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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Simple Tales of the Vikings

Ambrose, Prince of Wessex: Trader of KievAmbrose, Prince of Wessex: Trader of Kiev by Bruce Corbett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one of those book one downloads for free off Amazon and then quickly forgets about. The story provides a quick entertaining read and a nice linear plot that goes from beginning to end. Fortunately there are no boring parts. What reads as a string of events should have been fashioned into a proper story line. That means setting, opening action and then actions up until you reach the climax and then the falling action. Descriptions of the area and descriptive language need to be beefed up and the dialogue could use a lot of work.

It seems that the author has done a fair amount of research. His work does display a fairly deep knowledge of Viking culture, their weapons, customs , religion and other surrounding culture. Yet it seems like the research does not make it's way across to the reader. Mr. Corbett also had knowledge of the Central Asian cultures the Rus came into contact with like the war like Pechenegs, militaristic Khazars and the raiding Magyars. The author should have given us more depth instead of a shallow read that would be suitable for children or young teenagers had it not been For some off the sex scenes.

The story starts off with a Viking raid of Wessex, Ambrose the bastard son of a local chieftain is taken captive along with his body guard. In the scenes that follow we are taken to life of a Viking slave complete with neck collars and treatment that is both fair and brutal at the same time. Many slaves could look forward to being sold in a Byzantium slave market. Some slave masters were kind like Ambrose's master Canute, who treats Ambrose like a son and has him learn fighting skill. Phillip his body guard fairs worse, his master is cruel and merciless. Ambrose and Pollonius must rescue their friends before going to the East to open up trading posts in the Russian Steppe.

It is on the Russian steppe that Canuteson or Ambrose sets up business outpost for Canute's friend Gunnar. On the Russian Steppes the Viking are settling the land and forming alliances with local slavs to fend off against the raiding Pechenegs. Ambrose first starts off in Novgorod and then moves to Kiev where a local force of Vikings and Slavs hod off a Pecheneg onslaught. Pollonious is a bright Greek who has mastered many languages. His brain power and planning skills are crucial.

The research and knowledge bring a lot of potential to this book especially since the interests in the Viking culture is rather strong today. Book needs more depth and fleshing out of detail.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Terrorists in America

Twilight in AmericaTwilight in America by Martin Mawyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It maybe very shocking to realize that terrorists have fully infiltrated our country. Many of them are homegrown and have training camps right here on US soil. These terrorists come in all size shapes, sizes and colors. Some of them are Christians, neo nazi, hare Krishna's, Mormons, and Muslims. Since the Christians Action Network published this book it should not surprise anyone that they chose to focus on Muslim Terror groups. When it comes to Islamic terror there are many names that come to mind such names like Hamas, Hizbulla,Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quaeda grab the headlines. This book focuses on Jamaat Al Fuqra, or "community of the impoverished". There leader is Sheik Gilani. They are headquartered in Lahore,Pakistan but they have branches all over the world.

This group has set up compounds all over the country. The compounds teach military and fighting skills and their recruits are taken from mostly African Americans who have been in prison or have had a hard time on the streets. These military training skills are designed to turn these Americans into a silent army that will be activated when the time is ready. Jamaat Al Fuqra smuggles weapon into the United States and the people who live near there compound can often here them firing these weapon.
Most of their money comes from white collar crime like Welfare fraud, injury claims and medicare. Most of the money does not go to the compounds but is sent direct to Sheikh Gilani in Lahore. The residents of the compound live in poverty and several of the members have faced intense abuse.

Jammat Al Fuqra has many different front organizations here in America all of which claim to have nothing to do with each other. The most notable one is Muslims of the Americas, which claims to help disadvantaged African American Muslims to live a Muslim life. Many of them members have been involved in many violent crimes. No one dares confront this organization due to fear. Fear of being called a racist and threats of intimidation.

