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Monday, March 18, 2013

People of Tubal Caine

The People of the GodaThe People of the Goda by Shani Oates
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Wow I am the first person to post a review. The book is so awesome I thought that literally many would have read it before me. Oh well here goes. This book takes one into the mysteries of the Clan of Tubal Caine who's leader was Robert Cochrane or Roy Bowers. After Cochranes's death the coven would subdivide into the Royal Windsor Coven and another coven named after the Thames river. Some greats in the occult world passed through the tutelage of Cochrane. Most notable are Bill Grey, Doreen Valiente and Even John Jones. Parts of the book are a bit challenging to read and will require a certain amount of rereading.

The teaching of Robert Cochrane were not meant to be taken as literal truths but metaphors to help one learn the truth through much effort and work. The book begins with a contemplation about the nature and identity of the Goddess or the primal force of creation. The next question is who or what is the Goda. The book spends more time with the first question. In a nutshell the Goddess was seen as the dark goddess whose real identity remains unknown three then subdivides herself into three goddesses which were familiar with as the three fates. In Norse mythology they were referred to as the norns, in Greek they are the Moire and in Latin the Parcae. They weave the fate of man and god and none has power to change the course of such fate. In comes the symbol of the cauldron. The cauldron represents the womb where destruction and rebirth occur. It also serves as a dark reflecting pool as well as a tool to help one over come their fate. Irminsul a runic symbol which can represent the ygdrassil tree is discussed and it is connected with the Norse God Tyr. Irmin holds up the heaven and supports law and order but there are some feminine aspects as well.

Norse mythology and clan ethos are analyzed and compared to Hindu, Hebrew and Sumerian mythology. Women were warriors in Norse culture they were valkyries and sometimes served as guardians of the living called Disir. Disir were family protectors and they were females. They also bore shields and spears an would beat them together in a certain fashion much like Tyr would do. Of note the elements of air, water and earth are assigned to the three goddesses and the fourth fire is given over to the horned fire god of the smith. Hecate is often approximated to this invisible goddess deity as she has three parts to her as well.

Through a series of comparison involving myth and linguistic Shani Oates conveys the teaching that the King of Northumbria was originally a queen and many queens had their identities changed to male identities. They still have a female pronoun. Tyr is a word that just means God. It is not a name and sometimes that too has female pronouns. Tyr represent law and order much like the Goddesses Maat and Asha of Egypt and India respectively. Tyr used to be an a sexual deity or at least a female deity until a massive change over. I will let you read the details.

North is the area of the Goddess , Thule is a moveable island with the consistency of a jelly fish. It is arctic and the land of the midnight son. Our origins were in Ida which is located in Anatolia.

The book finishes out with some clan history,anecdotes on Roy Bowers and explanation of the mythos. Definite must read.

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