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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Book of Vampyre Virtues

Vampyre Virtues; The Red VeilsVampyre Virtues; The Red Veils by Father Sebastiaan Van Houten

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reading Father Sebastiaan's works is a very empowering experience. It is an action that opens up your true inner potential. The forward rightly states it, Vampyre's are classy elegant and refined. They are the next level of human evolution. Father Sebastiaan not only founded "The Sanguinarium" and has written several book on Vampyres, the third one whose coming I am looking forward to. Father Sebastiaan is also a fangmith. He designs custom fangs for members of the Strigoi Vii or living Vampyres. He gets the material for this book from his conversations with the clients. The Father always makes note of the fact that there is a great psychological change that comes over his clients when they get their fangs made and they try them.

In his book Father Sebastiaan covers over one hundred topics. Eaach entry is about two pages long. For the sake of summation I like to divide things into Dayside and Nightside categories. This book delves into the Vampyre culture and gives the newbie some information that will help them become part of this culture.

The dayside reality deals with mundane life. Vampyres have to be part of the modern day world. For use in the day side activities is a love of material things that fall within affordability. The Vampyre roams with a sense of independence and commonsense self interest where he or she realizes that they must help themselves first before they can give to other. Inherent in the ideology is a recognition that some people are in fact better at things than other. Nothing it equally distributed. Some have more and some have less. The philosophy embraces reality. Vampyres have a deep love for fine clothes, food and sensual pleasure. They have an inkling for elegance. Seduction and glamor play a part in the dayside mundane reality.

Nightside is the area of magic and the inner world of the vampyre. Many vampyre's being independent use magic as they see fit. Often they will switch paradigms to suit the need and may even mix and match . They are not slave to any one form of magic or the other. The Night side reality discusses the social life of the vampyres and the inner working of the order. Twilight represents the ultimate balance between the two. Vampyres strive for immortality which means taking good care of their health and keeping their body as young as possible.

This book makes a great compliment to the author's first book "The Sanguinomicon" Strive for immortality and all hail Elorath.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Book of Jewish Magic

Jewish Magic and Superstition: A Study in Folk ReligionJewish Magic and Superstition: A Study in Folk Religion by Joshua Trachtenberg

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Today you would never know but back in Medieval Germany and Northern Europe Jews were feared as sorcerers and magicians. The Jews lived separately from non Jews so there was lots of room for misunderstanding. While Jews were sought after for their medical expertise and knowledge of Herbs they were also feared as poisoners thanks to that same knowledge. If a Jewish doctor healed someone he ran risk because if the person dies he would be accused of poisoning that person.

The Jewish people got most of their anti witch prejudice from the surrounding Christians. It was forbidden in the Old Testament to practice witch craft. Witches were seen as people flying on broomsticks and cavorting with the devil. For Christians the Devil was a big deal for the Jews he was a mere after thought. Jews were not allowed to practice magic that transformed the very nature of things. There were different penalties for different types of magic. There was no penalty for working with Angels and Demons. Most Jewish magic consisted of working with Angels, Demon and different names of God.

Demons were thought to be an ever present threat. They were thought to inhabit desolate places, abandoned houses and what not. If some one moved into a barren place or into an abandoned house they had to placate the demon with offering. Sometimes the demon would drive them out. Most Jewish demonolatry came from Greek, Roman, and Babylonian sources. From the Jewish perspective there were shdeim who had human form and yet could be invisible. They could eat and drink. The Lilin which were succubae and incubi made love to people and drank their blood. Humans and demon could have offspring together. They were high up in the demon echelon. Some Demon lore came from the Germans. Mares would cause bad dream. There were others as well. Demons were thought to be created by God before Sabbath but due to the onset of the Sabbath he did not give them bodies. Lilith Adams first wife created a bunch of demon also by cavorting with animals.

Angels were servants of God. They could only do his will, yet in seemingly contradiction the magicians could compel them as long as it was in line with the angel’s basic creation. The Angels name changed according to the name that it was given. There were names given to Angels in the bible and Talmud but during medieval times there names proliferated. Where did those names originate from? Some of them are acronyms while others are permutations. Still others were derived from the name of Greek and Roman Gods.

