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Thursday, August 17, 2017

French Art of Seduction

French Women Don't Sleep Alone:French Women Don't Sleep Alone: by Jamie Cat Callan
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American men love international women, they are mysterious, exotic and alluring . The French women have this kind of allure and enchantment over all men who come into contact with them. How do they do it? They are much more interesting than American women and this book tells why.

This book was written by an AMerican woman who is an admirer of the French and has spent some time there. It is a guide for American women on how's to be seductive like French women are. While it is a book for women I think the men can learn a thing or two from it as well .

First off French women do not date. Dating is boring and stressful and to me totally unromantic . French women have a circle or coterie of friend, both male and females . They invite friends over to dinner parties and basically mingle with everybody and everybody mingles with everybody else. You are not closed or boxed into the two hour interview. Men and women can see each other in a natural environment. They can also converse and be flirtatious which means that the man has to compete with others for the French woman attention. IF a woman or man like each other they will often go for a walk in the park for further conversation. This lets the man observe that the woman is being admired by other men and that if he does win her heart he can still be replaced by other admirers.

French men know they can never fully possess the French woman which helps keep it interesting . He can lose her in a second if can he fails to properly attend to her. French women always maintain the mysterious so as to keep the guy guessing. They never get to familiar. French women make have their secrets and they enjoy and employ constant change. There's coterie of friends keep her confident and alive. They do not collapse into relationships and forget about everyone else. THey do things separate from their lover. Remember familiarity breeds contempt.

The author discuses several techniques for a woman to look and feel sexy. French women definitely take care of themselves . They cultivate their minds and skin. Education and really nice creams for the skin. They also eat in moderation. Enjoy everything but do not pig out. They wear lingerie underneath their clothes and even if men cannot see the lingerie the woman feels sexy and that shows.

I learned many things from this book and I recommend it highly. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies A-Z: Your Complete Guide to Natural Health and BeautyHerbal Remedies A-Z: Your Complete Guide to Natural Health and Beauty by Infinite Ideas
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Herbal Remedies A-Z

This nifty book has just about every herb listed and what it can be used to treat. The description of the herbs gives formulas and preparations for various ailments.

More and more people are switching and /or starting to use herbs. For one herbs are cheaper than medications and have fewer side effects. Besides if you have the sniffles or stomach upset you do not want to run to the doctor or I ingest medication that has side effects. Plus Trump might take away your health care.

Here are some notes from
What I read.

Caraway seeds are great digestive agents and a noted anti-flatulence remedy. In north-European cookery they are often added to gas producing dishes such as cabbage.

Arnica to treat bruises, sprains, strains, swelling and fractures, and calm the pain that they cause. It’s a marvellous remedy.

Cayenne is a warming spice that helps to thin mucus, so can be helpful for bronchitis. It can also improve circulation for problems like varicose veins. Hot cayenne pepper delivers a terrific boost to the immune system.

For body odour, especially under the arms, James Duke, a leading US authority on healing herbs, suggests using cider vinegar. Swab the underarms with it. Steep several leaves of sage in it for a couple of weeks, to make it even more effective.

Those are just a few remedies. It is not the complete end all but for the price it is a good read with lots of good information;

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