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Friday, January 28, 2011

In Search of Herne the Hunter by Eric L. Fitch

According to legend King Richard the second was hunting in Windsor park when a wild stag attacked his horse almost killing him. Lucky for King Richard Herne his head woodsman jumped in to save the day. Herne wrestles the stag to the ground and kills it with a knife, In the process Herne is injured and close to death. The Wizard has him carried out on bed made of oak wood and mistletoe. Two stag horns are tied to Hernes head and Herne gets better but he loses his hunting ability. Eventually due too slander and the loss of his hunting ability Herne wanders into the forest and becomes a wild man. Eventually he hangs him self on an Oak Tree. His ghost haunts the woodmen who slandered him. After enough haunting the rival woodmen turn themselves over to the wizard. They all commit suicide and become part of Hernes wild ride.

Herne is mentioned is Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor and Ainworth castle. This book examines the source and the root of the legendary Herne the hunter. One of the first analysis undertaken by the author is the examination of Herne's name. He things it may derive from the word Cern which means horn. There also could have been a poacher in the kings wood named "Horn" who was found and committed suicide. Another meaning behind the name is the word "Heron" There was in fact a Heron farm nearby whicch grew the birds. Here was also a "Heron the Hunter" from Thrace who was brought over to Britain by the Romans. The brought Isis and Mithras with them to Britain. The British horned God Cernunnos is often equated with Jupiter, who is lightning god.

With in the legend of the Herne story are several motifs. The first motif is the Oak Tree. The Oak Tree is sacred to the Ancient Brits. It is said to protect a house from lighting and it also attracts lighting. They say to have one near your house protects it from being struck by lighting. British ruler are said to have hidden in Oak Trees when time were tough. The Oak Tree is also believed to house a spirit called the "Dryad"

Oak Trees are mentioned across cultures. They were mentioned in the Bible. Other cultures held them sacred. Mistletoe was said to enhance fertility and was used by the Druids to access faerie realms.

The Second Motif is horns. All across Europe and the world there are horned gods. Usually the horns denote fertility, virility and strength. Pan was a horned god as was Osiris and Baal of the Canaanites. There were also horned gods mentioned as far a field as China. Horns have been found in burial mounds. They are believed to help the soul reincarnate into another life. Horns also have a rejuvenation effect because on the red reindeer they fall off in winter and grow back in the spring. In China antler horns were used in medicine to help vitality.

Horns were also worn by ancient people. They were used during hunt to disguise themselves as animals. but more importantly they were used in sympathetic magick to help them with the hunt. The cave painting in Lasceux show them hunting the animal. Horned Gods were in charge of the hunt and regulating the game.

Another source of the legendary Herne comes from Anglo saxon mythology. Woden hung himself from a tree in an acct of sacrifice. But he also had a train of demon dogs much like Herne had. According to Christian legend the Demon dogs were the sould s of the damned. Often times if one was caught in the way Herne or Woden for that matter they could find themselves being killed or kidnapped. This square with the mythology of Woden.

THe book then examines some Pagan customs that survive in Britain. One of them is a dance where 6 dancers have antler skulls. 3 are painted white and three are painted black, A hunter comes and shoots them and they scatter. People also used to dress up as animals and the most noteable is the hobby horse which the person in disguise harrasses people. Sometimes the festivities get out of hand that authorities had to be called. People would dress as animals because many tribes felt that a certain animal was the parent off their tribe and also that they could absorb the qualities of the animals spirit.

aNOTHER tradition is the sacrificial king. THe king would sacrifice himself for the good of the community. His blood would drench the land bringing forth vicctory and productivity. Herne definitely sacrifices himself on the tree as does the British God Cernunnos.

This is an excellent book for understanding the horned god in Britain and Europe well woth the read.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Goddess Anath by Umberto Cassuto

Ugarit is a lost Canaanite City located in Syria just north of Lebanon. The city is called Raas Shamra today. Ugarit was located in a tell, or small mountain. Among the many finds were tablets that told of the Baal cycle. The book title can bee misleading as the book itself is more about Canaanite literature than it is about the Goddess Anath. Many of the fragments that have been found are damaged and incomplete.. Many lines are missing and it can be a challenge to fill in the blanks.