Al Fuqura emerged on the scene with the assassination of Imam Rashid Khalifa in Tuscon Arizona. Now many people did not like this imam and from Saudi Arabia a fatwa calling for his death was issued. He was killed 3/30/90. Prior to that police in Colorado Springs, Colorado found a locker filled with weapons, receipts and incriminating documents. Proof of white collar crime, weapons purchases and a hit list of people they wanted to take out. Yet prior to all of this going back as far as 1979 they were involved in attacks on rival mosques,Hindu Temples and different branches of Islam. There were also slaying of American citizens and law enforcement officials.

Jamaat Al Fuqura was connected with the shoe bomber Richard Reid who unsuccessfully tried to ignite his shoes on a plane from Britain. He failed because his sweat dampened his souls and fuse. He was caught by alert flight personnel and passengers. In the year 2000 "The Belt Way Snipers" killed up to ten people, They drove around a shooting people. They were finally apprehended the older of the two was sentenced to death. Their most famous case was the abduction and murder of Daniel Pearl, Wall street Journal Reporter,. He was on his way to meet Sheikh Gilani but instead he got kidnapped. He was later beheaded and cut up in pieces his execution being filmed and distributed on the internet. His body was later found cut up into several pieces and buried in a shallow grave. Sheikh Gilani would deny his involvement.

Sheikh Gilani uses, in addition to violence, deception to keep his organization going. Jamat Al Fuqura has set up false security companies which not only gird money but also gives them access to fire arms, military training and classified files.
Setting up fake companies and insurance agencies has enabled them to file false injury claims and milk the system for millions. They are notorious for setting up charter schools and inflating the number of students and school staff so they can get more money from the government. Sheikh Gilani claims to be able to shape shift into different animals and travel to different dimensions to speak with former prophets of the Muslims religion. His followers believe this and are afraid of him.

THe book is an eye opener into how fringe groups use our system and abuse our system to over throw the United States and take advantage of it. This is not limited to Muslims but other groups are involved as well. I wish the book mentioned this. It does have good sources and the author does an excellent job exposing this one group in particular.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Legacy of Tubal Caine from the Magisters

The Star Crossed Serpent: Volume I - Origins: Evan John Jones 1966-1998 - The Legend of Tubal CainThe Star Crossed Serpent: Volume I - Origins: Evan John Jones 1966-1998 - The Legend of Tubal Cain by Evan John Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is quite the gem. Written from the words of Evan John Jones with a preface from the current maid of Tubal Caine, Shani Oates. This is not the first time that the words of Evan John Jones have been put into words. An earlier definitive work was put out in conjunction with Doreen Valiente.

This work goes into the esoteric meaning behind the stang that is placed in the northern part of the circle and also the deeper meaning of the circle and it's directions. The stang could double up as a walking stick or pitch fork. When set up it has an iron band around it and sometime an altar placed underneath it. The north represents the realm of the dead. It is the home to the pale faced goddess called Ceridwen and the gatekeeper is the old horned king. South is the home of the corn maiden and the new king. Unlike Wicca, Traditional British Witchcraft moves in a counter clockwise direction.

The stang itself is representative of the Ygdrassil or the world tree. It connects the Earth, underworld and the heavens. Parts of it represent the god and other parts represent the facets of the Goddess. Included in this little gem are about 4 rituals. These rituals do not have the same wording that is used by the clan but the reader is given the same outline. This will allow the mysteries to live on and also allow the reader to generate their own traditions. The mysteries are not meant to serve as the ultimate truth but rather to act as a pathway to personal gnosis, or knowledge. Most of the rites are meant to be conducted outdoors. It is said that when doing the rites outdoors one can see little sparks of light flying about. These are the spirits of elemental.

Contained within the philosophy of Tubal Caine are the concepts of reincarnation and clan. Most people live there life and die without any spiritual growth, unless tapped on the shoulder by some special teacher. Members of the clan or extended family reach out to one another and draw each other back in. There is a psychic castle called the "Perilous Castle" it is the home of Cerridwen and also the members of the clan of Tubal Caine.

