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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Haitian Vodou Handbook

The Haitian Vodou Handbook
Kenaz Filan, Destiny Books
April 12,2010

Say the word vodou and the average persons mind conjures up all sorts of dark images. It could be anything from human sacrifice, hexing dolls and even drinking blood. Such a picture is far from the truth. Vodou works with the Loa or what is called the spirits. They are by and large benevolent and caring. Of course there are bad spirits out there but the ones listed in this book are for the most part good. The lowa will grant you your request but they will ask for some favor in return. Keep your word with the lowa or they will get back at you. Cool thing about the Loa is that y9u can serve them anyway you see fit or know how. The Loa do not care so much how correct your devotion is but they do care about the sincerety of your servic. Heck even Wiccans serve them in their circles. Oh by the way you do not have to be initiated into a peristyle or vodou temple in order to serve the Loa or work with them.

Kenaz Filan has written a master piece on Haitian vodou. His book meticulously lists and describes the various Lowa and he shows how to serve them. He covers both Ptetwo Loa and the Rada Loa. One house is quicker and hotter and they may answer you request a lot qicker but do not get them ticked off and definitely keep you vows to them. THe other house it cooler Loa they may be slow to take but they also have a cooler temper.Legba the old man with a limp and cane is always the one who opens the dorr for other Loa to come threw. Damballah the big snake who coild=s hims self around the world is real cool and likes everything to be clean. He also dislikes alcohol. Cousin Zaka is the farmer in jeans, Agwe is the sea king married to La Sirene or Frieda. THe Ghedes are the spiirits of the dead visiting with one eyes sunglasses and loving a good drink and dirty joke.

THe Haitians have a had a rough life. Starting out as a slave colony for the French and then after a bloody overhtrow things were left i to the hand of mulaatos. Power and privelige are the key in Haiti. THeir attitude towards money and love is very realistic. Much diferent then Wiccan attitudes. Life is stil harsh over there and poverty is no virtue.

It is a great book that gives one a good ground work to start serving the Loa. He gives away no secrets of his peristyle and he takes oaths rather seriously. He believes you need to be intiated to learn more although you can get results independently.He also warn against instant initiations, bullying and peristyle leaders who abuse their authority. When choosing a house make sure you are comfortable as they will be a quasi family. This book deserves a five out five rating.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Being Aware of those Astral Werewolves

Werewolves: The Occult Truth
Konstantinos, Llewellyn Publications
Sept 08, 2010

It's a full moon and the night is crystal clear. You are alone out in the woods and your getting that funny feeling as though you are being watched. Suddenly a loud howl reverberates through the cloudless night. You see a huge lupine shape darting here and there. You think to yourself is this a real lfe werewolf? Time to get out the silver bullets oops but you do not even have a gun. You are convinced you are about to enter the realm of the dead. Of course if you survive this encounter with only a bite then by the nhext full moon you will become one of those......a were wolf.

Well not quite. Don't go believing all that Hollywood non sense. You do not need a silver bullet to kill a were wolf. Then again what exactly are were wolves. It ain't what you think. Author, Konstantinos, describes 4 types of were wolves. The first two types are voluntery and involuntery. Involuntery are those born on Christmas Eve, concieved of on a full moon or those cursed by a witch or warlock. Were wolf bite is not one of the causes. The second type are vountery types or those who choose to become werewolvesof their own accord via an occult ritual. Over teh years there have been sighting of werewolves even in modern times but none of these constitute proof. Even humans captured and accused as werewolves, no one has seen them change. Why would anyone admit to being a werewolf? Insanity, hallucinations or plain delusion. Some of the occult rituals call for teh use of hallucinogenic drugs.

Here looking at you kid :-)

Konstantinos does not put too much credence into these stories. In his mind they do not offer solid proof. There are some diseases which cause people to look hairy and their are diseases that cause people to look rather canine. Porphyria makes one look pale and have fangs. Multiple Personality can give someone an identity or alter ego of a were wolf and some people have different parts of their brain activate into thinking tehey are a wolf.

