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Friday, May 28, 2010

Shaping Formless Fire by Stephen Mace

Back in the 90's ,Stephen Mace wrote a series of Articles for a music magazine called "Zillo". The subject was the new occult phenomenon called Chaos magic. In Chaos magick as in all magick the power behind any and all magick is psychic energy. In order to manipulate this psychic energy you do not have to devote yourself to any set of Gods or master any Secret Keys of Truth. Psychic energy exists both within and outside of us. Sorcerers can raise and create psychic energy and then split it off from themselves in order to generate what they desire.

Mace's second article discussed Omen. Omens are occurrences in the world that seem to comment on what we are doing. Now when we receive an Omen it is a good idea to listen because it may prevent us from cleaning up a big mess later on. The Author goes on too give to examples of Omens. One when he was writing a rebuttal in a letter to someone who corrected him. As he was writing his rebuttal he knocked over a vase of flowers and soiled his clothes with rotten water. He read this as a sign and decided to let the matter rest. The second example was when the Russian troops left Hungary. This event was marked by festivities and doves were released. One of the doves was smashed under the treads of a tank.Later on these tansk were used for war against the Chechnya and the Afghanis.

The next topic of discussion was conjuring. This happens when a sorcerer manufactures a charge of psychic energy and and then discharges it to meet their own purposes. Energy can be manufactured by a variety of means such as chanting, rock music, calling on Demons and other entities. The magician then places this energy into a place where it will not easily dissipate. The object is not to let the energy into the consciousness where it will most definitely dissipate.The energy can be placed into a talsiman which is either buried or worn at certain times. An example would be a guitar player who wants to make a living. He sets up his altar and decorates it with items pertaining to music and calls on Deities connected to music. Through chanting he raises his energy then charges his talisman. He then wraps it into a black cloth and wears it only when he performs or buries it on the grounds of the record company.

Divination involves less energy then Omen. Items like Tarot cards are used for this and they must be treated like trusted advisers. Banishing rituals also need to be performed in order to get an accurate reading. The author advises against doing one reading after the other because that wears out the energy and decreases the accuracy. When the author first got involved with the occult he had a friend do a Tarot reading for him which had dire warning. Three days later the police raided his apartment.

The author also includes several exercises to increase your ability to raise psychic energy and control it. The first exercise cleanses your aura. You stand up straight and imagine a point in between your ears and in the back of your head. Now have a line go through that point starting several inches above your head and and end somewhere below your feet. Next imagine or draw a circle of blue white light going clockwise around your shoulder. Next have another circle stating from the top of your head going in a right arc down and under your feet and circling up through you left side. Next visualize a fire starting from your central axis and burning all the way through to envelope the circle. This should be done after every magickal action and also before becaUSE outside influences taint our aura.

The next exercise is adapted from Alister Crowley's teaching. It is a sort of Yoga where you sit in one place comfortably in a chair back straight hands on your knees and do not move. While you are doing this you can also strengthen your mind by focusing on your breathing. Do a 4 count as you breath in and hold it for another 4 seconds. Breath out in a four count also. You may also concentrate on a red box. It will be hard at first but you get better as time goes on.

This short books also covers astral projection and the entities you will encounter. Your objective is to bind them to you and have them serve you. Do not serve these entities because no matter how wise they seem they are not all knowing. Any sort of energy can be identified as a spirit. Sometimes though it can be hard to tell if it is external or internal. Internal ones generated by you are easier to control. Contacting your guardian angel and working with that entity will help you bind the other entities.

Sex is a powerful force that can help the sorcerer generate lots of energy. Even the bodily fluids themselves can be potent. This energy must save and not squandered. Menstrual Blood after the first day and other discharges can be used to fill a talisman or line a sigil. Crowley used to drink his fluid like a Eucharist. He would envision it as glowing. This part sort of turned me off.