The Dead sometimes came back especially if they had unfinished business. Sometimes they would tell a friend or loved one what life was like on the other side. Sometimes part of their spirit would haunt places and an exorcism would have to be done. If someone was really evil they became a demon. Medieval Jews believed in Astrology and propitious times for doing things. They had certain hour for when it was beneficial to pursue healing operation and others for money. For each day and time a different angel or arch angel was assigned and those name could be changed. The waxing moon was thought of as good for building enterprise while waning moon was for death and destruction.

This book is an old classic. You will get lots of good background information on it but no particular magical workings that will take further research. The foot notes are well tracked and documented although it takes up to 40 percent of the book. Since the sources by and large are not in English that could be a bit of a draw back. The book covered more than what I summarized so you will have to read it yourself to dig out those precious nugget.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Many Faces of Morgana La Fey

The Guises of the Morrigan - The Irish Goddess of Sex & BattleThe Guises of the Morrigan - The Irish Goddess of Sex & Battle by David Rankine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Some of you maybe familiar with the British tales of King Arthur, and hence youare familiar with is evil half sister Morgana La Fey. She is the one who plots against Arthur, seduces him and bears a son named, Mordred, who is raised to kill Athur and take the throne. Of course this is not the real Morrigan or Morgana.

Authors, David Rankine and Sorita D’Este, give us a short but information packed book on Morrigan that takes us back all the way to her Celtic roots. Be prepeared to read this one over mopre than once because you will not want to miss any of the detail. Morriogan’s various guses and forms are analyzed in various literature in which she appears.

Morrigan is the Goddess of Love and War. He a name that she more than lives up to. Morrigan if broken down means “coming from the sea”. She is also called Queen of the faeries and queen of the witches. Through out the Mabinogion and other Irish myths she is identified with three other names. Those names are Nemain, Badb and Macha. Morrigan is sort of a monstrous aspect as depicted by the Lamia at a Roman for in the north. This refers to goddess in the triple form. The Lamia seduce me and then kill them.. As Nemain she is the Goddess of War who is married to the war God Neit. As Badb she is connected to the crows who eat away the dead remains after the battle. This clears the way for the new to be born. As a death Goddess it is also interesting to note that she is sometimes called Danu, the mother of the Tuatha D’ Danan. This creatix being opne of her guises is married to the God of Death. As Macha she claims her spoils of war which is severed heads.

Through out Celtioc mythology she is associated with such motifs as the Bean Sidhe, the Caileachs and the Glastig. Bean Sidhe are often washer women who scream when someone is about to die, especially if they are from a royal family. Glastigs are half female half goat and tend to feed on human blood. The Caileach is a bestower of sovereignty, shaper of land.

The Morrigan is a very complex Goddess more complex then we ever knew, Looking at her variety of guises she could very well fit into the mold. All Goddesses are one Goddess. For she has aspects of mother hood, bestower of sovereignty, warlike aspects and destroyer. This book gets five stars out of five stars.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Ancient Horns of Power

One of my first exposures to the horned God was back in my high school days when I was doing my first magical working. Cernunnos was the deity I invoked. I loved that oil I bought as well. Since then I have been hooked. In modern times not much is known about the horned God or other horned spirits for that matter. Authors David Rankine have compiled an excellent collection of article that not only give the reader a broader view of the horned gods but also they go into appreciable depth.

In Europe among the Gauls there were statues of a horned God with variations in the name Cernunnos. One said Ernunno,Caronos. Some of the inscription were in Latin of Greek.Statues to Cernunnos are found all across Europe stretching all the way to Central Europe. There were even shrines to him found in Northern Italy. The horns represented robustness, virility, assertiveness, power and strength. It also represented royalty. In modern.paganism the horned God is often associated with sun and solar qualities. But look at the horns carefully sometimes they even represent the crescent moon. Horns have a lunar aspect as well. In many pantheon's the lunar gods are masculine.

Anyone familiar with the different forms of Paganism will realize that Cernunnos is not the only horned God. Let us not forget Pan,Aries or Dionysus. When Romans came to Europe they came across other horned deities as well. Cernunnos was at first identified with Mercury.Julios Cesar equated him with Jupiter. The other horned Gods found in.Northern England were conflated with Aries.