Many shamanistic culture like those of the Native Americans have their shamans shape shift into different animals and this is the direction the author takes his work. THrough a ritual when the shaman enter another world he can either shape shift into his totemic animal which may be a wolf or other animal. This could be on the astral level and spiritual level.

Through ritual and various substances people have entered into different realms and encountered diffrent beings. Some of these these interdimensional being look like a hybrid betwen a wolf and a human. Of course wolves are not the only animals depicted. This marks the third type of were were wolf.

The last type is an astral were wolf. This can be done by shape shifting the astral body intro the shape of a wolf and going out there into the world. Sometimes people see these wolves and sometimes you may even se the astral body of a freind who has been rendered unconsious after an accident.You see there disembodied spirit. Some magicians have created servitors or other being with astral energy. Tibetan monks do it and the spirit is called a tongpa. Dion Fortune did it with wolves. The author blieves that most of the werewolf citing that were witnessed involved astral were wolves.

I enjoy Konstantino's work. He has the right amount of skeptisim and the right amount of open mindedness to really explore topics such as this. I have read other works and they also concur that werewolves are an astral phenomena that involves shape shifting.

See any were wolves lately?

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Realm of Psychic Vampires

The Psychic Vampire Codex
Michelle Belanger, Weiser Books

Weiser is noted for it's high standards in publishing occult materials. This current work is about the phenomena of psychic vampires, people who can not produce their own personal energy so they have have to get it from other people by draining their auras or vital energy. They do this by sending out tendrils and drilling into the aura.

I have never seen an actual vampire but I do believe in the possibility of psychic vampires. Blood drinkers are not the same as psychic vampires and that is an important distinction. Michelle Belanger has gotten accolade from other pagan and occultists and she offers up some great information on energy work and healing. I pulled some useful stuff from this book.

Yet her credibility is strained when she says that her "Order of Khepuru" became psychic vampires way back when and were part of a big family. I just cannot buy into it. She has created her own paradigm of vampires. Warriors are tough shot who are strong well shielded and not prone to energy drains. Healer are in the middle prone to some energy deficits but their gift is taking in energy and recycling it and purifying it. They are also great healer. Priests are the weakest and they are connected to the spiritual deficits. I find the paradigm viable but we have to remember that this is her perception and there is nothing wrong with that.

The second half of the book deals with energy work. It has great techniques for grounding and and centering. The setting up of shields is very valuable as well. The explanation of tendrils and links and their impact on your future and future lives is interesting and shed light that once you are been victimized by a psychic vampire the links are still there. They may lessen in time./\ Yet the psychic vampire can exert a strong influence on their victim.

There are many orders of vampires that teach about ethical feeding and how to live life ethically that deals with their nature. If you want to find out about psychic vampires or if you are a vampire who has not yet awakened to their nature then this would be a great book to read.

For those doing magic energy work is the core. There is no magic without energy manipulation. At times I found this book rather difficult to get into. I give it 4 stars out of five

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wiccan Prayers

A Prayer for Protection

Bright light, white light, take away my fright.
Don't let the darkness scare me, there's nothing here to fear.
Let me sleep the whole night long, for I am safe in here.
White light, bright light.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Book of Fallen Angels

The Book of Fallen Angels
Michael Howard, Capall Bann Publishing
February 28,2004

The author Michael Howard studie under Madeline Montalban, one of greatest teacher of the Luciferian Witchcraft's greatest teachers. Luciferian Witchcraft, however is not to be confused with Satanism as it is something that is far different.

