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Friday, July 26, 2013

Wandering Djinn

Wandering Djinn: An Anthology of FantasyWandering Djinn: An Anthology of Fantasy by Ahmed Al-Sheikh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

That's it just 41 pages. The stories are good and I wanted more the only problem is that it was not there. Well for 99 cents do I really have the right to complain. I think not. Some of the stories were a bit simplistic like the first one where he Malik Ibn Ibrahim meets Quin, a hardened chick bounty hunter. After Malik surprises her at the scene of the murder they strike up a friendship that seems all to quick for the purpose of taking down a charming serial killer. I would expect a bit more resistance on Quinn's part after meeting a Djinn with all it's powers I think she would want to get the you know out of there. Over all it was a good story. They finally bring down the killers guardian Jaffur, a troublesome Ifrit in a game of wits. Everyone gets their just deserts. The story was still entertaining.

Malik Ibn Ibrahim is one of those Djinn who thinks well of the human race and tries to help out when he can. The second story involves a troubled teen ager who gets into fights. His temper rages further and further out of control in each successive day. Seems that he is controlled by other Djinn and it is up to Malik to save the day for this troubled youth. In the third story he is conjured by professor Freeman quite against his will. Rather then be angry Malik offers some insight into the future healing of professor Freeman's son.

The last story involves a battle for a sword. I will let you read it in order to find out more about it.

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