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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Well of Light

RJ Stewart is one of those rare gifted individuals who brings forth the light of wisdom to mankind. " The Well of Light" is one such book. It's main focus is faery healing and it is a healing on a grand scale, healing a wounded world. This world is wounded thanks to commercialism, over production and pollution. This book does not spout the usual environmental jargon or even herald the greatness of taking on ecological projects.

The secret to healing this wounded world lies in contacting the faerie folk and working with them to heal the planet. RJ Stewart reminds to always beware the faeries are not our help mates or assistants. They are our partners, equal partners. Since they dwell on a different dimension somewhere beneath the Earth's surface there are things that they are able to do and things that we are able to do. We need to combine abilities and work together. To help us in this quest is a third partner, an animal. Animals contain a variety of abilities. The animal is our equal partner. Among the author's several warnings, there is one that speaks of animals. Do not expect your animal ally to be a tiger, wolf, lion or some other majestic animal. Your animal chooses you and it could even be a snail or a pill bug and what is wrong with an insect.

At the start of the book the author gives guidelines on how to use the book and he also gives several definition. Our faeries and animal allies have already been explained. But there is more. Transhumans like Thomas Rhymer, an actual person, act as go betweens and guides for mortals like us who want to traverse the realm of the fae. There are also elemental which is fire, water. air and land. They are not to be confused with nature spirits or faeries. Humans have all four elements in them as do faeries. Nature Spirits are different entities all together and sometimes they are confined to a certain area for example a tree spirit or a spirit of the valley The big shot though are the Titans, the Titan are the ones who cause all the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other disasters. This happens when mankind is out of sinc with the environment.

Anyone wishing to work with faeries would be well advised to read up on RJ Stewart. Not only does he use high quality scholarship in his teachings but he is a Scotsman who knows the European tradition of the Faeries and he does an excellent job drawing from that. He also uses information that he has learned from inner contacts ie Faeries. The Meditations are simple and easy to do, you can start using them as soon as you read them.

The book is about healing. For faerie healers, who by the way are different from any other healers, there are 7 different ways to heal. Some healers use stones, others use water. Then there are those who use allies,plants, living creatures, their hands and signatures. Signatures are powerful patterns.

It may be a short book but I learned lots. By the way there is a special symbology behind the two roses on the books conver. I will let you read it to find out. I did not even realize how much I learned until I finished. This one gets 5 broomsticks out of 5.

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