To begin with let us examine the myth of the Garden of Eden. Where is it? and exactly who was Adam and Eve? We cannot locate the actual Garden of Eden in physical terms. The teaching of Luciferian witch craft teach that The Garden of Eden was created in the astral realms and that the first people were notr being with physical bodies but rather spiritual being Madeline Montalban called "Ray people". THis could be the people behind the faeiries. Of course human being now have physical bodies

In that Garden lived a serpent. The author does a great job of showing us that in the ancient literature of many cultures, Sumeria, Greek, Roman and Norse , that important trees were guarded by serpents or snakes. In the bible legend thing get changed around a bit. THe snake who is often identified as Azazel, Samael or Satan tricks eve into eating from the tree of knowledge. This opens her eyes and enlightens her. Humanity now has a consionce. It was for enlightening and teaching mankind that Lucifer was cast down from heaven.

Of course Lucifer is the bringer of kight and kight is often equated with knowledge or spirituality. Luifer and his angels taught mankind before God thought that they were ready. This was Luifer's sin. According to legend he descended with seven other angels who each took control of a different planet and taught human being different things. This allwed them to advance and become more sophisticated. These angel in time became enamored with human females and couple with them. This created a race of giants called the Nephilim or Annunakim. The four arch angels according to the bible were the ones hwo defeated Lucifer and his minions and drove them into the nether regions. Thier offspring hid in the hills and forests and also maybe the origin of the faerie folk. Supposedly according to Christian doctrine the faerie folk and the angels have nop chance at redemption.

Lucifer's name is several. At time he is called Samael, Azazel, Azrael or Satan. He is depicted with horns, hairy legs and hooves. He comes equipped with the upper torso of a man. Looks much like Pan or Dionysus. He is said top be the father of Cain. When Even bore the child she said he was a child of God, not of Adam and he had the angelic shine upon his face. According to the legend Samael was the father. Some Jewish legends support this. Lucifer's real name is Lumiel. He is the God of Witchcraft.

Lilith was Adam's first wife in the Bible. She was created from clay just like he was. Of course she left the Garden dues to her refusal; to be submissive. She lived in the desert and had demon babies with animals. According to Jewish legend 3 angels were send to bringer her back to Eden but she refused. She was then informed that they would kill 100 of her offspring daily. She of course became the killer of new born babies and had sway over them for the first seven days of their birth. An agreement was made were in she retained her freedom but any child wearing an amulet with the names of the three angels inscribed their on would be safe.

In Sumerian literature she is describes as the queen of the incubi and succubi. Vapire demon spirits that drink blood and fornicate with people in their sleep. Lilith is often described as a moon goddess and a goddess of love. She is associated with Venus, Diana and Hecate.

THe book later on explores the roots of the Luciferian craft by uncovering the Middle Eastern origins especially with the Sabians and their worship of the stars. In their city they a temple for each planetery deity and would worhsip in that on the appropriate day, buring the appropriate incense, and wearing the appropriately colored robes. It was said that by going through the star gods one could get to know or be added to the supreme God head.

Yezidism worships Melek Taus, the peaccok angel. He is lucifer and it is believed that he was the one who fashioned the world and mouled it. THe Supreme God was above him being very distant and remote. Melek Taus will be redeemed whwen all of humanity is redeemed. Lucifer suffers for mankind and has had many avatars including Dionysus, Adonis Cernunno and even Jesus himself.

THe feminine aspect of divinitly is discussed at length. This ultimate emanations is seen a as mediator between the cold and distant God and humanity. Request go thorough her. Magic is more responsive to feminine vibrations. She also protects mankind from divine wrath as well.

Last but not least is Cain. He is a good guy. He is the blacksmith trhe builder who creates civilization. It was during his wandering that the first cities were build. His progeny were musicians, metal smiths and builders. It is thorugh his line that the magic flows.

This is one awesome book. I advise you read it because tehre is much to learn. Michael Howard backs and supports his writing with footnotes from very schaloarly sources and he definitely knows his stuff. 5 stars out of five.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Voudoo Money Magic

Vodou Money Magic
Kenaz Filan, Destiny Books

Kenaz Filan is a an author who has written many a book about vodou and magic. He is an en editor and contributing author of New Witch Magazine. He has practiced Haitian Vodou for tren ydears as a solitaire and then becane intitiated into a temple.