The book describes the many similarities between biblical text and Canaanite text. There is the same usage of literary motifs, metaphors and similarities. Hebrew writers whje when they wrote the bible had a developed form of poetry. Ugaritic literature and Canaanite Literature predated the time of the Patriarchs so scholars have agreed that Israelites were using references and poetic styles borrowed from Canaanite literature. In fact it is now believed that the Israelites branched off from the Canaanites.

The book analyzes two stories that have been salvaged from Ugarite. The first one pertains to the war between Baal, Anaths brother and Yam the God of the Sea. El and Ashera were the first two deities to rule the world. As they got older they were pushed aside by the three brother Gods , Yam, Baal who is the god of vegetation and rain, and Mot, the God of death. Since these three gods have control over the Earth there is some question or fight as to who will rule what. So there is fighting. Anath allies with her brother Baal.

The first text indicates that Baal is dining with guests when he is challenged by emissaries of the Sea God. The Sea God wants him handed over. Meanwhile Anath's castle is attacked by human supporters of Yam. She defeats them and wears their heads like a belt and their hands like bandoleers. War then continues with Anath defeating the allies of Yam most of note is the 7 headed dragon whom she muzzles and the judge of the Rivers.

Anath is called the Eternal virgin and Baal is called the rider of the clouds. God in the bible also is called the rider of the clouds and he also defeats the sea and forces it to keep it's boundaries. God also defeats the Leviathan and lockes it in the deeps. Lots of familiar parallels.

The Second text is about Baal's battle with death. Baal loses the battle and dies and then Anath comes comes in and slays death. Eventually Baal is returned to the surface world and the rains return so the crops can grow. Also discussed is how Anath negotiates with El to have a castle built for Baal. Anath does not ask nicely but demands, throws and temper tantrum and scares the day lights out of El. She also get's permission from Ashera. Katir wHassis is summoned from Egypt to do the job.

Interesting of note is that in Baals castle the windows are shut as death may seep through and kill his family. In the Bible similar sentiment are expressed about death coming through the window.

Over all good book a bit scholarly and too much attention is devoted to diagramming words that it could bore one half to death. The book is also dated and I am sure new information has been released. I was expecting to learn more about Anath.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catholic Antisemtism

Aurthur Edward Waite is the maker of the Ryder Waite Tarot deck and author of numerous books on occult subjects. He has written several books on Ceremonial Magick and the Kabballa. In fact anyone just getting started in magick or the occult is advised to read his works.

In this book the author tackle the subject of the resurgence of Satanism in France. Something that was long since thought extinct. THe Catholic Church has supported authors who have spread the rumor that Satanism is being spread by the Mason.

In tackling this subject Mr. Waite examines the subject of Luciferianism and Satanism. Two different subjects. He also examines witness records in his quest for the truth. In the end the MAson are a brotherhood that believe in benefitting mankind and are united in the belief that there is a master architect or creator in the universe.

In the late 1800's a book< Free Masonry the Synagogue of Satan, was written that was designed to smear the Masons and the Jewish people. We are now already away of the contempt the Catholic Church holds towards the Mason and how they have linked them to Satanic practices. THe book is a total sham. THe author claims to be a witness of Palladianism but what he does is document occult practices of Muritaniaus.

The main claim of the book is that Freemasonry is controlled by Jews. The organization is a kabbalsitic Jewish plot the book maintains and that the Jews desire world wide domination. Such rubbish could not be further from the truth. Albert Pike the founder of New Palladianism was not a Jew nor was he a Judaizer.

MGR Meurin the author of this fallacious work gathered his information second hand. He himself was not a member. He claimed that he understood the mystery of 33rd degree in Masonry. It corresponds to the 33 Vedic Deities and it borows heavily from the past.

The Masons maybe secretive but they are not part of a Jewish plot to take over the world.

Prior to 1891 a certain Dr. Battalia was an unknown quantity. He was a spy and a sensationalist. The Palladium itself was largely unknown as well. He claims to have joined the Mason obtained his degrees for certain prices. He made the claim that. HJe penetrated the Palladian i the far east. His first stop was Carbuccia. The ritual was conducted by Mr. Shekelton. In Cingal a woman was burned alive and offerend unto Satan.Fakirs leviated and turned themselves into animals. In Calcutta Fakirs would take certain psotions for long periods of time. There would be ceremonies to summon Beel Zeboub but he never would come.

