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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to work fairies

Working with Fairies
Anna Franklin, New Page Books

Anna Franklin is a practicing witch who lives on the British Country side. Her book deals with how to see fairies and interact with them. The first chapter of her book deals with the relation between witches and fairies which is rather important . Witches got their magical powers knowledge of herbs through the fairies. Many witches when being bedridden by illness were often visited by a woman and taught their various skills. This was the queen of Elphame. In Italy she is called Herodias or Aradia and she is often called the Queen of witches. Most children and selected adults are able to see fairies. With most the ability fades over time as the mind gets more and more cluttered. Those with witchblood have the ability to fairies. These people probably have fairy blood in their veins. Such individuals often have prophetic visions and end up becoming great bards or mystics. Their ability to be a walker between the worlds is usually opened by a sickness which opens them to the fairy world.

If one wishes to make contact with fairies one needs to visit those in between places and leave offerings. Such places would include door ways, hearths , the beach sand between the water and dryland. One also finds them in caves, islands and bodies if water. Most noted are fairy riings and mounds .

When trying to contact the fey  it must be remembered that one is traveling between worlds. First step is clearing the mind and leaving all the junk behind. There is a technique to shut off the inner dialogue. Light a candle and just gaze at the flame for five minutes concentrating solely on the flame.  Next you are ready to meditate. A good pathworking consists of relaxation , actual pathworking, then the return. A good relaxation technique consists of getting comfortable and starting from you feet focus on different body parts feeling then relax and then slowly have the tension melt away. Focus on your breathing. Imagine yourself atop of five stairs and your self slowly descending .  The return involves walking back up those steps.

Here are some guided meditations.  The first one involves Avalon. This meditation involves having the magic barge part through the mist to get you. Morgana La Fey is on board. The barge takes you to the island.  This is one example of the meditations offered there are several others. The book also gives information on herbal concoctions and incensed that helps one see fairies . One must have pure intentions when contacting the fey. Do not take them lightly. When visiting the land of the Fey it is wise to glow proper ettiquwtte . Never thank a fairy, always call them the wee folk, the gentry or the good people. When in contact with fairies always be diligent with you offerings. When brownies help you maintain you home never give them gifts of clothing nor any excessive gifts as they find that offensive . If you are bring pixie lead turn your clothes inside out as that confuses them and helps to break the spell. When visiting the land of the fey it is wise not to eat their food as that traps you there or forever changes you.

Fairies also mate with humans but this can be fraught with danger. Often times after a fairy leaves their Human lover is left pining for the fairy. 

Not all Fairies wish humans well. Some do not like us. Fire elementals cannot approach us while water fairies and air fairies are friendly toward us. Gnomes or earth fairies do not like us but can be worked with. In the books end there are magical correspondences to help you work with them. 

Great book I give it five stars.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie Please

Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead
Christiana Miller, Hekarose Publishing
April 23, 2011

Get ready for a psychic roller coaster ride. This book is a tour de force novel of magic, spellcraft and over all chills. I bought this book and read it in two days. Once you get started you will not be able to put this one down.
The story starts of in Los Angeles, more notedly in the San Fernando Valley. Mara a heridetery witch is down on her luck. She has no job and subsists on unemployment. Her land lord who is usually more generous has given her extra time in the past to make the rent. This time things are different. Thanks to a new apartment manager who is a devout Christians and very anti-wiccan, Mara finds herself about to be evicted. Her best friend Gus helps her out by finding her jobs and helping her with magic. Mara creates a fetch in the shape of a crow.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin her aunt Tillie crashes the her car. A crow smashed through the windshield. Mara inherits the old cottage, which is rumored to be haunted. Problems arise as soon as Mara arrives. Her and Aunt Tillie start bumping heads. Mara employs a range of magical techniques in order to subdue her dead Aunt Tillie. Is this really a wise choice? IS Aunt Tillie really all that bad? She may have real good intentions. The family has a haunted past and not all spirits which to remain as spirits. Some want to live in physcial bodies again. Definitely a must read read if you enjoy magic and out of body experiences. This book gets five stars out of five stars.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Searching For Fairies

Janet Bord, Carrol and Graf

Pray tell me do you believe in fairies or the " good folk " as they are called? The jury is still out according to the critically thinking author. Plenty of people still believe in them though and there are several people even during modern times that still claim to see fairies. We are distanced from the belief of our elders.

