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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Terrorists in America

Twilight in AmericaTwilight in America by Martin Mawyer
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It maybe very shocking to realize that terrorists have fully infiltrated our country. Many of them are homegrown and have training camps right here on US soil. These terrorists come in all size shapes, sizes and colors. Some of them are Christians, neo nazi, hare Krishna's, Mormons, and Muslims. Since the Christians Action Network published this book it should not surprise anyone that they chose to focus on Muslim Terror groups. When it comes to Islamic terror there are many names that come to mind such names like Hamas, Hizbulla,Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quaeda grab the headlines. This book focuses on Jamaat Al Fuqra, or "community of the impoverished". There leader is Sheik Gilani. They are headquartered in Lahore,Pakistan but they have branches all over the world.

This group has set up compounds all over the country. The compounds teach military and fighting skills and their recruits are taken from mostly African Americans who have been in prison or have had a hard time on the streets. These military training skills are designed to turn these Americans into a silent army that will be activated when the time is ready. Jamaat Al Fuqra smuggles weapon into the United States and the people who live near there compound can often here them firing these weapon.
Most of their money comes from white collar crime like Welfare fraud, injury claims and medicare. Most of the money does not go to the compounds but is sent direct to Sheikh Gilani in Lahore. The residents of the compound live in poverty and several of the members have faced intense abuse.

Jammat Al Fuqra has many different front organizations here in America all of which claim to have nothing to do with each other. The most notable one is Muslims of the Americas, which claims to help disadvantaged African American Muslims to live a Muslim life. Many of them members have been involved in many violent crimes. No one dares confront this organization due to fear. Fear of being called a racist and threats of intimidation.

Al Fuqura emerged on the scene with the assassination of Imam Rashid Khalifa in Tuscon Arizona. Now many people did not like this imam and from Saudi Arabia a fatwa calling for his death was issued. He was killed 3/30/90. Prior to that police in Colorado Springs, Colorado found a locker filled with weapons, receipts and incriminating documents. Proof of white collar crime, weapons purchases and a hit list of people they wanted to take out. Yet prior to all of this going back as far as 1979 they were involved in attacks on rival mosques,Hindu Temples and different branches of Islam. There were also slaying of American citizens and law enforcement officials.

Jamaat Al Fuqura was connected with the shoe bomber Richard Reid who unsuccessfully tried to ignite his shoes on a plane from Britain. He failed because his sweat dampened his souls and fuse. He was caught by alert flight personnel and passengers. In the year 2000 "The Belt Way Snipers" killed up to ten people, They drove around a shooting people. They were finally apprehended the older of the two was sentenced to death. Their most famous case was the abduction and murder of Daniel Pearl, Wall street Journal Reporter,. He was on his way to meet Sheikh Gilani but instead he got kidnapped. He was later beheaded and cut up in pieces his execution being filmed and distributed on the internet. His body was later found cut up into several pieces and buried in a shallow grave. Sheikh Gilani would deny his involvement.

Sheikh Gilani uses, in addition to violence, deception to keep his organization going. Jamat Al Fuqura has set up false security companies which not only gird money but also gives them access to fire arms, military training and classified files.
Setting up fake companies and insurance agencies has enabled them to file false injury claims and milk the system for millions. They are notorious for setting up charter schools and inflating the number of students and school staff so they can get more money from the government. Sheikh Gilani claims to be able to shape shift into different animals and travel to different dimensions to speak with former prophets of the Muslims religion. His followers believe this and are afraid of him.

THe book is an eye opener into how fringe groups use our system and abuse our system to over throw the United States and take advantage of it. This is not limited to Muslims but other groups are involved as well. I wish the book mentioned this. It does have good sources and the author does an excellent job exposing this one group in particular.

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