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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dracula The Undead by Dacre Stoker

Twenty five years after his supposed demise in Transylvania , Count Dracula is still alive, or so it seems. Before the story starts the reader is invited to read a letter written by Mina Harker to her son Quincey Harker telling her of the past and how it sill haunt them.

Jack Seward a once famous scientist is on the trail of another vampire in France. Her name is Elizabeth Bathory He espies her in her house killing young women and then bathing in their blood. Later he catches up with her in Paris only to get run over by a carriage that has no driver.

That same night young Quincey Harker watches Basarab a well known Romanian actor perform King Richard the third. Thee two get acquainted and Basarab takes the young Quincey under his wing. Jonathan Harker has explicitly banned young Quincey from the theater and has forced him into law school in Sorbonne.

In London inspector Cotleridge has always suspected that Van Helsing is the real Jack the Ripper. He is in for a real surprise. Jonathan and Mina Harker are both well to do but the marriage between them is unstable. Jonathan is a heavy drinker and the romance between Mina and the Count is always something that comes between them. Quincey will find out about this later and hold it against his mother.
The vampire Elizabeth Bathory will soon track down Jonathan and impale him in Picadilly square. Cotleridge will suspect Mina and the so the story takes off.
Bram Stoker himself makes an appearance as an owner of the Lyceum and is putting together the play of Dracula. Quincey will help Basarab get the part after John Barrymore refuses it and heads back to America.

Bathory sets about killing everyone involved with slaying Dracula twenty five years ago. Yet Dracula is still alive. In this novel he finds redemption.

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