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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatic Oils & Magick: A guide to their use in Magick, Healing and PerfumeryAromatic Oils & Magick: A guide to their use in Magick, Healing and Perfumery by Ray Sherwin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ray Sherwin is one of the big deals when it comes t the realm of chaos magick. This work is what I would call effective but in a more medicinal way. Not really a how to book or how to use oils for magic spells but rather how to use essential oils for perfumery and healing. That is what this book is all about. It is about aromatherapy.

I way it is sort of like a travelogue based on oils. Born in 1952, in England Ray had the pleasure of working for Scientology, Morton Press and finally as an Aroma therapist. In Leeds is here he opened up his shop. How did he get into this? Well the story starts off with Patchouli. Originally it was used to line or pack in with shawls rom India. The clothes were sprinkled with stuff and that is how you could tell if what you got was from India, that Patchouli smell. Eventually counterfeiters figured it out and started adding patchouli leaves or oil. It is also known as an aphrodisiac because it depresses the sympathetic nervous system. It is also good for skin infections like eczema and cuts. Patchouli was also used by hippies.
Ry then goes to write on how labdanum came from scything roses in Africa. Laudanum had lots of uses in Egypt and even helped a dynasty rise to power. Next we learn about the disinfectant properties of Frankincense and that there is a male and female version. The female version is softer and chewier and used for internal problem. His travels to Egypt take him t the Khan Khalili Bizarre where we learn about Musk oil, Civet oil and Ambergris, the three ingredients to Crowley’s Ruthvah formula.
After enjoying his travelogue consider the health information on the seed oils we use and how harmful they are. He advises using fractionated coconut oil. Ray has a lot of backlash for the pharmaceutical companies and the governments especially on how they promote dangerous drugs over herbs that are heling and beneficial. In the back you will find various uses for different essential oils matches to the ailment. There is also a description on how the oils are made. For a good base work on essential oils this book is a great starter.

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Mortal Instruments #1

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Things are about to get rather dicey for the young Clarisse Frey, what she thought would be another night out in a club, turns out to be a glimpse into another world. She was not supposed to see Jace and Alec killing a demon but she did. When her friend Simon walked in on her all he could see was her talking to herself. As though things could not get worse and ugly demon attacks her house and kidnaps her mother. Enter Jace and Alec again and Clary goes to the institute. At the institute she learns about another world, a world that her father and mother were connected to. Clary now finds that her life has a central purpose, to find The Mortal Cup. The mortal cup turns mortal into fighters against evil.

Clary is now seeing a world where vampires exist and have feuds with werewolve, both of whom are infected with demon disease. There are warlocks and witches the spawn of human and demon love. The Nephilim are the sons and daughter of angel an human love. Clary is not supposed to see this world after all she is a mortal. So off she travels to the city of bones to have the silent brothers open her mind and tell her why she can see this world. Next she goes to Magnus Bane who put the spell on her mind in the first place.
In a fast paced adventure to rescue her mom and stop Valentine from getting the mortal cup Clary and company will travel through portals, fight of vampires and learn secrets about her past that she has never known before. This story has romance , inner conflict an romantic triangles. A must read or the young adult reader

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Wars of Count Dracula

Dracula's Wars: Vlad the Impaler and His RivalsDracula's Wars: Vlad the Impaler and His Rivals by James Waterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally a book that focuses on Dracula's military career that does not elude to him being a vampire, which he never really was. The book is military history, it talks about the political intrigues with the Ottoman Empire, the Baltic states and Walachia itself. It also tells about Dracula's life and how political events shaped it.

Contrary to popular opinion the Turks or the Ottomans engaged in conquest not to enlarge the borders for the Islamic world, called Ghazi, but rather their expansion and movement westward was driven by tensions further east. Moreover loyalties were not based strictly on religious ground but rather they were based on personal interest. Turks or Christians could be loyal to just about anyone if it merited their survival and personal interest. This was true of Turkish tribes and Baltic princedoms.

In these fiefdoms like Transylvania and Walachia things were rather tense. The were small and almost powerless. They would Allie with the strongest party in order to keep their throne and kingdom. Inner politics were tricky as well. In Walachia there was the Voivod or king but there were also Boyars and Daxon merchants who wielded enough power to unseat a voivode. This could lead to civil war, which it often did and to outside powers leaning into their business .

Dracula's grandfather was the first Voivode and after him came Vlad Dracul II, Dracula's father. Dracula's father was sworn into the king of Hungry's Order of the Dragon. Designed to defend Catholicism from the Turks. Vlad was Eastern Orthodox and sometimes he switched sides and helped the Turks. This would put him at odds with the likes of Jonas Hunyadi form Hangary. At times Vlad would switch and fight for the Christians. All the while Dracula and his brother Radu were hostages to the Sultan. When Dracula's father died, Dracula would be released to assume the throne.

Dracula would have three reigns. At times he was deposed and had to flee for his life. Once he was imprisoned in Hungary at times he was o. The run from rival kings. During his tenure Dracula would deal with internal threats quite harshly and deal the Turks devastating blows. Dracula is remembered as a monster by some and a hero by others. Read the book and make a decision .

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Enter the Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Throne of Glass

Locked in the deathly salt mines of Endovier, Caelana Sardothien, is left to whither away and die. Once the most feared assassin in Ardalan,now just a prisoner slaving to death in themself mines. Her land Terrassen was taken over by Ardalan and her parents essentially butchered. Taken in by the assassin king she learned the deadly art of murder.
The king of Ardalan is having a contest to see who will be his champion, crown Prince Dorian , has chosen Caelana. Released from bondage and p!aced under heavy guard , she is housed in the castle of Glass and is trained and fed. If she win the championship she will serve 4 years as the kings assassin and then she will be freed. But the contest is wrought with danger. Magic and foul play are at hand. A monster from the realm of the dead is murdering the contestants. It it is up to Caelana to get to the bottom of things. Her nights are filled with dreams of an ancient queen who tells her of her important mission. Love triangles develop,friendship and loyalty are tested.
A well written book filled with intrigue,action and romance. Clearly a well written fantasy and if that is your thing then this book is for you. Enjoy reader and may your quest be fruitful

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