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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Tree of Enchantment

A spiritual pathway is shown to us by Orion Foxwood a well renowned Faery seer who has drunk from many a well of wisdom. The path to enlightenment lies within, as does your journey through the tree of enchantment. Before you begin your journey you must first have self understanding. You have three different souls and one spirit.Your consciousness is able to move from one to the other, with proper training. The first soul is your surface walker. This is your everyday body that roams the planet earth. Your dream walker is the being that walks beneath in the underworld. It is very emotional and corresponds to water and oceans. Your Star Walker is your higher self the one that roams about in the Astral realms.

Your journey begins with the realization that although you have freewill you are really connected to everything on this planet. The Division of separation is just an illusion. You start with your ancestors. You contact and work with your ancestors by setting up an altar for them and an ancestor pot. You make daily food contribution of the food and drink they enjoyed in this world. Your objective is to reach the River of Blood. It is at the River of blood that you heal your ancestors and get guidance from them. They can also protect. Sometimes there is a melancholy as you feel their sorrow but on the other bank which is the Bank of Truth. You will travel down the River of Blood and contact the Supernal Ancestor of Man. It is both male and female and lives on an island of bones. It has a silver object for you. This reconnects you to mankind.

Your next destination in the Guardians and this is a horned god who is in charge of nature and maintains the laws. He is also the one who guards the way to the weaver who is in charge of generation, destruction and regeneration. Creation and destruction on our planet through the three threads she weaves. Both of these divine beings are attended by other beings. The guardian is enthroned by representative of thee four elements. The weaver is attended by three women of fate and sometimes washer women. Faery women that cleanse you before meeting the weaver. Meeting the weaver will help break the chains of illusion and fear and show you your true purpose. After meeting these two divine beings you go to the well of the dreamer.

The Well of the Dreamer is surrounded by by thorny rosebush. If your heart is pure and humble then they will open us for you if not they will cut you. The dreamer is the one who dreamt this world into being. We are all part of his dream. The Dreamer is an androgynous being that is asleep. During the age of Aquarius he will open one of his eyes and the world will experience enlightenment. The dreamer who is the creator of this world is a child of the Star Father and the mother Goddess who is identified as the Utterer. The Dreamer is likened to a piece of Star that fell to earth and penetrated it. This is the reason that there is life on the planet Earth.
The of Faeries lies in the underworld. Brigh is their queen. The faeries came down to Earth with the Dreamer. We each have a Faery counterpart whom will experience enlightenment with us.

Next we travel to the Astral realms were we experience contact with the the Star Father and the Utterer. We also meet the Holy Fire or formless fire. This is the life force that permeates us all. This is the master creator. It is a long journey and do not think you will make it in a year. Such a journey may take life times.

Anyone wanting to learn about Faery seership would be well advised to read from this book. The book outlines the path that you will take and it gives you exercises to help you traverse along the path. Mr. Foxwood has studied Traditional Witchcraft and Appalachian magic traditions. This book get 4.5 broomsticks out of 5

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