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Monday, December 10, 2012

Ye Book of Magic Spells

The Only Wiccan Spell Book You'll Ever Need: For Love, Happiness, And ProsperityThe Only Wiccan Spell Book You'll Ever Need: For Love, Happiness, And Prosperity by Marian Singer
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A great book for those just getting into the craft. Loaded with simple many simple spells that are easy to do, do not require many materials and do not call any deities specifically. The Spells conver a wide range of areas that include love, money, home, spells for children ( that even adults can do), spells for health, luck spells, spells for lean times, creativity and business, home selling, travel etc. In a second part of my review which will not go on Amazon or Goodreads I will jot down the spells that I found worth keeping in my book of shadows. Part 2 will be posted on my blog

The first part of the book covers Wiccan basics. Chapter 1 discussed the concept of witches and the concept of magic. Witches are practitioners of magic and have been around for ages. Just because one is a witch does not mean they practice Wicca. Magic is basically energy directed towards a goal that is empowered by belief, intent and emotional content. Some witches like to do the heavy rituals and others like to do very simple spells . Both are Ok. Wiccans since they have to work with nature normally have a special relationship with nature and are intent on working to help the environment.

Chapter two covers internal dynamics. Our beliefs effect our magic and if we believe we are competent, deserving and magic is real then our magic will be effective. Spells ar done to acquire things that we want and the main tools are intent and desire. The natural world assists us our desires. Waxing to full moon are used for manifesting something. Waning to dark for banishing. Dark moons are for divination and planting seed. There are various times of day that are beneficial to magic. Certain days of the week are good for certain types of magic. Night time is the usual best time for magical work.

Chapter three talks about circle casting and creating sacred spaces. In this chapter the reader learns how to cast circles and call quarters. After the ritual you can release the space. The book also teaches about how to find power spots and how to build altars.

Chapter four discusses tool. Now witches do not have to use tools but they can be helpful. The use of the athame, wand, cauldron, candle, chalice and costumes are discussed. Chapter five talks about different types of magic especially sympathetic magic by using like to effect like. There are instruction how make knots and other magic. Verbal spells, Written spells, amulets and talismans are discussed.

For the beginning and intermediate witch this is a great book. For the advanced witch well you are probably making your own spells by now.

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