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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dalua Meditation

Visualize yourself surrounded by a three sided Equilateral pyramid. The Magician is standing or sitting with in it. Say the Dalua invocation line by line. Upon the finish of the ritual write down everything that comes to mind. Invocation of Peace 1> Deep peace I breathe into you 2> Oh weariness here (touch brow) 3> Oh ache here (touch here) 4>Deep peace , a soft white dove to you 5> Deep peace, a quiet rain to you 6> Deep peace a quiet rain to you 7>Deep peace , a red wind of the east from you 8> Deep peace, grey wind of the west to you. 9> Deep Peace , a dark wind of the north from you 10>Deep peace, a blue wind of the south to you 11> Deep peace , a pure red flame to you 12> Deep peace , pure white of the moon to you. 13> Deep peace , pure green of grass to you 14> Deep peace, pure brown of earth to you 15> Deep peace , pure grey of Dew to you 16> Deep peace,pure of blue of sky to you 17> Deep Peace,of the running wave to you 18> Deep Peace of the flowing air to you 19> Deep Peace of the quiet earth to you 20> Deep peace of the sleeping stones to you 21> Deep peace of the yellow shepherd to you 22> Deep peace of the Wandering Shepherdess to you 23> Deep Peace of the flock of stars to you 24> Deep Peace from the son of peace to you 25> Deep peace from the heart of Mary to you 26> From the Bridget 27> Deep peace, Deep Peace 28>and with the kindness too of Dalua the haughty father. 29> Peace! 30>In the name of the three who are one 31> and by the will of the King of the the Element. 32> Peace! Peace!

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