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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Sorcerer of Saint Felice by Anne Finnin

Michael is about to be burned at the stake in Orleans, France for the crime of sorcery. As the flames are about to engulf him along comes Abbot Francis Duchain to the rescue. Whispering a prayer to the archangel Gabriel, he proceed to call a halt to the execution. A rain storm conveniently arrives to make matters easier.

After being rescued Michael is taken to the Monastery where for or five other monks of the Benedictine order are housed. The monastery is famous for it's wine. Wine steeped in herbs at the right astrological time. It is a wine that heals every malady. Michael ponders on whether to stay or go. To venture beyond the walls is to risk certain death and capture. His prescence there is an annoyance to the authorities that want Michael dead.

Father Francis and company defend Michael three times. First against a bishop and a fellow named Montain who wanted Michael killed. Next and archbishop comes and scrutinizes the entire place. They find nothing.

While being housed at the Monastery Michael does partake in chores. After scouring the Monasteries library Michael find out that Father Francis is the infamous sorcerer Seratois who supposedly drowned in the river Tiber. Michael decide to learn angelic magic from him.

Eventually the authorities do catch up and the good abbot is about to be burned at the stake. I will leave the ending out of this review go read the book.

Ann Finnin has written a very entertaining book that is readable by children and adults. It is especially enjoyable if you are interested in exploring Angleic magic or have some background in Kabballah or the Clan of Tubal Cain.

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