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Thursday, May 5, 2016

7 Gates of the Under/Outerworld

The Gates of the NecronomiconThe Gates of the Necronomicon by Simon
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What is the best way to shoot a bulls eye? One method is to perfect your aim and shoot your arrow accurately, or you can shoot your arrow and then paint the target around it. Is the Necronomicon real or a hoax? That one is still up in the air. It could well have been written by “The Mad Arab” who studied Middle Eastern Grimoires and compiled the Necronomicon or it could have been written by Simon, who may have studied or read up on Egyptology, Sumeriology, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Native American spirituality and myth. If Simon wrote it then he created or gave birth to a system of magic or spirituality that is both valid and correct. When reading this book , I would try not to base the books merits on whether or not the Necronomicon is ral or fake but in the the strands of commonality there are between all the worlds spiritual systems and how they are all interconnected. Simon does a good job in that field.

Perhaps one should ask what it reality and what is fantasy? Reality linguistically relates to the realm of the monarch of which he or she presides over.. The king decides what is real and true and what is not to be accepted. Fantasy is what is in in the dark and is waiting to come into being. Since fantasy is outside the real and may pose a threat to monarchs rule is deemed as nonsensical, dangerous and even d downright false. To traipse in this domain is deemed a threatening action despite the lack of real danger to the accepted order of things. The church and all religious institutions regard this as wrong. To traipse means to do it alone or in a select group of secret initiates out of the view of authorities.

What is the difference between insanity and spiritual liberation? Then mentally ill suffer a nervous breakdown while the Shaman goes through a nervous breakthrough. The symptoms of the two are the same. Hallucinations, being torn apart by inner demons etc are part of the deal.. The difference lies in definition and role in society.

The number 7 is also quite relavent. It does not relate to the 7 planets that revolve around us in the Solar System but rather it pertains to the 7 visible stars of the Big Dipper. Each star represents a level or gate to another realm. The Ancient believed that the outer world and the underworld were in fact one and the same. Of course you first had to descend 7 level much like Ishtar did before you could ascend into the heaven. As above so below. The seven stars also symbolized the 7 Rishis in Hindusim. The 7 gods of Sumeria. The big dipper itself also symbolized Set, the warrior god of Egypt. It was the bulls legs and Seth was a bull. It was also the shape of the Adze which was used in the Egyptian Ceremony of Opening the mouth. The Big Dipper also represented the bear, which was a symbol for king Arthur.

The polaris star is now the main star of the Big Dipper, some feel it was the Draco star. This shift in stars has many meaning. Draco represented the reptiles or the Ancient Ones, when the star fell the Elder Gods rose to prominence. This could be linked with the panspermia theory, where in lifeless earth was at first populated by nasty reptiles who were defeated by nicer elder gods. After intense battle dead organic matter littered the planet. It was from this that life sprang. In Sumerian mythology we have reptilian Tiamat being slain by Marduk. From her dead matter and his breath came the human race.

The book does an excellent job of connecting all the various mythologies and illustrating the common point or motifs as the same but with different dressing. It all came from one source and got diffused. Sort of like the same window but with different dressing. Only drawback are the table in the back which are painful and tedious to wade through. He also relies a lot on Egyptologist Budge and his translations are deemed out of date as more current information is available. There were good instructions on how to to the gate rituals for ascencion. Great book.

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Pray tell, who are you? I do very much like this review as it 'speaks' to me regarding your underlying Gnosis...thanks!


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