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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Reclaim the Feminie Power

Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic.Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic. by Lisa Lister
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Many women are starting to hear a certain call the comes from the depths of their soul. That call is to reclaim their feminine power. For millennia that power has been locked away. Time of remembering is upon us. Lisa Lister comes off as a strong feminist, which she is as this book is geared toward women.

To her it is time to recognize that a woman’s greatest source of power is between her legs and in her womb. The author is correct that women should embrace their feminine power. She advocates trying to step out of the dude centric paradigm. Women have been cut off from nature’s flow. Their menstrual cycles are in line with the lunar cycles. Their age corresponds to the wheel of the year. Women need to get back into sync with that Patriarchy has separated women from their feminine power by labeling it evil. One way to do that is to reclaim the word witch.

Women are natural creators,healers, oracles and workers of magic. What follows is an easy diy guide on magic. Lisa gives the reader a low down on all the systems of witchcraft that are out there. A few spells and recipes are thrown in for good measure . Lunar guides included as well so you best know when to use your spells. Color guides and herbal guides are there as well.

Lisa Lister is a 3 rd generation gypsy witch who learned most of her skills from her nana. Her reclamation of power happened after she experienced so health problems. While I can respect her call to shake up patriarchy I found some of her points rather far fetched. Research has shown that the number of women murdered during the burning times was not as high as 13 million,. She seems to blame patriarchy for everything especially as the fact that other women are each other’s own worst enemy. What I do like is that she breaks the dependency to rely on outside authorities and books on the rules of magic. No rules, you do what works for you.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Escape From ISIS

The Girl Who Escaped ISIS: This Is My StoryThe Girl Who Escaped ISIS: This Is My Story by Farida Khalaf
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Life in the Yazidi village of Koch’s was close to idyllic. Surrounded by a loving family , Farida led an ideal life. During the day she helped out with the chores and played with her friend. Her father who was in the Iraqi military taught her how to shoot a weapon. In autumn they would visit the village of sin jar and go to Lalish for spiritual pilgrimage. Farida was a math expert and the top of her class. All that would change in the most drastic of ways.

What started out as a Jihadist rebellion in Syria soon spread to Iraq. It was amazing how easy it was for ISIS to come into Iraq and take over entire cities without the Iraqi army doing anything. Soon city after after city fell and her village Koch’s was overrun by ISIS fighters with black flags perched on every roof. Life changed drastically.

In a scene that could could have come out of the Armenian Genocide, ISIS fighters walked into the village along with Muslims from neighboring villages and at first told people to hand over their valuables and then later their guns. The ultimatum came when Daesh told them to accept Islam. Most refused. The men were carted away and shot somewhere outside of the village. The young girls were then hauled off to different slave markets.

Farida was sent first to Raqqa and then to an oilfield south of Der Azore. Farida and the other girls were continually abused and assaulted in the worst possible ways. After numerous escape attempts and attempts at suicide she finally was able to break free. Breaking thro0ugh an unlocked backdoor and armed with a cell phone, Farida contacts a relative in Germany with a stolen cell phone and a smuggler gets hear over the border to Iraq. She end up going to GErmany and becoming a Math teacher.

These monsters in ISIS are not real Muslims and they have no knowledge of Islam. Even the Yezidi captive knew more about Islam than they did. ISIS fought against other Jihadis from/other organization. They persecuted other Muslims who were not religious , Shia and Christians. There is a difference between Jihadi and Muslim. Fanatics are a threat to humanity regardless of their color or religion.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Namaste: I am God and You are God

Master of Self-Realization: An Ultimate UnderstandingMaster of Self-Realization: An Ultimate Understanding by Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Got this book from the kindle loan library. I thought it was written by Saghuru. It was not. Very sublime Hindu spirituality how much of it is useful well that is up to the reader. Most of what is written down seems to be lectures that have been written down.
Starting with our birth our existence is fragile and subjective. We tend to want to gather things to ourselves like money, family and all sorts of material things. This caused by the illusion that we are out body. The self realization that is written here tells us that our identity is not our physical body. It is just a meat suit that we use to wander about this world. According to Hindus we have four bodies. The first is our physical body , the second our mental body, third the causal body and finally Turya. In fact we are none of these bodies and to overcome these illusions puts us in a special spiritual state. Who are we really? We are Brahman the supreme god. He is the creator of all and is all. Everything, including us is Brahman. Even the gods are Brahman. The separate identities are just illusions. One can see some parallels in Kabballa.
This is the world of Maya or illusion. Nothing in this existence is real. We chase riches in vain. Our bodies ache and pain while we chase riches that only bring us misery. Desire is the root of suffering. Do not be taken in by spiritual powers the decisive and take away the quest of enlightenment and attach us to this worldly existence. Imagination makes things worse. We think things of I'll fortune will.blow our way. This is all in our imagination and that makes things worse