Of the rituals discussed, which are written in clear precise fashion and with sufficient detail that the reader and his or her group may replicate them. Most are group rituals and one can be adapted either way. The "Old Covenant" establishes a pact between clan members and the "Old Ones" it involves charging a cauldron and giving a soul candle to the maiden. This acts as a token of allegiance. "The of the Cave and the Cauldron" acts upon the sisters of Wyrd and enables a certain member to see into the clans future. It takes place in a cave. "The Castle of the Four Winds" Takes one into Caer Sidi the Northern Castle. IT is a ritual that leads to self knowledge. Remember it is the witch who crosses the river of the dead and comes back and forth during this incarnation while pagans are just dancing peasants. There is also a purification and curse braking ritual.

The appendices have some recipes for salves and making a bean cake dish. Included are letters exchanged between Robert Cochrane and Robert Graves. To top it off there are procedures for making your own rosary beads but to be honest I do not quite understand the numbering scheme.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Practical Guide to Working with Hekate

The Temple of Hekate - Exploring the Goddess Hekate Through Ritual, Meditation and DivinationThe Temple of Hekate - Exploring the Goddess Hekate Through Ritual, Meditation and Divination by Tara Sanchez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

must say that this is the most practical book on getting to know the Titan/Goddess Hekate. Author, Tara Sanchez does an effective job of giving the reader a nice little background on this goddess and then gets into the practical details. Most books do not give the reader so many practical details on getting started. The neophyte newbie is usually forced to crawl around on their knees in the dark trying to figure things out, this book takes you from the beginning level all the way to the intermediate. Great job Tara. The book has plenty of sources for further reference and also demosntrating the information as authentic.

The book has plenty of practical information. The new student is started off with step by step instructions on how to creat altars, keep a magical diary and create and consecrate new tools. Some nice little goodies include incense recipes, mediations and how how to do divination.

Some of the instruction of how to create a sacred space, knot magic and miror making could use illustration as they were a bit hard for me to follow. Giving instrction in step by step or bullet form would be a major improvement. i would also change the order of hat is taught. Circle casting should be taught first because you will cast a circle before most workings especially consecrating tools and statues. Good idea to tell the reader which operation require circle casting.

Great book!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Black Toad: West Country Practices

The Black ToadThe Black Toad by Gemma Gary
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cornwall, Devon and West Country are the more isolated parts of Great Britain. Christianity arrived to these parts much later then it did in the rest of the county. This isolation has caused many customs and traditions to be well preserved in practive and form. When you see the craft performed here you are looking at very unadulterated ways of old.

West Country witchcraft has been altered by outside influences. Practitioners of the craft were quite eager to adopt practices from Ceremonial Magick. The cunning folk read the grimoires, used Ceremonial tools like Athames and adopted the planetary hours. They cast circles and do their spell craft.

The Old ways of Cornwall bear very little resemblance to Wicca. Through out the book I found no mention of "The Lord and Lady". However, there were invocation and incantations to Jesus, Mother Mary and the Holy Ghost. Some of the spells involve saying psalms and biblical verses. Practices of the old way have a lot in common with Hoodoo. The use of biblical verses is used in both practices. Spell crafts that involve the use of wood, animals parts and stones are also used. Bags sewn with material, which in Hoodoo is called gris gris bags are used as well.

There is mention to the Horned god who is sometime called "Old Nick", "Deevil" and Bucca Dhu.He can be called on to curse and to bless. To get in initiated into some branches of the craft one must run 9 times around a "logging stone" and then a toad will appear and breathe on the initiate and they will have great powers. Another initiation is to run around a church 9 times saying the Lords Prayer backwards. After which the Devil will appear in the form of a toad.