Over all the book is a great introduction to Chaos Magick. Even if you are involved with other forms of Magick knowing the principle of manipulating energy will make your magick all that more effective. Remember a thing of two about organization and authority hang with them as long as they are good for you but don't let them limit you.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Italian Witchcraft by Raven grimassi

When the word witch craft is mentioned most people assicate it with Celtic symbols and Northern European Culture. Raven Grimassi does research which clearly shows that many of the motifs present in modern day witchcraft were present in the the old religion of Southern Europe. Many of these motifs found their way into North European witchcraft via the Roman occupation of Europe. The pentagram was present in the old southern religion which predates North European witch craft.

Two great occultists spent a good deal of time in Italy and were obviously influenced the Stregheria, Italian witchcraft. The first was Aleister Crowley. He spent a good deal of time there and his place of residence had the motif of the hiorned god cavorting with the Goddess. When he left it was washed over.

Another occultist was Gerald Gardner the founder of Modern Wicca. Now Grimassi has also been initiated into Wicca so he is not so negative of Gardner as some would expect him to be. But Gardner did spend time in Italy and he did learn from some Strega< italian witches. Many of the Rituals in Modern Gardnerian Wicca are present in Stregheria.

THe Center of Italian Witchcraft is Lake Nemi in Italy where the Temple of Diana still stands. Diana was the main Goddess of the Strega. When they do their rituals they have a male and female candle like Wicca and the Goddess in called Tana and the God is called Tanous. Like the Wiccans the worshipper will come together during the Sabbats ansd full moon in order to honor the Deities an ussually they will do so skyclad without any clothes. As in Wicca it is the woman who draws down the moon with the male priest there is assistance.

While Wiccans observe the 8 Sabbats the Stregas do things a little bit differently. THese holdiays are called the Treguenda. Shadow fest like Samhain is the day to honor the dead. THere is Saturnalia which celebrates the rebirth of the God. Then there is Lupercalia in which the wolf clan would dress up slaughter a lamb and smear the blood on the two priests. Later it would be cleaned with bloood and people dresed in Wolfskin would go throught the town lightly whipping women. To get whipped meant to ensure fertility. This happens in Early February. ANopther Holiday that happens on January 6 is the celebrating of Befana. Stiocking are filled gifts and there is a procesion in the streets where gifts are exchanged. In the end a pinata of Befana is torn apart and goodies are distributed. At the end the effigy of Befana is set alight.

The life and biorth of the God is different as well. THe stag God is the one who gets killed by the Wolf God but in the end both get killed. THere is also the legend of descent. THe Goddes Tna desecend to plumb the mysteries of death. After progressing each level she is forced to disrobe. When she comes before Dis she is naked and Dis falls in love with her. But she refuses his love. In the end she is farced to accept death and reamin with Dis. But in Spring the Stag King is reborn.

Among Italian Witches there ware two groups on called Benedanti and the other the Maledanti. The Beneadanti would fight thebad Meledanti with certain Herbs. This was nmeant to save the crops.

The coming of Christianity meant the almost extimination of the old religion which was based on the old Etruscan Religion. A practice that never really dies out. In any case Catholicism oppressed the peasants of the Italian countryside. A savior appeared in the form of Aradia. She went about teaching the old ways and found refuge in the outlaw camps. THe inquisition caught up with her but she used her femeinine charms to woo the guards into freeing her.She eventually left Italy. She was taught the ways of the Stregha by her aunt.

Italain witch craft first became noticed by the scholar Chalres Leland who with the help of Madelena uncovered many of the mysteries and became part of the community. He wrote several book on the subject.

This is an excellent book packed with information. I advise buying your own copy because there is so much good stuff. If you loan it from the library take good notes. You'll regret not having done so. Not only does Mr> Grimassi give a great historical background but he also give you practical advise on how to do the rituals and other magical practices. No review can do this justice.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Valley of the Bones By Eric Wilson

The trilogy comes to a blistering end as the final book comes to the finale. Taking off where the second book leaves off. Gina and her father fake her death in order to throw off the collectors. Natira who is now head of the Akeldama cluster sets off on his own to hunt down the Nistarim. He kills off almost all of them. Gina in the meantime moves in with Suzzette and Jossey. She hides under an assumed name, and helps around at the shop. Everyone is on her team trying to stop the collectors. Gina fianlly gets to meet her long lost son Jacob although at first she is only allowed to view him from a distance on Lummi Island. Jacob is guarded by the unfallen ones who can dissappear at will.