Sorita gives a full glossary of Egyptian Horned Gods and Goddesses. David Rankine goes into depth on Pan. Not only gods are discussed but so are those mischievious Puccas and unicorns.

The second part of the book is about personal experiences with the horned God. Authors write about meditations, encounters in the woods and personal anecdotes. The third part deals with horned Goddesses. They too had some power. The most written about are Hekate,Seleneand Artemis. The thee goddesses are thought to be three parts of one godde

Viking Warriors and their Techniques

Viking Weapons and Combat TechniquesViking Weapons and Combat Techniques by William R. Short

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vikings as they were called were considered among the most fierce of seaborne raiders, known for their ferocity, plundering and taking captives. This group of Scandiavians, Germans etc occupied most of Northern Europe, Scandinavian Lands and the North Atlantic. In reality they were not called Vikings as Viking was more of a raid or an action. The people we call Vikings or raiders were not any more savage then raiders of that time. The so called Vikings got a bad rep because they were Pagan and held frast to the old ways.

Most of these Teutonic people were in fact farmers. There were also trade men among them. They saw the raid as a way of getting rich and acquiring more goods. They did not do it to conquer land or for any love of fighting. Their life was very militaristic an they were always armed in case of attack which could happen at any moment.

The book does a thorough job of analyzing the weapons available to the Vikings. Weapons construction is method along with some potential uses for the weapon and application on the battlefield. The Viking age ended in 1066 ad when most of them converted to Christianity and other Europeans were able to build strong armies to defend themselves. The Vikings did not leave behind any written example of their fighting techniques so historians are doing their best to piece it together. Any fighting techniques that have been culled were derived from medieval fighting manuals and Viking Legends from Iceland. The fighting manuals wee meant to serve as memory aids to those already trained which made piecing the techniques together all the more difficult. It is speculative at best. The last part of the book gives demonstrations of some fighting techniques that are filled out with instruction and plenty of photos. But do not try these at home.

Viking weapon and war paraphernalia included helmets, axes, swords, shields, saxes (short swords) spears, bow and arrow and chain mail. Archery was used occasionally in war but as Viking men were buried with their weapon only two graves has arrow head. It is believed that archery was used primarily for hunting. Almost every Viking man had an axe. Any one could get an axe. Axes could be used for wood cutting or combat. Axes served well as long range weapons and hooks that could cut and grapple. Chain mail was extremely expensive so not too many Vikings had it. Large bars of iron were shaved town to spaghetti strands and then made into rings. This took the work of an excellent craftsman. Swords were most valuable and were made by twisting 3 iron bars together and then smelting and hammering them. The tips and cutting edge but be over layered with steal. Swords could literally last for generations. The scabbards had an inner lining of wool which was overlade with wood and maybe another layer of wool topped of by wood or metal outer lining. A sword with out a scabbard was considered useless and dangerous without a sword.

If medieval weapons and Viking History is your things then this is a book you would want to check out.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Vampyre's Grimoir

Vampyre Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living VampireVampyre Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living Vampire by Father Sebastiaan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vampyre’s are at the for front of the nation’s attention right now. Tons of books, TV show and movies all about vampyre’s. People love them because they are sexy, nocturnal, powerful and immortal. Everything we human’s wish we could be. Most of us see them as blood drinkers, the vision Hollywood has given us. But that version is not real. Have they ever caught a blood drinking vampire????

Occultists are more familiar with psychic vampyre’s. Psivamps as I call them are unable to make their own energy or prana. The life energy called Prana drains off of them rather quickly. Psi Vamps must feed of the aura of others. Personally I do not buy into the PSi Vamp thing all that much either. Strigoi Vii, on the other hand, are of a different ilk. Frankly I find this version of a vampire the most believable of all. Strigoi Vii means “living Vampyre”

Living Vampyres have to burn energy at a greater rate. Since they are most powerful they have to burn more energy quickly to keep running. Stigoi Vii prefer to surface feed off an energetic crowd than to attach their tendrils to another aura, although they do have techniques for that as well.

