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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Episode one Cerridwen's Cauldron (Gospel of Ruth)Episode one Cerridwen's Cauldron by Griffin Ced
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What was written was great. Really what was published here would qualify more as a third of a book . I was expecting more and look forward to more .Definitely plan on buying the next installment.

The two chapters contained there in describe a young boy named Tali who is caught n the midst of a thunderstorm while walking the country road. The stirring in the forest cause him to panic and flee. He encounters Mary McBain, his employers wife. What follows is an intense meeting and revelation. With herbs thrown on the fire Tali learns about destiny and his past. Some which Mary's husband is vehemently against. But the ways of auld horny and the Fame of Fate will not whither so fast.

Book is worth it just for the Insight in CED alone. In these electronic pages you will find an intense spiritual experience much stronger then that which you will find with Wicca.

I have been a fan of Christiana Miller and Griffin's for a bit. I have also read " Please Tell Aunt Tillie She Is Dead" a while ago . I was a bit let down to find the second have if my purchase to be an excerpt from a book I have already read.

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