In the backdrop of this exciting book there is a treasure hidden in Jerusalem and among this treasure is the Crown of thorns worn by Jesus on the day of his crucifixion. That Crown is the key to everything. Natira believes he is the black king the one destined to waer the Crown and rule the world. THe stash was placed there by Rasputin the Russian sorcereor. Several keys to unlock the treasure are scatted all over the world. Sarge Jed's unlce has on of the Keys as does an over weight lady who lives in Oregon. Natira does get a hold of one the key. Carl stops him by teleporting into the treasure trove and getting the crown of thorns. Natira has a son who looks like Saquatch. Cal kills him with the crown of thorns.

THe final battle takes place in the Valley of Bones as an Army of Golems try to smash the Nistarim who are gathered in one place inoreer to resuce one of their own. In the end the Golems are forced to battle the Ressurrection of the Dead. THe Crown of thorns plays a major part.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Earth Power by Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham is one of the premier voices in Wicca. He has written over 50 books on Wicca and Witch craft. In this short comprehensive book called "Earth Magic" the author discusses Earth Magic. Earth Magic is based on tapping into the energy off the four elements. Earth, Fire, Air and water. The rituals are simple and easy to use. They are mostly folk magic and the spells have been around for a very long time which means they are tried and true. These spells are not Wiccan they are from an older form of Witch craft.

Here are some remedies that are very earth based. For example for aches and pains even sickness. In addition to going to the doctor you may want to try these as well. Take a potatoe or apple and rub it on the affected area. As you rub it visualize you illness being transferred into the plant. Another good trick is to lay down on some fertile ground or soil. Visualize your illness sinking from your body into the earth. After that visualize the energy rising back up into your body. To keep evil demons out of the house you can fill up a bottle with soil or sand. The demons need to count every grain of soil before they enter the house this frutrates demons very much. Dirt has even more uses. As your children leave throw some dirt after them to keep away. Do it without them knowing. To transfer your problem take a handful of earth and focus all of your trouble into it in minutia detail. After that throw it over you shoulder and walk away. For scrying get a seven inch plate and fill it with dirt stare at it intently and images will come forth.

Here are some wind spells. These spells normally coincide with a certain wind such ass the north wind, south wind etc. It is best to do these spell with that wind blowing. To determine which way the wind is blowing it goo to put a piece of material on a pole and watch which way it is blowing. The material if it is blowing North directions mean that a Southern wind is blowing. The east wind is fresh and energetic this is a good wind for doing renewal spells.

North Wind is called the "Wind of Death" but not a physical death rather it is a wind that kills negative things in your life such as bad habits or negative happen stance. Magick should never be used to harm other people because if the practitioner does that he only ends up harming himself.

South Wind are hot and fiery and it is a good time for any sort of spell do to the high energy of it.

West wind is cool and reinvigorating and is good for healing love and fertility.

Fire Magic

If you have a problem or bad habit draw symbols on the Paper and throw the paper into a raging fire. That should cure or eradicate the negative habit.

To cure a disease light a fire consisting of Oak Wood and when the fire burns down pick up an ember and throw it into a pale of water. As it sizzle and pops visualize you sickness going away.

Water Magick Spells

Go to a spring take a stone and juice from a nearby plant. Draw a picture of your need on it. Take it into your [power hand or writing hand and walk three times around the spring look at thee spring before casting the stone and say "Spring of Clear water ceaseless and true send me the wish that I now ask of you" throw the stone into the spring. before leaving take a sip of the water.Leave a token of thanks to the spirit.

