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Monday, October 11, 2010

Well of Ararat

The story is set in pre world war I Northern Iran. Before the Ottoman Turks came there wre many Assyrian and Armenian villages in Northern Iran. This story took place in one of those Armenian villages. The main character of the story is a young man of say 12 years old. He lives in an extended family headed by his grandmother.

It was a tradition in those days for young able bodied men to travel to Russia in ordeer to make money as merchants. Sassoon's uncle Ardavaz was one of those men who had been away for a dozen or so years. He returns at the beginning of the story laden with gifts. Sasson jumped at his a little bit too greedily. This served to strain relations between the young Sassoon and his uncle. This would set the stage for the whole mood of the story.

When Ardavaz returned to village he set out to get married. THe girl he chose was getting water by a well. Marina, was her name, a very pretty girl who was espied at the story's beginning waiting for alover in the forest. A wandering dervish was also coming through abnd it was from this mystic that the young Sassoon first heard about the second gate of life marriage.

The rest of teh story proceeds with wedding preparations. This means buying the gifts the silks, bride price, henna ceremony and bringing the bride from her aunt's village. Enroute from her aunt's village the bride is almost abducted by the son of a village khan. Fortunately the villages forces defeat the Khabns son and he becomes an invigted guest.

THrough out the story there is constant tension between the uncle and Sasson and the Uncle and Marina. MArina is really a reluctant bride. On the wedding night Sasson sees the bride when no male is supposed to see her. THe uncles beats the day lights out of the young Sasson at least two times during the story for communicating with her.

MArina's lover who she really loved was Avaris, also the uncles best friend and best man at the wedding. When the secret comes out the two of them have it out in a duel where one of them is supposed to die. The ending is a sad surprise.

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