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Friday, September 3, 2010

Necronomicon by Ed Simon

This is one of those books that is the subject of much discussion. Go to the book reviews of and you will find people that have performed the rituals described in this book and they will claim that they worked. Other people will tell you the book is hoax, a complete work of fiction.

Necronomicon is actually mentioned in several of HP Lovecraft's books with regards to the mythology of Ctulhu. The book is only mentioned and contents are not really spilled out. According to the mythology before man first walked the earth everything was Chaos and the Ancient ones ruled. The Ancient ones were headed by Tiamat, dragon Goddess of Sumeria. Her assistant was Kingu. An epic battle took place in which Enki blessed his son Marduk to go into battle against Tiamat and Kingu. Marduk was successful and he took the blood of Tiamat along with some clay and created the race of man. Who blew into man his breath which gave man life. Tiamat was driven into slumber and the Ancient ones were driven behind the gate ever waiting their return. The Ancient ones hate the race of man. Yet walking on this planet are cults that worship the Ancient ones.

According to the introduction, Abdul Harazed, nicknamed the mad Arab is the person who collected the information and compiled the book. He advises against even reading it, let alone using it. One must be careful when calling on the Elder gods who are now sleeping and in the event of emergency will have to be reminded of their commitment.

The book was published by two other people besides Ed Simon. Supposedly they suffered strange mishaps and one of them was dead yet somehow able to carry on his business. The book is based on Sumerian mythology and from what I have read it is pretty accurate. The introduction is fact filled with information about the American author Lovecraft who went back to living with two aunts. The intro also talks about occultist Aleister Crowley who was not directly exposed to Lovecrafft's work but was interested in Sumerian mythology. Some believe that the two minds connected on some Astral level and their connecting point was Sumeria.

Contained in this book are invocations of the Elder gods. There are also the fifty names of MArduk and formulas for passing through the gates of each of the gods. The demons also have formulas to help summon them. If one wants to do the ritual I advise at least reading it twice because the rituals seem rather complicated. Severaal rituals call for obtaining metals and engraving sigils on them and wrapping them in expensive silk. Like other forms of magick you do have to cast your cirle. You watcher protects you but if the ritual is not done correctly then your watcher can turn on you. This is a great book if you are into Sumerian mythology,ritual magick and/or Lovecraft.

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