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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Outer Edge of Magic

Magic on the Edge: An Anthology of Experimental OccultismMagic on the Edge: An Anthology of Experimental Occultism by Taylor Ellwood
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The outer edge of magic, it is a place of experimentation, trying new things and seeing what ultimately works and what does not. Taylor Ellwood is a pioneer in the magic world cutting across accepted boundaries by doing new things and recording his results so he can share what works with his reader ship. Taylor has bone beyond Chaos magic and is a pioneer in Pop cultural magic. Working with superheroes as well as gods Taylor delivers on the good.

This book has contributions from several authors. Among these authors are Taylor himself, Lupa, Tony Mierzwicki, Agent 139, Sarah Lafirefox, and a slew of others. The subject spoken about range froom Time magic where in the magical operator does a working an they visualize themselves doing things differently in the past. The untimate goal of the working is to change you as a person or change the present circumstances. A couple of authors talk about this subject. Lupa and Taylor discuss working with collages an invoking people or other events into your life. It is a simple piece of magic that is easily performed and even has a variation written about in that oh so famous book , The Secret. Lupa gives good discussion on Robert Anton Wilson’s Prometheus and the four divsions of the personality and how to integrate them and become more familiar with them. Tony discusses fractal meditation by invoking the spheres of our chakras and calling or Egyptian gods. Tony always has good stuff. There is also magic instruction on sigil making, healing and pain and body Mod.

If you are looking for a new direction in your magic and spiritual studies I am going to strongly advise that you buy this book and read it. Personally I am finding that I enjoy Taylor’s easy to follow down to earth approach to magic.

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