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Monday, December 6, 2010

Talismans and Amulets

wisdom derived from the lectures and works of Donald Michael Kraig. More thorough review of process listed in "Modern Magick" 3 rd edition.

Talismans and Amulets are devices for magick. Magick is the ability to make a change. In the universe there are four forces of change known to scientist and they are Gravity, electromagnetic, weak atomic energy and strong atomic energy. The lat two were not known to scientist a century ago.

If anindividual wants successful magick they are required to have three things.

1) Positive Attitude: You need to know that your magick is good enough and that it will succeed. You need to believe in it. Mental attitude also effects healing a fact recognized by Western Doctors.

2) Energy) You need to know how to work with energy. Energy is raised and controlled by breath work and visualization work.

3) Knowledge) You need to know what to do with your energy.

There are a couple of ways to know if your magick is effective. The first change is Delta T. Delta T is a change in the temperature. Delta C is a change in time. Time goes slower or faster then you expect it to.

Banishing Rituals

THe First Banishing is the Lesser Banishing Pentagram Ritual. Banishing should be done twice a day.

1) Face East and touch your forhead while visualizing your energy touching your forehead. Say atah in a vibrating tone.

2) Bring your finger to your Solar Plexus and say Malkhut in vibrating tone. Picture energy going to the bottom of your body.

3) Touch your right shoulder picture energy leaving out your right shoulder and say vegivurah in vibratory style.

4)Touch your left shoulder same visualiztion and vibrate le olam Amen

The second part involves making the pentagrams. You are still facing east. You start at the left hip. Make a line going above your head and then bring the hand to your right hip. Next bring your right hand to the outside of your left shoulder. Then you bring it to your right side just outside the right shoulder. Finaly you finish where you began. After this you step forward with your left footboth hands held out evenly palms down. You say yud heh Vav Heh. You will turn clock clockwise to your right and repeat the process saying adonai for one side then ehheyeh and then Aglah

Next evoking the arch angels

1) To the East is Rafael hold out hand and vibrate Rafael
BEFORE ME (then vibrate) RAPHAEL (pronounced RAH-PHYE-EHL)

Imagine a scintillating brilliant white Archangel in front of you and facing you. In his/her right hand is a magical Sword held with the point upright. The background is a pale, pure, bright yellow. Cherubs can be imagined near the Archangel. Imagine a gentle, refreshing breeze, cleansing and purifying the air.

2. BEHIND ME (then vibrate) GABRIEL (pronounced GAH-BREE-EHL)
Imagine a scintillating brilliant white Archangel behind you and facing you, holding in their right hand an exquisite silver Chalice. He/she is standing on a Cerulean-blue ocean and dolphins or mermaids are nearby. Imagine feeling the mist and cool spray of the ocean breeze.

3. AT MY RIGHT HAND (then vibrate) MICHAEL (pronounced MEE-CHYE-EHL)

Imagine a scintillating brilliant white Archangel at your right, facing you, and holding in their right hand a transparent scarlet red Wand with a scintillate pure diamond top. Waves of scarlet, red-orange and orange fire in the background. Also, SEKHMET, with a scarlet disk above her head, emerald green Uraeus, scarlet dress from just below breasts, tight-fitting, down to her ankles, is in the flames. She holds, in her left hand, a scarlet-red lotus wand. In her right hand, she holds an emerald-green ankh. Small black salamanders can be seen moving among the flames. Imagine you feel the heat and power emanating from the SOUTH.

4. AT MY LEFT HAND (then vibrate) AURIEL (pronounced AWE-REE-EHL)

Imagine a scintillating brilliant white Archangel at your left, facing you, and holding between their hands a Disk with a scintillating white Pentagram in the center. The ground is russet-brown, the leaves of the trees are olive-green, there are black shadows from the trees in a number of places, and the light is citrine (light yellow-green.) Feel the solidity of the Earth, and imagine the odor of the leaves and muskiness of the ground.

