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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nocturnal Witchcraft by Konstantinos

Nocturnal witchcraft is geared towards people who have a connection to the nighttime energies that are present after everyone goes to sleep. This is in no sense a book on black magic. People can fall into one of four categories and they can change within their lifetime. The first type of people are those who are light good. These are usually people like Jesus or Buddha. Ones who desire to serve humanity with selfless motivation. The second type of people are light evil. These are people who maybe pious on the surface yet cheat in their business dealings. They maybe televangelist who preach the word of good yet use all the charity they collect to buy themselves expensive cars etc. Next is dark evil, these people are just criminals. Last there are those who are dark good and this book is geared towards them. These people tend to be undercover and are usually adepts. They like to wear black and silver and generally gravitate towards the moon. These people are usually active at night. They can be detective or people who work at night.

The book goes through a variety technique that range from doing magic at night, mind reading,skrying, contacting the underworld and casting spells using nocturnal techniques. I myself am not much into scrying but I do like the mental exercises he explains as well as the spell casting.

He warns anyone who seeks to use magic for evil purposes. It is bad karma and you will feel the results. Like many neo pagans who goes on to say that all the Gods are
a reflections of the ultimate source. A deity is like a stream that connects to the source. Our ultimate aim is to reconnect to the source. It takes many lifetimes to perfect our souls but that is what life and magick are all about. We choose what life we will live and what lessons we need to learn before we are even born. We dies but are later reborn until we have perfected our selves in order to be reunited with the source.

Anubis and other deities identified as death are meant to help us when we die. They take out the anxiety and explain to us what is going on. When people die they experience two deaths. First is the death of the body and then a few days later the astral body dies. After the astral body dies the souls can go to two places. One place is the lower realm where troubled souls work out their karma before moving on. Summerland is where the untroubled souls go. Sort of like a paradise.

Overall great book. He discusses the days of power and explains how to celebrate them at night. He also describes how to set up a nocturnal altar. It does not require many tools. The altar is where you rest your tools. First you will need a black handled Athame. black is good because it absorbs all the different colors and energy. When performing at night it is wise to have a black ritual outfit that is used strictly for doing magick at night. The night time magician also need a nocturnal portal for this you use a magick mirror which is glass with one side painted black andd these are available at new age shops. On each side of your nocturnal portal you can place a black taper candle. Silver ones can be used to full moon celebrations. A censer for incense should be placed in front of your portal. Pictures of you God and Goddess can go behind the censer on the right and left side.

Next for your rituals are temporary tools. These are incense sticks (sandalwood,or lavender), a red candle, glass of water and sea salt. The book is loaded with techniques and is simpler then other ritual set up I have encountered. I advise that you read the book and take out what is use full.

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