Witches deems toads a blessing and will try to keep many of them in their garden, if they can. Toads are well fed and looked after. Non witches are paranoid of toads and they seem to feel that a witch can take the form of a toad. Which is why if a toad appears on your doorstep you may be cursed. This caused many people to kill toads. Some stories say that after the toad dies so does the witch.

Spell crafts are used for health, healing, love,protection, counter cursing and cursing people. There is no "harm ye none" if you can heal then you can curse. Beside herbs, woods and animal parts the craft makes use of magic squares, sigils and inscribed prayers. If you want an authentic look into the craft of old then this is a great book to get.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

People of Tubal Caine

The People of the GodaThe People of the Goda by Shani Oates
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow I am the first person to post a review. The book is so awesome I thought that literally many would have read it before me. Oh well here goes. This book takes one into the mysteries of the Clan of Tubal Caine who's leader was Robert Cochrane or Roy Bowers. After Cochranes's death the coven would subdivide into the Royal Windsor Coven and another coven named after the Thames river. Some greats in the occult world passed through the tutelage of Cochrane. Most notable are Bill Grey, Doreen Valiente and Even John Jones. Parts of the book are a bit challenging to read and will require a certain amount of rereading.

The teaching of Robert Cochrane were not meant to be taken as literal truths but metaphors to help one learn the truth through much effort and work. The book begins with a contemplation about the nature and identity of the Goddess or the primal force of creation. The next question is who or what is the Goda. The book spends more time with the first question. In a nutshell the Goddess was seen as the dark goddess whose real identity remains unknown three then subdivides herself into three goddesses which were familiar with as the three fates. In Norse mythology they were referred to as the norns, in Greek they are the Moire and in Latin the Parcae. They weave the fate of man and god and none has power to change the course of such fate. In comes the symbol of the cauldron. The cauldron represents the womb where destruction and rebirth occur. It also serves as a dark reflecting pool as well as a tool to help one over come their fate. Irminsul a runic symbol which can represent the ygdrassil tree is discussed and it is connected with the Norse God Tyr. Irmin holds up the heaven and supports law and order but there are some feminine aspects as well.

Norse mythology and clan ethos are analyzed and compared to Hindu, Hebrew and Sumerian mythology. Women were warriors in Norse culture they were valkyries and sometimes served as guardians of the living called Disir. Disir were family protectors and they were females. They also bore shields and spears an would beat them together in a certain fashion much like Tyr would do. Of note the elements of air, water and earth are assigned to the three goddesses and the fourth fire is given over to the horned fire god of the smith. Hecate is often approximated to this invisible goddess deity as she has three parts to her as well.

Through a series of comparison involving myth and linguistic Shani Oates conveys the teaching that the King of Northumbria was originally a queen and many queens had their identities changed to male identities. They still have a female pronoun. Tyr is a word that just means God. It is not a name and sometimes that too has female pronouns. Tyr represent law and order much like the Goddesses Maat and Asha of Egypt and India respectively. Tyr used to be an a sexual deity or at least a female deity until a massive change over. I will let you read the details.

North is the area of the Goddess , Thule is a moveable island with the consistency of a jelly fish. It is arctic and the land of the midnight son. Our origins were in Ida which is located in Anatolia.

The book finishes out with some clan history,anecdotes on Roy Bowers and explanation of the mythos. Definite must read.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Searching for the Muse

Stalking the GoddessStalking the Goddess by Mark Carter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Truth be told I recieved this bok as a free copy from the author. He told me that when I do a review even if it was harsh or critical there was no such thing as a bad review. In fact a les then glowing article that is realistic might help sell more book. Well I am going to have to let the author down and be brutally honest. THis book was totally awesome! Not only has Mark Carter delivered a tour de force analysis of Robert Graves "THe White Goddess has done a sdamn good job of explaining it.

