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Friday, August 2, 2013

An Exercise in Artificial Entities

Conjuring Up Philip: An Adventure In PsychokinesisConjuring Up Philip: An Adventure In Psychokinesis by Iris M. Owen
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Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe in poltergeists? The wrapping on the wall and the moving of furniture has all been documented and proven. But is it really ghosts that are doing all this. Sure many incidence are fraudulent, some might be ghosts and other incidences might be psychokinesis or moving things with the mind.

A psychic society in Toronto, Canada came together and decided to create a fictional entity named Philip. This group of people numbering close to 8 -10 people met regularly to perform this experiment. first they brainstormed and came up with a fictional story for this guy Philip, a story that could no way be real. Then they had practice sessions where they would meditate and then try to conjure this fictitious ghost ,Phillip. For the first year they were unsuccessful. After about a year of trying and not producing any tangible results they decided to switch up their tactics.

They began copying from the spiritualists who conjured spirits in a group called a séance but with some major differences. Like the spiritualists they would gather in a group. But instead of mediating like they did before they copied the technique of socializing before conjuring. Instead of using a psychic medium they agreed that no one would play that role and instead if using dimly lit rooms they would use a well lit room.

Purpose was strictly scientific. Their goal was to produce a visible phantom generated by their psychic energy. Ultimately in this goal they were not successful. They did however manage to communicate with this invisible entity. A communication system of knock for yes and no communication was set up. Under laboratory conditions this entity moved tables, made knocking sounds and produced other phenomena. Belief and expectation are needed for results. this book will change the way you look at psychic phenomena and the paranormal.

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