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Friday, March 1, 2013

Sidhe Chronicles.

The Chronicles of the SidheThe Chronicles of the Sidhe by Steve Blamires
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Chronicles Of the Sidhe

Author , Steven Blamires examines the work of Fiona Mcloid/ William Sharp and examined it for deeper meaning.

The first chapter informs the reader about William Sharp's life William Sharp was born in 1855 in Scottland . While growing up his family would take outing to the country. It was in these country excursions that William became initiated into the ways of Faerie. Baraban a nanny taught him Gaelic lore and facts about the country. Another teacher was Seamus Mcloud, A sScottish fisherman was credited as being Fiona's father. Fiona was considered a walk on or alter ego. As a faery she used William to get her message out to human kind. Her works of literature serve as a verbal gateway into the realm of the fae. The seeker must read her works carefully.

When the seeker travels into the realm of the fae they must abandon all preconcieded notions of what to expect . One cannot expect instant enlightenment . The faery will not be there at the persons beck and call . The seeker has to sort of go with it.

Many things are different for the fae then they are for us .They have different morals, deities, times, magic and elements. What we might perceive as cruel, detached or even prankesterish the faeries consider normal. They are used to ecstasy in ways we find sinful. They are not burdened with the concept of sin like we are. Fiona used William to get her teachings out but had no consideration about the effects it would have on his health . The seekers must set limits with the fae they contact and not let the fae overwhelm their life. The result of Williams death ultimately lead to the demise of Fiona for once Elizabeth Sharp let the secret out. Fiona ceased to exist.

Their deities are different . Truth be told there is some crossover. Mannan , the Celtic Sea God was one of ours , the Tuatga D'Danan had him secure their mounds for them. Angus, a god if fertility became one of ours . If one wishes to work with the fae Angus is a good place to start. Dalua is a dark trickster and best avoided. Keithos is a fertility nature god like Pan but his powers are diminished. Orchin is a weaver of destiny.

The fae do magics but they do not cast circles rather they work from a three sided pyramid. Their element are light, fire and water.

Fae and Tuatha D D'Danan are not the same but they are very similiar. Supposedly they have fled back to their arctic origins which had four cities corresponding to four elements of Ceremonial Magic. In the center was a valley of stones which contained a green diamond that restored life. The fae and Sidhe have returned their .
Many believe the fae are moving further away due to Christianity , our degraded image of them and the way we destroy the environment .

Whether it was an alter ego or walk in I will leave that for you to decide. This book was a compelling read and very enjoyable . In the last chapter there is a ritual that can be adapted towards individuals or groups.

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