"The Whiote Goddess" long a staple of the neo-pagan movement has been the starting point point of the pagan revival. Without his input Wicca or Paganism might not lopok the way it does today. Of course even Pagans will tell you that all the theories in Graves work have been smashed to bit by academics, the book introduces the reader to poetic thinking. For me the White Goddess was an eye opener. Everything PAgan that I read stemmed from it. I also found iot one of the most confusing books to read. Mark Carter exp-l;ained the book well. It should be note that when Robert Graves sent the book in to be publish that a gust of wind knocked the work from his hands. He hastily put it together and submitted it to the publisher.

"White Goddess" is not supposed to be taken as history rather it is supposed to taken as a poetic understanding of history. Robert Graves maintains that he wrote the book in an "Analeptic trance" this sort of trance put one in touch wioth deeper ancestral memories. True poetry was written to the muse or the Goddess who came to Britain by way of several bands of Greeks and Indo-Europeans. Of course none of Mr. Graves theories could ever be proven. I fact many have been disproven. THe argument of a poetic understanding serves to help deflect the criticsm. Even his analeptic tance which took him three week to write the book was a lot longer. More like several years. The first draft of his writing was called "Roebuck in the Thicket" this was later revised and expanded into the "THe White Goddess". Funny that I remember reading about "Roebuck in the Thicket" in connection with Robert Cochrane.

Robert Graves started the theory that Eueope and most of the world was in fact matriarchal and worshipped the Goddess. Women were in control of everything and men were no where near as powerful. With the coming of patriarchal invaders from the East and Greece men rose in positions of power. In an act of Iconotropy the male dominated religions including Christianity stole from this relgions and it's holidays. It si clear that Robert Graves did some. let us say biased researched. He would pick and choose from different reserachers and take what he found use ful, at tiomes even bending the information to fit his theory. Some authors that influenced him were Edward Davies, Margaret Murray and James Frazier. Margaret Murray was the Egyptologist who made the claim that Witch craft was a Pagan survival. He theory was pooh poohed and Graves would add to it saying that not only was witchcraft a survival but also the Druidic Bards were another survival. James Frazier wrote the Golden Bough which spoke of the sacrifical king. THis too would be lifted by Graves. Edward Davies believed that Druids were desecended from Israelite Phoenicians from teh Middle East.

THese theories have been bashed. THe Druid bards had long been influenced by Christianity and the Greek/Roman myth that filtered into Europe. THe Caballah of the 10th century infiltrated the baric schools as well. MAny Druidic stories that we have come to know are in fact no more then a few hundred years old with many revisions at that. ANyone getting into Paganism would be well advised to red this book either before or alongside RObert Graves work. Some parts of the Robert Graves book are very hard to understand, Mark Carter explains it in depth and makes it understandable. More over the theories have been proven false. The research is well documented with footnote going through out the book. "Stalking the Goddes" is scholarly for the laymnan and an be difficult at time. Best to focus and stay focused when reading this one.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Lembas for the Soul

Lembas for the SoulLembas for the Soul by Catherine Kohman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well I would not quite rank it up there with Chicken Soup for the Soul book but it sure was a short fun and entertaining read. Lots if vignettes of how different fan became exposé to Lord of the Rings and how it changed their life, mostly by connecting with fellow " Ringers" . Most stories tell of expanding social lives via web groups and fan experiences. Quite a few people met their future spouse via Lord of the Rings. Many people began to write fan fiction and expand their creativity. This led to story writing and art work.

The Lord of the Rings was loaded with spiritual lesson, unfortunately the book did not center on them. There were several stories where people learned about friendship, courage and other values. But it goes deeper and the bill did not catch it.

For someone entering the community this is still a great book to have. Enjoy the stories.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thoth Egyptian Lord of the Scribes

Thoth: The History of the Ancient Egyptian God of WisdomThoth: The History of the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom by Lesley Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Egyptian God Thoth he is the Lord of the Scribes, a perfect embodiment of Maat and the Egyptian equivalent of the Greek god Hermes. Yet there is a whole lot more to this deity then just that. First off Egypt was around way before Greece and second Thoth is more complex. Maat was a concept and Goddess that stood for divine order and justice. Thoth always stood for that. Sometimes known as Djehuti he was depicted sometimes as a Baboon, or a long beaked, Ibis. In his hands was a pallet fro writing and a reed pen that was dipped in ink. Thoth was the God of wisdom and learning. He was also the messenger of Ra, telling him what happened on Earth and relaying Ra's message to other Gods.

