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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wiccan spells

Wiccan Magick is about enthusiasm, initiative, passion and energy. Air magick involves expression and communication Earth, air, fire, water heart the words of my heart. Protective powers do impart. Tools are only a focus to distract you from your self. With out will and directing energy the tool's energy is dormant. Spells from Scratch 1. Boil down purpose to word or phrase 2. Find ingredients suited to goal (Aggrippas) 3. Consider best timing (Witches almanac) 4. Verbal component or chant. 5. Bless item you will use. 6. Consider action that supports magic 7. Focus will initiate spell and build energy. 8. Guide energy, release it and trust in the goddess. 9.Keep journal Herbal Directions Earth or North: Alfalfa, beets, corn, fern, honeysuckle, magnolia, vervain, turnips and peas. East: Anise, clovers, dandelion, goldenrod, lavender, lily of the valley, majoram mint, parsley,pine South: Basil, bay, cactus, carrot, Chrysanthemum, dill, garlic, holly, juniper, marigold, onion and rosemary West: Aster, black berry, catnip, cucumber, dafodil, gardenia, geranium,lettuce , rose and willow. Spell for empowerment Tools Do during a full moon 2 gold candles Frankincense oil sage Tarot Deck Pen and paper. 1. Light sage 2.Set king and queen of swords in working area 3.write out intent 4. Put paper on altar 5. Put 1 candle west and 1 south 6 visualize intent 7 say the following "Spirit of the West, clarify my love. Spirits of the south empower me. So mote it be" 8. Give thanks and let the candle burn down. Ingredient for love pie 1. 8 medium apples sliced and pared 2. 1/2 teaspoon of ginger 3. 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg 4. 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla 5. 1/4 cup of flower Some saying Body is designed to heal itself garlic and onion are used for strength and protection. great health protector. Most important ingredient for spell is belief. Energy Centers for healing 1.Spinal Base: Immune system, feet, legs and bones 2.Lower Navel: sex organs,large intestines, appendix, hips and bladder 3. solar plexus : Abdomen , stomach , kidney, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, Middle vertebrae, adrenal glands 4. Between Nipple: heart, lung, shoulder, arm, circulation, diaphram, ribs, breast, thymus gland 5. Throat: Trachea, neck, thyroid, parathyroid, mouth, teeth, and gums 6. Middle Forehead: Eyes, ears, nose, throat, brain , nervous system, pineal and pituitary gland. 7. Crown: Skeletal system, skin, muscle Anti head ache Rinse quartz crystal with sea water. Charge in sunlight. 3. Hold it to forehead and imagine and imagine it absorbing the pain. When finished cleanse and charge again. Energy Spell Tools Spell can be done anytime favorite music rose quartz vervain Crank up music go for it, Light vervain and put crystal next to it. Essential Oils for Health Lemon oil: Warts Over indulgence lavender,cedarwood, carrot, fennel, lemon, rosemary. Make a blend put 6-8 drops in bath depression: geranium, lavender, bergamot. Put in Aroma diffuser rosemary alertness and memory sleep: Chamomile, lavender, neroli put on pillow or body. thyme in diffuser against flue. Money attraction oil Tools 1 pint of mineral oil clear quart bottle 7 lodestone 2 pinches of iron fillings ad mineral oil then lodestones and filing. Charge in sunlight.for seven day. Then transfer to dark container. Rub into money for spending. Spell to attract financial opportunity : Do Thursday during New moon Tools 1 gold candle favorite scented oil clear quartz crystal Pen and paper 1. Place candle at Northern end of Alter 2. On your paper write " I embrace all opportunities for expanding my financial base" Place in front of candle and put quart crystal on top. 3. Light candle and visualize new opportunities flowing into your life. 4. read aloud then burn paper. Let candle burn down 5. trash candle remains and thank goddess for what you do have. Five attitudes for financially lean times. 