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Friday, September 17, 2010

Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind

After escaping from the Palace of the Prophets and sending his father's spirit back to the realm of the Keeper, Richard Cypher is in semi hiding. Seeking shelter in the Aydindril he is set upon immediately by Mriswith, scaly caped creatures that have the ability to become invisible. Only Richard and his friend Gratch can find them. They make easy work of them. That is not the only threat. The Blood of the Fold has entered and they wish to kill anyone who has the gift of magick. Tobias their general believes he is doing the work of the creator. Lunnetta helps him fish out the sorceresses. Lunetta herself has magic and is Tobias's sister. Originally they came to hunt down the Mother Confessor who everyone believes is dead. It seems that the Kahlan is dead and while Richard is roaming through the city he runs afoul with the Blood of the Fold. Beffore getting too deep into trouble Richard is extricated by some D'haran soldiers. Things progress as Richard proves himself in a battle with Mriswith and thee D'harans accept him as their king. He is the Magic against the magic and the Dharan soldiers are the steel against the Steel. All D'harans are bound spiritually to the Lord Rahl.

It is in Aydindril that Richard Rahl boldly states that a new threat is looming on the horizon. THe Imperial order lead by emperor Jang is on the way to conquer the Midlands. The barrier stopping the emperor was taken down. The Keltion were the first to join up with the imperial order. Richard makes a proclamation that since the Mother Confessor was killed everyone must join with D'Hara to fight the new threat. Many are disagreeable and the most disagreeable is Tobias.

In the Palace of the prophets sister Verna has been promoted to prelate. Her job is to ferret out the sisters of the dark who are hidden among them. Not an easy task.She is buried in mountains of paper work and cannot go about her business. Meanwhile 5 or 6 of thee sisters of the dark are slaves to Jagang in a most brutal fashion.

Hagan plans to rule his empire from the Palace of the prophets which has been spelled so he cannot age. Eventually the sisters of the dark do take over the Palace and Kahlan is captured by Tobias and herself is taken to the Palace of the prophets. Richard does come to rescue her with some heavy consequences.
A very exciting story with many sub plots twist and turns. An enjoyable read for those who like the fantasy genre.

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