What follows here is an incredible book about vodou and money magic. But this is no book of ordinary get rich spells. This book offers a history of Haiti and a probing inventory into our own attitudes. The book tells about several spirits or LWA as they are called and how each of them applies to money magic. THe author is very careful to inform the reader that there are no get rich schemes. Success comes with hard work and the LWA help out.

Haiti is a nation of former slaves. Slaves whjo worked in plantation run by cruel French masters. Since winning their freedom Haiti has known it;s share of revolutions and instability. THing over there are much different. Most of the wealth is i the hands of a powerful elite while the rest of the area langusihes in poverty. Vodou practitioners see nothing wirong with asking for money or love. These are needed things. Vodou does tell you to approach the LWA respectfully and keep up your end of the bargain. That includes kleeping your vows in exchange for favors rendered.

While life is harder in Haiti over here we have our issues to face. Often times we may feel entitled to an easier life and such is taken for granted. We also tend to over estimate how talented we really are and always ffeel we deserve more. If we are having finaincial difficulties we need to eaxamine the reason why. Are we wasting money on shoppiong sprees, boozing and gambling to much or do we have a spouse that drains things away. We have to confront these issues.

What follows next is a description of the different LWA and how to work with them. Legba is the keeper of doorways. He can help in having people who owe you pay you off and in finding job opportunities. Damballah helps you with compulsive spending. Agwe the LWA of the Sea helps with relationships. Danto, the LWA of single mother hood helps out also. THe list goes on. THe rituals are practical and easy to follow. THe spells are dopwn to earth and the author gives great advice.

The bookis excellent. I t gives one a great history of Haiti and a thorough and comprehensive over view of the Haitian mentality.More importantly it has you analyze yourself and your attitudes towards money and spending along with spells in helping you both get out of debt and to accrue wealth. If you are new to Vodou this is a great book to start with. This book gets 5 stars out of five.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Russian Magic

Russian Magic
Cherry Gilchrist, Questbooks

Welcome to the enchannted landscape of Russia, locked away for almopst seventy years is a land now open to every one revealing a land of deep oppulent treasure. What follows is an interesting book that delves into the sould of the Russian psyche. While the title may say Russian Magic in this book you will find no spells or theory. Instead you will find an analysis of Russian mytgh and lore. Cherry Gilchrist herself is an alchemist who has written several other books. After reading thsi one I am sure that I will want to read more.

Russian Pagan beliefs have stood the test of time surviving from ancient times all the way through the Byzantine Church and communism. To the Russians it isd no big deal to embrace esoteric lore and combine it with modern scientific things. In fact in the Russian mind they can exist side by side without contradiction.

Central to Russian mytholgy is the Oak Tree which for them is the Tree of Life. It is similiar to the Norse Tree of Yggdrasil. The upper part of the branches is the Celestial realms whwere the Gods live. The trunk is the human earthly realm while the roots is where the sould of the dead reside. Russians leave offering for the spirits of the departed and there is no discussion of reincarnation.

In the Celestial realm is where the Sun God Yarilo dwells along with Peron the thunder God dwells along witha host of other celestial stars. Peronm has been combined with Elijah and offering are left to this saint-god in order to avert storms and make for a healthy harvest,

On the trunk level dwells the Deep Earth mother. She is the mother earth. All healing and self regenerating. On the lower level is Vlous the snake god who has a quarrel with Peron. Every time they fight it creates thunder storms.

The building of the Russian house echoes or reflects the design of the great tree. The attic is the realm of the sun god Yarilo. It is here that women do thier spinning and have innocent conversation. It tends to be light and airy with access to the sun. THe living quarters are designed for the people and the Middle Realm. On corner is an icon for saints. The otrher end is the kitchen stove which keeps the
living area warm and is also slept on when winter is in full season. It is also where the eating table is. The eating table is the cneter of Russian house hold life. Hspiatality is verything and in Russia relative can come over at will and stay as long they like and they must be given tea and fed as tradition calls for.

