golf lessons, resturaunt, bars, parties, blackmail and bike rides in order for this group to teach him the secrets of Magic. I found the part about focusing on goal and changing yoourself to bee very impoortant towards achieving the happiness we wish to achieve

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cernunnos Oil Recipe

Cernunnos Oil
10 drops Bay oil*
8 drops Orange oil
2 drops Sandalwood Oil
1/2 oz Sunflower oil
*Note: Some folk use either musk or patchouli oil.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Stories From Ancient Canaan" by Michael David Coogan

A score of tablet were found in an archeological excavation located in Ancient Ugarit a Canaanite City in Syria. Today the place is called Ras Shamra. The Canaanites had a language that was a predecessor to Israelite Hebrew . The Canaanite never had a large empire because their units of organization were city states. Usually each city state had it's own king and usually was dedicated to one particular God in the Canaanite pantheon. The City of Ugarit was eventually conquered by Myceneans. Before that in addition to being a home for Canaanites there were other nationalities living there as well. In 1929 an excavation unearthed these tablets written by Ilimilkhu and were housed in the library of Canaanite priest.
The tablets tell several stories. The first one is called "Aqhat" The King of a certain city state named Danel is a wise king who counsels his citizens and decides disputes much like King Solomon. He is unfortunately childless, so he goes into a temple and fast for seven days and he prays for seven days. After seven days the fertility god Baal ascends to the Mountain of El who is the king of all gods and intercedes on his behalf. Danel is given a son called Aqhat. Aqhat is given a bow and arrow built by a god called Kothaar w Hassis, sort of craftsman god. It is such a good bow and arrow that the Goddess of love and war, Anat, wants it. Aqhat refused to give it to her, and he refused her in disrespectful way. In revenge Anat has another god named Yatpan used his vultures in order to have Aqhat killed. Once the Kings son is dead there is seven years of death and famine. Te king kills many birds in order to find thee remains of his sons and give it a proper burial. The Kings daughter meanwhile conceals a dagger and kills Yatpan in revenge.
The second story the "Healers" tells a story of 8 mystical being being that arrive at Danel's dwelling and they stay there for 7 days consoling Danel over the loss of his son. They say that his son will be returned to him or it seems they imply it. after the seventh day Baal once again intercedes on his behalf.
The third story is called "Kirta" Kirta is a king who has lost everything his wife his children you name it. In a deep depression he falls asleep and the gods speak to him in a dream. They tell him to gather an army and campaign against King Pabil and his city state so as in order to win the hand of his daughter Princess Huriya. His troops surround the walls of the city state. As a condition for peace King Kirta wins the hand of the princess. Of course on his way over to Udm Pabil's city state Kirta made a vow to Ashera mother of the Gods and Goddesses. Kirta failed to keep that vow. During festivities he is struck with illness. His sons begin to doubt even after he gets well again. The story ends with him cursing his sons.
The last story is about the god Baal. Baal was the son of Dagon the grain god. At the stories beginning the Sea God wants Baal delivered over to him. El the supreme god agrees. Baal basically fights the sea god with thee help of his consort and sister Anat, to the death. Kothar w Hassis build two special club for Baal They prevail. Next Baal wants his own palace on Mount Zaphon. After some coercion on his behalf from Anat. El and Ashera agree. Kothar w Hassis builds the palace. Baal once getting his palace conquers many cities. In the end the god of death fight it out. Anat comes to his rescue and revives Baal. Of course not after 7 years of famine and drought.
Great book.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Healing Spell

Needed Items:
Small cauldron
Incense (Frankensence)
Alter candle
Proper colored candle(s) to represent the petitioner(s) inscribed with names
Olive Oil
Purified water
Glass bottle

To begin, prepare your alter. Arrange your cauldron along with your petitioner(s) candle(s), small cauldron, hot purified water, and incense. Concentrate your thoughts on the person(s) needing relief and healing. Visualize them being pain and illness free. Then say:
“I ask you, Goddess, to ease his/her pain. Take it from him and give him relief.”
Carefully add olive oil to your cauldron.
“Destroy it Goddess, so it will harm no one.”