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Town Crier

FATWA: Hunted in AmericaFATWA: Hunted in America by Pamela Geller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When it comes to the issue of terrorism, especially Islamic terrorism, there is a divide between the leftist liberals and the conservative right. The right calling groups exclaiming that the main motivation for these terrorist is their religious scriptures and that Islam is a religion of violence.on the left's pundits will say it is a result of American policy or poverty. Recently there were stories in the news about ISIS brides that wanted to come back to the states. I say no way, the leftist have other opinions. This my drift toward the right.
Pamela Geller has her moment of awakening after 9/11. It was then that she realized that the followers of Islam wanted to overtake the world and that the Muslims here have no intention of adapting to our way of life. I would say in part that I disagree, there are Muslims that do not wish to assimilate to our way of life, but it is the fanatics that we must worry about.
Sighting three instances of honor killing, Pamela Geller goes on in some detail about how she was killed and how the authorities bungled the investigation out of fear for offending Muslims. Pamela Geller wanted to set up a gravestone for Aqsa Parviz but the family and local Muslim community and the family out up road blocks. They finally put up a plaque for her in Jerusalem and one in Canada. Rifka Berry wanted to convert from islam to Christianity. Her family threatened to kill her. She was only safe in a pastor's house. Rifka did not go home she was sent to a juvenile detention center. Another woman named Jessica Sodeghay was brutally murdered By her step father. Honor killing are usually done if the daughter dishonored the family. They are happening and the authorities are not handling it correctly. The press is silencing it for fear of offending the Muslim community in general. In fact it is in Pamela Gellers view that the left and part of the right have been co opted by the Muslims. In fact the system.had been compromised.
Heller goes on to narrate how different conservative convention won't book her or hear her views because they fear she is too Islamophobic. Others like her state she is speaking the truth.The ultimate truth might lye somewhere in between. Truth be told she is being blacklisted and prevented from speaking and expressing her self. Transit authorities will not let her advertisements go up . Some of these ads promoted Israel, helped people leave islam and were some times critical of Islam. But the other side is just as bad if not worse. That is just hypocrisy.
On Facebook it is especially true anti Israel and antisemitism flourishes and social media does nothing is done about it. Criticise a terror group and you are off. Pamela Heller maintains that Islam has values that are not compatible with Western society, but then again so do all religions. It is fanatics like al quaida, Isis, Hezbollah and Hamas that represent the threat. Most Muslims want nothing to do with these guys. But Saudi money funds their mosques with the help of several organizations like CAIR. Their followers get in. While most Muslims are peaceful why was isis able to storm across Iraq and Syria genociding the region's Christians and Yezidis?

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Here Comes the Saga of Ragnar

The Sagas of Ragnar LodbrokThe Sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok by Ben Waggoner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ragnar Lidbrook, made famous by the TV show “Vikings”, however the real Norse Sagas are nothing at all like that. First off Ragnar is a prince the eldest son of a king. The sagas contain two different versions of Ragnar’s life. In the first version, the Prince Ragnar goes to a neighboring kingdom to save a maiden, named Thora from a snake that has surrounded her house. Thora is a kings daughter and this snake eats its tale . Kind of like the Midgard serpent. After Ragnar rescues and marries her he has two sons. One is named Agnar and I forget the other one. After a few years she passes on and Ragnar meets another princess. In the first version she is the daughter of s slain king. Harelig hides her in a harp and travels the land protecting her. Later he is betrayed by an older couple that kills him for his money. The princess lives the life of a servant girl until Ragnar comes and rescues her. They marry and have children. The first is Ivar the boneless, the Vitserk, Bjorn Ironsides and finally Sigurth the snake. Ragnars first two sons from the first wife are killed in battle. The other brothers take revenge. Upsalla in Sweden becomes theirs. Ragnar will meet his end in England in a pit of snakes after his magic shirt is removed. Ivar the boneless exacts a cunning revenge and in the first version he founds London. The brothers raid all over Europe. Many are killed in battle but Bjorn and Ivar live on as kings.

The second version goes more into the background of Ragnar’s family . Ausug Ragnars second wife is known in the second version as of elven descent and has some magical abilities. She is also descended from Sigurd and Brunhild. In the second version Ivar founds York instead of London.
Enjoy the read and learn Ragnar’s real story

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Image of the Witch

The Witch: A History of Fear, from Ancient Times to the PresentThe Witch: A History of Fear, from Ancient Times to the Present by Ronald Hutton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In our minds eye she flies across the nighttime sky on her broomstick . The embodiment of evil casting spells over a a cauldron of dark poisonous herbs. To those who have studied the witch you will have images of women dancing naked in the forest, serving the devil and his minions. What contributed to our negative vision of the witch? Do witches even exist? And if they do are they really that bad?

Ronald Hutton, scholar par excellence on the subject, has analyzed the image of the witch throughout history . Starting from our most earliest civilizations in a broad cross cultural context all the way to the early modern times. The author looks at a broad section of world wide society and combines the disciplines of anthropology and history .