At this point I would like to dive directly into their paradigm. I find their philosophy most empowering and great psychodrama helps release the power of our subconscious to achieve magical results. Their philosophy is related to that of Chaos magic. They are firm believers in independent thought and believe that people should have a mind of their own. They do not want slavish obedience. Each person is his own god. They do not worship gods per se as they see deities as egregores or god thought forms. Thought forms are created by a group consiousness and then fed energy from acts of devotion. Once the egregore is strong enough it can be worked with for magical results. A great example of Egregores would be the Greek Gods. Strigoi Vii view different magical paradigigms like a soft ware program. You select which one works best for you and achieving your magical goal. Like most Chaos magicians Strigoi Vii value rather highly self sufficiency. They are also into chivalry. The Egregore for their order is Elorath. Strigoi Vii want to connect to the current of Elorath.

With in the order of Strigoi Vii are several sub currents. The current of Ramakht is the priestly current. Priests and priestesses usually run rituals. The Kitra current consists of healer and weavers. Mradu are the warriors. Kalistree are female vampire witches.

The Sanguinomicon represents the magic and mysticism of the outer court. Vampyre Sanguinomicon is divided up into three sub books. The first book is Liber Elorath which gives the basic family structure, festival, philosophy and your own personal initiation in the order.

Liber Jahira- Coming forth by Day. Strigoi Vii believe in balance. Father Sebastian stresses that it is important for the Strigoi Vii to blend in with his /her environment. Once of the objectives of the Strigoi Vii is to force or further their own evolution. Liber Jahira discusses glamour and personal strengths exercises. Contacting and awakening your inner dragon is discussed. A concept that is relatively similar to contacting your holy guardian angel or higher self.

Liber Calmae takes the reader into the night time realms. The main goal here is immortality. The astral body, humans identity, falls apart with in days of the physical bodies death. The idea is to keep the astral body alive and stay immortal With in the sections are ways to contact Strigoi Morte or ancestors of the family who have gone on before us. There are also energy manipulation exercises and ways to work with Elorath.

Let me say that this book is powerful and the paradigm is powerful. The heavy psychodrama hel[ps break open your true power. I felt empowered just by reading the book.

Principles of the black Veil

1. Strigoi Vii are not Criminals

2. Strigoi Vii are adults

3. Strigoi Vii see blood as a metaphor for Prana the life force.

4. Strigoi Vii have a quest for unifying with the current of Elorath and the family

5. Strigoi Vii are hidden in plain sight.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dreams of the Ancient Cthullhu

The strangeness effected me the bizarreness shocked me. How can I possibly relate the things I have witness over the last few years. That fateful day was what marked the change. My favorite uncle who my family called “Peppe” had told me a story or a tale so shocking and twisted. Please bear in mind those who read my words that stories and tales are sometimes more than just stories or tales. Things in the universe can change without warning. Investigate the cause and you will come up with no answers. My days are spent deep I thought. Sometimes I do not even rouse myself until the later part of the afternoon or the earlier part of the evening. The horrifying events that happen beneath the surface of our waking reality, do they always occur and it takes a story to open the doorways of our mind so we can perceive? Oh to the ancient ones that I had never seen or known that which I know now. Blessed are those who are blind those who cannot see. Who spend their waking moment oblivious to the darkness that surround their tiny little dot of light they refer to as life.

Pepe was my favorite uncle. A rough tough military man who despite all that he had been through and seen still knew how to have a good laugh. He was much younger than his actual years. Even after being out of the military for many years he still kept his crew cut almost shaved close to his head. His eyes were a wood colored brown that would sometimes appear lighter in direct light and would turn darker with the evening. One thing that always concerned me was the red haze that surrounded his brown pupils. This was brought about by his excessive drinking. The amount of Vodka my uncle consumed was enough to kill almost another man, yet my uncle seems almost unaffected by his excessive binge drinking. When I was younger I would ask my dad why he drank so much. My dad was calmly say that what he went though during the Vietnam War caused him to drink. On rare evening he would share some bizarre tale that was so bizarre It seemed you could turn it into some science fiction movie. If they were so strange was how could I be sure he was not spinning some yarn, you would have to hear the tone of his voice to understand. They either happened or he seriously believed in their occurrence. People who know my uncle, his friends, family and neighbors knew that he was mentally fit and physically fit. “Pepe” worked , held down a job and functioned despite his heavy drinking.