“I ask you Goddess, to erase his/her aches.”
Carefully add eucalyptus to your cauldron.
“Banish them from this world, harming no one.”
Carefully add lavender to your cauldron.
“Give him relief Goddess. Take his/her ills. Purge it from his/her body. Thank you Goddess. As I will it, so mote it be.”
Working counter clockwise, blow out your candle(s) starting with the petitioner(s). Lastly blow out your alter candle. Allow your potion to cool. Once cool, transfer to your glass bottle. Apply once to twice daily the affected area, repeating the spell. Do this for seven days. Longer if for a major illness.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Muslim Fundamentalism is Israel

"Muslim Fundamentalism in Israel" by Raphael Israeli
A mass return to religion is happening these days in the Islamic world and it is no more apparent than in Israel where a Muslims population is ruled by a Jewish majority someone who thy consider a protcted person or a Dhimmi. THe return to Islam happen along to lines. One is an increase of religiousity. Most of the people in this category want to become more religious and they want to comprmise with modernity and Western progress. THe second line is radical Islam. Radical Islam is anti- Western and want to develope independently from the West. They feel that Western culture is empty and immoral.

In Northern Israel the Islamic movement is starting to take hold. Mayors who ideentiofy with Islamic fundamentalism are coming to power as their constituent vote for them. These mayors many of whom recieved a modern education in Israeli Universities are embracing hardcore religion. Village Un Al Fumm is the most poignant example the Leader who previous preached violence against Israel toned down his programs after being arrested by Israeli authorities.

There are several Islamic parties in the Northern part of Israel each with a differening agenda. Some parties and their consituent preach a two solution along with promoting Arab rights inside of Israel.Others want an Islamic state to replace Israel. While others are content with where they are. Most realizde that they must work inside the confines of Israeli law

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"A God Who Hates" by Wafa Sultan

Wafa Sultan, author of this book, lived in Syria for 32 years. She was born in a coastal town called Banias and ended up going to Medical school in order to be a doctor. The book is a combination auto-biography/ commentary on living in an Islamic society. She was born and raised a Muslim. In her mind Muslim society is a closed society that is totally dominated by fear. Islam was born out in the harsh desert environmental where a man never knew how long he would survive. To conquer these fears the Bedouin developed an Ogre so to speak that would help them submerge their fears. Fear is what prevents the muslims from questioning anything in Islam.
The First victim of Islam is the women. Women are treated like chattel with virtually no rights in their society. THey have no say in who they are going t marry. This is illustrated by the story she tells about her grandmother. Her grandmother was married of when she was young against her will to a man she did not love. Running away back to her parents home was no better. It was just as oppressive. She did end up living in her brothers house and then finally living with her daughter Wafa's mother. Wafa's mother was a second wife to a man old enough to be her father. In fact her mother was only one year older than the man's younger daughter. Wafa's mother was never truly happy despite how nice her husband was. Her father died at a young age. Financial affair were left in the care of a Christian business partner while an elder half brother saw to it that Wafa got a good education. Fortunate for Wafa that he was modern minded and got her to go to school. While in Aleppo she saw how smothering life was for a women. She people she lived with were very conservative. The wife never left home with out permission. She could never be seen talking to another man. The wife's husband always used to insult her and put her down.
In a country like Syrian if a woman has sexual relations before marriage it is a stain up the family honor. For it she can be killed. Often times as Wafa Sultan would find out the first person to touch a young woman would not be a boyfriend, rather she would be raped by a brother, cousin or even the father. Wafa found this out and a whole lot more while working in clinics for women. Women as young as nine years old would come to the office with busted Hymens and and signs of pregnancy. To abort the pregnancy and perform a hymenectomy the doctor who was very corrupt would over charge them so as to make the most money possible. The doctors also over looked the signs of abuse that was apparent on the bodies of these women, One woman came to thee clinic with cigarette burns on her body. The Husband had burned her for being stupid. The doctor agreed with the husband.
All in all Wafa grew up in a repressive society that did not respect women in the slightest. Those who did not follow Islam were looked down upon. Her arrival according to her was a blessing and she was amazed at the friendliness and honesty of the American people. According to her Muslims believe in fate and everything is in God's hands. This allows for a certain ambiguity of evading yes or no questions and it also allows them to avoid responsibility for their actions.
Wafa Sultan's book represents a series of books that are critical of Islamic society. It is am insiders views of what is going on, what is wrong and what needs to change. Bear in mind her point of view does not necessarily represent my point of view.


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