In Dappah there were seven temples. The First temple had cobra rituals. THe second temple perfromed marriages. THe third temple was dedicated to fallen women. THe 4th temple was Rosicrucian and the fakirs would stay in painful postions and be mummified for three years. THe fifth temple was consecrated to a Pelican it was dedicated to Masonic charity. The 6th temple was dedicated to divination. The seventh temple was decated to the dacred of fire of Baal.

Singapore according to this author was loaded with English criminals. THe author also believes that Chinese and Jews are going straight to hell.San Ho Hei is Chinese occultism it is a welcome mat for masonry, Palladian style. In the east intitate wouild ingest opium and hope for occultic reunion.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Faith of the Fallen

Richard Rahl and Kahlan the Mother Confessor have fled to the Westland after Anderith has fallen to the Imperial Order. Richard and Kahlan are not exactly accepted by Richard's old neighbors so they flee into the hills with Cara the Mord Sith protecting them. Kahlan heals, they go hunting, fishing and Richard teaches Kahlan how to fight. Their heavenly bliss though is interrupted by Nicci sister of the dark,one who who is sworn to the keeper. She is also known as the mistress of death. One touch for this woman dressed in black and her enemies are dead. Nicci is also Jagangs slave queen. She stays with him by choice as Jagang cannot enter her head at will as he can with other people. Jagang also tortures her which is something that helps make her feel alive.

After obtaining Richard's where abouts she sets out to capture Richard. Richard is not easy to catch and the only way ton do it is to somehow threaten Kahlan. This is done with a maternity spell. Anything that hurts Nicci will hurt Kahlan. Kill Nicci Kahlan dies. Nicci can also kill Kahlan at will. Richard is taken into the bowls of the old world. Altur Rang is Jagangs home. Nicci wants to show what life is like for the common worker.

Kahlan and Cara go off to fight the Imperial Order along with Zedd and the DHarans army. They kill many a troop but there are just so many of them. The Imperial order keeps on advancing. They end up taking Aydinril. An assassin named Gadi kills Warren a wizard. After intense questioning he admits that he is an assassin and informs where Richard is. Kahlan and Cara go offf to resuce Richard.

Richard in the mean time has carved a statue that restores people to spiritual life. As the Imperial Order takes over the New World change is happpening in the Old World. Richard comes out victorious as always but he is taken to an inch of his life in the final battle.

What will happen next. Richard has won this round. The Old World is filled with fanaticism towards the creator and is much like Commmunist Russia.

Friday, January 14, 2011

French Satanism in the Late 1800's

For a long time in fact throughout most of the 1800’s it can be said that there was no cult that was dedicated to Satan or the Devil. Ask someone about it and the subject is shrugged of as no one of sound mind would speculate worshipping the Devil. No less it must be realized that at the end of the 1800’s Satanism was alive and well in France, the most enlightened of all nations at the time. Satanist identify with Satan or any other evil figure from other religions and they support that deities design for evil. They often operate underground an out of view. They engage in many vile acts such as robbery, murder and kidnapping. Their most favored activity is stealing holy items from the Roman Catholic Church and using it in the service of Satan. In that sense they defile it. These thefts had been happening at various different cities in Europe.

The late 1800’s is also a time of great confusion. The Transcendalist are often accused of practicing Satanic rights. The occultist AE Waite feels need to come to some rapprochement with the Catholic Church.

Most people feel that the Masons are the ones who are acting as a front for the Satanist and that most Mason’s are dupes while a secret order within the Masons is puling the strings and recruiting members from the great fraternity. The Catholic Church has been the biggest enemy of the Masons. They print out tracts saying that the Mason’s promote Atheism, indoctrinate females and are in favor of anarchy. Now there maybe a Luciferian vein running through the Masons. Each lodge is affiliated with a Grandlodge in it’s area. Each Grand Lodge is autonomous and act independently of each other.

