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Sunday, January 3, 2010

"The Biblical Hebrew Origin of the Japanese People"

Joseph Eidelberg a former engineer for Dead Sea products wrote two books after he retired. This was his second one. It is a short read, one that could have been a little bit longer. in this book the author makes the assertion that the Japanese people are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel.
The fate of the lost tribes is a mystery apparently no one know what has happened to them after they were exiled from the Northern Israel. The author says there is no mystery using biblical sources and Josephus the author deduces that originally the lost tribes settled in Afghanistan namely in the areas of Khalack and Khhyber. It was in those areas that they had set up a kingdom that was based on trade as it was located near the silk road. These people used to communicate with the Judeans. Finally after 800 years of living there massive sandstorms made life unbearable so they had to travel further east. Some of the places they stopped were Kaifeng and Korea before coming to Japan or the empty Islands in the second century a.d.
The people back then were called the Yamamoto people. Their origins are a mystery. Some traces of their legend survive in a book called the Nihon Shoki. In this and other works are words that can be seen as variation of an original Hebrew language. The meaning of several of these words correspond as well. The legends of the Nihon Shoki contain variation of several stories in the bible. Of course some of the names are changed and some variated. The book has an exhaustive list of words that derive from Hebrew. The letters of their original alphabet in several instances resemble those of Hebrew. Shinto means the "Way of God" Several Shinto shrines have an architecture that is similar to the Temple in Jerusalem.
Many element of theeir Hebrew became lost as thee Chinese began importing Buddhism . Slowly but surely they also started adopting Chinese writing. There was a movement bu the Shinto priests to reverse this trend but it ultimately failed.
In my mind there is no doubt that Middle Eastern Society and Hebrew civilization had an impact on Japan. The author's thesis does need more investigation in order to substantiate a majority off his claim.

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