Thoth was considered a moon god. His job was primarily to guard the moon and make sure it stayed on track. He has a mansion of the moon which may have served as his abode. Being a moon god, Thoth gave as a gift to humanity the gift of time. The moon is divided into four quarter. Remember that the moon was the ancient way of telling time. With a switch to the sloar calendar, thoth is credited with adding five more days. There is a reason for this though, Ra was jealous of Geb (Earth God) and Nuit (Sky goddess) and so he commanded Shu to come between them. Allowing five days gave them some time to be together this lead to the birth if Isis, Osiris, Seth, Horus the Elder, and Nephys.

Seth and Osiris two of the brothers had a conflict in which Osiris was killed by Seth. Horus the younger when he got older went to battle against Seth and it was a vicious battle where in Horus lost his eye and Seth had his testicle ripped off. Thoth was the one who intervene and brought peace between them. He also healed both of them. This established Thoth as not only the lord of the scribes but also as a peace maker and upholder of the law.

Thoth was oft portrayed with the visage of a baboon or an Ibis. The Ibis was a long beaked bird that was known for eating snakes and being clean. It was also usually hanging out at the borders of the wideness and civilization . The Ibis lived in marshes and stood above the water. It is said that the priests of Thoth would only drink water that was touched by an Ibis because the Egyptians valued cleanliness and purity and the Ibis only drank that which was clean. The baboon was the second animal. Now why this was so is more of a mystery. Baboon were not native to Egypt and they were expensive to import. They supposedly had a lunar quality as their behavior was effected by the lunar phases. Animals holy to the deities were not always so fortunate. Those that were sacred were bred and kept in the temple. They were killed mummified and then used for sacrifices. Many ibises died this way. Baboons were a bit more a rarity. In the depiction of the Ibis Thoth was known as a protector of boundaries and a protector. It was said that at night he fought against the serpent Apophis to protect Ra's solar barque.

Heka was the word for Egyptian magic. The Egyptian magic utilized spoken spells that employed the use of puns, rhyme schemes and poetry. Heka was used to combat chaos and keep the flow of Maat and order going. Egyptians tended to like things to stay the same as change meant chaos. Heka was usually depicted as the God of Magic but there were others. Thoth being among them for his mastery of language and writing. So was Isis . Magic was not deemed negative in fact it was seen as a tool for positiveness. Leaders would use magic to curse enemies of state. Magic was used to cure the sick.It was also used to guid the dead in the after life.

Thoth was the God who invented all the languages and often was the interpreter. He also wrote all the rituals dedicated to the different Gods and he wrote the magic spells that guided the dead in the afterlife. The Pyramid texts were written for kings so they could attain god hood upon death. The coffin texts made such a luxury available to the wealthy. The spell got you to the proper place in the after life.

Thoth also served in the role of psychopomp. A psycho pomp guides the dead to the proper place of the after life. He would would instruct the dead spirit in what to say and could always be relied upon to help. Sometimes he was the judge who decreed if the heart was sinful and hence had to be eaten by the crocodile ammut.

Lesley Jackson has done an awesome job explaining to the reader the multifaceted character of the God Thoth. She includes invocation to the God at the end and proffers a a very exact comparison of the Greek equivalent Hermes. The book is informative and easy to comprehend. Information is brought down brilliantly to the layman . To Avalonia Publications and Lesley Jackson all I can say is keep up the good work.