The stories he told me in my younger years always caught my attention. When he started telling his story I was hooked from beginning to end. His stories back then were innocent. Tales of him and his friends on some daring adventure. As a kid I looked up to him and what nephew who idolizes his uncle does not look forward to hearing him when he tells a tale of his adventure. The vodka loosened him up. This is a story I wish he never told.

“ The year was 1966 and our boat crew was stranded off the coast of Nam. This was a year before you were born Randy.” He paused , He was letting it sink in. Usual tactic yet this time he was studying my face like he wanted to see how I would respond. He gulped down a half a glass of vodka just like it was water. My friend Cernowitz admired him for this kind of behavior. Stories are fun to listen to in your younger years, especially from someone who you look up to and admire. Uncle Pepe’s stories were funny and entertaining. They got especially funny after he put away several drinks. Alcohol always loosens people up as my dad would tell. Booze let you unwind, relax and let out what ever it was that was living inside your mind. People got more expressive when under the influence. Some times it was better to leave those things stored away because they were like wild and dangerous animals that were loosed upon an unsuspecting populace an who knew what the final result would turn out like Behind all of his humorous tales was an ominous shadow of swirling darkness just clamoring for release.

I was a mere 15 years old when I heard the first horror story. My life would change from that point on . A bizarre tale would turn a normal teen agers life into a bizarre life. Truth be told it was not fair. Life sometimes is not fair. Out there beyond this little island of sanity we created in an end lass space of universal insanity is a reality that is too awesome terrifying and down right reality shattering for us to even entertain.

That afternoon my uncle was dressed in green army pant and a white t shirt. A big bottle of cheap vodka was placed in front of him with a flower patterned orange juice glass. He filled it up like he always did and swallowed it whole just like it was a glass of water. Then my uncle leaned back and smiled.

“ It was in the year 1966, about a year before you were born.” He paused to poor himself another glass. After gulping it greedily down he would proceed like he always did. “ the sky was clear, and then all of a sudden it turned grey and then black. We all started panicking as the wind picked up and the waves started pounding our ship. The ships commander decided to head back to port he must have figured that it would be safer on land. Luck was not on our side because it was raining so hard that we could barely sea in front of us and the instruments went haywire. My crew and I thought the Soviets had managed to come up with a weapon that could alter weather patterns. What we say was just unnatural. Like an endless gauntlet of buckets the rain came pouring down. The wind moved our ship around like it was a little toy. Finally the rain and the wind stopped and just as quickly as it clouded up and started raining my crew and I were looking up at a clear blue sky with the sun shining brightly over head. At that moment in time it seemed like good news. The weather patterns left us baffled but we were glad to sea clear skies and a calm sea. Our joy soon turned to sorrow when we discovered that our radio was down. No land in sight and everything disabled we were left adrift without any way to communicate with headquarters. “

The sweat was pouring off his forhead much like the raindrops that dripped down a window from a winter storm. Pepe paused his tale to wipe the sweat from his forhead. Pepe's entire body was drenched with sweat and his clothes were one shade darker. " It was hot and the fod and water supplies were running low. Showers were out of the question we did not want to use up our precious water supplies. Let us not foget that the men were anxious from being a drift for three days it gets to you. Some of the men decided it would be a great idea to take a dip. After being hot and couped up for three days the cool sea water felt good on our skin but that joy did not last long. Within moments we were attacked by these monstrous sharks. Notrmal sharks don't like eating men but these sharks were not normal they were freaks. Our PT boat was small and was meant for speed. When one of the shjarks swam by us were realized it was twice the size of our disabled boat that could neither move nor radio for help. The sailors on the boat felt unsafe. A good word for these sharks would be "demonic" they were possessed. They kept circling our boat they were getting ready to make their attack."

