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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Book of Mysteries

Sepher Ha-Razim: The Book of MysteriesSepher Ha-Razim: The Book of Mysteries by Michael A. Morgan
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Noah received "The Book of Mysteries" from an angel. The prophet wrote down the information on tablets of sapphire. Contained in this book were the seven levels of Heaven and their angelic make up. Applicable to man was the ability to call upon these angelic powers in order to heal, raise up a ruler, defeat and adversary and to see into the future. For those interested in the angelic history of the Jewish mystical texts this is a must read book. The information is very syncretistic as it includes invocations to such Greek/Roman deities as Venus and Sol (the Sun God). There are also a few invocations to the moon. For the modern practitioner some of these rituals cannot be performed because they call for the sacrifice of such animals as dogs and lions. No way that one can slaughter an animal these days so some of the rituals must be modified. Something that I found refreshing was the call for spiritual purification before doing the rituals. Such things would be watching your speech, fasting, abstaining from sex, wine and meat. These bring about spiritual strength. The angels name are written in English transliteration but since Hebrew has no vowels proper pronunciation is rather difficult. The Hebrew in the back makes it easier for someone who can read Hebrew. But the lack of vowelization makes it difficult for the practitioner and researcher a like.

For each level of heaven their is a list of the angels names given, the ruling angels and a ritual for each ruling angel depending on how the firmament of Heaven is divided up. Before each ritual the reader will be given a purpose and time that the given angel or ruler can be called to accomplish. There are some sigils contained with in. On thing I liked about the rituals is that there are is no procedure to follow for casting a circle. The rituals or those rituals that can performed are simple and straight forward. It is a matter of performing the ritual at the proper time, saying the proper words and names and burning the proper herbs. I love simplicity.

The book is very short numbering some 86 pages. I read it in one morning and could not put it down. It was also reasonably priced which make int even better.

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