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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Falsified Take Over of America.

America's Trojan WarAmerica's Trojan War by Robert Owens
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is definitely not Tom Clancy or any other espionage military type novel. The object of this inexpensively purchased book off Amazon Kindle is to spread fear among Americans. The objects of this fear are the government and the Muslims. This is something Donald Trump would love along with the tea partiers and patriots would love.
Since 9/11 and the terrorist attacks in France people are very wary of Islam and Muslims.

The premise of the book is simple, Muslims are coming in droves from Syria and other parts of the Middle East in order to live in America. A good number of them are members of ISIS and Al Quaida. They form sleeper cells waiting to be activated. In Maay of 2016 they become active. They start off by taking over National Guard facilities and seizing weapons. Since they are dressed in army uniforms they go by unchallenged for the most part and anyone who so much as raises an eyebrow gets wasted. They take over hospitals armories and pretty much take over Washington DC. They obliterate the White House , Congress and the Supreme Court. Slowly but surely their plan unfolds and they start laying waste to the country. Militants storm US embassies across the globe. American is taken hostage. The president is dead and so is the Vice President. The military, patriot militias and the fire crew set about to rescue Washington DC. Cabinet member Patricia Parker takes over and orders strikes to level Raqqa and fight back. She herself gets killed as a joint drug cartel ISIS army lays waste her Arizona residence. THer is some intrigue as the speaker of the house is arrested for trying to assume his rightful place of power. In the end America wins but it is also a victory for the liberals.

This is not a great peace of literature, nor do I think it was meant to be. I discussed the scenario with some former military people and they said something of that magnitude could not happen. I imagine there could be more terrorist attacks like 9-11 and terrorist groups could ally with the cartel and street gangs in order to destabilize America. Radicals are recruiting in the prisons and on the stret and that gives them an advantrage. I would suggest that refugees should be vetted thoroughly before coming or at least have a background check. The characters are not fully developed and sometimes even physical descriptions are lacking. The battle scenes are intense and realistic. President Obanyon is obviously a play on Obama. Patrica Parker might be a play on McCain savetht she is female. If paranoia is your things then good fine and well this book is for you. I do not believe that Muslims are athreat but I do feel that ISIS, Al Quaida and their ilk must be obliterated.

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