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lectures of 'The Witch King"

Alex Sanders LecturesAlex Sanders Lectures by Alex Saunders
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bought this little nifty gem for three dollars at a place in North Hollywood called The Greenman.If you are ever in the North Hollywood area you might want to look them up. In any case here is there Website . The book itself was sold on consignment so I got lucky. Magical Childe Publication it seems might no longer be in business so I got luck.

The first chapter discusses Wicca and the Horned Gods. Remember that most of what is written about the old religion was transcribed by Christian sources which were often hostile to the old religion. Wicca meant originally a sage or wise person. Wicca Craft was translated into Wise Craft. As time passed the meaning got corrupted into Witchcraft. In Europe, most notably in Southern France, Cave de Trois Freres there was an illustration of a horned man in shamanic ecstasy. In Dordgne, also in France another painting showed a horned man surrounded by 12 followers dancing in a circle. Horned Deities were all over the place. In Egypt Ra and Osiris were depicted as wearing horns, as were deities in Mesopotamia. In India, the pre Hindu, God Pasaputi was seen as King of the animals. Pasaputi seems to be the forerunner of Shiva and the Continental European God Cernunnos. Through out the history of the old ways selected priests and priestesses who embodied deity have died after a certain period of years usually after seven or nine years. This was to prevent the Deity from aging along with the body. The Wicca did not die out with Christianity rather the practice remained hidden.

Symbolism is everything to the modern Wicca. The circle is a space created to raise the energy produced by the body and then release it to the universe . But to cast a circle one must be knowledgeable of certain truth. Deity exists both within and without the human being. The "Star Of David" has it's own mythology. An upward facing triangle represented the "Council of Light". Much of their practices were benign and geared towards spiritual attainment. "The Council of Darkness " was represented by a downward facing black triangle. The Dark Council practiced blood rites and sex rites. It was prior to the flood that they combined these two triangle in the six pointed star.The teaching were combined in order to be spared.

Atlantis is key to Alex Sanders mythology. The Island continent was host to a civilization of spiritually advanced people. They worshiped the Morrigan who was represented by the moon. The Earth also represented the Goddess.The Sun was the male God. It was for the misuse of magic and enslaving the younger races that the continent was destroyed. Select people were given the right to live and spread the teaching. Morgan, King Arthur's sister, could be seen as a representative as well could Merlin be seen. Merlin was the one who trained Arthur by taking him beneath the sea and teaching him. Once Merlin achieved his purpose Lady of the Lake, Vivien seduced him and tricked him of his power. He now reside in Summer land.

The witch has several weapons. Of note is the black handled Athame used to direct the witch's power. A new initiate will procure on of these along with three unused tassels colored ,red,white and blue . They have sacred purposes. There is also the white handled knife used for making amulet with in the circle. An amulet or talisman is not fully empowered of just regularly made outside the circle as curio. Wands and other tool are mentioned as well.

When the witch is admitted into the coven it is then and only then that they are declared witches . It is after their initiation that they receive their training in a specialized field. Some work with clairvoyance, other healing. After a period of two to three years the witch is promoted to the second degree but they must first prove their ability.

The book has a nice little section of herbs describing what they are used for medically. There is some reference to magical uses but mostly medical. The book of shadows is also described as the Witch's bible. Like all books it has been altered with parts added and subtracted over the years. The witch copied it by hand. In the old the old days they were supposed to remember it by heart in case they were caught and had to destroy it. A word of note is that even the Witch father, Alex Sanders says that none off the rituals is probably more then 100 years old. The rituals and the like are based on the teaching of old.

