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Friday, December 28, 2012

New Fire Moon Ritual: Isilnarvinyë

Casting the Circle As you walk the perimeter of your circle say: By the power of this sacred Athame "I hereby draw Down the ethereal light of the great stars to cast this circle of power. Calling the Quarters Walk to the edge of the circle in each direction and speak, hold up the proper sacred object. Speak these words I call to Formen, the north, and its power and strength. I call to the Dwarves, Durin’s folk, masters of metalcraft. Join me in my circle. Aiya. Hold up a stone I call to Rómen, the east, and its glory. I call to the Elves, the Eldar who bring learning and beauty to Middle-earth. Join me in my circle. Aiya. Hold up Athame. I call to Hyarmen, the south, and its untrodden wilds. I call to the Hobbits, people of the Shire with joyful spirits. Join me in my circle. Aiya. Hold up wand I call to Númen, the west, and its mysteries. I call to the Vanyar, first and smallest of Tol Eressëa across the western sea. Join me in my circle. Aiya. Hold up chalice Light the Left candle and invoke the Goddess Yavana Vala Yavanna great goddess of the harvest giver of fruits that spring forth from the earth. The Children of Arda honor please nurture us with plentitude and bounty. Aiya Light the Right Candle and invoke Aule Arator Aule great lord of the Valar. Molder of the earth great blacksmith fashioner of Gold and rock. You have built the Arda and in your hurry you have fathered the dwarves. Leaving them into the Earth to be born after the coming of the elves. Aiya Light the Middle White Candle My Creator Eru, bestow Thy blessings and Thy mercies on all persons and on those souls who abide in the Halls of Mandos for whom I am in charity, gratitude, or friendship bound and have the desire to pray. Aiya Begin Ritual: On This night we celebrate this ritual to welcome the Elven Moon of New Fire, Isilnarvinyë. Tonight we honor the Arator Aule and his spouse Yavana. He is the Lord of Smith Craft and she the Goddess of Harvest. With this let the celebration begin as we recite a tale of Legenderium. It was in the blessed Isle of Valinor that the gifted Mahtan learned the art of smithcraft from the Arator Aule. He became one of the greatest smith in all of Noldor. From Mahtan the knowledge would flow to the great Feanor. It was in Feanor that a great fire burned. Hail Feanor the greatest of the deep elves. Called Curufinwe taking the sacred fire of Miriel. He soon took Nedarnel to wife, daughter of Mahtan. Oh Feanor was great creator making Jewels and Gems. Lamps that made their own light and Palantiri that enable one to see great distances. With the great light of the two trees he made the Silmarils. But no glory would not last forever. For soon the Dark Lord Melkor was released. The Noldorin made weapon and the trickster assisted. But he wanted revenge and revenge he had. The light from the two trees was laid to waist and the Silmarilion he did take. Ungoliant drank teh light and Finwe was slain great Feanor vowed revenge. Refusing to listen and heed the counsel of the Valar he rode forth seeking his just deserved vengeance and quest to recover the Silmarils. The journey out of the Valinor was a hard and dangerous one, fraught with betrayal and bloodshed, and many of the Deep Elves turned back, led by Fëanor's half-brother Finarfin. Fëanor himself drove onward into the cold north, denying even the Valar's warning to return, and passed across the narrow icy seas into Middle-earth. Almost immediately, battle was joined. Morgoth's armies flooded through the mountains and descended on the host of the Noldor in Mithrim, but Fëanor and his sons were utterly victorious. That battle was fought for ten days in the darkness before the Moon's first rising, and is therefore called the Battle-under-Stars, Dagor-nuin-Giliath. After the rout of his enemies, Fëanor's spirit burned hot, and he set out to assault Morgoth himself. With a tiny force, he charged forward, but before he could come to Angband, he encountered Balrogs. Gothmog their lord gave him a mortal wound, but was driven off by Fëanor's sons, who carried their father's body from the field. With his last breath, Fëanor cursed Morgoth, and called on his sons to fulfil their Oath and avenge him. When he died, the fire of his spirit burned away his body, leaving nothing but ash. So the spirit of Fëanor passed back over the Sea to the Halls of Waiting, where it still remains. His legacy was to leave his people in Beleriand, sworn to the impossible task of overcoming the Dark Lord and recovering the Silmarils. From that legacy of Fëanor grew the legends of the First Age of Middle-earth. Spell of the Bay Scented Candle We now dance in clockwise motion around the altar. Chanting Lady Yavana bring us plenty, Lady Yavana bring us bountiful harvest, Lady Yavana Bring us us great wealth. Let this year be one of great plentitude. Light the candle and say the prayer. Lord Aule and Lady Yavana please herar our plea and bring us great prosperity. ( Visualize Prosperity) Extinguish the Candle Great Vala Aule master smith of the Earth great Arator and father of dwarves I bid thee thanks and farewell. Laita Great Goddess Yavana, Mistress of the harvest who causes the good to grow from the land. I bid thee thanks and farewell. Great Eru Illuvatar Divine creator. I bid thanks for your divine mercies an beneficences. With love I bow and bid you farewell Holy Father. Laita Númen, west, holy Vanyar, thank you for your presence this night. I bid you farewell as I return to my own realm. Laita. Hyarmen, south, dear Hobbits, thank you for your presence this night. I bid you farewell as I return to my own realm. Laita. Rómen, east, blessed Elves, thank you for your presence this night. I bid you farewell as I return to my own realm. Laita. Formen, north, stalwart Dwarves, thank you for your presence this night. I bid you farewell as I return to my own realm. Laita. Facing the altar, say: My circle is open but unbroken, No longer sacred, this space I decree. Words of wonder have been spoken, In faith and unity blessed be. Laita.

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