THe basement represents the lower realms of the dead. This is where the spirit of the house lives. The spirit of the house is called the Domovai. The Domovai is supposed to follow the family where wever they go. When moving from house to house you are supposed to invite the Domovai to come with you. Be nice to the spirits as they can wreak havok or be rather helpful. THere is the spirit of the bath hosue where people not only bath but also practice rituals of magic. THe spirit of the house is called the Bannik. Leshi is the nature spirit and there is one for each forest. When going into the forest always be respectful of them.

The book covers lightly some methods of divinition especially with regards for determining what a future mate mate will look like or who will get married first. Animals like the bear and the the firebird are discussed as are some of the figure in Russian mythology. Bears represent wealth and fertility and are connected to the underworld and spring for their hibernation and awakening after the winter. Heros are discussed as are diferent kinds of folk tale. Russian mysticism is very related to Siberian Shamanism.

Over all great book I definitely plan to read more works by the author. However I feel the book discussed mytholgy and folk ways of the Russian nation as opposed to Russian magic. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Templars

The Templars
Piers Paul Read, St. Martin's Press

1099 the first crusade commences. saint Bernard clairvaux encourages people to take the cross and liberate Christian lands. Antioch a city near Antolia falls to muslim forces. The crusade reaches Jerusalem and in time Crusader Kingdoms are established. Political rule is hardly secure and pilgrims are not only harrassed but they are robbed, murdered and kidnapped. Hugh D'payens decides that a military order needs to be created in order to protect Christian pilgrims. Hugh convinces the pope and the Knights Templar is created. The order started with nine people originally but eventually through recruitment the number grew as did the organization.

The nine men were originally stationed in the stable of where Solomon's Temple used to be located. To join the the knights you had to have had combat training, your own horse and your own armor. These were not just ordinary knights they were warrior monks. They did not get married or have relation, they said mass and vespers at their proper times and had very meager diets.

The Order of the Knights Templar grew in both property and soldiery. People left massive donations of money and property to the Templars and many were eager to join. Many people joined as an expiation for previous sins. The order grew so large that most of the people who were part of the order were not knights but rather administrators in charge of managing the property. The Knights templar were answerable only to the Pope.

With their power also grew their supposed arrogance. Throughout the history the author covers all the crusades and all the political alliances that were formed while the Christian kingdoms were around. Things were not always clear cut as one would think. Often times Christian and Muslim kingdoms would form alliances against other Christians or Muslim. The line between Muslim and Christian easily blurred. Middle Christians such as the Syriacs often times preferred Muslim leadership over Roman Catholic leadership. The Crusaders also had very uneasy relationships with the Byzantine Greeks. The Byzantine Greeks were viewed as rather untrustworthy. Often times the crusaders killed as many Middle Eastern Christians as they did Muslims.

Inhabitants of the Crusader Kingdoms became acclimated to the ways of the Middle East. They dressed like Middle Eastern folks and began eating similar kinds of food and having the same sorts of parties. The Catholic church was concerned with moral laxity.

From the Crusader period arose 2 other orders of knights. The First was the hospiatallers who arose around the same time as the Templars. Their main task was to provide hostelry and medical care to pilgrims. Eventually they started taking up knightly responsibilities. The Teutonic Knights as their name suggests were Germanic Knights who emerged during the fourth crusade. While these orders often competed with each other they also cooperated on the battle field Knights were supposed to gather around their flag but when they could not find their flag they would gather around the flag of another order.