There is separation and difference between the Mason of England and France. The French Mason’s have apparently done away with the grand architect concept and are following an Egyptian rite. The Mason of English are following the Scottish Rite. It is the Scottish Rite that is predominant in the US. With in the Scottish Rite there is a sub group called the New Palladians. They are supposedly a recreation of the old “Palladians”

The “Palladians were a group of Templar Knights who worshipped Baphomet. Albert Pike who was born in America to humble parents ended up moving to Arkansas. Later he would return to Memphis and open a Scottish Rite Lodge there. He supposedly had the statue of Jaques D Molay and the original statue of Baphomet. He started up the New Palladians. The New Palladians are Luciferian.

Lucifereians are not Satanist but they are at odds with the Catholic Church and other monotheistic relgions. They believe that Lucifer is a bringer of Light while Adonai is a dark God who has plunged the world into misery and darkness. Hence in their mind Lucifer works for the good. Satan is a twisting of Lucifer done by the Catholic church.. Here in lies the potential evil. Have the New Palladians turned to Satan worship by accident.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book of Results by Ray Sherwin

Book of Results

For practitioners of Chaos Magick, sigilization or the making of sigils is extremely popular. Chaos Magick is very individualistic and one of it’s cofounders is very skeptical of gurus and hierarchical groups which tend to weigh I favor of the group against the individual. One can listen to the advice and teaching of a guru or teacher but ultimately one must do the experimentation and decide what works for them, Beliefs are subject to constant change and can be manipulated to fit the individuals need. One must be flexible with one’s beliefs and be prepared to adopt a belief when it is needed.

There are two types of magick. One magick gets you inside of your head and the other magick gets you outside of your head. Sensory deprivation or anything that inhibits the body tends to get you inside of your head.. Those physical exercise that exite the body tend to get you outside of your head.

The magickian should experiment with different techniques. Keep and practice only ones that are useful. Practice and perfect those techniques so they come out right during the rituals.. Magickain should start regimens that are both strict and pleasurable. Keep a written journal to balance what was achieved and what needs to be achieved.

Nothing is new in magick only the same old idea rearranged. The same process that drives out neurosis is also the one that drives us to excel. Man is lazy and it causes him to look for easy ways to do things. Once something is done enough habitually it is easier and requires less thought. Habit reduces the amount of concentration needed to do something. This frees the mind to do other things. People prefer laziness over living up to their potential. The wizards strives to reach his potential.

Magickians must constantly battle laziness. It is a battle to overcome the sensorship mechanism that holds us back. The magickian should explain to himself vigourously the rational behind every action her/her makes. Some of the reasons include:

1. Necessity: health welfare and development
2. .Habit: Something some one does out of rote. Eventually you phase out habit.
3. Appetite: Eating ,drinking, sex
4. Fear: Something we do to avoid consequences
5. Laziness
6. Lack of Confidence: Not being good enough
7. Time killer: Something to waste extra moments between events

Our demons are those blindspots or negative traits and feelings about ourselves. Our job is to banish our own demons that personify our negative traits. Negative thoughts trap the magickian and stunt personal growth. It keeps the magickian at his present level of performance. Belief can be changed at will. This is done in a temple during evocations.

Demons strive to keep us fro reaching our potential. We must write our own grimoire on how to banish our own demons.A magical record shows us as we really are. Glory is in the attempt and failure is a day unrecorded. The oath is a statement of the magicians need, intention and motives which is tempered by strategy. Daily regimens should be based on ones social factors like ability and income. The magickal retirement should last 7 days. It should utilize times wisely and destroy your inner demon. During this retreat Magicians should have a schedule one that includes taking care of bodily needs, writing, physical exercise, concentration of chosen power and pranayma. At the end of the retirement the magician should reassess himself. Magic is practices by the few and is secluded. The popularity of magic means an abundance of material this enable one to choose what is good for themselves. Dianetics is good for eliminating aberrations.

The analytic mind functions to record and store data. In times of great stress the analytic mind shuts down and the reactive mind pops up. It records the alarming detail. The informations is stored in traces called engrams. When the analytic mind is restored the engrams are stores in the subconscious and they have power.

Magick deals with emotions. Rituals deal with the unconscious. Gnostic techniques get you to the unconscious. These is no magick without gnosis Accidental sigils are negative engrams that become activated in the reactive mind. For example a car accident with negative associations is stores in the reactive mind later on the associations brin headaches. In the temple when positive sigils are made the mind stores engrams in a positive way.