The first two chapters discuss various fairy sightings , both ancient and modern, in that order. There are several salient features. First off fairies are usually seen in groups dancing around in a circle. They prefer to shun human contact . Most of the time they ignore us and disappear. Occcasionally they will retaliate with cruel jokes and even physical injury. Faeries very in their appearance . Some times they are 3-4 feet tall. Some times they are a few inches to a foot tall. At times they have wing but usually they look like bearded dwarves with brown crinkled faces. They ussually wear green and or red.
Faeries tend to live in old forts, ruins, hills and certain trees and bushes and woe to the one who trespasses or destroys their area.

What exactly are the origins are faeries? Who are they? Reading UFO abduction stories and fairie abduction stories revealing many common features. The aliens ate usually tiny and green and are about 3-4 feet tall. Some are even a few inches high . The pictures of aliens usually show them with large heads and large eyes. They also have horns at times. They abductions by and large are similiar to fae abductions. There is the distorted sense of time where in for the abducted a few minutes may have passed where as in reality years and years have passed. Some times human were abducted by both aliens and faeries for pro-creation purposes. Read through some early Garry abduction accounts and you will hear of people being taken onto carriages and flown through the sky and landing far away from the place of abduction. Very similar to a UFO abduction.

Other faery origins include nature symbols, fallen gods and angels and the souls of dead people. The land of the fae has long since been believed to be Under ground. Other believe it is an alternate realm, some thing that physicists are buying into 

Either way the truth is for you to decide.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tubelo's Green Fire

Tubelo's Green Fire
Shani Oates, Mandrake of Oxford

Prepare to dive into the depths of Hekate's cauldron and come out transformed. In fact that ie this is what the Traditional craft is all about self transformation, gnosis and wisdom. Everyrthing else is secondary. The book is divided up into four parts Mythos of Tubal Caine,female mysteries, male mysteries, priestly mysteries and ethos. Shani Oates is a member of the Clan of Tubal Caine a branch of British Witchcraft strongly influenced by Middle Eastern Mysticism. Having read several other books about this subject I can well attest that not only has Shani Oates gone beyond the others and delved deeper into the origins but at times she can go over the readers head.

Mythos talks about the origins of man kind and the descent of Lucifer. Lucifer is not a bad guy and neither are his cohorts, in fact they are good guys. The Supreme God did not create the universe but rather his first born son, Lucifer or light bringer. Lucifer should not be confused with Satan. His job and that of the other Gods or angels was to instruct mankind. To illustratrate this Shani Oates refers to Sumerian mytholgy. Enki is the avatar for Lucifer and Caine was his son. Caine taught smithcraft to the world. The shining ones as they were called were represented in reptilian form and were supposedly descended from a meteorite. Remember that snakes were often a sign for wisdom. Thanks to the shining one mankind was able to evolve in leaps and bounds.

The Clan of Tubal Caine are often refered to as people of the Goda. The origins of the term Goda are analysed in depth. The final meaning is derived from Anglo Saxon Terminology. THe Goda were priest kings. THe Priest Kings set out from the Trasylvanian mountains in all direction. They went to Sumer and to Ireland to become the Tuatha de Dannan. Interesting to note that the word for snake in Celtic Language is Sumair.

Bear in mind that Tubal Caine is a clan based craft that has a relations ship with an egregore tht is an avatar of the horned one or the male stag king. In the case of this clan it is Tubal Caine. Robert Cochrane the clan's founder believed in learning by poetic inspiration and he also studied lots of folk lore.

Hekate is the female Goddess for them as it is for most witches. She has the triune form and stirs a cauldron. Dogs and pigs are sacred to her. She is a goddess of transformation. She is also a goddess of dakness and her torch illuminates th night time sky for the seeker. The origins of Hekate are somewhat clouded. The Goddess of the crossroads, origninally started out as a Thracian Goddess who then evolved into a Greek Goddess. In Greek mythology she was a Titan who sided with the Gods against the other Titans. Hence she earned herself a place on Mopunt Olympus. From Greece she spread through the Roman world all the way to Britain. Artemis and Diana may be derivative or forms of the Goddess Hekate.
Another theory posits that she was originally the Goddess of Egypt called Hekt. Not unlikely since Hekt was a Goddess of Death and rebirth. Hekt 's sacred animal was the frog. These same fats hold true for Hekate.

