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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nocturnal Witchcraft by Konstantinos

Nocturnal witchcraft is geared towards people who have a connection to the nighttime energies that are present after everyone goes to sleep. This is in no sense a book on black magic. People can fall into one of four categories and they can change within their lifetime. The first type of people are those who are light good. These are usually people like Jesus or Buddha. Ones who desire to serve humanity with selfless motivation. The second type of people are light evil. These are people who maybe pious on the surface yet cheat in their business dealings. They maybe televangelist who preach the word of good yet use all the charity they collect to buy themselves expensive cars etc. Next is dark evil, these people are just criminals. Last there are those who are dark good and this book is geared towards them. These people tend to be undercover and are usually adepts. They like to wear black and silver and generally gravitate towards the moon. These people are usually active at night. They can be detective or people who work at night.

The book goes through a variety technique that range from doing magic at night, mind reading,skrying, contacting the underworld and casting spells using nocturnal techniques. I myself am not much into scrying but I do like the mental exercises he explains as well as the spell casting.

He warns anyone who seeks to use magic for evil purposes. It is bad karma and you will feel the results. Like many neo pagans who goes on to say that all the Gods are
a reflections of the ultimate source. A deity is like a stream that connects to the source. Our ultimate aim is to reconnect to the source. It takes many lifetimes to perfect our souls but that is what life and magick are all about. We choose what life we will live and what lessons we need to learn before we are even born. We dies but are later reborn until we have perfected our selves in order to be reunited with the source.

Anubis and other deities identified as death are meant to help us when we die. They take out the anxiety and explain to us what is going on. When people die they experience two deaths. First is the death of the body and then a few days later the astral body dies. After the astral body dies the souls can go to two places. One place is the lower realm where troubled souls work out their karma before moving on. Summerland is where the untroubled souls go. Sort of like a paradise.

Overall great book. He discusses the days of power and explains how to celebrate them at night. He also describes how to set up a nocturnal altar. It does not require many tools. The altar is where you rest your tools. First you will need a black handled Athame. black is good because it absorbs all the different colors and energy. When performing at night it is wise to have a black ritual outfit that is used strictly for doing magick at night. The night time magician also need a nocturnal portal for this you use a magick mirror which is glass with one side painted black andd these are available at new age shops. On each side of your nocturnal portal you can place a black taper candle. Silver ones can be used to full moon celebrations. A censer for incense should be placed in front of your portal. Pictures of you God and Goddess can go behind the censer on the right and left side.

Next for your rituals are temporary tools. These are incense sticks (sandalwood,or lavender), a red candle, glass of water and sea salt. The book is loaded with techniques and is simpler then other ritual set up I have encountered. I advise that you read the book and take out what is use full.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dracula The Undead by Dacre Stoker

Twenty five years after his supposed demise in Transylvania , Count Dracula is still alive, or so it seems. Before the story starts the reader is invited to read a letter written by Mina Harker to her son Quincey Harker telling her of the past and how it sill haunt them.

Jack Seward a once famous scientist is on the trail of another vampire in France. Her name is Elizabeth Bathory He espies her in her house killing young women and then bathing in their blood. Later he catches up with her in Paris only to get run over by a carriage that has no driver.

That same night young Quincey Harker watches Basarab a well known Romanian actor perform King Richard the third. Thee two get acquainted and Basarab takes the young Quincey under his wing. Jonathan Harker has explicitly banned young Quincey from the theater and has forced him into law school in Sorbonne.

In London inspector Cotleridge has always suspected that Van Helsing is the real Jack the Ripper. He is in for a real surprise. Jonathan and Mina Harker are both well to do but the marriage between them is unstable. Jonathan is a heavy drinker and the romance between Mina and the Count is always something that comes between them. Quincey will find out about this later and hold it against his mother.
The vampire Elizabeth Bathory will soon track down Jonathan and impale him in Picadilly square. Cotleridge will suspect Mina and the so the story takes off.
Bram Stoker himself makes an appearance as an owner of the Lyceum and is putting together the play of Dracula. Quincey will help Basarab get the part after John Barrymore refuses it and heads back to America.

Bathory sets about killing everyone involved with slaying Dracula twenty five years ago. Yet Dracula is still alive. In this novel he finds redemption.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vampires : The Occult Truth

Konstantinos is a well known author of occult works and he focuses largely on Nocturnal Magic. In this book he focuses on vampires. Vampires have been identified in every culture going all the way back to the first civilization, the Sumerians. Seems that thorough out the different cultures there are two main types of vampires. Physical vampires that actually drink blood and psychic vampires that feed off your psychic energy. In Sumeria there are emikus or angry spirits who died a violent death. They come back for retaliation. There are seven demons who are vampires and it is noted that they feed off human flesh and blood and are afraid of holy people and places. Lilith who is a demon is not a vampire but at first was a nuisance to the Gods.
In the Indus river value and the orient there were Vampire Gods with green faces and long fangs. In Africa and Canada there are Hags and witch doctors that have astral bodies that leave at night and psychically attack people when they sleep. This stuff is not fiction it is folklore and back in the day folk lore was considered fact. These people got it from somewhere. He does warn about the dangers of blood drinking for mortal blood drinker and he does approach the subject witha very scientific attitude. Psychic vampire are what we need to fear the most.