In the early 1300's the Holy Land fell. Their was call for another crusade. King Philip of France wanted to merge the Templar with the Hospiatallers. James of Molay was hesitant and eventually refused. The Pope at the time a rather weak man originally opposed King Philip's plans but this lead to an over all persecution of the Templars. They were tortured and the leaders confessed to a variety of abominations. The order disbanded with the Knights becoming Brigands, monk, knights for other orders of just collecting a pension. James of Molay would eventually be burned alive. Poetic Justice that the weak pope and King Phillip died within months after Jame's execution.

The book gives a great over all history of the formation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It also documents the rise of the monastic movement. The book though seems to be more about the Crusades then it does the Templars. This is also the only major complaint I have about this book. It should have went more in depth about the Templars and what was going on inside their order then what was going on outside the order. I give this 3.5 stars out of 5.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wiccan Magick

Wiccan Magick
Raven Grimassi
Llewellyn Publications; 1st edition (September 8, 2002)

So you are into Wicca and you really want to do magick. Well then this is your book. This book tells you the internal dynamics of doing magic. Now this is no Wicca 101 fluff stuff, in fact for a beginner and maybe even an intermediate this book can get a bit over your head. Good thing this book came about as all serious Wiccans know there is more to magic than just lighting candle, casting circles and chanting a few words.

The author, Raven Gimassi, first discusses the origins and the beginning of Wicca. This ancient new religion arose out of the roots of a Fertility cult that centered around the Goddess and God.The ancient mysteries of this cult precede christianity and are the very roots of Modern Wicca. The Ancients perceived a general cycle of birth , growth, death and rebirth. It was a repeating cycle in all forms of life and in the world itself. The ancients had Sabbats or celebrations to get into tune with this flow. Along with this they also observed certain technique to help them get from the deities what they so desired. Natural objects like herbs, stones and colors became associated with desired effects. this would develop into a list of magical charms.

Coming into tune with nature's vibration was the cycle of the slain God. It was believed that he did not die but rather that his body died and they he kept on coming back. Tree worship was also very widespread in Ancient Europe.The slain God used to be a sacrifice offered to the ground to help keep it fertile. Eventually this would grow out of practice and people graduated to animals and finally to herbs and plants. The person representing the slain god were believable to have been descended from the Horned God himself and people would eat off flesh to keep a part of him within them. This of course is no longer practiced but the cakes and wine are sometimes symbolic there of. Also partaaking off the flesh gave the person who ate the flesh the magical powers of the slain god. The mother goddess was associated with the moon. her phases were phases of the women. Going through youth, motherhood and then old age only to renew herself. Being such as Faieries and nymphs are inner forces that vitalize nature. To learn from nature and her patterns was considered a way to study divinity as nature or creation was a reflection of the creator.

The book does discuss folk magic and the use of herbs. However, our view of folk magick is rather incomplete. herbs were not magick in and of themselves. There were special techniques required in both their harvesting and growing in order to make them magical. Most of the secrets are lost.Most Pagans who practiced were poor folks and did not use such tools and the sword, pentacle,chalice and wand. These were taken from the Tarot cards and ceremonial magick. They represent the weapon off the knight. It should be noted that magic was not always considered taboo but back in the 15th century many philosophers and even Christians defended it.

According to Wiccan philosophy there are three realms of existence that someone practicing magic must be in tune with. The Astral Realm,elemental realm and the physical realm. When a Magical person wishes to effect change they first place and image into the astral realm and that image gets bathed in Astral light. later on the image descends into the elemental realm where the elements of Fire, air, earth and water give it their energy.Finally it comes to the physical realm. The author also goes on to discuss various energies both internal and external, feminine and masculine. This book discusses sigilization, energy work symbology and circle casting.

Raven has written an excellent book on a very difficult subject to comprehend. no summary ccould do this book the justice that it deserves. If you are serious about magic then go out and by the book. Mind you this is no spell book in it you will not find any spells but it will teach you how to cast them effectively with good solid techniques. The only draw back to this great work is that the author repeated himself several times. I would give this book 4.5 stars out of 5


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