The femine divine may have been submerged during the age of patriarchy but it was not completely snuffed out. Sofia was the wisdom Goddess. To approach wisdom one did not pray to the divine feminine as that was heresy. Rather man reached his highest state infalling in love with a woman and being romantic with her. This was a way of reaching enlightenment through Romantic love. The Dance of the seven veils which Salome did for Herod upon the execution of John the Baptist was a left over from Inanna's descent into the under world. At each of the seven gates she had to remove a article of clothing. Then completely naked and dead was she able to learn the secrets from Eshrikigal of death and darkness. Dance was also used to attain gnosis and enlightenment. The Hand of Fatima with an eye in the cneter was used to ward off the evil eye. Fatima a daughter of the prophet Muhammad may have been a personification of the feminine divine in Arabia. Allah had three daughters who were highly revered.
Shil Na Gigh was a crude statue in Europe of a dwarfen mis shapen crone exposing her genitals. This was sen as guarding of against evil.

The male mysteries revolved aroud the great horned king. A dance in Straffodshire England has a troup of twelve men dancing in a circuit acompanied by a hobby horse. The dark horns clash with the lighter shade horns. Symblc of the holly king and the oak king. Both in charge at various times of the year. From Samhain to Spring solstic is the time of the Holly King and from Spring until Samhain is the oak king. THe origins of the dance hail from Anglo Saxon invader from Northern Europe. The sacred antler of the stag are actually reindeer antlers. The horse and reindeer are connected to Odin who went on the wild hunbt collecting the souls of the dead. Finally the myth o the Gren knight is examined in dehe objet of the myth is gnosis and knowledge.

The priestly mysteries examine the myth of the Fissher King and the importance of connecting to the land. Yet even this goes back to ancient Mesopotamia. The Grail is reminescent of ofering bowls. Priest back in those days were represented by Fish. Enki the sea god was in charge of the Garden or the tree of knowledge. Celtic mythology has the same parrallels. The purpose of the Grail was not fertility but rather a quest for knowledge and wisdom. An enlightenment that came only from descending into the abys. What fruit was on the tree of knowledge and /tree of life. Assuredly it was not apples as you thought. But rather it was some sort of mushroom that enable one to experience the divine. The white stork was a protective symbol that fought evil by draining away it's life force.

Lastly the ethos of Tubal Caine were discussed. This section discusses some points of philsophy and mechanical working of rituals. The meaning behind inititiation is discussed and the transference of power. Shani Oates discusses some differences and similiarites between her crat and neo-pagan Wicca.
This is one power house of a book.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rediscovering the Feminine Divine

The Witches’ Goddess
Janet and Stewart Farrar, Phoenix Publishing Inc.

The past 2,000 years the world has been dominated by patriarchal religions that have suppressed the feminine divine impulse. This century has brought about a new awareness of the divine feminine principal. Wicca a fast growing religion based on ancient principals is spearheading the awareness.

But what exactly does the feminine divine principal mean? Ancient Paganism had a plethora of God and Goddesses how does the concept of only one God and goddess come about? Dion Fortune one time said that all Goddesses are one one Goddess and all God are one God. In effect all the Goddesses are masks of the great mother goddess and all gods are a mask of the male god who is both the consort and son of the great mother goddess.

The Farrar husband and wife team dive into ancient texts, mythology and scholarly studies to examine the goddess and her role in both ancient and modern life. Everything from early Mesopotamian texts all the way to Celtic texts are analyzed and studied. This is no Wicca 101 book but a comprehensive study of the Goddess and her many masks which encapsulate her many aspects.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part talks about the Goddess concept in general. Early mankind is discussed and how the women were revered for their ability to have children. The role of men was not realized yet. But as history moved forward the role of man became realized and slowly but surely man came to dominate as violent behavior and war fare became the norm. Patriarchy came supreme and the feminine was suppressed. But even as Christianity dominated the femine could not be entirely expressed. The virgin mary become the epitome of the mother Goddess. in fact many believe that the virgin mary churches and statue may have been Isis statues that were taken over by Christianity. The role of the dark goddess, the moon and Jungian archetypes are discussed in depth.