Vampires are further subdivided. Among physical vampires there are immortal blood drinker and there are mortal blood drinker. Immortal blood drinker are not what they appear as in the movies. They ussually have long nails, long hair, somewhat bloaded and have a shade of red about their skin. They can be killed by driving a stake through their chest, holy water or burned. Even enchanted bullets can kill them. With regards to this type of vampire the author advises keeping an open mind and mentions that it is highly unlikely that one will encounter this type of vampire. Their existence is hard to prove.

The second type of vampire is a mortal blood drinker. These folks ussually are imitating their favorite demon. There is a disease called Renfields Disease where in a young kid will have a craving for blood. Other mortal blood drinkers feel a craving for blood and feel that drinking blood gives them extra powers and makes them feel good. Some even believe that they have characteristics of vampires.

The next two types of vampires are psychic vampires. The first type of psychic vampire is an unintentional vampire who is usually sick or very old and cannot generate enough psychic energy on their own so they unintentionally get it from others so that they may survive. Some times they have tendril creeping from their auras in order to tap into the energy of others. Sometimes their astral body leaves them at night and finds victims.

The intentional vampire can use his eyes and has learned how to be a psychic vampire duringg his lifetime. His/Her astral body continues feeeding off of peoples aura even after he/ she dies.

The author has filled his text with stories and ancedotes and he has communicated with mortal blood drinker.

In the last chapter of the book he gives a program or visualization to combat psychic vampirism,
The first part is purification. This means taking a shower or bath. Meditate while bathing and picture the shower stream being energy that are cleaning off the negativity of the day.

Next is the banishing ritual.Set up your materials before bathing. Stand at the Western end of your table facing east. Take three slow deep breaths and feel yourself getting energized. Light your incense and move around clockwise saying I purify this space with air. after going around your sacred circle place the Incense at the Eastern end off the table. Next take your candle colored white. Walk around clockwise saying I purify this space with fire. Place the water on the south side of your table. Next take the element of water mark the perimeter by sprinkling drops of water on the floor. Say "I purify this space with water" When done place the water on the West Side of the Table. Then take salt and walk around sprinkling bit of salt saying i purify this place with Earth. Put your salt dish on the Noerth side of your table.

Next you see a globe of glowing light. With each breath picture it coming closer to you. Eventuyallly it is inside you and expands. You will be enveloped in thee light. The ligght should eventually engulf in your circular area. Come up with a symbol for protection It should bee the size of your hand floating off your chest it glows in a blue light visualize it to the East,soth west and north. Then seal it by visualizing the symbol on above you and the floor. Finally say " Ii stand now in sacred space. Only light may enter this purified area"

Breaking the ties means that you explore your aura and see where it;s tendril have attached themselves to you. Take deep breaths andd picture your index finger becoming like a light saber cutting away the tendrils breaking the connection with the psychic vampires. Last you visualize your aura expanding with deep breaths and invision it getting porcupine spines. At thee end things decrease bacck to normal this trains your aura for psychic self defense.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wicca : A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Scott Cunningham one of the foremost experts on Wicca has written a book geared towards the beginner and solitary practitioner of Wicca. Not every practitioner of Wicca will join a coven. Another piece of good news is that Mr. Cunningham has injected a spirit of individuality and freedom into the craft that does not bind one strictly to on way as the only way.

The book covers alot of ground. It covers Runes, rituals, Sabbat and different meditations. It is a good companion for Silver Ravenwolf's "Teen Wicca" What I liked about the book is that it gave you the freedom to make your own way into Wicca. Included in the book is an herbal grimoire, knowledge of Runes and what they mean, all of which In plan on photocopying before I return it to the library. I have included some notes I have taken on the book below. Excellent book.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Days of power and Ceremonies

Further notes on Scott Cunningham's book.

Through out the year there are several days of power. Every full moon there are Esbats. There are 8 Sabbats during the Years. These are important. The first Sabbat is the Yule which occurs on December 21. This is the birth of the male god. It is said that the Persian God Mithras was born on this day and the Christians merely appropriated it. This is also tghe shortest Day of the Year.

Next is Imbolc. This occurs roughly around the beginning on February. It is meant to mark the Goddesses recover after giving birth. In this Holidya the god is a young boy who fertilizes the earth. It also acts as a purification from being shut in all winter. It is known by several names and some Wiccans wear a crown of candle in celebration of this this holiday.