For a lake divination cast a stone into the lake. Count the number of rings it makes. If the rings are odd than the answer to your question is yes. if they are even then the answer is no. This is used for a yes or no question.

If you are sick go to a stream and submerge your entire body feel the water cleaning you and cleansing you and the sickness leaving your body in the form of little black worms. As you are submerged say this chant. The sickness is flowing out of me into the river and down into the sea.

These are just a sample of the spells. I recommend this book strongly.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dreadark:Silksingerby Laini taylor

the adventure of Magpie Windwitch and her consort talon continue. Magruen one of the seven Djin who created the worldhas been found now Magpie must find the other 5. One was killed off already.THe first one they find is Ithuriel he is sleeping deep under ground. Magpie and Talon battle a giant python toget that Djinn. THe Sliksinger in a battle long ago allied with Fade the last Dragon to stop Onyx a very evil sorcerer and his band of his devils. they got by on flying carpets. Fade was ultimately killed along with most of the Silksingers. A few did survive and they reamined hidden. Up until the devils found them on their island hideaway. Whisper is the last one as her grandparents died trying to protect her from an army of devils intent on caputuring Azazel one of the Djin who was protected by her clan. She arrives at a travelers town with Azazel asleep in a tin pot. Her objective is to get to Nazneen and put him on hios thrown. Along the way she joins some traqding hobgoblins most of whom get killed by devils. She is protected by Harik and his scimitar. Harik is of the Mothmage clan ones who supposedly abandoned the battle they were supposed to fight. He has an objective to reclaim the honor and become Azazel's champion.
But not all is well inthe town of Nazneen. For unerneath the city their lurks and army of devils ready to pounce led by Etriag.A freind will betray Magpie and Whisper will become a prisoner. Harik will get injure in battle. The end things come out good but Ithuriel gets kidnapped the traitor steals some of Magpie's glyphs. great book especially for kids.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moon Magick by DJ Conway

Ancient religions prior to the advent of male dominated solar religions based their calendar and lifestyle on the moon. It made sense the moon has a profound affect on our lives. Observe human behavior during a full moon. Crime rates tend to go up people seem to have more energy to use either from positive or negative purposes. People tend to get more emotional during full moons. Tides also rise with the moon phases and our bodies are 75% water.

That being said it is obvious that ancient Goddess centered religions were in fact based on the moon. Dj Conway for this book gives us a chapter for each of the thirteen lunar months. In each chapter she tells us what celebrations happen for which Goddess during that given month. THE Goddesses come from a panoply of different faiths. Some from the Celtic world, other from the Northern Traditions. There are Greek, Roman, Sumerian, Chinese and Japanese deities that are honored here. Oh and let us not forget the Native American deities and South American Deities. This makes her an eclectic pagan who believes that divinity is connected on the deepest levels of our existence. Sometimes Deities from different pantheons are honored in the same ritual. This seems to be happening a lot in Modern Wicca.

Included in each chapter is not only a list of the Goddesses but also the mythology behind several of them. Many of the rituals are reconstruction if not entirely remade from scratch. It is impossible to carry on rituals as they may have occurred thousands of years ago because life today is different from what it was way back when. If life changes and evolves so does religion. Many writings regarding rituals are also not properly preserved leaving lots of gaps to fill in.

There are several cool things about this book. Beside thee rituals and deity listing. There are several recipes, craft projects as well as other being associations and herbal associations listed as well. The book is great for any beginning eclectic Pagan.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mystical Concepts in Chasidism by Jacob Imaniel Schochet

