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Friday, December 24, 2010

Soul of Fire by Terry Goodkind

Since Kahalan rescued Richard from the Temple of the Wind the Chimes have been sent lose up the world. The Chimes are eating up all the positive magic and killing anyone who gets to close to a body of water or fire. Richard and Kahlan have to end their wedding celebrations early as Zed send Richard back to the Wizards Keep to get his sword and break a magic bottle. Anne the former prelate goes into Jagangs camp to rescue the Sisters of Light or to kill therm. Zed goes to Anderith to fight against the Chimes only to get turned into a Raven.

The Chimes have been let loose on the world before and there was only one Wizard who was able to contain them and that was Joseph Anders. He was the for father of Anderith. Zed does his best to look through the books and find clues as to how to fight the chimes so magic can be saved.

Anderith is at a crossroads.Jagang the emperor from the Old World want to strike and alliance with the city as it is crucial for supplying his troops with food and has Dirtch a system of stone bells that will kill any invader who tries to invade Anderith. Anderith is run by the conniving dishonest Minister of Culture m who inturn is assisted by his highly intelligent aide Dalton Campell.

Richard arrives and of course figure out the clues . Anderith decides to join Jagang but Riachard poisoned their food. Read the novel to find out the rest.

One drawback of this book is the lack of battle scenes. Most people who read the fantasy genre like to read battle scenes. They are scarce. The story also does not follow the typical story line structure.

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