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Monday, May 2, 2016

Tales of Finn the Half Great

Finn the half-GreatFinn the half-Great by Theo Caldwell
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I came across the interesting bit of fiction in the used book section at the library. It is a based somewhat on Celtic Mythology with bits and pieces of references to biblical mythos thrown in. While definitely not a classic nor does it seem to be destined to reach great heights it was a rather entertaining read and could be suitable for junior high and high school students.

Legend has it that the mightiest giant was Gogmagog (biblical name) who was the strongest. Back in those days giants lived to eat and fight and usually met their end in battle and to them that was best. One day they discovered that it would be better to die of natural causeses. So thy stopped fighting until they died. They discovered that they could live forever. They were immortal. Life did get boring so they decided to sleep underground.

Finn Macuhail is the son of a mortal women and a male giant, His mother died in child birth and his father was a mighty warrior. His father, Cuhail, died in battle fighting against the Fomorian named Ymir (Norse name) Finn grows up with two aunts and an uncle until one day adventure calls him to go to war against Ymir. Now the frost giants have been lulling the regular giants to sleep with an elf’s music. The giants are about to be wiped out. So Finn gets together with Goll and an elf who makes music and they build a cause way to the island of the Frost Giants. Finn kills his father’s murderer.

Next he gets married to Onagha and lives on top of Knockmany. His next fight is with Cuhulain/ Cuhalin wants to to fight and he goes around knocking out the various giants to gain kingship. Onagha gets him in her house and feeds him bread laced with crushed rocks. He goes away with stomache aches A couple of other stories have him checking on his causeway and seeing it damaged. He also visits Leviathan ( biblical Name) who assures him that Jorgmandr (Norse name) is not threat to the Isle of Ireland.

All through out these little adventures there are humans who want to waste the giants. Lead by Dunbar and helped by Jack the Green they go about stealing rings of stones and killing giants. While Finn is out on an adventure they burn down his stronghold and kidnap his wife. So another quest begins where he meets a banshee, a necromancer, ghost of dead giants and what not. In the end everyone gets ready for a royal battle. I will not spoil the ending for you read it yourself.

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