One upon a time in a small European town a rather well learned Jew heard a Rabbi give a Torah lesson. The Torah lesson made no sense to this Jew and he went and told the Rabbi so. The Rabbi said that while he could not understand the lesson on an intellectual level his soul definitely could. Israel Baal Shem Tov was destined to reveal Kabbalah to the entire Jewish world. One time during a very deep meditation Israel Baal Shem Tov ascended to the palace of Mosciach. The Baal Shem Tov asked the Moschich when he was going to reveal himself. The Moschiach said that he would come only when the teachings of the Baal Shem tov were heard by the entire world . Kaabbala could be taught to only a select few until
the end of days when it would be incumbent upon every Jew to learn Kabballah. It is important take note of the fact that although Hashem is described as having feet, hands that he can speak and . These anthropomorphic descriptions really do not apply to him. He is only described that way so that we can understand him. It is up to the Mystic to strip away those descriptions.
The beginning of our universe was started with something called TzimTzum. This is when the En Sof pulled back it's prescience and aloud for space so a world and UNiverse could be created and grow. This space space was called "Chagal" With this constriction of the En Sof's presence only a line of primordial light was allowed to enter. The ten Sephirot were bridges between the lightand the physical creation. The First Sephira is Keter or crown and this sephira is beyond our comprehension. The Next come Chockma and this means wisdom. This is the seed of potentiality. Next come Bina which is understanding. This brings the potentiality out of obscurity. Next is Daat or knowledge this brings the Potentiality into physical creation. There are two kinds of daat. The first Daat or Higher Daat called Daat Elyon is connected to Keter and it mediates between the two. The lower daat bring the completed thought down to the emotive s and the lower world. Next comes Chesed and Chesed want to shower unlimited kindness upon the world. Of course too much kindness would eradicate everything. Gevurah is severity and that act as a control limiting the amount of kindness that comes into the world. Tipheret mediates between the two. On the lowest level there is Netzach, Hod and Yesod. These are agents for Chesed, Gevurah and Tipheret. The lowest is Malchut or Kingship this corresponds to the Sheckina and is a state of being. It is also connected to the mouth shich utters creation. These ten sephirot are connected to one another and work in concert with each other. They have bit of the other sephirot in each individual Sephira. THey correspond to differnt body parts as well. Orot is the emanation of lights coming down the kelim are the collectors of these lights. The line if light forms concentric circles around each of the sefirot. The sefirot are in unity and work together. In the beginning though the sephirot were seperate with each one doing it's own thing. This was called Tohu and in the Tohu the Kelim or vessels absorbed to much light and shattered the shards fell down into the five world getting absorbed into those world as possible. Several of these shards fell below the worlds AND INto the other side. This other side was called Sitra Achra. This allowed for the creation of evil. In any case a new set of Sphirot had to be created and this time they would work together in unity. This was called Tikkun. THe concept of evil is not all that bad it gave the human being a choice and a mission. True service cannot happen in the absence of freedom of choice. THe mission was to gather the sparks of holiness and seperate them from the husks.
Tohu, Tikkun
Sitra achra
Klippot and yeter Harah

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Sorcerer's Secrets by Jason Miller

This is one great book that gives one the fundamentals of working effective magick. Many books will give you spells and rituals and maybe even some philosophy yet they will not teach you how to do effective magick. This book does! Jason Miller first starts his book with the fundamental message that magick is a skill which people can perform to various degrees. Some people cannot perform it all while others it comes naturally. In they day of old not everyone was privileged to learn about magick. You had to be selected. Some people were born into families of witches. Now for better or worse it is available to everybody.

The first part of the book starts off with basic fundamental which is something In know I will refer back to time and time again. The most important aspect of magick is meditation. THe author goes through several types of breathing exercises. Such things as vase breathing, cleansing breathing, pore breathing and energy breathing. There are also different gazes and way to charge your breath in order to do magic. Different forms of divination are discussed as well.

When it comes to magical work there are some key areas that he focuses on. These areas are influencing people, financial magick, love and lust magic and protection magick. AA main point the author likes to make is that in order to succeed one must use both magical and non magical means. His magic covers herb lore from voodoo aas well as their ceremonies along with stuff from ceremonial magick. Over all this man is a well rounded sorcerer who teaches you how to be a competent sorcerer.

He makes another good point that you magick can influence other s and it can help build you. Emphasize both they complement each other.

This is one of the best books on Magick I have ever read. To learn more about this author check out these websites.


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