"At 12 noon one of the sharks started bumpiong into the boat. Everytime the shark bumped into our boat by hitting it with his nose the boat began to shake more and more violently. One of my ship my mates went crazy with fear, immediately he dashed over to the gun that was mounted to the front end of the boat and he began fing at the sharks like he was a madman. When he was finished we looked at the sea. Blood was floating on the water, the ocean was literally red with the blood. He had managed to kill three of them and their shattered carcasses were floating in the water. The mad shooting by my shipmate may have stopped the attacks temporarily but we all knew instictively that this was the calm before the storm. More sharks came drawn by the scent of blood. A freeding frenzy developed and the hungry sharks hasstily devoured what they could of the carcasses. Before we knew there was almost nothing left of the dead sharks. Some of the hungry predators were fighting each other over the smallest morsel. Once their feasting on dead flesh was finished me and the other four shipmates noticed that every few moments as they were cirlcing our boat they would pop their heads up and look at us and then they would go back down under the water. We all shook our head. "No way" hissed Swenson one of the shipmates" Something is not right about those sharks"
"Maybe it is an experiment gone wrong" I yelled "and somehow these freaks got loose and are wreaking terror on the open sea"
"You think they were genetically modified" queried Ike, s a slightly over weight sailor with a large gut " THese sharks just aren't smart they seem" he paused for a few moments then continued. There is something sinister about these sharks"
Swenson was the shipmate who fired the mounted gun and killed the sharks. Tall, muscular almost the makings of a good athlete yet lanky which gave the impression of awkwardness or clumsiness. Freckles doted his skin and his hair was copper read or actually what was left of his thinning hair as he was going bald at a rathjer young age. Swenson looked over the bow "These monsters are going to get us and they are going to devour us. Make your peace with the creator" Quielty he moaned to himselfm yet loud enough for all of us to hear. Deep down inside we knew his words spoke an awful truth that could not be denied.
In a space of about 5 seconds Swenson was talking to us and then all of teh sudden he was gone. Snatches quickly into death bottomless pit all that was left were a few drops of blood red water. Death in the form of demon sharks was about to close in. A huge tower blocking out our view of the sun the demon shark rose. Nothing was left for us to do but calmly await our death. AS it came back down wew could see Swenson's lifeless body resting in the bed of razor sharp teeth. Two chews and his body desceended into the gorge. The boat splintered efortlessly into pieces as the heavy body of the demon shark crashed against it. What was left of my fellow crew mates fell into the water. I remeber so well those sailor swimming and screaming for their life. Then the demon sharks rose swallowing them in that gaping black hole lined with razor sharp teeth. For sopme reason I was spared. At that time I had no inkling but I would soon find out. I crept aboard a nearby life boat with out being seen and was left to float for days.
I call it a miracle becasue those oversized demon sharks could have easily swallowed the life boat much like a frog would a fly. I thought about looking over the boats edge to se if theyu were still there but my fear left me paralysed unable to move like a lifeless corpse frozen with rigormortis. My moput was dry like a desert my throat felt scratchy like it was a tunnel of desert sand.>

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beginner Guide to Wicca

Towards the Wiccan Circle - A Practical Introduction to the Principles of WiccaTowards the Wiccan Circle - A Practical Introduction to the Principles of Wicca by Sorita D'este

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If your just getting into Wicca and/or Witchcraft then this is one excellent book to start with. Sorita d'Este give a thorough and basic over view for the new comer. Her first discussion starts with an analysis of the difference between Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca. They're used interchangeably but they are not synonymous. Being a Pagan someone who worship old deities is not the same as a Wiccan who believes in a God and Goddess and honor the divine feminine as well as believing that all Goddesses are one goddess and all gods are one god. Wicca is a religion and it is a form of witch craft. But a witch is not necessarily a Wiccan.

The next over view discusses the definition of magic. Which means to influence reality in accordance with ones will. In this guide one is taught about the beginnings of Wicca and it's origins. There are lessons on how to cast a circle, call the elements and how to reverse the ritual and open your circle.
Each chapter or lesson has written exercises at the end of it along with references for further reading.

This book could be used in tandem with other books or it can be used as a stand alone. It's main strength is that it is simple to read and follow. There is nothing confusing about it in any way shape or form. I feel this would be a perfect book to start with. Further on you could get "Solitary Wicca" and "Living Wicca" by Scott Cunningham. To be honest I think I got more out of Sorita's book then I did with Solitary and Wicca. If you are a beginner then start with this one. Those who are intermediate will probably get a lot out this book as. Great job Sorita this book is excellent. I wish it was the first book that I had read.

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