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Monday, December 17, 2012

Darkest Place of the Faery World.

Darkest Mercy (Wicked Lovely, #5)Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr
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This represents the final installment of the "Wicked Lovely" series. Great series but I am glad it is over. I definitely plan on reading the author's other books as she is a great writer who takes the reader to another world. Perfect story for young reader. My two young boys did not take to it like I did but they do enjoy the fantasy genre. Not a whole lot of testosterone here. I think young girls will take to this rather easily. Would be cool though if the author wrote faery books but took it to the adult level of Anne Rice's series on Vampires. Sounds steamy and delicious.

The story is rather simple and easy to follow. Bannanach the faery of war, the polar opposite of Sorcha the faery of reason has decided to open a court in the realm of the mortals. Devlin has sealed off the Faery world from our world and Far Sorcha and his mate the two death faeries have been running rather freely in our realm. The story takes up where the last one leaves off and we are dealing with the aftermath of bannach's attack against Irial and Niall's tattoo shop. Irial, former king of the dark court, is killed which leaves Niall totally devastated. He cannot think straight an in his rage he is striking down both friend and foe alike.

Keenan has left Aislin in charge of the summer throne. He is building an alliance against Bannanach. He is also still in love with Donia who was forced to become the winter queen. Hence we have a double triangle. Keenan loves Donia and yet is with Aislin and Aislin is in love with Seth, who was recently turned into a faery by Sorcha. This will get resolved.

Seth gets trapped and put in a cage by Niall after he leaves the land of the fae. In the end there is a final battle with all the courts going against bannanach as none are powerful enough to stop her on their own. The universe must retain balance and their will be new roles assigned to each of the key players.

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