When making sigils or engaging in magical operations There should be no debate as to whether something is good or bad. Such thinking will cause the magician to suffer. An old idea of alignments to planets and such is pertinent in so far as they are pertinent to the magician. To make a Sigil the magician must first acknowledge a desire. Then he list symbols ad arranges them into a glyph. Then using Gnosis he reifies the sigil and casts it into his unconscious. The reactive mind never rests. It is working constantly and we must listen to it. The proper state of mind for sigilzation comes from a detachment of desire.

Sigil Practice should be done often and with low grade goals that are not too important. this helps top achieve the desired detachment from the desire for the goal. Colors used in a Sigil for strength would normally use red and orange. These colors corespond to Geburah and Mars. Yet these colors might not have meaning for the user. For them blue might equal strength. So blue would be a better color to use. When disigning your sigil you can use colors that flash. You can further bombard the senses with a mantra. For example "my desire is to be as keen as a hawk".
you would then permute this to "myd esir ai to thaw". Later is permuted to "mizir is kenai otaw" Spinning matras are made from foreign languages. Two people attend rotating on the different lines. Other sense can also be used to assault the consious mind.

Rituals begin and end with a banishing. The magical action is contained with in the two banishings. No thought goes beyond the ritual. One can devise ones own banishing ritual or use the Golden Dawn system. Magickian should feel free to adapt they should be open to impressions from the void. Shamans often times went to the void. You must be able to use formless energy to change the formed universe.

To change your reality you can make a sigil here is the Ritual

1. Temple has empty altar facing north.
2. Candle lit, incense burning, burning bowl for sigil
3.start your music
4. face altar meditate on Sigil
5.Caltrop Banishing Ritual
6. Pause
7. Chant Mantra
8.Whirl to music and mantra and keep sigil in mind
9.Stop whirling
10. burn the sigil
11. Reverse Caltrop

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Creating Money by Roman Sanaya

Creating Money is a book about manifesting money. In many ways it is the same as "Laws of Attraction and the "Secret" Many of the concepts I first read about in the book "Creative Visualization" by Shakti Gawain. There are a couple of new concepts mentioned in hear as well as some concepts from Ceremonial Magick and Paganism without it being directly stated. Hence it is a spiritual strategy book that is useful in garnering wealth that someone from any religion could use.

Typical to any book about manifestation the author tells you that you can draw wealth and happiness to yourself by visualizing it. But then it goes a bit further and gets into the nuts and bolts of our attitudes. The book was channeled to the author by his spirit guide. Hence he makes no claim to research.

To create the money and abundance you want in your life you first have to realize that you are the source of both good and bad that come into your life. It is attitude and what you believe. What you say influences your perception.What you perceive influences your life. Do not be afraid to visualize what you truly want and do not give your self excuses as to why you have to modify your wish and settle for less. The book calls for "unlimited thinking" which is basically ask for what you want and more as the universe has no limits. So visualize what you want and then improve upon it. To manifest you are called upon to visualize what you want, see yourself having it and actually be in the picture. You then surround your vision with a glowing orb of light. Of course negative thinking will come in like it does for most us gently put them in a bubble or a box and send them away. There is no reason why you cannot have what you desire.

The primary technique for magnetizing your desire and drawing it to you is to visualize a magnetic coil this magnetic coil will draw things to you that you want. Imagine it as big and strong as you like. Then activate your magnet to pull in what you desire. When you have invested enough energy you will know it and it is ok to stop. Belief and faith is essential so the authors advise that if you think you are asking for something that is too big you will not be able to believe that you can achieve it. Being practical the book asks for you to ask for something smaller and then slowly build your way up.

Important to any manifestation is to visualize yourself as already having it. So when you visualize believe you have it. When you have the money that you want it will also give you a certain quality. That quality could be feeling alive, feeling secure or having a feeling of more honor and prestige. Go ahead and feel those feeling and give yourself that quality even before you attain the money that you want. Start feeling alive and start feeling more secure. Act more alive and act more secure.This will send off a vibration from your body and soul that will attract the money you want.

Often times what we really want is not the money itself but something that money can buy. Maybe we want to buy a jacket that will keep us warm, or maybe to take a trip, or obtain reliable transportation. Keep your eyes open for that thing you want. It just might materialize for you before you get the money. You do not have to be wealthy to obtain what you want. The book is practical in this regard.