If you can get this book I much advise it. It has further conversation on the descent of the goddess and a good discussing on the twenty witch festivals. In the back there is a sections of prayers to the goddess. To me that is the best of the book. Now I would not take the mythology as fact per se just read it with an open mind.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dalua Meditation

Visualize yourself surrounded by a three sided Equilateral pyramid. The Magician is standing or sitting with in it. Say the Dalua invocation line by line. Upon the finish of the ritual write down everything that comes to mind. Invocation of Peace 1> Deep peace I breathe into you 2> Oh weariness here (touch brow) 3> Oh ache here (touch here) 4>Deep peace , a soft white dove to you 5> Deep peace, a quiet rain to you 6> Deep peace a quiet rain to you 7>Deep peace , a red wind of the east from you 8> Deep peace, grey wind of the west to you. 9> Deep Peace , a dark wind of the north from you 10>Deep peace, a blue wind of the south to you 11> Deep peace , a pure red flame to you 12> Deep peace , pure white of the moon to you. 13> Deep peace , pure green of grass to you 14> Deep peace, pure brown of earth to you 15> Deep peace , pure grey of Dew to you 16> Deep peace,pure of blue of sky to you 17> Deep Peace,of the running wave to you 18> Deep Peace of the flowing air to you 19> Deep Peace of the quiet earth to you 20> Deep peace of the sleeping stones to you 21> Deep peace of the yellow shepherd to you 22> Deep peace of the Wandering Shepherdess to you 23> Deep Peace of the flock of stars to you 24> Deep Peace from the son of peace to you 25> Deep peace from the heart of Mary to you 26> From the Bridget 27> Deep peace, Deep Peace 28>and with the kindness too of Dalua the haughty father. 29> Peace! 30>In the name of the three who are one 31> and by the will of the King of the the Element. 32> Peace! Peace!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sidhe Chronicles.

The Chronicles of the SidheThe Chronicles of the Sidhe by Steve Blamires
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chronicles Of the Sidhe

Author , Steven Blamires examines the work of Fiona Mcloid/ William Sharp and examined it for deeper meaning.

The first chapter informs the reader about William Sharp's life William Sharp was born in 1855 in Scottland . While growing up his family would take outing to the country. It was in these country excursions that William became initiated into the ways of Faerie. Baraban a nanny taught him Gaelic lore and facts about the country. Another teacher was Seamus Mcloud, A sScottish fisherman was credited as being Fiona's father. Fiona was considered a walk on or alter ego. As a faery she used William to get her message out to human kind. Her works of literature serve as a verbal gateway into the realm of the fae. The seeker must read her works carefully.

When the seeker travels into the realm of the fae they must abandon all preconcieded notions of what to expect . One cannot expect instant enlightenment . The faery will not be there at the persons beck and call . The seeker has to sort of go with it.

Many things are different for the fae then they are for us .They have different morals, deities, times, magic and elements. What we might perceive as cruel, detached or even prankesterish the faeries consider normal. They are used to ecstasy in ways we find sinful. They are not burdened with the concept of sin like we are. Fiona used William to get her teachings out but had no consideration about the effects it would have on his health . The seekers must set limits with the fae they contact and not let the fae overwhelm their life. The result of Williams death ultimately lead to the demise of Fiona for once Elizabeth Sharp let the secret out. Fiona ceased to exist.

Their deities are different . Truth be told there is some crossover. Mannan , the Celtic Sea God was one of ours , the Tuatga D'Danan had him secure their mounds for them. Angus, a god if fertility became one of ours . If one wishes to work with the fae Angus is a good place to start. Dalua is a dark trickster and best avoided. Keithos is a fertility nature god like Pan but his powers are diminished. Orchin is a weaver of destiny.

The fae do magics but they do not cast circles rather they work from a three sided pyramid. Their element are light, fire and water.

Fae and Tuatha D D'Danan are not the same but they are very similiar. Supposedly they have fled back to their arctic origins which had four cities corresponding to four elements of Ceremonial Magic. In the center was a valley of stones which contained a green diamond that restored life. The fae and Sidhe have returned their .
Many believe the fae are moving further away due to Christianity , our degraded image of them and the way we destroy the environment .

Whether it was an alter ego or walk in I will leave that for you to decide. This book was a compelling read and very enjoyable . In the last chapter there is a ritual that can be adapted towards individuals or groups.

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