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Friday, December 21, 2012

Elven Yule Ritual from the Middle Earth

Casting the Circle As you walk the perimeter of your circle say: By the power of this sacred Athame I hereby draw Down the power of the great stars to cast this circle of power. Calling the Quarters Walk to the edge of the circle in each direction and speak, hold up the proper sacred object. Speak I call to Formen, the north, and its power and strength. I call to the Dwarves, Durin’s folk, masters of metalcraft. Join me in my circle. Aiya. Hold up a stone I call to Rómen, the east, and its glory. I call to the Elves, the Eldar who bring learning and beauty to Middle-earth. Join me in my circle. Aiya. Hold up Athame I call to Hyarmen, the south, and its untrodden wilds. I call to the Hobbits, people of the Shire with joyful spirits. Join me in my circle. Aiya. Hold up wand I call to Númen, the west, and its mysteries. I call to the Vanyar, first and smallest of Tol Eressëa across the western sea. Join me in my circle. Aiya. Hold up chalice Light golden candle Invocation to Manwe Lord of Arda, lord of light, Manwë sits on Everwhite Till unforgiving darkness fall Where the brightest shine of all The silver-lucent fire-flowers Sown in ancient dawning hours, When youth was in his shining face, Greatest, eldest of his race. Lord of Arda, lord of light, Manwë sits on Everwhite Light silver candle Invocation to Elbereth Elbereth From The Fellowship of the Ring Snow-white! Snow-white! O Lady clear! O Queen beyond the Western Seas! O Light to us that wander here Amid the world of woven trees! Gilthoniel! O Elbereth! Clear are thy eyes and bright thy breath, Snow-white! Snow-white! We sing to thee In a far land beyond the Sea. O stars that in the Sunless Year With shining hand by her were sown, In windy fields now bright and clear We see your silver blossom blown! O Elbereth! Gilthoniel! We still remember, we who dwell In this far land beneath the trees, Thy starlight on the Western Seas Light large white candle. Invocation to Eru Illuvatar My Creator Eru, bestow Thy blessings and Thy mercies on all persons and on those souls who abide in the Halls of Mandos for whom I am in charity, gratitude, or friendship bound and have the desire to pray. Amen In this season of great cold we stand at the turning point. When the nights are at their longest and the darkness seems to hold dominion. The powers of the sun and the light are born yet again. With the coming of spring the sun will now wax strong. This is the Turuhalme that celebrate this eve. The drawing of logs we celebrate with fire, story and feast. As it is thus told in the Book of Lost Tales The day of Turuhalme was come, and the company from Mar Vanwa Tyalieva went into the snowy woods to bring back firewood on sleighs. Never was the Tale-fire allowed to go out or to die into grey ash, but on the eve of Turuhalme it sank always to a smaller blaze until Turuhalme itself, when great logs were brought into the Room of the Tale-fire and being blessed by Lindo with ancient magic roared and flared anew upon the hearth. Vaire blessed the door and lintel of the hall and gave the key to Rumil, making him once again the Door-ward, and to Littleheart was given the hammer of his gong. Then Lindo said, as he said each year: ‘Lift up your voices, O Pipers of the Shore, and ye Elves of Kor sing aloud; and all ye Noldoli and hidden fairies of the world dance ye and sing, sing and dance O little children of Men that the House of Memory resound with your voices ...’ Then was sung a song of ancient days that the Eldar made when they dwelt beneath the wing of Manwe and sang on the great road from Kor to the city of the Gods. So now we tell our tale of old with both a tear and a smile longing for the days of sweetness many eon ago. And it came to pass that within his Crown the wicked lord Morgoth held the Silmarils. Try as they could the elves could redeem the sacred jewels. So Earandil set sail to Valinor in order to plead for the aid of the Valar. The Lords and Ladies were moved by his entreaty. Long enough had the wicked Morgoth been free to wreak his havoc. The Valar would move the pieces of battle forward. Eonwe , the Herald of Manwe went to war leading the people of Vanyar and Noldor who remained in Aman to wage war against the Wicked Morgoth. Thus began the War of Wrath. The forces of the Valar sweapt through the lands.upon the ships of Teleri did they sail. An Morgoth and his forces were routed. All was destroyed save for a scattering of Orcs, Dragons and Balrogs. The silmarrillion were recovered . Great rejoicing sweapt through the hearts of the elves. Morgoth was imprisoned and held beyond the realms of the world. During the war the lands of Beleriand submerged and the Middle Earth was changed forever after. All Hail the valiant deed of the Valar. We praise thee oh mighty ones. So mote it be After speaking, extinguish the candles in reverse order from which they were lit. Speak Lady Elbereth, Queen Githoniel Star light wonder thank you for the beauty and mystery of the elven awakening and the Turuhalme I will carry in my heart this great and treasured memory I bid you farewell. Laita. Lord Manwe great warrior and father thank you for the beauty and radiance of the sun. I will carry in my heart the memory of your golden deeds I bid you farewell. Laita. Great Eru Illuvatar Divine creator. I bid thanks for your divine mercies an beneficences. With love I bow and bid you farewell Holy Father. Laita
Númen, west, holy Vanyar, thank you for your presence this night. I bid you farewell as I return to my own realm. Laita. Hyarmen, south, dear Hobbits, thank you for your presence this night. I bid you farewell as I return to my own realm. Laita. Rómen, east, blessed Elves, thank you for your presence this night. I bid you farewell as I return to my own realm. Laita. Formen, north, stalwart Dwarves, thank you for your presence this night. I bid you farewell as I return to my own realm. Laita. Facing the altar, say: My circle is open but unbroken, No longer sacred, this space I decree. Words of wonder have been spoken, In faith and unity blessed be. Laita.

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