Just because we may want something does not mean we are going to get it right away or get it at all. Our Holy Guardian or our higher self will give it to us in our proper time when we are spiritually mature enough to receive it. Remember sometimes money causes more problems then it solves. Our higher self will not give us something if it is harmful to us, the world or another individual.

An element of trust is there fore needed. Just because or business goes through ebbs and flows and right now there is a downturn does not mean it is time for us to fret. it could be a sign that the occupation we are in is not good for us and we need a change. It is important to realize that we must find our line of work enjoyable and fulfilling. You will not be prosperous or achieve abundance in a job that you hate. Find something you like. Remember also that you are in a job or line of work to serve humanity. So approach your job with a positive attitude and find ways of serving people.

Natural ebbs and flows are part of natures way. There is birth, growth, decay, death and finally rebirth. The pagans recognize this as do Taoists. That is ok just go with the flow things will pick up. The book also exhorts us to spend money and money is energy and keeping the energy in flow helps people. When we spend money we are helping people make a living. We enable employers to pay there employees. Remember that it is also important to save.

Overall good book I give it 4 broomsticks out of 5. It has good exercises at the end of each chapter and it has some very practical information. The information is useful to both pagan and monotheist alike.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yemen : Dancing on the Head of Snakes

Yemen or Arabia Felix. beautiful mystifying and ultimately unknown. Even Western visitor who have visited this enchanted land must admit they have not seen or solved half the mysteries of this country. Far from being a unified country Yemenis often identify more with their tribe, region or religion than they do with their nationality.
At the Southern Tip of the Arabia Peninsula governing a strategic inlet into the Red Sea and important land area near the Hijaz area where Mecca is foreign invaders have often tried to gain control over this country. One things has always stood in their way the Northern Tribes or the Zaydis.

The Ottoman Turks were the first to try to take control. They were invited by the residents of Tihama who often were on good terms with the Turks. Yet it was the Northern Tribesmen who offered the Turks fierce resistance. After a series of battle with the Northern Tribes there was a truce of sorts. The Turks never had complete control over the tribal areas. The Turks eventually over stayed their welcome with over taxing and corruption and felt it was best to leave. They did. Occupying Yemen in too costly and not worth it.

In the Port city of Aden the British set up a colony. It was modern and very business oriented. Many of the entrepeneurial businessmen their had a Western mind set. Many Indians, Jews and others were successful there. But after a time things would get difficult for the British as well. They ended up leaving as Arab Nationalism gained favor.

The Turks would try a second time to occupy Yemen. They attempted governorship from Yemen. Eventually it was the same things that would drive them out. The British tried to Unify Yemen and get it to accept democracy and a unified governemnt. It ended up in conflict.With the Raoyalist going against the Rebels.

Imam Yahya ended up controlling the Northern yemen. Southern Yemen having a different government was more marxist. Imam Yahya governed with cooperation and help off the Northern Tribes. He ran everything until he was assassinated. In 1948. After that his son took control Imam Ahmad ran verything and micro managed everything. Imama Ahmad ruled until his death of natural causes. He was nicknamed the devil because he survived many assassination attempts. The Zadi sheik are Zayyids which means they are descended from the prophet. That gave them the right to rule.

Imam Badr was not so fortunate. Civil war ousted him or a REBELLION. He fled first to Saudi Arabia and then to England where he lived out his days. The rebellion happened because people wanted change. Egypt baccked one side and Saudi Arabia backed another side. Fro that point on there was a president, prime minster and ministers.

Victoria Clark was born in Aden when it was still a British Colony. She has since gone back as a journalist. I her book she covers the history of the country, her interactions with different individuals and the subtle nuances of Yemen. Such subjects that are covered are the corruption of the government and why the country is failing. Victoria Clark also dsicusses the rise of Jihadism and what it ultimately means for the Country. Yemen has been reunified since 1990 but thing have never been smooth. THere have been rebellions and civil wars. In 1994 Northern Yemen took over southern Yemen. Since them the Al Huthi clan has rebelled in six different wars from Saadah and there was a secceionist movement in the the South..

It is hard to ascertain what Yemen's future holds. To govern such a place is like dancing on the heads of other words it is tricky.


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