The second part of the book examine thirteen goddesses up close. a full story is given about them and a ritual honoring them.From the Middle East come Isis and Ishtar. Isis having an Egyptian ritual peculiar to her taken from the book "Egyptian magick" by Wallace Budge. Believe me this is Egyptian not Wiccan. Ishtar was the Babylonian queen of heaven who descended to the world of the dead to rescue Dammuzi her consort.speaking of descents to the lower world. There is a ritual for Demeter and Kore. Remember that Demeter has a daughter that gets abducted to the underworld. There is also a section for the lovely Aphrodite showing how she evolved from a Middle Eastern beginning into her Greek form as the Goddess of love.Lilith and Eve have a ritual dedicated to them as well. The ritual itself was rather comical involving a Jewish husband and a Christian wife. Good for laughs at least. Epona was a Celtic horse Goddess that came to be revered by the Romans, in fact she was the only Celt deity to be honored by the Romans. arianrhod mother of llew Laws also has a ritual dedicated to her as well. Of course there are a few others like Hekate, Maat, Brigid and Aradia but I will let the reader explore that for him/herself.

The third section of the book is a glossary of all the Goddesses world over. It makes for slow reading, but it is a great reference if you are trying to choose a deity to work with for a ritual. I mean if you are going to ask for money then you want a Goddess who deals with money right?

The book is well researched with a good bibliography in the back for further reading. These are not fluff book but books that are based on solid research. at the beginning of the section is an inventory of perfume and incense recipes that you can choose to make. This get's 5 out of 5

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In Search of Faeries

Faery Tale
Signe Pike, Penigree
November 2010

Starting from her job in New York as an editor for a major publishing company, Signe Pike decide that there is no magic and life is suddenly dissatisfying. She decides to begin her search for fairies. Her search starts off right in New York. Her apartment neighbor Raven, A reiki specialist and pagan high priestess senses faeries in Signe’s room that she is unable to detect. Signe buys books on faeries to do her research and even does a few rituals to attract faeries into her apartment. The cat seems to be the only one who can detect them, although Eric, her fiancée, and Raven detect strange things in the apartment.

Her journey then takes her to upper New York where she meets with people who build faery homes. The faery house builders claim that the faeries gave them their ability to do the proper art work needed to make the faery homes. Raven is a driving force in this quest which leads to the next place.

In Mexico there are faeries called the Aluxes. They are little small midget sized spirit beings who dwell in the Mayan ruins of Mexico. Her research leader to several interviews and finding out about little rock and stick figure that represent the Aluxes. Got to be good to them or they will cause trouble. If you’re a good person and you are good to the Alux then your Alux will be good to you.

Of course if one wants to find out about faeries which are in existence all over the world then one should head out to the British Isles. Her first stop leads to Brian and Wendy Froud, two well known faerie artists who have done several book and movies on faeries. It is during their workshops that they take their participants to the world of the faery. As a child Brian used to play in the woods and bushes. While playing in the woods he would soon discover that all the plant life has a spirit. Their visit is informative but as she is leaving Signe thinks she can hear them talking saying that it will be a miracle if she in fact find them. Her visit then proceeds to Glastonbury with Raven. Glastonbury is haven for faery seekers. It is there that the faeries play their first trick on Signe. Raven and Signe record a ritual on an ipod which gets erased and then later returned but registered on an earlier date. It is also here that a Robin befriends her and she keeps on finding a black feather where she goes.

Her excursions will last three months. She will travel to the Isle of Man, Ireland and Scotland. She will visit many faery places and all through her journey you will be kept wondering if she is in fact really meeting faeries or if it is just a play on her imagination. The faeries work in mysterious ways. She will be joined by her sister KP for trekking in Ireland. In the Isle of Man she will be befriended by a group of bikers who show her around. In Scotland her fiancée will join her.

All through out her journey she will flash back to memories of her father and not all of them are good. He was an outdoors type who could have a tendency to push to hard. Signe also has to confront and overcome her fears.

The faery world must be approached with caution as to disrespect them will bring their ire upon you and believe me that is not pleasant. Believe you this that with faeries nothing is given a way for free. If you know nothing of faeries then this book is for you. Faery mythology is covered along with different landscapes and thought forms associated with faeries.

I will give this book a five out of five.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Dreaded Nocturnonican

Konstantinos, Llewellyn World Wide

I always enjoy reading the works of Konstantinos. I enjoy it so much that I tend to read it in a day and then I am sorry the ride ended so quickly. With this book you will find that he has written down some pretty potent magic and it is very comprehensible. Magick, especially in this book is about getting results. No baloney morality here...techniques to get results.