Then Say "For about me flames the Pentagram and within me flames the six point star"

THere is another banishing ritual that one should be aware of this is from Chaos Magick. It is called "The Gnostic Pentagram Ritual"

1. Face any way you please and you can turn anyway you please.

Ritual Procedure
Stand facing any preferred direction.
Inhale fully. Exhale slowly sustaining the sound "I" (a high-pitched ieeeee! sound) while visualizing a radiance of energy in the head area.
Inhale fully. Exhale slowly sustaining the sound "E" (a lower-pitched eeeeh! sound) while visualizing a radiance of enerfy in the throat area.
Inhale fully. Exhale slowly sustaining the sound "A" (a deep aaaah! sound) while visualizing a radiance of energy in the heart and lungs, which spreads to the muscles of the limbs.
As in 2, but the sound "O" (ooooh!) in the belly area.
As in 2, but the sound "U" (a very deep uuuur!) in the genital/anal area.
Repat 6. Then 5, 4, 3, 2, working back toward the head.
Inhale fully. Exhale slowly, forming each of the IEAOU sounds in turn while, with the left arm, drawing in the air a pentagram, which is also visualized strongly.
Make a quarter turn to the left and repeat 8, then continue to turn and draw the remaining pentagrams with mantra and visualization until returning to the starting position.
Repeat steps 2-7 inclusive.

There is a second Chaos Magick Banishing Ritual. It is the banishing ritual of laughter Turn in a circle and laugh.

Talismans are magical devices that draw things to you like wealth, good luck fortune and health. An Amulet on the other hand repels things like bad luck, evil eyes, poverty and sickness.

The best times for making Talismans is during the waxing moon all the way to the full moon. Start from when the New Moon is barely visible. For amulets the best times is during the waning moon. THis is after the full moon start decreasing all the way until the dark moon.

When making amulets or Talismans one should have a specific goal in mind. Goals need to be very specific and you have to want or need it very badly. Just a note. People do not need money they need the things that money can buy.

Goals should be smart goals. S) Specific or concrete M) Measurable,quantitative and meaningful. A) Attainable R) Realistic T) Time Frame goals should also be ecological and beneficial to everyone else.

A great way to build magickal power is to lower your expectations. Lower expectation means more success, more success increases you magick and your power.

Talisman can are objects that can be either sacred or profane. It can be with or without symbols. It needs to have an end and it needs to be consecrated.

There are five basic types of Talismans/amulets. 1) Prefab or ones that are all ready made. 2) Found, like a stone or a necklace 3) Traditional Structure, this means that it is created on traditional pattern ie using the hebrew letter of the Rosy Cross Malchut for money. 4) Compress alphabet and make a sigil design. Chaos magick sigil take out duplicate letters and vowels. 5) Free Form which is done by allowing spirit to write through you. Austin Osman Spare had a techniqie called free drawing. Do a lazy figure 8 focus on your goal and then let it go.

Before making your talisman/amulet you should do a divination of sorts to see what the results of the action would be? You may or may not want to do it.

Step two design your talsiman. Step three you should purify your talisman/amulet. This purification can be done in a variety of ways. Keep under running water, run it through smoke, pass it through fire or bury it in the ground. step four give your talisman a time limit to achieve the goal. Step five purify yourself. This usually done by taking a shower. Finally you perform the ritual.

Steps tp perfroming the ritual

1. Clean your ritual area. 2. Do your bansihing ritual 3. Project sight, in ceremonial masgick you step forward with your left foot hand are held straight out palms down. You should breath out. Call on power of Deity to charge your amulet or Talisman. THe Wiccan way as taught by Raven Grimassi is during a full moon you form your hands into a triangle and gaze at the moon and keep it in the triangle until you see a hazy double. Take this double and put it on your talisman

There is a chaos magick way. You place the Talisman/Amulet in your left hand keep looking at it and spin around counter clockwise until you falldown or puke.

When your Talisman/Amulet has achieved it's purpose You should banish it again, cleanse it or Destroy it. Once you have charged your Talisman/Amulet. You should Banish the area. keep a record of what you did, Keep your Talisman near you.

Scot Cunningham had a technique of making Guardians out of monster toys. Much like above save you charge it for protection.

When making amulets or talismans Kabbalists used to use Virgin parchment. Todays practitioner can use unrecycled paper.

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