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Friday, March 22, 2013

Practical Guide to Working with Hekate

The Temple of Hekate - Exploring the Goddess Hekate Through Ritual, Meditation and DivinationThe Temple of Hekate - Exploring the Goddess Hekate Through Ritual, Meditation and Divination by Tara Sanchez
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must say that this is the most practical book on getting to know the Titan/Goddess Hekate. Author, Tara Sanchez does an effective job of giving the reader a nice little background on this goddess and then gets into the practical details. Most books do not give the reader so many practical details on getting started. The neophyte newbie is usually forced to crawl around on their knees in the dark trying to figure things out, this book takes you from the beginning level all the way to the intermediate. Great job Tara. The book has plenty of sources for further reference and also demosntrating the information as authentic.

The book has plenty of practical information. The new student is started off with step by step instructions on how to creat altars, keep a magical diary and create and consecrate new tools. Some nice little goodies include incense recipes, mediations and how how to do divination.

Some of the instruction of how to create a sacred space, knot magic and miror making could use illustration as they were a bit hard for me to follow. Giving instrction in step by step or bullet form would be a major improvement. i would also change the order of hat is taught. Circle casting should be taught first because you will cast a circle before most workings especially consecrating tools and statues. Good idea to tell the reader which operation require circle casting.

Great book!

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