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Friday, January 1, 2010

Angel money spell

This has been adapted from a spell written by Silver Raven Wolf. I have made some changes to it I'm order to enhance it. Important note seal the air clockwise with equal armed cross, rattle , or right hand when poem is completed.

( I say psalm 119.then I say Hashem I request your prescence with me in this ceremony)
( I light a candle colored white to signify the purity of my intention and the purity of my action.)
( I light a candle colored green. As O light this candle I can see money ,luck and prosperity flowing my way for the benefit of my family)

Intention: the intention of this spell is to increase the luck and abundance flowing into my household.

After each line shake rattle of clap and say "ho"

Ariel begins it.
Baradiel guides it.
The Chalkydri sing it.
Devas manifest it.
Elohim wills it.
The Fravashi better it.
Gabriel brings it.
The Hafaza watch it.
The Ischim balance it.
Jael guards it.
Kadmiel births it.
Lahabiel aids it.
Michael raises it.
Nebo Ministers it .
Ofaniel sees it.
Patron Angels devote it.
The Queen of Angels speaks of it.
Raphael inspires it.
Sandalphon prays it.
Thrones sanctify it.
Uriel strengthens it.
Vrevoil reveals it.
Watchers protect it.
Xathanael patrons it.
Yahriel places the glory of the moon on it.
Zodiac Angels seal it.
And Spirits bring it through time and space.
So be it. Ho!

(Hashem please answer my petition for the good and let no curse result from my actions)
Bow and leave the ceremony.


rita said...

I love this prayer. I have been saying it off and on for 2years.

Drali Afrohealer said...

very nice prayer i have never heard of it but now am going to use it to as it deals with money spell which am very much interested in


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