Ostara Occurs around March 21 which is the Spring Equinox. In this Holiday te Goddess awaken from her winter rest. This is a time of expansion. Animals and people are encouraged to reproduce. It is a good time for doing spells that involve future gain or tending garden.

Beltane occurs on April 30 This is symbolic of the Goddess becoming pregnatn from the God. Phallic symbol are erected mostly May poles. People would awaken at dawn gather flowers and there is dancing around the pole.

Mid Summer Solstice on June 21 is when the powers reach their peak. Both God and Goddess are awash in fertility.. People leap over bonfire to encourage fertility, love health and love. This is the perfect time for all sorts of magic.

Lughnasadh happens on August 1 this is the first harvest. It was when crops whiother and drop their seeds. THe male God is losing his strength and the Goddess is feeling sadness.This is also known as August Eve or Feast of bread.

Mabon occurs Septemeber 21 during the Autumn equinox and the day and night are equal. Nature declines and her crop, bounty and goodness are being withdrawn. The Male god wanes while at the same time growing in her belly.

Samhaim which we know as Halloween occurs October 31. This marks the death of the male God . This is ussually a time of reflection when peopl look back over the year and reflect upon what they have done and trhe concepts of life and death. During this time animals are sacrificed in oreer to gurntee food for the winter.

Most Wiccans believe in reincarnation as the God is born dies and then is reborn.

There are 8 step to perfroming a ritual. THe first one is purification of the self. This is usualy done by bathing and getting one self cleaned. Some can use music or allow themself to let the wind blow on them.This gets rid of the negativity.

THe next step is to purify the space. This is more difficult if the ceremony is being done indoors. First one can sweep the area clean with a broom and can also sweep it symbolically using a witches broom. One can also sprinkle salt along with different herbs to help purify a space. Incense serves the same purpose.

Next is to create the sacred space. This is done by creating your circle calling your corner/ Next you invoke the deities to join you, observe the ritual, raise the energy, Earth your power, Thanks the Deities and then break your circle.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Notes on Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Wicca was formerly closed off to society at large. Now a days things are beginning to change. Anyone who can read has access to the knowledge of Wicca. The religion of Wicca is based on SHaminism which is one of the oldest religion around. Shamnism came before societies were formed. Shamanism enabled people to access altered states of consiousness via such tools as fasting, music, dance, herbs etc. The Shaman or person who accessed these states often kept the information to himself and shared only a bit of what he knew.

The religion of Wicca is based upon the reverence of the two deities. The Goddess and God both are equal and one cannot have one without the other. The same would go with both good and evil. In nature there is this duality male and female. The Goddess has many different names across a variety of different religions as does the God. Ussually the Goddess is represented by the moon at night and the God is represented by the Sun during the day. A good time to connect to the Goddess is when viewing the moon at night and saying a little prayer. The same could also hold true for the God.

The Goddess goes through three stages, as represented by the moon. First she is the maiden as young woman in the full of life. Her second stage is that of the Mother someone pregnat with life and giving birth. Finally she is the crone advanced in years, nurturing and full of wisdom. The Male God goes through three stages as well represented by the changes in the solar year. First he starts off as a young boy being birthed on December 21 the time of Yule. A young baby comes to manhood during the Beltane holiday and finally passing on dur9ng Samhain. THe cycle repeats itself on the Yule.

Wicca is a religion that embraces magic. Magic is the projection of natural energies to produce a desired effect. There are three kinds of energies or power. The first type is Personal power. This is the power that exists inside each and everyone of us. The second power is natural power. Natural power is the power contained in nature. All elements in nature have power be they stones, fire or water. Finally there is divine energy an energy that comes from the God and Goddess.

To perform magic one needs certain tools or at least the tools are helpful. The first on is a broom. Brooms dispel negative enrgy and protect the home from bad vibes. The next is the wand. THe wand is used for invoking deities or powers. At first a wand can be made of any material later on more specialized forms of wood produce a more beneficial efect. The next is a censer. A Censer is what burns the incence. You can take a vessel fill it with sand or salt to absorb the heat from the charcoal. Sprinkling incesnce on charcoal is the preferred way. THe next is the cauldron where many potions and things are made. It is the most important and it represent the Goddess. Your next tool is the athame or magical knife which is used to direct energies raised during your ceremony. A white handled knife of Boine is used to carve your ritual item. Other items include a pentacle, crystal ball, bell and book of shadows.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry

Shortly after the first Crusades in the 11th century the Christian wrested control of Israel/ Palestine from Muslim control and set up a Christian Kingdom. The Muslims were not too happy with this and many continued to maraud Christian pilgrims on the road. Hugh De Payan. The order originally consisted of 9 knights who took vows of discipline and poverty. Each new Knight had to provide his own weapons and horse. After a time they were officially sanctioned by the pope. They were housed in Solomon's Stables. It is widely assumed that they did excavations under these stable and brought back many artifacts. In time the Templars became a very powerful order and very wealthy. in 1307 Philip the Fair of France engaged in a slander campaign and destroyed the order. Jaques D Molay was their last leader. Philip wanted to plunder Templar wealth but was unable to. Many things were hidden. Including the Great Devise of the Templars.

