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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vampires : The Occult Truth

Konstantinos is a well known author of occult works and he focuses largely on Nocturnal Magic. In this book he focuses on vampires. Vampires have been identified in every culture going all the way back to the first civilization, the Sumerians. Seems that thorough out the different cultures there are two main types of vampires. Physical vampires that actually drink blood and psychic vampires that feed off your psychic energy. In Sumeria there are emikus or angry spirits who died a violent death. They come back for retaliation. There are seven demons who are vampires and it is noted that they feed off human flesh and blood and are afraid of holy people and places. Lilith who is a demon is not a vampire but at first was a nuisance to the Gods.
In the Indus river value and the orient there were Vampire Gods with green faces and long fangs. In Africa and Canada there are Hags and witch doctors that have astral bodies that leave at night and psychically attack people when they sleep. This stuff is not fiction it is folklore and back in the day folk lore was considered fact. These people got it from somewhere. He does warn about the dangers of blood drinking for mortal blood drinker and he does approach the subject witha very scientific attitude. Psychic vampire are what we need to fear the most.

Vampires are further subdivided. Among physical vampires there are immortal blood drinker and there are mortal blood drinker. Immortal blood drinker are not what they appear as in the movies. They ussually have long nails, long hair, somewhat bloaded and have a shade of red about their skin. They can be killed by driving a stake through their chest, holy water or burned. Even enchanted bullets can kill them. With regards to this type of vampire the author advises keeping an open mind and mentions that it is highly unlikely that one will encounter this type of vampire. Their existence is hard to prove.

The second type of vampire is a mortal blood drinker. These folks ussually are imitating their favorite demon. There is a disease called Renfields Disease where in a young kid will have a craving for blood. Other mortal blood drinkers feel a craving for blood and feel that drinking blood gives them extra powers and makes them feel good. Some even believe that they have characteristics of vampires.

The next two types of vampires are psychic vampires. The first type of psychic vampire is an unintentional vampire who is usually sick or very old and cannot generate enough psychic energy on their own so they unintentionally get it from others so that they may survive. Some times they have tendril creeping from their auras in order to tap into the energy of others. Sometimes their astral body leaves them at night and finds victims.

The intentional vampire can use his eyes and has learned how to be a psychic vampire duringg his lifetime. His/Her astral body continues feeeding off of peoples aura even after he/ she dies.

The author has filled his text with stories and ancedotes and he has communicated with mortal blood drinker.

In the last chapter of the book he gives a program or visualization to combat psychic vampirism,
The first part is purification. This means taking a shower or bath. Meditate while bathing and picture the shower stream being energy that are cleaning off the negativity of the day.

Next is the banishing ritual.Set up your materials before bathing. Stand at the Western end of your table facing east. Take three slow deep breaths and feel yourself getting energized. Light your incense and move around clockwise saying I purify this space with air. after going around your sacred circle place the Incense at the Eastern end off the table. Next take your candle colored white. Walk around clockwise saying I purify this space with fire. Place the water on the south side of your table. Next take the element of water mark the perimeter by sprinkling drops of water on the floor. Say "I purify this space with water" When done place the water on the West Side of the Table. Then take salt and walk around sprinkling bit of salt saying i purify this place with Earth. Put your salt dish on the Noerth side of your table.

Next you see a globe of glowing light. With each breath picture it coming closer to you. Eventuyallly it is inside you and expands. You will be enveloped in thee light. The ligght should eventually engulf in your circular area. Come up with a symbol for protection It should bee the size of your hand floating off your chest it glows in a blue light visualize it to the East,soth west and north. Then seal it by visualizing the symbol on above you and the floor. Finally say " Ii stand now in sacred space. Only light may enter this purified area"

Breaking the ties means that you explore your aura and see where it;s tendril have attached themselves to you. Take deep breaths andd picture your index finger becoming like a light saber cutting away the tendrils breaking the connection with the psychic vampires. Last you visualize your aura expanding with deep breaths and invision it getting porcupine spines. At thee end things decrease bacck to normal this trains your aura for psychic self defense.

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