1) Use all resources (I bring in abundance and happiness) 2)Focus on what is working. ( My life is filled with great experiences) 3)Use adversity as an opportunity (I am grateful for what I have) 4) Go with the flow. (I heal daily) ( Love freely)( I forgive and release) 5)Have trust ( I move forward with love and trust) your will is the crux of every visualization, manifestation and spell As an herb Rue strengthens willpower, sage for mental clarity, protection and cleansing of negative energy. Mint speeds up the result of every spell. Tuesday is ruled by Mars which rules sexual energy. Jupiter Thursday's ruler means expansion and luck. ENERGY CENTER AND CORRESPONDING COLORS CHAKRA COLOR FUNCTION LOCATION FIRST RED SURVIVAL GENITALS SECOND ORANGE SEX AND NURTURING LOWER NAVEL THIRD YELLOW EMOTIONS POWER SOLAR PLEXUS 4TH GREEN COMPASSION LOVE MID NIPPLES 5TH BLUE COMMUNICATION THROAT 6TH PURPLE INTUITION, INTELLECT CENTRAL EYES 7TH WHITE SPIRIT, KNOWLEDGE CROWN PRACTICAL SPELL use for selling book Tools pen and paper desire object oil that makes u optimistic red, gold,violet candle done 3 consecutive night starting with full moon 1. Write out intent My book sells quickly, slip under desire object 2. light oil 3. Light red candle and say desire three time let it burn out naturally. repeat using other candle next two night. Leave remains there until spell is complete. Spell to sell a book Tools basil cinnamon 1 yellow taper candle, plus pen to address envelope Write book name plus magical number of book into candle with arrows pointing to it. light candle and then chant this incantation as many times as your lucky number is. My book Planet of the Elves is the one i am sending off I have worked and slaved over it. Please let my talent be enough. Please let the publisher (or agent)) read it and love it. by the power of this candle I have lit so mote it be. SPELL TO ENHANCE MAGNETISM Tools 1 red candle 1 violet candle 1 quartz crystal favorite oil to be done during waxing moon 1. Light burner and infuse scents, inhale deeply and then light red candle and say "The magnetism of this red flame enters me by name (Steve) 2. Light the Violet candle and say "The Protection of this violet flame enters me by name (Steve) so mote it be 3. Let the candle burn out and bury them in yard or flower pot. Spell for a raise Tools 2 gold candles $20 bill sprig of sage pen and paper Do during a Thursday of a waxing moon. 1. Jot down raise number plus phrase or better ie I get a 5,000 raise of better 2. set paper and bill between two gold candle and say aloud "Element of fire, hear my desire, a raise is due to me, 5000$ or better. Make it so to the letter 3. burn the phrase, snuff candle and trash plus sage ashes. SPELL TO SELL A HOUSE Tools 1 gold candle 1 red candle favored oil to be done during a waning moon. 1. Place red candle on left of burner and gold candle on right. Light oil burner first. Then light each candle saying each time as you light "My house sells quickly, for at least (state amount), make it so. HOUSE PROTECTION tOOLS cedar oil animal totem do as needed 1 light burner and pass totem through it say " Protect this home, high t low, fence to fence, door to door, light to dense , roof to floor From the book "memeories, dreams, reflections" by Carl Jung we learn "The key with any power object: It is powerful only because we make it so. It's magick originate within us, with our intent and passion Imbuing object with power 1. Sleep under pillow 2. Hold in hand and let energy suffuse it. 3. Carry with you. 4. For crystal wash with sea or salt water, hold to sunlight and program with verbal intent. Wish spell Tools 1. Power object 2. Paper and pen 3. Gold candle Do anytime 1. Write wish on paper, sign and date. Place under power object 2. Light gold candle and say "My wish goes out free of doubt It travels lit by flame That bears my name Allow candle to burn out an then toss it. to make own spell 1. Harm none 2. belief in action 3. clear intent and goal 4. support with emotion 5. Simple request 6.Have permission when doing spells for other 7 enjoy 8. Prior to spell say protection spell 9. Be persistent and feel free to modify 10 read and expand knowledge. Spell to Fulfill Desires Tools: 1 green scented candle, object representing desire 1. Light Candle and State your intention 2.Focus on desire object-restate intention 3. envision you desire being fulfilled-Trust it will be so 4. Blow out candle. This spell can be repeated as often as needed. Spell to Increase Income Tools green and white candles tarot pack desire object green ink and paper 1. Place candle at opposite end of the altar 2.From Tarot Deck remove suit of pentacles, star card and 9 of cups 3. In front of green candle put 10 of coins, in mid altar place 9 of cups and star card 4. Light candles and say "The money I spend or the money I lend comes back to me in multiples of three" 5. visualize the money amount. Write it down and imagine having the income. repeat the next night but remove the 2 and five of pentacles. Place deck between star and 10 of coins. and 9 of cups. visualize you affirmation. Let the candle burn down and trash the wax. keep altar set up over night.

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