Having some familiarity with Chaos Magick this book takes many of those techniques from Chaos magick, especially the Sigils. Well of course there is the last part on Lovecraftian mythos...definitely comprehensible Chaos magick.

Konstantinos wrote this book when he was undergoing a severe medical crisis that medical doctors could not ameliorate. There was a deformed vein in his brain thaat was causing parts of his body to go numb. He used chaos magick to assist in the healing and apparently it worked. I can relate to Konstantinos on many levels. I believe darkness can be very empowering and the primary purpose of magic is results. Enlightenment can come later. I myself have suffered a stroke and have an aneurysm on my aorta. I would like tom make it go away.

I found a lot of stuff in this book that is useful. The rest very effective but not something I see my self using. Most useful was the material found at the beginning of the book. There are two methods for "Drawing in the Darkness" Let me explain. First you find a patch of nightime sky with not too many stars. Just gaze into the darkness. Feel yourself sinking into the bed or whatever you are lying upon. you should feel yourself sinking in and the darkness pressing upon you. The earth is cool and damp. There are shadowing figures around you whispering. they turn to mist and swirl about you in a counter clockwise motion. This mist is like a tornado that you breath in. It fills your entire body. the second method is almost the same except it is shorter. You just breath in the dark Plasma.

A sphere in the Cosmos

You begin by standing in one place with your eyes open.Use shuffling step and start off slow. When you stop which ever direction you face will bee the direction you are doing your work. Breathe in deeply and visualize a purple glowing sphere. the purple sphere grows larger and pushes out the dark matter with in. It creates an oval roughly double your size and double your height in diameter. next you choose a quarter, randomly and feel the purple sphere crackle. You exhale feeling the charged air go into space. Go clockwise to the next quarter and exhale this time feel the purple energy going into your hands. It radiates out from your hands into the universe. The next quarter you exhale but this time you wet your right finger tip and feel the energy pass through your right finger tips out into the universe. Finally you go to the fourth quarter breath in hit your knees and exhale feel the energy hit the ground before going off into the universe. From this point you can meditate, do a magical working or go on to the next step.

Sigils are my my favorite as they are simple to use. Konstantinos has tweeked it somewhat but magic is about finding what works. Basically you choose your intent. Let us say "New Car" Write it down and cross out all the repeating letters. Your phrase is ANEWCR. From this you make up a new word like "WRCENA" Next you take the letters and combine them to make a picture. Save this. Next move variates from traditional Chaos Magick in that yoou can make a glowing sigil or a Blazing Sigil. With the blazing sigil you get a black block and with glue you make the design of your sigil. On that you sprinkle some flash powder. Imagine the purple sphere glowing and touch your right hand over the sigil. Exhale thirteen time and visualize your energy entering into the sigil. Then light it. The burned image is imprinted on your retina. Stare out into the sky and watch if fade away. Your ritual is down there is no banishing ritual. Now forget about the magical action and do something else.

The glowing sigil involves the rites as before but this time you paint the sigil on black paper using white paint. Crash around 11 pm Look at your sigil place your right hand over it and give it your energy. then switch on your black light. Your alarm should awaken you at 3 am. you will look at your sigil and let it it fades your wish is sent out into the universe. Now dispose of the paper without looking at it and forget the spell.

The section on Sex Magick I found useful. As it involved taking your intent statement and made up word and during an exciting time with your partner say that word to your self. As you reach the climax and you stay focused on the goal. After ward you can take some of the fluid and annoint your sigil. Then in a fews days you burn it in a ritual.

The section Hadetian rituals was interesting but of non use to me. I will not draw blood for scrying or any ritual purposes. Nor will I contact dead family members...just too many issues . Plus some of them require a multiple room dwelling.

Egregores are thought forms that are given energy by individuals and groups and they eventually take on a life of their own. These can be deities that we work with or even demon and other entities. Often times demons are just thought forms created from our negative energy and thoughts. Daemon are something altogether different. It was believed that Daemons were designed to guide us and protect us. Chaos magick believes that we created them to protect and guide us and they can be used to both protect and guide us.