The main character of the book is Cotton Malone a former US agent and navy soldier who now has a book store in Copenhagen. His friend Stephanie is visiting from the US armed with a journal from her late husband Lars Nelle. Lars was after the Great Devise of the Templars but never really found it. He ended up committing suicide.
Some at the outset tries to steal the journal from Stephanie but Cotton sees them in the act. He confronts then on a tower after which they hurl down to their death. Stephanie recovers the journal and whisks off. Later Cotton follows her to an auction where Stephanie tries to purchase a book on Templar History. She is outbid. Later on Malone will save her from a monastery.

The Templars are alive and well. They have an outpost in the Pyrenees mountains. They are going through turmoil as the old Master dies and a new master who is ruthless takes over. Roquefort pursues the protagonist relentlessly to retrieve the Devise. He dreams of reestablishing Templar greatness.

Mark the Senechal also goes in search of the Devise and is some one who is half muslim and half Christian. What is so imporatant about the Great Devise. Suffice to say it has an important revelation about Jesus.

This is a good book. The dialogue is much improved from some of his earlier works but could still use some improvement. The book is loaded with History that any Templar buff would enjoy. Steve Berry does have interesting and good story lines.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

"The Biblical Hebrew Origin of the Japanese People"

Joseph Eidelberg a former engineer for Dead Sea products wrote two books after he retired. This was his second one. It is a short read, one that could have been a little bit longer. in this book the author makes the assertion that the Japanese people are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel.
The fate of the lost tribes is a mystery apparently no one know what has happened to them after they were exiled from the Northern Israel. The author says there is no mystery using biblical sources and Josephus the author deduces that originally the lost tribes settled in Afghanistan namely in the areas of Khalack and Khhyber. It was in those areas that they had set up a kingdom that was based on trade as it was located near the silk road. These people used to communicate with the Judeans. Finally after 800 years of living there massive sandstorms made life unbearable so they had to travel further east. Some of the places they stopped were Kaifeng and Korea before coming to Japan or the empty Islands in the second century a.d.
The people back then were called the Yamamoto people. Their origins are a mystery. Some traces of their legend survive in a book called the Nihon Shoki. In this and other works are words that can be seen as variation of an original Hebrew language. The meaning of several of these words correspond as well. The legends of the Nihon Shoki contain variation of several stories in the bible. Of course some of the names are changed and some variated. The book has an exhaustive list of words that derive from Hebrew. The letters of their original alphabet in several instances resemble those of Hebrew. Shinto means the "Way of God" Several Shinto shrines have an architecture that is similar to the Temple in Jerusalem.
Many element of theeir Hebrew became lost as thee Chinese began importing Buddhism . Slowly but surely they also started adopting Chinese writing. There was a movement bu the Shinto priests to reverse this trend but it ultimately failed.
In my mind there is no doubt that Middle Eastern Society and Hebrew civilization had an impact on Japan. The author's thesis does need more investigation in order to substantiate a majority off his claim.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Angel money spell

This has been adapted from a spell written by Silver Raven Wolf. I have made some changes to it I'm order to enhance it. Important note seal the air clockwise with equal armed cross, rattle , or right hand when poem is completed.

( I say psalm 119.then I say Hashem I request your prescence with me in this ceremony)
( I light a candle colored white to signify the purity of my intention and the purity of my action.)
( I light a candle colored green. As O light this candle I can see money ,luck and prosperity flowing my way for the benefit of my family)

Intention: the intention of this spell is to increase the luck and abundance flowing into my household.

After each line shake rattle of clap and say "ho"

Ariel begins it.
Baradiel guides it.
The Chalkydri sing it.
Devas manifest it.
Elohim wills it.
The Fravashi better it.
Gabriel brings it.
The Hafaza watch it.
The Ischim balance it.
Jael guards it.
Kadmiel births it.
Lahabiel aids it.
Michael raises it.
Nebo Ministers it .
Ofaniel sees it.
Patron Angels devote it.
The Queen of Angels speaks of it.
Raphael inspires it.
Sandalphon prays it.
Thrones sanctify it.
Uriel strengthens it.
Vrevoil reveals it.
Watchers protect it.
Xathanael patrons it.
Yahriel places the glory of the moon on it.
Zodiac Angels seal it.
And Spirits bring it through time and space.
So be it. Ho!

(Hashem please answer my petition for the good and let no curse result from my actions)
Bow and leave the ceremony.


Holy Morroccan Sage engaged in Prayer

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