All across the continents and different cultures the witch figure seems to cut the same image. Dancing naked in the night , meeting with other women to perform dark nefarious magic. Or perhaps they eat children or suck blood after they have flown through the night time sky. It seems that witches charge many characteristics across the board.

Witches no matter where they are in the world seem to have a lot in common. They use uncanny means to perform acts of evil against others. Within their community they are viewed as a threat to only those within. Societies believe that the witch must be resisted. Witches are usually part of a hereditary tradition or perhaps they are born with it.

Ancient societies were not stranger to magic. The Egyptian were rather cool with magic and it was ok to bind deities to your will or other entities. Mesopoatamia and the ancient Hebrews did have a fear of witches. In Persia practicing magic outside the official religion was akin to Worshipping the dark one. Greeks had a negative view of magic outside the official religion as well while the Hittities forbade magic outside the kings temple. The worst fear came from the Romans who despised witches and magic workers. They even had their own witch hunts.

Many negative attitudes towards the figure of the witch come from the Roman era. In fact the Romans had two points in their history. The negative attitude of the witch was carried forward into the Christian world. Was there is fact a conspiracy of witches and did they have a religion. Records state witches had familiars, flew at night, had nighttime procession with the devil.

Pre-Christian shamanism is examined as a source for the visionary experiences of the witch. Shamans had experience traveling to the spirit world and having spirit allies . They would cure people and help the community and sometimes they would fight spiritual entities. While elements seem to have shamanistic elements that have survived into the Christian Era it is rather difficult to prove. Even some Christian saints and other magic worker had the ability to leave their bodies in spirit form to do battle. Shamans never changed form. There are many similarities as there are differences.

Analysis sometimes leads to a pre-historic fertility cult or a cult of the dead that helped nurture the world. Thee author sites other authors who examined the visionary experience and so called religious practice of the witch. Most of these practices were conjured up by the Christian inquisitors. The night flight and the wild hunt are examined in detail.

Around the 13 century persecution began against magic worker in general . At first it was the ceremonial magicians and service magicians that were targeted later it went to the witch. Ceremonial Magic is believed to been started in Egypt and from there it went through the Greco Roman world all the way to the Christian world. It mostly consisted of binding demons using the name of god to the magicians will. THe persecution lasted well into the 15th century.

Other cultural item connected to the witch image is the faery lore of Europe and how faery kingdoms developed and how faeries were morphed into demon. Finally the witches relationship to animals is examined. Eventually after the 15th century these witch trials Came to an end. THe Church put in measure to limit the cruelty.

I am not convinced there was a witch religion. There were workers of magic in various forms. In any case this is an excellent book. Totally scholarly with well documented cases to support his points.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Nazis: Deluded Idiots and Worse

Occult Secrets Of The Third ReichOccult Secrets Of The Third Reich by Timothy Green Beckley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Nazis under Hitler committed some of the worst atrocities known in human history . Many have wondered what caused such a phenomenon to occur. Was Hitler evil, possessed by a demon or was he a misguided idiot who some how rose to power? Hitler did not consider himself to be evil rather he thought he was doing humanity a service. Some would say he was demon possessed.

Long have the rumors of Nazi involvement with the occult been circulated. To be sure there were Nazis who were into the occult, Heinrich Himmler being the most notable . Hitler himself thought the occult was nothing but hooey and had a rather scornful attitude towards the subject.

When one speaks of Nazi occultism one often thinks of ritual summoning the devil or other Pagan gods. But in reality the mythology of the Nazi occult involvement takes in many factors. Going back to the World War I era we find that two societies were around and they were the Vril society and the Thule society. Vril is the energy or chi that Germans possess. Thule was a mythical northern paradise that German people are supposedly descended from. Mythology is the gist of it and the Nazis bought into some pretty wild ideas.

Many Nazis were obsessed with the Aryana origins of the German people. Some myths stated that in really ancient times the Aryans descended from Thule which is a land in the Arctic region. Once they left that land rumors state that some people went to live underground while other legends say they went to live in India and the Himalayas before getting on to Europe. The Nazis were obsessed with Tibetan mysticism. Several expedition were sent over there to commune with the hidden masters so the Third Reich could take power. In fact when Berlin was taken over by the Russians they found several cells of dead Tibetan monks. Apparently they were involved in a ritual to help the Nazis take power. Many appeared to have committed suicide. Tibetan legend speaks of underground cities of Agatha and Shamballah. One a spiritual place and the other a sinful place. The Nazis were obsessed with finding these places.

They took a strong belief in the Hollow Earth theory which states that there is an advanced civilization living at the center of the Earth. Some Nazis were deluded enough to believe that we ourself are living in the Earth and that there is no outer space. There was a group of psychic woemen or valkyries who had or claimed to have had psychic connection with aliens from Venus and these were Aryan aliens

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