Finally the book discussed Egregore from Lovecraftian mthos. Now Love craft was a fiction writer. So nothing he wrote was truly real, none the less peoople seriously believed in his mythos and they believed that a forbidden tome called the "Necronimican" was really out there. This created alot of power to be tapped into. Which is why people have found the ritual in the necronomican effective. their are evocations for the deities and instruction on how to work with them, But for that I will let you read the book. I am saving this for my own book of shadow.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Armenian Golgotha

Armenian Golgotha
Grigoris Balakian, Alfred e. Knopf

While studying in Germany at a theological seminary in Berlin, Grigoris Balakian, found himself getting caught up in the days events. Events in Austria-Hungary and Serbia started the war. Turkey and Germany were on the same side. In the midst of his studies Grigoris Balakian is summoned back to Turkey. While making his way back Grigoris make several poignant observations. The Germans mistreat people of foreign decent, especially if they are from enemy countries. Taking the ship back Grigoris realized that it was to his advantage to praise the Germans and the Turks. This made traveling g easier and may have even saved his life.

Upon arriving in Istanbul Grigoris makes several observations, about both the Turks and the Armenians and their political parties. He views things intelligently and with a critical eye. As World War I is looming most countries are keeping quiet and holding their cards close to their chest. The Armenians are the opposite they are loudly proclaiming support for Britain and France, the enemies of Turkey and Germany. Grigoris senses quite accurately that the Turkish government is preparing something big for the Armenians and feels that Armenian actions are just provoking Turkish ire and giving them man excuse for what they plan to do.

April 24, 1915 along with other leaders and intellectuals of the Armenian nation, Grigoris finds himself arrested and being deported to the interior of Turkey. The Destination is Chatirli. The trek in a caravan drives Komitas insane. Other intellectuals die along the way. This book is testament to what Grigoris Balakian was forced to endure. The ultimate aim of the Turkish government was to annihilate the Armenian nation. Along with arresting the intellectuals young men of fighting age were drafted as soldiers and then placed into labor battalions. After being place into a labor battalion they were disarmed worked to death and then finally executed at a mass grave. Turkish military also searched the homes of Armenian families confiscating what ever weapon they could find. Most Armenians did not have weapons so the Turks ended up confiscating kitchen knives. Later on the elderly, women and children were marched through the desert al the way to Dar es Zor a fiery hot desert.

The march was a death march. The Armenians were marched under the hot blazing sun and exposed to the elements. They were deprived of food and water. When they made enough distance from population centers the caravans of Armenians were set upon by violent criminals called "Chetes". They were released from Turkish prison with the sole purpose of annihilation of the Armenian population. They not only stole from the Armenians but they butchered the Armenians ruthlessly like savages.

Grigoris Balakian eventually escapes by working for a German rail road company. Disguised as a German he makes his way make to Constantinople or Istanbul. He eventually settled in Paris, France.

This is one document that demands to be read. It is a first hand account of the horrors experienced by the Armenian nation and it is filled with plenty of background knowledge. Grigoris Balakian does not just state the facts of tell a story. He informs the reader and analyzed everything with a critical eye. The man survived by his wits.

Grigoris tells us well the nature of the Turk and their brutal way of life. They have no education yet they persecute the Armenians for having an education. Their way of life is depredation and thieving. They thieve not only from Armenians but also from other Muslims. It was Armenians who were the craftsmen, farmers, doctors, intellectuals and financiers. When the Armenians were annihilated the Turks lost everything. They had no doctors to cure the sick, no one to harvest the grain, no craftsmen to repair needed tools. The Armenians were the pillar of Ottoman society.

The Germans who were Christians like the Armenians yet allied with the Turks were just as disdainful toward the Armenians as the Turks were. They stopped people from giving Armenian refugees food and they held very negative opinions towards the Armenians. The German military supported and even promoted the Ottoman campaign against the Armenians.

The Armenian leadership does not escape unscathed by his critical eye either. Many like the Nalbandian profited from the Genocide because the Turks gave them confiscated Armenian property and wealth. The Patriarchate was infiltrated with traitors who informed the Young Turks of everything that transpired. Many Armenians helped turn over other Armenians to the Turks and even helped the Turks draw up lists of Armenian community leaders. Other Armenians who were in the Turkish government knew in advance about the Young Turks plans and did not do anything to warn their fellow Armenians.

This book gets a five star rating.


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